NKOTB Ch. 04


My name is Josie and I'm the biggest New Kids on the Block fan ever. I went to their concert in Montreal a little while ago and ended up fucking all five band members. I'm serious. I started with Jordan and Jonathan and then moved on to Joey. Joey was so arrogant.

I was standing across the room looking at Donnie. He was standing all alone sipping a beer. I wondered why no one was talking to him. It was probably because he had actually done something after being in the band before. I didn't want to think of him doing anything other then being a New Kid. I mean even Danny had women chatting with him. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I was trying to figure out the best way to approach this, but he had other ideas. He motioned me to walk over and I did.

"You seem to be our little groupie for the night. I can tell that the other guys have gotten lucky. Do I get to play with you as well?"

I gasped. He knew. He had been watching the whole time. He noticed me go into Jordan and then Jonathan's dressing rooms. He saw me flirt with Joey and then go into his room as well.

"What do you mean?" I tried to act all innocent. I didn't want to be a sure bet. I wanted to play hard to get. I wasn't that much of a slut.

"Oh come on. You smell like sex. I bet you're going to tell all your friends how you fucked us. Am I right?"

He had a point. I did smell like sex and I was going to tell everyone I knew about this. I wasn't going to share the sex details with anyone but my closest girl friends. I wanted them to be so jealous.


"Good girl. Suck my cock."

My eyes were so wide as I watched him undo his pants and pull out his cock. I looked around, but no one was noticing us. I had given blowjobs in public before. I wasn't worried about that. I was more worried that security would think I had snuck in or something. I didn't have time to think much more as he grabbed my hair and pushed my face into his cock. I opened wide and felt his cock slide into my mouth.

He was rock hard. I felt all the ridges of his cock against my tongue. I swallowed as the tip of his cock entered my throat. He grunted and I did it again. I knew exactly how guys liked their cocks to be sucked and I was going to make sure that Donnie enjoyed every moment of this.

"Oh yeah. You're a good little cock sucker."

I smiled, but kept sucking. It felt so good to have his cock in my mouth. I would bob my head up and down on his cock and then I would lick the tip with the flat of my tongue. I then swirled my tongue around the tip then licked up and down the shaft. After doing that, I would start over again.

As I sucked him, I reached under my skirt and found my clit. It was so hard and the moment I touched it, I shivered. It was so sensitive that I could barely touch it without my legs shaking. I ran my fingers along my pussy lips and felt how swollen they were. I tried to imagine what my pussy looked like at this moment. I got so horny thinking about how my bare pussy was swollen, red, covered in my juices and if I spread my pussy wide, I bet some of Jonathan, Jordan, or Joey's cum would be oozing out.

"You're going to swallow for me?"

I wasn't sure if it was a question or not. He had barely said anything since I started sucking his member. He was just moaning and grunting, gripping my hair as he made me suck him faster. Suddenly my mouth filled with hot liquid. He was cumming in my mouth. He had given no warning at all. He held my hair tight so all I could do was swallow. I tried not to pout. I didn't mind swallowing but I loved when a guy came on my body, especially on my breasts or stomach. He let go of my hair and I stood up.

"Good girl. I'm going to go hang out with some of my other fans. I might want another round of your sweet mouth on my cock."

Then he left. He was so rude. I couldn't believe how thoughtless he was. Did he think I was some paid prostitute? I was a fan just like the other dumb blonde-haired women that were batting their eyelashes at the band members. I was so angry with myself. Now I remember why I stopped having one night stands. I was about to leave to go home when I ran straight into Danny Wood.

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