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No Better Way


The week before Halloween was always a busy time for Karen. She hosted a party at her work, and she had last minute shopping to do and errands to run. With half of the week gone, she was staying late at work to get things set up. Her husband Tom was feeling pretty neglected. He was lucky she was making dinner when she got home.

By Thursday she was mostly set up for work and running ahead of schedule. Impressed with herself, she decided to do a couple more Halloween-y things around their house. On her way home from work, she stopped and picked up a few pumpkins. The goal was to carve them and roast the seeds when she got home.

"I made dinner." Tom announced proudly when she opened the door.

"Did you? What is it?"

"A frozen pizza." He smirked.

"Ohh, you chef, you!"

"Uh huh. And I even threw you together a salad." He came forward and took the pumpkins from her.

"Let me guess. You tore open the bag of lettuce."

"No, I had to cut up a head of lettuce, and a tomato. And I made you that salad dressing you like." Tom set the pumpkins on the floor in the kitchen.

Karen followed, more than a little surprised that he had went to all that work.. Then it hit her. He wanted laid. She smiled.

"I appreciate all the hard work you put into the meal honey. But if you wanted sex, all ya had to do was say so."

"No, I don't want sex. I mean, I won't turn it down, but I know how hard you've been working, and decided it wasn't fair you always had to come home and make dinner every night. I just wanted to help."

"Aw. You're so sweet. Now I remember why I married you." Karen went to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Tom pulled her hips to him, and tipped his head down to kiss her. She leaned up and their lips met softly. His tongue touched the seam of her lips, and she happily opened to him. After a moment they pulled apart, and sat down to eat.

Getting caught up on their respective days, they finished their meal and Tom cleaned up while Karen got the table ready for her pumpkin carving.

"Wanna help?"

"No, thanks. I'm going to head to the living room and watch TV."

Karen smiled. She knew full well he wouldn't help so she was just teasing him. However... a sneaky idea popped into her head. The kitchen and living room were open to each other. There wasn't a door, just a large archway. Once she got everything ready, and Tom was settled on the couch, Karen closed all the blinds in both the rooms.

Tom didn't move a muscle. She doubted he even noticed. With a sly smile on her face, Karen stood at the table and stripped off her pants. Then her panties. She glanced over at Tom- nothing. His eyes were still glued on the television. Next Karen pulled her shirt over her head, and unclasped her bra. Nothing. She gathered her clothes into a ball and threw them on the floor towards the living room.

The soft thump they made was enough that Tom's head turned slightly. His eyes saw them, then went right back to the television. Then he did a double take, trying to figure out what that was. He did. His eyes roved upward and saw his wife standing in the kitchen, completely nude. Her back was to him, so all he saw was her backside. Her voluptuous ass, smooth, still tanned legs, and the hourglass outline of her figure.

As he looked on, she pulled her long auburn hair up into a messy pony tail, and he watched her shoulder muscles move under her skin while she worked to carve the top off of a pumpkin. His cock twitched to life under his pajama pants, and he reached down and rubbed it absently.

With a quick glance over her shoulder, Karen saw that Tom had noticed.

"Would you prefer the other view?"

"What view is that?"

"The front, silly." Karen smirked at him over her shoulder.

"I think I'd like to see that."

She moved to the other side of the table, and went back to work. Now, all Tom could really see were her breasts and part of her stomach. She stepped to the side so the pumpkin didn't block his view, and he saw her pussy just over the top of the table. Her breasts jiggled while she cut into the pumpkin, and once the top was off, she worked on getting the goop out of it. She was elbows deep in pumpkin slime, naked, in their kitchen, and Tom couldn't think of a anything sexier.

He stood and stepped into the kitchen.

"Decide to help after all?"

"Oh yes. I definitely want to help."

"What do you want to do?" Karen's voice had become deeper, huskier.

"I want to make sure you get everything."

"Hmm. What are you going to do to help?"

Tom didn't answer. He trailed his fingers across her abdomen, and watched goose bumps pop out all over her skin. He traced a path to her breasts, and caught up to her nipples right as they puckered with the chill. He caught one, then the other, between thumb and forefinger and rolled them slowly. The chill she had gotten stayed in place, and he caressed her sides and back and ass, moving to rub her legs.

"Keep carving, my love."

"You're distracting me."

"Do it anyway."

Tom stepped behind her and laid his hands on her shoulders, massaging gently. Karen gave hums of pleasure as his hands ran along her body. He reached around her, under her arms, and cupped her breasts; squeezing them, lifting their weight. She could feel his cock pressing into her ass, and Karen subconsciously started swaying back against him.



Karen went back to scooping the pulp, and Tom brought his hands down across her hips, stroked her ass, then brought them back around to the fronts of her thighs, pulling her back against him slightly. Inch by inch his hands slid up, and finally he pressed both hands between her legs. The fingers on his hand closest to her body slipped right between her lips. She was wet. Very wet.

"Hmm, someone hasn't been concentrating on pumpkins, has she?"

"Someone else I know wouldn't have been either, had the roles been reversed." Karen smiled.

"That pumpkin has to be carved before we go to bed, so you better get going."

"Wow. That's not fair at all." Karen laughed but it turned into a moan as Tom spread her lips with one hand and stroked her clit with his fingers of the other.

Karen tried to block it out and focus. She quickly started cutting triangles for the face, but she had to admit, this pumpkin was going to look like hell. The faster she tried to cut, the worse it got. Tom's fingers had started moving faster, and her breath hitched and sped up. She was so close... she dropped the knife and clutched the edge of the table to hold herself steady. Karen whimpered and wriggled her hips against Tom's cock and his hands. Almost there... and he stopped.

"Wait, please..."


Karen pressed her legs together, but it was too far gone. Picking up the knife, she saw her hands were shaking. Back to making the poor jack-o-lanterns face. Tom was still behind her, but he wasn't touching her anymore. She hoped to get this sucker done so she could get into the bedroom, pronto. So concentrated was she on her task, she didn't notice Tom had disappeared. Suddenly, she felt a draft of air on the fronts of her thighs.

Karen jumped back and saw that Tom was on his hands and knees under the table.

"What in the world are you doing?"

"Nothing." He smiled.

"You're ridiculous." Karen started laughing.

Tom scooted one of the chairs out.

"Put your foot on this, please."

"Just let me finish carving this real fast, and-"

Tom cut her off. "Put your foot on here."

Karen sighed and did as she was told. Her right knee was now even with her elbow. Talk about making carving the stupid pumpkin awkward. She glanced down and Tom had scooted out from under the table, and he was moving forward. She watched as his lips made contact with her inner thigh, and a shiver ran through her.

Karen made quick work of the triangle nose before Tom's breath fanned across her pussy. She moaned, and hurriedly moved to make the mouth. She felt her husbands tongue flicking across her lips, then gasped as it darted between them, circling her clit. Her hips moved forward to increase the pressure, and Tom complied. He wrapped his arms around her legs and caught her ass in his hands, as his lips sealed around her clit. The knife clattered to the table as Karen leaned forward, whimpering as Tom started sucking and flicking his tongue across her clit at the same time.

He brought his hand around and his fingers slipped inside her, pumping slowly as he sucked. Karen's head dropped back as she panted and her hips thrust towards Tom's face. Right on the edge, Karen gasped as Tom suddenly pulled back.

"No! Dammit, Tom, please.. Oh, God.."

Tom smiled and stayed back, watching her writhe in misery. With her foot on the chair, she couldn't press her legs together, and she was literally five seconds away from an orgasm. She did the only thing she could. Her hand moved from the table, and her fingers sought her clit. She rubbed tight circles for a split second before Tom's hand lashed out and caught her wrist, jerking her hand away from her pussy.

"Pumpkin. No cheating." Tom gave her a grin to show how much he enjoyed the game.

Karen almost bared her teeth at him, her irritation and arousal were so great. She grabbed the knife and hacked away at the poor deformed pumpkin. Tom's fingers drifted up and down her slit lazily, and he never stopped on her clit for more than a few seconds. Karen's pussy was pulsing, and she could feel wetness on her thighs. Obviously her sneaky plan had back fired. The pumpkins mouth ended up being a jagged gash, but it went well with the rest of it. It looked like a 3 year old carved it. Karen was past caring.

"Done." She threw the knife on the table and took her foot off the chair.

"Did I say I was done with you?" Tom's voice held a hint of laughter.

"Did I ask?" Karen took off to the bathroom.

"Guess I got my answer." Tom laughed outright.

Karen washed her hands and arms, and grabbed a wash cloth and gave her pussy a few swipes since she had pumpkin goop on her hands when she had her outburst. When she entered the bedroom, Tom was naked on top of the blankets.

Karen still had more than a little bit of irritation, so she laid down beside him but didn't say a word.

"You're awfully far away over there."

"Too bad." Karen spread her legs and moved her hand downwards.

"What are you doing?"

"Finishing what you started." Her fingers spread her pussy lips, and she gently began working her clit.

"I was going to finish what I started." Tom was still tickled by her reaction.

"That's all right. I don't need you to. Stop talking to me."

"You're terrible." He smiled.

A few moments passed while Karen pleasured herself. She really just planned to get off real fast, and go to sleep. But she had another sneaky idea...

She continued rubbing her clit, alternating between circles and just stroking down each side of it. Tom watched with interest. He had always wanted her to put on a show for him, but she had never cooperated. If she was doing it now, well, he was all eyes. His cock arched taunt along his stomach, but he tried not to touch it. He was pretty close himself, but he wanted to come inside of her.

Karen knew she had his full attention, so she shut her eyes. While her right hand worked her pussy, the left wandered. She rubbed up her stomach and caught hold of her breast, moaning as she pinched her nipple. She rubbed it back and forth between her fingers and thumb, then switched to the other one. Karen felt herself being close to coming, and decided she deserved an extra one, so she began rubbing her clit in earnest. She moved her left hand down, and she spread her legs farther, whimpering as she slipped her fingers into her pussy.

Tom was watching intently, his breath coming faster and shallower. His cock dripped pre-cum onto his stomach, but he didn't pay attention. Karen bit her bottom lip, and her hips lifted off the bed, forcing her pussy into her hands. She wriggled, gasping as she fucked herself.

"Oh.. Mmmm.. Yes.. God.. Oh, Tom, I wish it was your cock.. I wish you were inside me.. Ohhh, yessss." Karen rasped as she came.

Her hips twitched and her fingers moved off her clit quickly. The sensations were too much. Karen gently slipped her fingers out, and she lay there panting.

"Soo good. Mmm, Tom, you're sorry you missed that one." Karen smirked as she rolled her head to the side and opened her eyes to look at him.

"You almost just killed me." The laughter was gone from his face.

Karen was impressed he hadn't stroked his cock while he watched. But she would have wanted to watch him, so it wouldn't have been fair. She was sated, but he was on the brink.

"Can I fuck you now?"

"I don't know. I'm awfully tired." Karen smiled.

"Good try. On your hands and knees please."

Karen complied, but not fast enough to please Tom. He grabbed her hips roughly and positioned her. He barely guided his cock to her entrance before he rammed in full length. Karen gasped, and laid her chest down on the bed for the best angle.

Tom caught her ass cheeks in her hands and spread her out, and started slamming into her pussy. Karen gasped as he hit bottom with every stroke, and she felt the need to come again. She worked her hips back against him, her hands clutching the sheets as she tried to keep him deep inside of her.

Tom used his hands to slam her back against him also, and finally released one of her ass cheeks only to pull his arm back and spank her. Karen jolted. She felt the ripple of her flesh right down to where his cock entered her pussy.

"Again." Karen panted.

Tom raised his arm and brought it back down, slapping her ass even harder. Her pussy clamped around him, rocked by the strength of it. Every few thrusts, he's smack her again. Finally he moved his hands to brace himself on the bed for better leverage to fuck her. Karen reached underneath herself and started on her clit again. It took only a few seconds before she screamed and jerked back against Tom, opening herself all the way so he could fuck her as deep and hard as he could.

A few seconds later, he groaned and panted as he came, thrusting sporadically as he filled her up. Karen moved her hand off of her clit and worked her hips back against him as he finished pumping into her.

"Down." Tom panted.

Karen slid her knees out from under her to lay on her stomach. Tom collapsed on her back, and they stayed that way for a few minutes while he caught his breath. His cock was still partially inside of her, and Karen could feel their fluids leaking out of her as he softened.

Finally, Tom pulled out the rest of the way and lay down beside her. Karen reached and grabbed a towel out of the laundry basket and gingerly wiped between her legs. She gasped at the sensations and gave up. She rolled to her side to face Tom, and he smiled at her.

"Great idea, baby." He leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

Karen snuggled up beside him and whispered that she loved him before she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

On Friday, Karen finished up last minute business at work, and came home and carved the rest of the pumpkins and roasted the seeds. Halloween was on Sunday, but the work party was Saturday.

"I wish we had cornstalks for here." Karen pouted as she put on her costume Saturday night.

"Well, we'll go get some tomorrow. And you can keep them up through the rest of fall." Tom was getting ready to go for a jog.

"That's true. You'll help me?"

"Of course. First thing tomorrow when we get up."

"Thank you. I have to run. I'm going to be late."

Tom gave her a kiss and bid her to have a good time. He went for his jog, came home and ate dinner, and went straight to bed.

Around one o'clock in the morning, he woke to Karen climbing into bed.

"Have fun?"

"It was a smashing success. I'm a genius, yet again."

"Glad you enjoyed yourself. It was lonely without you." Tom snuggled up against her back.

"I missed you too. Maybe you might change your mind and come next year."

"You know I don't like parties like that. But I might." He yawned, and Karen followed suit.

"I'm just glad it's done. That's a lot of work. Don't forget about stealing cornstalks tomorrow."

"I won't." Tom's voice trailed off and he was instantly asleep.

Karen was right behind him.

Tom woke up around six, started the coffee and took a shower. He woke Karen up, and she grumbled her way to the bathroom. When she got out of the shower, Tom met her at the bathroom door with a cup of coffee, and all was forgiven.

The couple dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and jumped into Tom's truck. He had already started it, so the cab was nice and toasty. Karen filled him in on the party, even though she knew he wasn't really all that interested. It wasn't his cup of tea. Still, he listened intently like it was the most important thing he was going to hear all day.

It was only a little after seven when they got into the country and Tom found a spot to park his truck. It was still dark, and it was trying to rain. The light mist wasn't enough to ruin the outing, but Tom was anxious to be done before it decided to turn into a downpour. They climbed out of the cab and shut their doors, and Karen put down the tailgate while Tom grabbed his supplies to cut down the corn.

Tom cut, then handed the cornstalks to Karen. She stacked them in a neat pile, then grabbed the twine and tied them together. Total, they made six of them. They mostly worked in silence, enjoying their Halloween morning.

With the morning being so dreary, it was still dark later than it normally would have been. As the couple loaded up the truck, that fine mist turned into actual raindrops. Karen laughed and tilted her head back, smiling as the rain washed over her face. Tom stopped and watched her for a moment, marveled by her willingness to get dirty and enjoy nature. Karen wasn't a prissy girl. With her hair soaking wet, slicked back from her face, she was still the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

As he watched, her tongue darted out and she licked the rain from her lips, which then tilted up into a smile.

"Enjoying yourself?" Tom shook his head, flinging water in all directions.

"Oh yes. I wish it was a little warmer though." Karen laughed once more.

"Come here." Tom opened his arms.

Karen took the few steps that separated them, and as Tom's arms enfolded her his mouth moved to hers. They kissed with the rain mingling on their tongues, forcing them to keep their eyes shut. The tailgate was still down, and Tom lifted Karen up so that she was sitting on it. He stood between her legs as they kissed, pressing against her. She could feel his cock, and an all consuming need hit her. She had to have him, and it had to be now.

The chill was all but forgotten as Karen broke away from him and hopped down, jerking her jeans down her legs. Tom was startled for a second, but made quick work of his button and zipper. Even as Karen turned away to bend over the tailgate, Tom was grasping his cock and guiding it between her legs. Karen laid her stomach and chest flat on the wet bed of the truck, and Tom slid deep. They gasped at almost the same time, and Tom caught her hips in his hands as he started moving.

The only sounds were the rain pinging against the truck and the shallow noise of their breathing. The faint thud of his thrusting warred with the whimpers coming from Karen's throat. Tom widened his stance slightly, and caught a handful of her hair. Karen gasped and starting pushing back against him harder. He knew he was only moments away from coming, so he reached around her and started rubbing her clit quickly. Tom wanted to feel her pussy clenching around him as he came, wanted to feel her milking every last drop from him.

"Tom.. Yes.. Oh, almost.." Karen bucked back against him even harder.

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