No Escape


I was always somewhat of a fashion follower. My name is Carol. When I was in my early 20's my best friend Meg was really into Goth. I liked the look and attitude. Meg was really into the whole thing but I just liked the fashion part of it. When we went to the clubs I loved to tease the guys with my tight black top and fishnet stockings. This is where my ordeal started.

We frequented Club X which was a mix of bondage types, Goth, alternative music, and the trendy. Meg was into the bondage types where I just wanted to tease. Meg was the envy of all the guys. She is a tight little size 6 bod with a 36d-bra size. I am tall, blonde with legs to die for. We were big time teases. Meg was starting to explore the whole bondage lifestyle thing. I never bought into that lifestyle crap.

Meg and I were roommates as well as lifelong best friends. Our usual routine was to go to Club X on Friday and Saturday night with other friends. Meg had starting seeing Dave on a pretty regular basis. He was a so-called Master. Master my ass. She was kinky and he was working that angle. She seemed happy. I never liked Dave. He seemed phony and insincere. I know he didn't like me. He would ask/order me to join him and Meg during sex and I would laugh. Live and let live is my motto so I kept my opinions of Dave to myself.

A few months had gone by and I was maturing to where I wasn't really doing the Goth club thing anymore. I think Meg was tired of being a slave bitch to Dave. I had suggested that we clean our act up. She should dump Dave, I would dress like a young woman, frequent better places, pay more attention to out jobs, get new friends, etc. Meg seemed to embrace the idea. We were both 23 and wanted a better life. She even called Dave that night to tell him to hit the road. We hugged and drank a toast to our new beginning.

Well the next few weeks were really happy times for us. We both got makeovers. We paid more attention to our work. I guess we had grown from kids to young women.

I came home early one Friday afternoon and my world was about to change. I was shocked to find Meg chained to her bed frame. She is near hysterics. She is naked and her ass is covered with lash marks. She tells me I don't have much time. I don't know how I can get her loose. I remember that the landlord has a large tool chest in the basement. I quickly run down there and bring up tools that I think may help.

I lock the doors. Meg is crying that Dave is coming back for the both of us. I cant believe how he has her chained up. I try cutting one of the large Master locks but I don't have the strength. Meg tells me to call the police. I pick up the phone buts its dead. Shit. I run into the living room for my cell phone. There stands Dave holding my cell phone. I try my hard ass routine and demand he unlock Meg. He shows no expression.

I am stunned. There is a woman with Dave. She is standing by the door. It's pretty clear she won't let me out. I try to order her to get out of the way. With no warning she backhands me harshly across the face. The blow knocks me down. She stands firm and would do it again I fear. She tells me to shut up and sit on the sofa and wait for Dave. I ask her name and she replies her name is Dora. Dora is a muscular blonde. She also tells me not to speak unless I am spoken to.

I hear Meg whimpering in the next room. I can hear the chains being clanked and unlocked. Meg walks out followed by Dave. He sits her down next to me. She is semi-dressed and unchained. Dave tells us that we are going with him. He tells us that we will walk to his van like we are all good buddies. He tells me that if I start anything he will stab Meg in the back. He shows me a 6" dagger to reinforce his words. I felt he was bluffing but I couldn't take a chance that he would hurt Meg.

We walk out of our place to the van, which is parked right out front. It's a warm day so Meg being half dressed doesn't look too odd. I was hoping some people we know fairly well would be outside but no one is around today. Dave shoves Meg into the back of the van. Dora holds my arm and tells me we wait until he has her secured. My mind races as I contemplate screaming or running. I can't leave Meg at their mercy. I do nothing. Dave emerges and firmly grabs my arm from Dora. He calls me bitch and flings me in the back of the van. He crawls in and slams the back door shut.

I try to remain calm. Meg has duct tape over her mouth and her hands cuffed above her head. Her ankles are tied tightly together. Dora gets in the driver's seat of the van and gets it moving. Dave is still holding my arm. I don't struggle which seems to surprise him. He snickers to Dora and tells her that he will wait and savor the moment when he shackles me at the house. I must admit that I am getting scared. I tell him I won't resist and he snaps back that it would be no use anyway.

We ride for about 45 minutes and Dave was careful not to let me up to take a peek out the front windows of the van. We are stopped and I can tell we are in a garage. Dave pulls me out of the van. He motions for Dora to come and get Meg. Dora unties Meg's feet and unlocks her cuffs from the van wall. She walks Meg into the house with Dave and I right behind. It's a rather dark and dank ranch house. Not much furniture or décor that's for sure. I notice that all the doors are padlocked from the inside. Meg has a look of terror in her eyes. I think she knows what this place is.

Dave sits us both down on the lone sofa in the large living room. He has uncuffed Meg and taken the tape off her mouth. They leave us alone for a few minutes. Meg tells me that Dave used to talk about a house of terror but she though he was just talking stupid. I ask Meg if we could get out of here. She tells me that Dave prided himself on thoroughness when it came to locks and such. Figures. It's a moot point as Dave comes back and takes me downstairs.

It's a dark spartan basement. Its quite dark so I cant see other than the little spots where dim candles burn. Dave calls Dora over. She appears from the darkness. I get the impression there are other people here. I am still fully dressed in my Bankette outfit. Dora tells me to strip to my pantyhose. I refuse. Dora swiftly slaps my face. I winch at the quick sting. She asks again. I slowly start to unbutton my blouse. I am not quick enough as Dora firmly smacks my face again. This whack is hard enough to knock me to my knees.

Its becoming very clear that Meg and I are in serious trouble here. I never thought Dave was this maniacal. I undress under Dora's watchful eye. I feel embarrassed as I am down to my black bra and black pantyhose with no panties. Dora snickers and calls for Dave to take a look at me. Dave tells me he likes his women in pantyhose. He walks away and tells Dora to get that bra off me. She quickly walks up behind me and cuts the back straps. My bra falls to my feet. My breasts hang for all to view. I feel like crawling in a hole. Dora tells me to stand and not move.

I obey and wait a few minutes until Dora comes back over to me. She leads me to a bathroom and tells me to do my business, as it will be a long time until I see the bathroom again. Fear ripples through my being. What is happening to me? I relieve myself. As I finish Dora firmly has hold of my arm. She walks me to another part of the basement. I almost faint from fear as Dora lights a few candles.

Laid out in front of me are a wall and counter filled with bondage devices. It looks like a store there are so many items. Dora orders me to my knees. I resist a bit and she quietly tells me things will only get worse if I struggle or mouth off to her or Dave. I start to weep as I drop to my knees.

Dave rolls over an anvil. Out of the darkness appears a large man. Dave snidely tells me to say hi to Al the Blacksmith. Al is a huge man. He must be 6'6" and weight over 250#. He looks mean and sullen. He tells me to hold out an arm. I hesitate but feel Dora grab a handful of my hair and I know I have no choice. I gasp as Al has in his hands a hunk of big thick chains with old-fashioned shackles. Dave looks on in glee as Al fastens one of the shackles on my wrist. He puts my wrist on the anvil. He tells me to stay still and steady. I look away as Al has a glowing hot pin in his tongs. He places it in the hole to connect the shackle around my wrist. With the swing of a large hammer he flattens the glowing pin which permanently fastens the shackle. He quickly sprays cold water on the still glowing pin. Steam rises from my shackle. Al proudly proclaims "The cunt will never get out of these".

My tears are steady as the procedure is repeated to bind my other wrist. My wrists are shackles and separated by about 2 feet of thick heavy chain. I ask Dave how these things are taken off. His simple reply is that they are permanent. Dora lifts me up by my hair. She walks me about ten feet and tells me to stand still. Al walks over to me. He tells me to put my arms above my head. I do as he says and see the steel ring positioned in the crossbeam. Dave tells him to make it mild to start. He strongly grabs my chain and locks it to the steel ring with a massive Master lock. I am at their mercy.

Dave asks me who is pretend master now. It all comes clear. He is so insecure that he wants to hurt us for not taking him seriously. Oh my God. I feel ill seeing how warped he is. I hate his leering at my nakedness. I am helpless. I pray they don't raise my arms any higher. My arms are tired after only 5 minutes. I struggle out of frustration but its clear I have no chance of getting out of my binds.

Dora asks Dave if she can leave me alone for a few minutes. He laughs and tells her that I will alone for a lot of minutes. Dave flips on the lights and I am frightened at what I see. He has assembled a virtual dungeon. It's too much to take in as I close my eyes.

I hear someone coming down the stairs. Its Dora leading Meg by a rope around her neck. She looks like a dog with her hands tied and an old rope around her little neck. It looks like she has been crying. Dora asks Dave when the fun begins. He assures her it will be soon. Dave has Meg stripped naked. He throws a pair of black 5" high heel pumps at her and tells her to put them on. She keeps asking Dave to not hurt me. He doesn't acknowledge her.

Dave and Al are setting up something that looks like the old time stocks the puritans used. That's what it is. I fear Meg is going in them. Dave asks Meg if she will punish me voluntarily. She tells him to fuck off and let me go. He laughs. He tells Meg that she will do this. It can be done easily or severely. Meg doesn't back down. He tells her to get positioned in the stocks. Meg must have done this before, as she knows exactly what to do. I watch in fright as Meg bends over at the waist and lays her neck and both wrists in the contraption. Dora efficiently brings the hinged top over Meg's neck and wrists. She quickly padlocks the top to the bottom.

Poor Meg. The have stocks for her ankles as well. Dora positions her feet in the stocks and padlocks them together keeping Meg from moving her legs and feet very much. I know Meg hates heels and it can't be comfortable. Dave is beaming looking at his prizes all locked up. He slaps Meg's ass and her reflex reaction was to move. She moans as the wood stocks kept her firmly in place. Dave remarks that they should all just leave and let us starve and die. The remark almost makes me ill. I honestly don't know how we would get free.

Dave is clearly ecstatic that he is in charge and has Meg and I locked up. He announces that Meg and I will decide our own fates to a degree. He tells us that whoever agrees to follow his instructions to torment the other will be released immediately. Neither of us speaks up. Dave happily motions to Al. Al removes his leather pants to reveal a massive hard cock. Dave does the same. Both men are very well endowed and plan to ream Meg out.

They are standing behind Meg so she doesn't know what's coming. I cry out to Meg. Dave has his big cock positioned at her ass. Al is moving to Meg's face. He is fully erect and massive. He forces her mouth open and shoves his cock in. Dave has his cock in her ass. She is moaning and crying. I can't watch. Dora smacks my ass with a whip and tells me to watch. I am crying and whimpering. Dora tells me to stop it now. I cant. I have never experienced anything like this.

Even the smack of the whip doesn't faze me much. I am paying no attention to Dora, which is really pissing her off. I am overcome by fear. I watch in disbelief as these two men grotesquely shove their cocks into Meg. I can hear her choking on Al's cock in her mouth. Dave is harshly ramming his dick in her little ass. Dave looks over at me and tells me that I am next. He chuckles as he continues fucking her ass. Al is using Meg's head like a rag doll. He is grimacing as he is close to fouling Meg with his semen.

Dora is holding my head strait with a firm grip off my hair. I watch as Al starts to grunt like the pig he is. He is cumming in Meg's mouth. She is choking and gagging as his white sperm is running out of her mouth. He finally withdraws his cock. He degradingly wipes it on her face and hair. Poor Meg is dripping saliva, tears, and his cum. Dave is pumping her hard yet. I pray he finishes and lets her alone. Mercifully he pulls his cock out of her ass and spurts thick gobs of cum on her ass and back. He is gross as he moans in glee emptying his cock on Meg.

I fear my turn is close at hand as both men approach me. They are grotesque yet eerily sexy with their large cocks still semi hard and glistening from their adventures inside Meg. Dave tells me that I am about to become uncomfortable. Dora asks Dave if she can do this. He obliges her and tells her to enjoy. Dora bends down in front of me and fastens a leather restraint around my left ankle. She then ties a rope from one of the D rings to a ring embedded on the floor. My left ankle is now immobile. My arms and wrists hurt from being chained over my head for the last 2 hours.

I pray this is all they plan to do to me. Meg is still weeping from her brutal raping by these pigs. Dora fastens another leather restraint to my right ankle. She has a larger leather restraint that she buckles tight on my right upper thigh. She then grabs my right ankle and bends my right leg upward pointing toward my butt. Oh shit. I see what she is going to do. She then clips my ankle restraint to my thigh restraint. I am standing on one leg now. I have a hard time standing strait like this. Dora has me trussed up.

The three of them decide to head upstairs and relax. Before they leave Dora tells Dave I need to be gagged. She thinks I will be crying like a baby soon. Dora tells me I will like the inflatable gag. She is all smiles as she buckles this thing in the back of my head. The little ball in my mouth feels ok. Dora begins to pumps the ball and it grows beyond my wildest fears. I can't move my tongue. I can only make animal type sounds. I can't believe how uncomfortable I am. They laugh and head away to go upstairs.

I try to get Meg's attention. I just can't make much of a sound. I am concerned that she is not ok. Its almost like she is in her own little world. I am so weary standing on one leg. My only relief is grabbing chains and taking the weight off my leg for a few seconds at a time. My whimpering has finally gotten Meg's attention. She is crying and telling me it's her fault we are in this. I can't talk but I love my friend and we are in this together. She tells me that she can't stand it much longer in the stocks. She thinks they will come back soon and want to play some more.

About three hours have passed since I have been balancing myself on one foot. I feel like I will pass out if I am not let down. Meg is really struggling bent over in the stocks. I hear footsteps on the basement stairs. Its Dave and Al. Both are beaming as they look at us. Thankfully Dave starts to unlock Meg's stocks. He walks her to the bathroom and I am sure she will feel better after a little clean up. Al is face to face with me. He is wearing only a leather vest. He rubs his stiff large cock on my pantyhosed thighs for a few minutes. He asks me if I would like to be let down. I eagerly nod my head. He laughs and walks way.

I start to cry. I can hear chains and metal noises coming from around the corner. Al and Dave come to me and start unlocking me. Al catches me in his arms as Dave unlocks the big padlock keeping my wrists above my head. Al unlocks my ankle/thigh restraint. Oh my does it feel good to be free. Dave throws me in the bathroom and gives me 5 minutes. Well it is good to get cleaned up and such. It feels odd having the shackles and chains on my wrists. The chain is so heavy. I finish up and Al grabs me by the arm and takes me to a large mattress on the floor.

Meg is laying on another mattress right next mine. She has a leather belt on with her wrists cuffed to D rings on her belt. She has a dog leash on her neck, and one ankle is tied to the wall. I believe a similar fate awaits me. Dave slides my pantyhose off me. He fastens a chain belt around my waist. He padlocks my wrist chain to my belly chain. He then sits me down. He next fastens a steel collar around my neck and padlocks it closed. He then ties a rope to my collar and the wall. I lay back on the soft mattress not really caring that I couldn't get away right now.

Dave calls for Dora to come over. He asks which slut she wants. Without hesitation she points to me. Dave is standing over me with his cock and balls almost in my face. This guy is hung. He strokes his cock a few times and moves it down to my face. I feel Dora spreading my inner thighs. I have no fight left in me. Dave is on his knees straddling my upper torso. He moves his cock to my lips and I welcome him into my mouth. I can't fight so I figure the quicker he gets done the easier things will be.

Dave is sliding his large cock in and out of my mouth. I am wrapping my tongue around it. Dora is working my pussy with a vibrator and her tongue. I can't believe the pleasure I feel from these creeps. I flick my tongue at Dave's balls. I can tell he likes it. I can see Al fucking Meg next to me. To my surprise she is moaning in pleasure. I think Dave has proved his point. I am actually sucking his cock with fervor. I must say he has a magnificent penis. Its classic shaped and is a thick eight inches.

Dora is working magic on my pussy as she alternates between a vibrator and her tongue. I am getting close to having an orgasm. I try to put my pleasure aside as I work Dave's cock. He has given it over to me. He has stopped thrusting and is allowing me to move my mouth on him. I am doing long slow motions on his cock. I feel his head growing. I keep it up for several minutes. Dora has slowed up, as she must know Dave is ready to explode. I deep throat Dave and know he can't hold back much longer. I have his cock head where I want it as I swirl my tongue around him. I feel him getting harder and bigger. With no warning his large tool explodes in my mouth. I keep sucking as his sperm cascades in my mouth. Dave pulls it out of my mouth and strokes loads of cum onto my face. I flick my tongue at his shaft but he won't let me near it. It seems like minutes pass as he empties his load. I lick what I can from my chin and lips.

I relax and fall back into the mattress. I see Meg grooving on Al fucking her. I am feeling fine as Dora is eating my pussy like its never been eaten. I am straining at my bonds in ecstasy as she licks me. She stops for a bit and moves to sit her pussy on my face. I have eaten pussy before. Meg and I have had a few threesomes in our tawdry past. Dora is wet as can be. It is an incredible feeling having this muscular woman ravage my wet pussy. I am happy to be lapping at her slick wet pussy that has mixed in Dave's left over semen from my face. While I am immersed in Dora's wet sweet pussy I feel the beginnings of my orgasm. I have lost touch with all else that is going on as I feel the electricity of my intense orgasm. I scream but Dora has her pussy buried in my face. I struggle but my wrist and belly chain keeps me in place. I relax as I have spent my orgasm.

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