No Escape


She knew she should never walk home alone after dark, but the pounding in her head from the loud music would not let up. So she grabbed her purse and searched for the jacket she had worn to the club that night. With a wave at her friend Sasha, Kelly headed to the door of the club.

When she stepped outside she realized the warm summer evening had taken a turn for the worse. Storm clouds had built up and the smell of rain was on the air. Glancing around her she noticed the streets were empty and quiet. Slipping off the high healed sandals she wore she decided it would be faster to just walk the twenty or so blocks back to her apartment bare foot. She let her mind drift as she began the long walk back home thinking about the nice warm bed waiting for her to climb in.

About three blocks away from the club she head a noise behind her as if she was being followed. Kelly turned and looked and saw nothing and assumed it was just her imagination playing tricks on her so she upped her pace. Again she heard a noise but before she could turn she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders and heard a voice say "If you value your life you will not turn around. You will continue walking until I tell you to stop."

Kelly felt her heart leap in to her chest and told the man "There is money in my purse please take it and let me go."

"You Bitch do you think it is money I am after." the voice said to her with a laugh as he pushed her around the corner to an alley and slipped a hood over her head. He then pushed her in to a waiting car face first and Kelly had to grab on to the car to keep from hitting the pavement face first.

The man pulled the seatbelt across her lap and secured her inside before shutting the door and walking around to the driver seat. He stepped into the car and turned the ignition, he turned to her and spoke, "You will noticed there are no handles or window controls on the door so you will not be able to escape until I am ready to release you."

Kelly tried to calm her breathing and thought to herself why is he doing this to me, what have I done to deserve this? She settled back in her seat determined to find away out of her predicament.

After about ten minutes past she felt the car come to a sudden stop and heard the man open his door. The cool night air rushed around her body as he puller her from the car and started to lead her up a flight of stairs. She heard the click of a lock opening and was pushed inside a door.

"Close your eyes and I will remove your hood, but do not try to turn around and look at me."

Kelly nodded her head and stood perfectly still as this man pulled the hood off her head. She wanted desperately to open her eyes and look at her surroundings but a blindfold was secured around her eyes as quickly as the hood was removed. She felt hand pushing her down on to a sofa and sunk into the softness trying to day dream of anything but what was happening to her.

"If you do exactly as I say Dear, I promise nothing bad will happen to you and you will find your self home in your bed before morning, nod your head if you understand what I am saying to you."

Kelly screamed "No please don't hurt me let me go I wont tell anyone I don't know what you look like or who you are please let me go."

Kelly flat the sting of a hand across her face as he slapped her. He then placed a hand against her mouth and whispered " I would advise you not to speak again unless you would like this to hurt more then you could ever imagine."

She then felt her self being pick up and carried up another flight of stairs. Her body trembled and tears streamed down her cheeks. Noticing the first time the man carrying her she felt his broad chest and muscular arms surrounding her body. She felt herself being lowered on to a bed. Then suddenly her arms were pulled taunt above her body, and soft leather cuffs applied to her wrists. Her legs were pulled to the foot of the bed. And secured in the same manner as her hands.

Kelly then felt her dress being torn from her body, and a cold metal blade trailing along her rib cage. Her bra was suddenly cut from her body. She felt the tip of the blade tracing a path to her breast and then warm breath on her nipple. Then suddenly he bit her nipple hard and she could not help but let out a sudden gasp. Tears began to flow down her cheeks and her lips trembled. She felt a hand caress her cheek and wipe away her tears.

She felt his tongue tracing a path down from her breasts to her belly button. He stopped to swirl his tongue around her belly button while he parted her cunt lips with one hand. He then grabbed her clit with his thumb and forefinger and gave it a twist and a yank. He laughed just a little with the gasp of pain he let escape her lips. Suddenly she felt him force his cock in to her almost tearing her in half. He began to push into her as deep as he could burring his cock to the base and then pulling out until only the head was in her cunt. He bit and sucked on her breasts leaving marks all over them.

Kelly felt her body betray her and begin to enjoy this treatment this man was giving her, she felt herself thrusting her hips trying to pull him deeper in side of her. She felt that familiar warmth building up starting in the very ends of her toes all the way up her body. She cold not help but let her orgasm take over and she screamed out "Ohhhhh my God, Fuck me I'm cummmmmmming."

He laughed at her as he continued to pound her cunt and then felt the tightening of his balls he reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and then emptied his seed into her and collapsed on top of her.

Kelly opened her eyes blinded by the light shining into her room and wondered how she had gotten here. She stood up on wobbly legs and noticed on her nightstand the shoes she had worn out clubbing the night before with a piece of paper tucked into one of them. She pulled out the note and read it quickly and giggled at his words.


Next week wear these shoes again, and this time I just might let you see my face.

Kelly grabbed the shoes stuck them in her closet and wondered just what she should match them with next week when she went.

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