tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 35

No Going Back Ch. 35


I was stunned. Less than ten minutes and I was holding a hundred dollars in my hands. For a brief instant I envisioned my future . . . two hours a night in this booth and the rest of the day free. That instant was sufficient, and I quickly laughed at the idea, then dropped the bill next to the door. This was not, I reminded myself, about money. It was, however, not a bad bonus. I'd have to watch out, though. This could get to be too much fun.

Feeling a little drunk with success, I reached across to the other wall and flipped the switch. I knew another light had just lit up in the front of the store. I sat on the floor, leaning against the wall and waited. What would this cock be like, I wondered. Before I could get too far along that line of thought, reality again arrived. I heard the door open and close on the other side of the wall.

I knelt and peeked through the hole, ready to move quickly, but this man didn't bother to try and look through the hole in the wall. I watched as he locked the door to his booth, then actually pulled off his pants and his underwear. He turned and when I saw his penis for the first time, I gasped. He wasn't even partially erect, and he had to be seven inches inches long. His cock actually swung side to side like a pendulum as he moved.

He must have heard me gasp, because I heard him chuckle out loud. He reached for his penis and held it in his hand. The head and several inches extended beyond his grip, and for a moment, I truly felt scared. Then, I remembered where I was, and how safe this was going to be. Almost immediately, I began to get excited.

I was about to be presented with a huge, beautiful cock. It was going to be offered to me separate from its owner, mine to enjoy, without any worry about it being used on me without my full permission. It would slide into my mouth only as far as I wanted. And suddenly I found I wanted it to slide in a long, long way.

"Hey sweetheart, you ready?" came a voice from the other room. It was a low, rumbling warm voice that stirred me in the pit of my stomach. I don't believe this, I thought, I'm getting excited about this man who's about to stick his dick in my mouth. In fact, my mouth was already beginning to water, and that wasn't the only part of my body that was getting moist.

By now, I was feeling pretty safe and confident, and I quickly pulled off my own skirt and panties. "This is what I came here for," I thought. "Might as well do this right."

I knocked once on the wall, and I heard him move closer. "I'm gonna skip the video," I heard the sexy voice say. "You think you're good enough to get me off without any help?" I could hear the gentle laughter in the question, and I resolved to show him I was every bit "good enough."

I only had to wait a moment, and there it was. His long, incredible cock began to slide into view. I knew he was teasing me, but he slid it very, very slowly through the hole. I swear from the time the fat cockhead appeared, it took him ten seconds to slide it all the way through. It seemed to grow forever, and by the time his hips reached his side of the wall, I was beginning to imagine his cock reaching to the other wall of my booth.

In fact, the portion that awaited my drooling mouth had to be at least seven inches of rapidly growing flesh. Unable to wait, I reached out and wrapped my fingers around it. His cock was already hot and hard. Its heat seemed to draw my face toward it, and I almost forgot all about unwrapping a condom. Quickly, I got myself under better control, prepared the rubber in my mouth, and sucked that magnificent shaft into my mouth.

Without surprise, I found my face never got near the wall. I probably got four or five inches into my mouth, but that put his cockhead all the way at the back of my throat. There was no way at this angle that he was going to get any deeper. I used my fingers to unroll the condom the rest of the way, but even then it barely reached the base of his shaft.

"Why the hell is he here paying for this?" I wondered. "There must be hundreds of women who would die to get hold of him." I realized that was a question for another time, and I began sliding him in and out of my mouth, my saliva thoroughly lubricating him without any effort.

I was pleased to realize that he was content to hold his hips steady against the wall and let me work on him at my own pace. I worked up and down his shaft for a minute, then found that when I grasped him around the base of his cock, it still extended a couple inches beyond my hand. "Now this is perfect," I said to myself. "I can take him into my mouth all the way until my nose touches my hand. It's the perfect depth."

I alternated sliding my mouth on and off him with holding him in mouth and swirling his cockhead with my tongue. I experimented with the best rhythm until I could tell he was starting to lose control. His hips didn't want to stay still. I could feel him trying to shove himself further through the hole.

By now, I was drooling heavily from my mouth, and nearly dripping between my legs. I held him with one hand and slid my other hand to my pussy. I was shocked at how hot and wet it was, but not at all surprised how close I was already to cumming. This was what I had been dreaming of for weeks, and the power of the realization of the dream was more than I had expected.

Before I could stop, my fingers touched my clit in that absolutely perfect way, and I actually began cumming. A combined growl and cry erupted from my throat, and I know my mouth clamped down tightly on the cock between my lips. I would have expected the pressure to drive him over the edge, but as my body spasmed, I heard his voice through the wall.

"I'd give anything to be inside you. Please! Please, do it! Quickly!"

Lost in that moment of passion, there was no thought about right or wrong. I let his cock slide from my mouth, I stood up, turned, and leaned my ass back in the direction of the hole in the wall. I forgot what a short distance I had to lean back, and before I was ready, I felt his burning cockhead slide wetly between my asscheeks. My momentum forced him deeper, past my tight little asshole, and right up against the entrance to my sopping cunt.

I hesitated for an instant, but my body wanted to be filled in a way that was completely undeniable. I placed my hands on the wall in front of me and pushed. His fat cockhead spread my opening, then popped tightly beyond the constriction and deep into my grasping pussy. Inch by inch, his staff slid into me, until after what seemed like eternity, I felt my ass slap juicily against the wall. He was all the way deep inside me!

The fullness I felt sent my orgasm racing back up the scale. My knees were shaking, my breath was rasping in my throat, I jammed my ass against the wall and waited. I didn't have to wait long.

He began slowly, sliding his long cock in and out. The length of it took such a surprising amount of time to enter me and pull out of me that each stroke seemed to create a mini-orgasm of its own. I'd never felt such a stroke. I wanted it to last forever, but I had him so close that he didn't last long. Only about a minute after I slid myself onto him, he increased his speed and began thrusting himself forcefully through the hole in the wall.

I did my best to keep myself pushed tight against the wall, but his powerful lunges and the depth he was entering me pushed my ass again and again off the wall. The slapping of my flesh against the booth must have been audible to others in nearby booths, but I didn't care. All I wanted was to prolong and intensify the unbelievable orgasm I was experiencing.

When he began to expand inside me as the spurts of his own orgasm erupted, I thought I was actually going to scream. I clapped one hand over my mouth as the fingers of the other hand circled my clit wildly. I know I clamped down on him so tight, if he had pulled out of me, he might not have been able to get back in. His cum streamed into the condom inside me so powerfully, I could feel it even through the rubber.

As his final spurts warmed the very entrance to my womb, I felt him shudder to completion, then hold himself as deeply in me as the wall between us allowed. I leaned just as firmly against him, and tried desperately to catch my breath. Finally, he slowly pulled out of me, sending one last vibration through my entire body.

Freed of the support of his cock inside me, my ass slid down the wall, leaving a wet trail. I ended up sitting on the floor, my back to the wall, then fell gently to the side, ending up curled in a fetal position on the carpeted bottom of the booth. All was quiet, but I could feel my heart still beating strongly.

I don't even know how long we both remained silent on opposite sides of the wall. My mind was a blank, my consciousness lost somewhere else deep inside my body. Then, a voice sounded near the hole on the wall.

"My God, who are you?!?" the voice quivered. "What was that?! What did you do to me? No one has ever . . ."

He was silent for a moment. Then, "Please, I can't leave without knowing. I have to understand." Knowing it was wrong to respond, I still found myself saying, "I can't explain. I can't tell you anything. Please . . . just go. Don't ask me any more questions."

"I can tell you're not a young girl," he continued. "Why are you there? How can I find you again? I can't stand this. I need to know."

"Go away," I said, a catch in my voice. "Just go away."

"I'll be back, and I will find you," he said. "I had no idea. I don't have much with me. I have more, I promise. I'll bring more." I heard him pushing paper through the hole in the wall. "My phone number, it's there. Please contact me. I have to talk to you. Please!"

I lay there without answering, and finally, I heard the door open and close on the other side of the wall. I lay there, unwilling to move, and totally uninterested in flipping the switch connected to the front of the store. I was still lying there when Ricky opened the door.

"What the fuck?" he began. I saw him try to understand what he was seeing. I was lying there on the floor of the booth, naked from the waist down, my inner thighs wet from my own juices. He bent over me and picked up the money on the floor. In addition to the hundred dollar bill, there were two twenties. He noticed the telephone numbers on the bills.

"Two men, less than twenty minutes, and you got $140 dollars already? What the fuck did you do?" I had nothing to say, and he just stood there and looked at me, apparently in amazement.

"Well, it sure looks like you're done for tonight. Come on, let's get you dressed." He helped me into a sitting position and helped me put on my panties. I thought it was sweet how he slid them over my feet and pulled them up high enough for me to reach. He pulled me up to a standing position and handed me my skirt. Once I was decent, he walked me back to the waiting room . There were two girls there, sitting on the couches. "Go take over Room One," he ordered one girl. "You, go take a smoke," he told the other. They both left quickly.

Ricky looked again at the bills in his hand. "I could take a cut out of this, you know." He looked at me to see my reaction. When I shrugged my shoulders, he dropped the money in my lap. "I don't know what's going on with you, but nobody's ever got tips like that on their first night before."

A man came into the room and handed Ricky a note. He read it, then looked at me with even more interest. "Man, I already got two offers for a private session with you. Want to make some real money?"

This was more than I could deal with. All I wanted was to go home, take a hot bath, and crawl into my soft, warm bed. Then, I might be able to think about what had happened, but not yet. No matter how totally satisfied I felt, it was too soon to think about anything but the pleasure. I stood up and began to stagger toward the door. Ricky offered to get me the room across the street, but once I got my feet moving in the same direction, I felt I'd be OK.

"Call me tomorrow," Ricky urged. "You've got work to do."

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