tagNovels and NovellasNo Going Back Ch. 40

No Going Back Ch. 40


As I held you, I couldn't stop my hands from sliding down your back to the edge of your swimming suit. My fingertips burrowed their way past the elastic until I could feel the cleft of your buttocks. You moaned into my mouth and pushed your hips against me. We both felt what was growing between us, and one of your hands moved down my chest toward my waist.

This was all happening so fast. Over your shoulder, I saw Katie turn and try to look through the window. I knew she couldn't see in, but it was not wise to let her get her suspicions going. Besides, another few minutes and it would be totally impossible for me to walk out to the deck without her noticing . . . . well, you know.

With a sad smile, I backed away from you and took the large salad bowl out to the deck, carrying it in front of me, lower than I would have normally. You brought the smaller bowls and silverware. I dished out the salads and passed Katie her bowl, noticing that her glass was again empty. I didn't offer to get her any more.

The sun had already set, and we ate slowly watching the light change as the sky darkened. We talked about inconsequential things with Katie offering little. She seemed half asleep already from so many margaritas. You took advantage of Katie's . . . . condition . . . . to make frequent eye contact with me. Your smile at those moments was warm and inviting. It was just about the strangest situation I could imagine.

At one point, we took the dishes back into the kitchen together, not turning on the lights in the house as we went in. Immediately, we were again in each other's arms. This time, your hand was . . . . there . . . . before I could stop you. I was already hard and throbbing, and you quickly snapped open my pants and pulled me free.

Your soft hand wrapped around me and as we kissed passionately, you began stroking me. I felt you would have been able to make me cum almost immediately. I reached to push your hand away, and you quickly knelt down and actually took my rock hard cock deep into your mouth.


"No!" I begged. "Please, don't do this. Not here, not now."

I was so close to cumming, my cock was vibrating. You leaned back, a look of incredible disappointment on your face.

"I know," I said forlornly, "I want you so much, too, but we can't do it this way. Go on back out, please. We'll think of something."

You stood up, took me in your hand once more and gave me a squeeze. "OK," you said, "Put that away for now, but keep it warmed up. I may find a way back to it soon enough." With that you turned and walked back out to the deck, while I tried to find a way to make myself presentable again.

We I got back out to the deck, I found you sitting on the bench watching the waves. Katie was actually lying on her seat, sound asleep. I sat at Katie's head. You were sitting to my other side in a position that Katie couldn't see you, even if she opened her eyes.

You looked at me for a moment, and smiled in a way that looked positively wicked. It didn't even surprise me when you reached for your shirt and pulled it over your head. What did surprise me was that without hesitation, you then reached up, untied the top of your swimming suit, and before I knew it, you were sitting there . . . on my deck . . . my wife sleeping peacefully beside me . . . with your bare breasts proudly displayed . . . almost close enough for me to reach out and touch.

The moon hadn't risen yet and none of the houses nearby had outside lights on. I could see you clearly enough, but no one else was going to be able to see you. The three of us were as isolated as if we'd been miles away from another human being.

Looking straight into my eyes, you raised your hands, lifted one of your gorgeous breasts, and with several of your fingers, you began to play with its nipple. Around and around your fingers moved, and I witnessed the hard nub in the center grow larger and longer, finally reaching a prominence that I wanted desperately to feel against the tip of my tongue. You knew exactly what I was thinking, and with only a slight stretch of your neck, you bent down and ran your own tongue across your nipple. Inside my pants, I was still fully erect.

I didn't know how much of this I was going to be able to stand. And then, just to complete the impossibility of the moment, you reached to the band of your swimming suit, that spot just where your inner thigh reached your crotch, and as I watched in utter fascination, you pulled the suit aside and displayed to me the one place on earth I wanted to be more than anywhere else I could imagine.

You were already glistening with moisture. Then, with your free hand, you extended one long delicate finger, and slid it through the wetness, parting your folds until they unsealed themselves and left you open to my hungering eyes. There you sat, one hand holding your suit so I could see you, the other hand holding yourself open. All I could think of was being on my knees in front of you, ready to bury my face into the river flowing in front of my eyes, drowning if necessary, just to drink my fill. Inside my pants, I felt my own river on the verge of overflowing.

This was impossible. I had to do something. I stood up, reached to pick up your shirt and standing in front of you, I held it open for you to put back on. I didn't bother with the swimming suit top, and as you stood in front of me, you raised your arms and swung your breasts slightly side to side. I thought I was going to die.

"Candace, please," I whispered. "I've got to get Katie into bed. Put on your shirt, please!"

Reluctantly, you lowered your arms and slipped them into your shirt and allowed me to slide it down over your body. I bent toward you quickly and gave you a quick kiss, then turned back to Katie. She was still lying on the bench, but her eyes were open. I tried not to look startled . . . or to glance down at the bulge in my pants.

"She's still here?" Katie said sleepily.

"Yes, dear," I replied softly. "We all had a bit too much to drink. I told her she could sleep in the guest room tonight and go home in the morning. Is that OK?"

"Ohhhh, ummm, yeah, I guess so," she said. "You're coming to bed with me, right?

I wasn't sure what she was implying, but I decided to assume she was talking only about timing. "Yes, I'm coming to bed now. Come on, let me help you up."

I got her standing and pointed her in the right direction. As she passed you, she reached out, meaning, I think, to touch your shoulder. Her hand landed on your chest and as she passed, it looked like her palm slid slowly across your breast. The expression on her face didn't indicate she even realized what she had done, but I saw you look at me in surprise. I shrugged my shoulders and helped Katie on into the house. What was going to happen next, I couldn't imagine.

I managed to get Katie into the bedroom, undressed her quickly and put her under the covers. She was asleep before I could stand up and walk toward the door. As we had come in, I had pointed you to the bedroom next to ours, the doors only a few feet apart. I opened the door to see if you had gone to bed and there, framed in the doorway, you stood . . . without a stitch of clothes on.

I was stunned. You are awesome. In that very same moment, standing in my own bedroom doorway, I could see both my wife asleep in our bed and your gloriously naked body less than five feet away. I stepped out into the hallway and pulled the door closed behind me. As I turned, you slipped into my arms and I felt your bare skin for the first time. I was in heaven.

My hands wanted to touch you everywhere at once. I grasped your ass in my hands and pulled you to me. I raised my hands to your breasts and lifted them together until I could get my mouth on both nipples at the same time. At the same time, your hands were reaching for my pants and struggling desperately to get them open so you could reach me. Just as I came free and felt your warm hands wrap themselves around my lengthening cock, we both heard it . . . . .

"Honey, where are you?" Katie called sleepily. "Come to bed, OK?"

I thought I was going to die. I felt you grip me tighter, like you were going to refuse to let me go. I halfway hoped you wouldn't, but you reluctantly let me go and stepped aback. I could see your incredible body, glowing dimly in the moonlight coming in the window. This was going to be impossible.

To my surprise, you reached for me, spun me around by the shoulder and pushed me back toward my bedroom. The lights were out, so I didn't even bother to get dressed again, I just pulled everything off and prepared to go get in bed with Katie. As I looked in the door, it looked like she was already asleep again, and I wondered if I really had to go to her. I saw her shift her position, indicating that she wasn't all the way asleep, so I moved toward the bed. Halfway through the door I felt your hands on my ass, pushing me the last few steps.

I lay down on top of the covers beside Katie and looked back at the door. You were still standing there, looking in at us. I felt incredibly strange. I was lying on my back, naked, my hard cock pointing up my body. Without even thinking, I took it in one hand and stroked it slowly. You were there, hidden in the shadows, watching.

I realized that if I let myself, in less than a minute I could bring myself to an incredible orgasm. God, I thought, should I do it? Should I jerk myself off while you stood there watching. My hand was sliding up and down my shaft, and then . . . . I felt a hand on my balls. I almost jumped up out of the bed.

"I'm shorry honey,"Katie slurred. "Dush you need help wif that?" She rolled toward me and I realized that half asleep and almost fully drunk, Katie still wanted to please me in any way she could. Now, I really felt strange. Her hand was doing wonderful things to me. I was already so close to cumming, I didn't know if I could resist what she was doing. Did I really want you to see this?

I reached for Katie's hand to try and let her know she didn't have to finish. Clearly, she misinterpreted what I wanted and before I could stop her, she rolled over on top of me, positioned her hips, and impaled herself on my throbbing cock. I was so excited at this point that I know I was huge. I saw that fact try to work its way into her consciousness, but all I think it did was begin to inflame her own passions. Her thrusts began to gain momentum, and it was obvious she was now concentrating fully on her own pleasure. I looked over toward you and to my shock, you had moved inside the doorway. You were still naked, and it was easy to see that you were incredibly excited by what you were watching. One of your hands was pulling on your nipples and the other was buried between your legs, moving rapidly.

Katie's moans were getting louder. She was losing control. Her orgasm was approaching and I could tell it was going to be powerful. I felt her tighten around me, felt her take larger and larger breaths, and I knew she was almost there. Suddenly I felt the bed sag, and the next thing I knew, hands reached around Katie from behind, and I saw them cup Katie's breasts. Fingers closed over her hard nipples and I felt Katie explode into a million sparkling fireworks.

Katie ground out her orgasm on top of me. Her spasms felt almost like she was milking my cock, and it was all I could do to hold back my own explosion. It was more than a minute that I lay there, feeling the power of what she was experiencing . . . watching your hands fondle her breasts . . . waiting for Katie to notice.

Finally, I saw her awareness begin to return. She looked at me, bleary-eyed, then down to her chest. The hands on her breasts were still now, cupping her gently, but no longer pulling on her nipples. I saw Katie's eyes try to focus, her mind try to understand. It seemed she was only halfway able to imagine what had happened, and she slowly leaned to the side and her body lay down on the bed beside me.

I watched her look at you, trying to pull herself into awareness. Her eyes met yours, and I thought, "Someone really ought to say something," but then all our eyes seemed to turn at the same time to my crotch noticing, with different thoughts I'm sure, that I was still long and hard. I was also completely drenched in the thick, molasses-like result of Katie's intense release.

You reached for me, and I was so sopping wet, we could hear the "squish" as your fingers wrapped around me. "God," I thought, "If you start stroking me now, right in front of Katie, somebody is going to totally freak!"

I saw Katie tense, ready to . . . . I don't know . . . attack, but then, with your eyes focused directly on Katie's face, you bent over, placed your face right in the middle to the puddle that was my crotch, and began to lick. You tongue extended into what looked like a long slender spoon, and you slowly began to suck up all the delicious nectar that had only moments ago flowed from my wife's still dripping vagina.

You licked my balls, all around the base of my cock, and then slowly began to slide your tongue along the underside of my rigid, throbbing cock. Katie's eyes were huge as she watch you take into your mouth the pungent deposits she had left all over me. Then, still looking her directly in the eyes, you opened your mouth so that we could both see how much you had taken in, then you closed your mouth, closed your eyes . . . . and swallowed.

For several seconds, your face hung there above us. We could see your throat move as your mouth emptied its contents down, down deep into your own body. Then, finally, you opened your eyes, looked again into Katie's face, smiled with an expression of undeniable desire, and reached again to take my cock in your hand.

I waited, watching Katie, with absolutely no idea what she was going to do. Then, I saw in her face what had to be a realization of the honor you had just attempted to show her. I saw her realize that it might have been very, very difficult for you to do what you had just done. I never would have imagined it possible, but I saw her face soften. Yes, I saw a little sadness, but more clearly I saw a reluctant understanding.

Katie reached out her hand and gently touched your lips. She stretched further and placing her hand on the back of your head, she pulled you toward her. For a moment, I thought she was going to try to kiss you, but then her hand pressed downwards, and with little resistance from you, I saw Katie aim another woman's mouth at her own husband's erect cock.

I felt your lips close around the nearly bursting, dark purple head. Then I felt them tighten as they slid down along my entire length. You took me entirely into your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat, and maybe even beyond. I thought I was going to cum from that one single slide into your mouth.

Katie understood my imminent orgasm as well as you, and I saw her place her hand under your chin and lift your head off me. She held out her hand to you, and as I watched in absolute wonder, she helped you balance as you swung your leg over my hips and positioned yourself straddling me.

I felt your heat and realized I was poised directly at your tight, dripping opening. You looked over at Katie, that final question in your eyes, and I saw (or at least imagined) a tiny nod of her head. Accepting whatever communication had been given, I felt you tense your thigh muscles, raise your hips, position yourself exactly, and then, I felt your body descend.

Time seemed to stop. At another moment, we both would have wanted to tease, but this was not such a time. In one long, slow slide, I felt the head of my cock push tightly against you, I felt it spread you powerfully and then pop soundlessly through that initial resistance. I felt you close around me as the head slid deeper, and I felt every inch of my long cock gripped inch by inch as your descent shoved me further and further into your dark depths. Finally, I actually felt myself pound against the very bottom of your well, and I felt you moan as the center of your very being rebounded from my cock's assault.

I knew this was not going to last long, and you on top of me was not how I wanted this first time to happen. As your hips rose for their second thrust, my hips followed you up. My own powerful thighs lifted you off the bed, and like a trained springboard diver, in the air I twisted your hips, and without coming close to pulling out of you, I landed you on your back and planted myself firmly between your widely spread and completely welcoming thighs.

I pulled back, nearly letting the head of my cock reach your tight opening, then dropped into you with a power fueled by the months we had waited for this very instant. By the time I hit bottom for the second time, your legs had flown up to encircle my hips, and I felt your ankles connect behind my lower back. I was trapped by the spider, and I knew I was not going to get away.

The sounds you made as my third and fourth thrust split you open thrilled me in a spot that had the expected effect. I felt the burning begin, a fire that could not be denied, and like a wild man, my fifth, six and seventh thrust shook the bed. Not since the age of 18 has my orgasm happened so soon, but on the tenth thrust, your eyes rolled back and your legs flew apart as you felt me fill you with an explosion that had to feel like the most expensive champagne bath ever known.

By the twentieth thrust, it was nearly over. Never had I experienced such an intense eruption, and it was all I could do to remember that you and I were . . . . . . . . not alone. I rolled from between your legs and felt next to me the other body there in the bed. Compared to the burning temperature of my own glowing skin, Katie felt cold. My heart shivered to think of what she must be feeling.

Her eyes, were looking at me with a fire that was unreadable. I could see she wanted to say something. I waited, trying to look encouraging.

"Do you love me?" she said quietly.

"Forever," I replied.

"Can you show me now?" she asked. "Can you help me believe this will all be OK?"

I knew it would be a few minutes before I could give her what I really wanted to give her, but I kissed her gently and deeply, then moved lower, my tongue tracing a wet trail down her chest. I saw her legs part, and I vowed to show her how important she was, and always would be, to me. As my face disappeared between her legs, I looked up and saw you snuggle close beside my scared and shaking wife. I saw your hands begin to trace the contours of her face. I saw you begin your own effort to comfort her and reassure her that you were not there to take me away.

Together, I hoped, we would show her how dear she really was, not only to me, but possibly even to you.

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This guy is. Lowlife, cheating scum. The fact that he's fucking all the time doesn't change the fact that he's got no scruples or morals of any kind. I skimmed the very first chapter, then 39 & 40. I don'tmore...

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