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No Hippy Clicks


These characters are not real. Names and places have not been changed. Similar events may have happened in the past to similar characters but this story is purely fictitious. Any similarities to persons live or dead are purely coincidental....

Nigel and Katherine started out as customers of Sarah's business when their children were tiny babies. Some ten years on they have become good friends. Reciprocating meals at each other's houses and similar holiday interests helped the relationship flourish. We were always slightly suspicious that maybe they were repressed swingers as the conversation very often would have sexual connotations on the rare occasions the kids weren't about.

When I started my lingerie and sex toys business, Nigel's son, who is a bit of a computing and internet whizz, seemed to be a good ally. They happily offered advice and support and became regular customers, not at all shy about what they were purchasing and providing regular feedback on how well certain products performed.

Nigel had never actually come out and said it but it was quite obvious he had the hots for Sarah. At a generous C cup, she is somewhat better endowed than his wife and is a lot more feminine, whereas Katherine is all tomboy and fitness fanatic. Nigel is an ex army officer. We never really knew exactly what he did in the army but he used to be some kind of physical trainer and taught sport a lot. He also fixed sporting injuries and when he came out landed a nice cushy job as a trainer for some personal training company. Though a nice guy, he was a little full of himself and fancied himself as a bit of a Bruce Willis kind of character complete with a shaved head and other bits too.

"Being in the army," he once said, "you develop a fairly comprehensive shaving routine."

Oh really. Did we need to know that? Thanks to a verbal slip from his young daughter, we also knew Katherine had a "fairly comprehensive shaving routine" as well.

Last summer, Sarah and I decided to do something different and hired a caravan for a long weekend. Our eldest was just about old enough to look after himself and our daughter went to stay with a friend. Immediately Nigel found out he thought it was such a good idea the bugger went and booked one as well. Only he had to take his slightly younger kids with them. Whilst we enjoyed their company we had looked forward to a bit of 'adult time' to ourselves. Something which now seemed rather less likely. However, as time went on, they constantly enthused about nice long walks in the country and going to this place and that, so we soon realized that we wouldn't see much of them.

As it turned out we didn't see them at all on the Friday. We spent the afternoon a playing with a few new 'toys' and had a very pleasant meal at a nearby pub. They had pool tables so we shot a few rounds much to the pleasure of the local lads, as Sarah had a fairly short skirt and very low cut top on and she took great delight in bending over the table flashing her thong to those behind and her ample cleavage to those in front. One lad managed a passing grope of her arse whilst walking past to the toilets. She stuck her arse out deliberately so that he got her again on the way back.

"Excuse me!" she said with a smile. I even managed to rub the tip of a pool cue between her legs on a couple of occasions. A bit of harmless fun which meant she was more than ready for more when we got back to the caravan.

On the Saturday we went shopping in the main town. I was hoping to find some good old fashion changing cubicles with curtains but they seem few and far between these days. Nigel texted us to suggest drinks after dinner so we agreed our caravan at 7.30. They would leave their kids to their own devices for an hour or two as they were only a couple of hundred yards away. All the walking was causing Sarah some hip pain so we returned to the caravan mid afternoon. I tried to massage her hip but didn't manage to ease the pain much. My occasionally wayward hands provided at least some distraction from it along with a gin and tonic or two. Her hip problem had become known between us as 'Hippy Clicks' after the nineties record "No Hippy Chicks" and the fact that it often clicks out of place.

Still in some pain we decided against more pool with the boys and opted for a Chinese takeaway and telly before the arrival of Nigel and Katherine and a few bottles including a bottle of champagne at 19.30 prompt.

The champers didn't last long and neither did the first two bottles of wine. Sarah was visibly uncomfortable at first but the alcohol eased things a little. Nigel was aware of Sarah's ongoing hip problem and seeing a possible opportunity offered his services. He suggested a muscle relaxant to ease the tension in the upper leg muscles and some major manipulation and massage to try and free up the joint a little.

Sarah was somewhat apprehensive at the thought of Nigel getting to 'manipulate' her.

"Well I haven't got any shorts or anything to wear" she protested.

"That's alright," he said "you only need a pair of pants." He eyeballed her deadpan trying to show some sympathy and sincerity.

"But but they're not exactly decent." she stumbled.

I realized that of course we'd come away for a dirty weekend so she had left all her granny pants far behind. The best she would have would be a lace thong. I thought about this and realized it could get interesting so I piped up.

"Sarah. I'll be with you and make sure he behaves himself. I don't think you have anything he's not seen before and if he can help ease your hip it must be worth a little embarrassment. I promise I won't leave you alone."

"And I promise I won't do anything other than help you." chimed in Nigel. "You sort yourself out and we'll go and get that tablet." and both he and Katherine disappeared.

Sarah looked at me. "What?" I asked.

"I only have sexy knickers here. See through thongs and stuff. I don't really want him 'manipulating' my hip while I'm wearing those."

I thought for a second. "Well look. At worst he'll see the outline of your pubes through the lace front. You only have a small area so it's not like they'll poking out everywhere. I'll be there so I'm sure he'll be completely professional and if it's better afterwards then where's the problem?"

She looked pained. "The problem is I don't know I can look him in the eye on Monday morning knowing he's seen me like that."

"Well you can't ask him to do it blindfold. Just politely decline and I'm sure he'll understand."

"I don't want to offend him or Katherine. It's really nice of him to offer. I'm just not sure he's doing it for the right reasons." she countered.

"Well it's your call and they'll be back in a minute." I tried to sound blasé about it all but actually the thought of Nigel feeling her up and looking at her in just her knickers was actually quite a turn on. She turned and disappeared into the bedroom just as Nigel returned. On his own, and with only a bottle of massage oil and a little pink tablet.

"Katherine is just going to make sure the kids are okay. She'll be back up shortly. Where's Sarah?" he asked.

"Trying make herself decent for you." I replied.

"Oh. Does she have to?" he replied with a knowing smile.

"Yes. Well as far as possible." said Sarah as she came out of the room. She had changed into a denim skirt but had the same loose and fairly low cut white strappy top on that she had worn playing pool last night and shopping today. She had a white lacey bra underneath the top and I assumed she had now put on the most decent knickers she had with her but I did not know which ones they'd be.

"Right, relax." said Nigel. "I'll try not to embarrass you and I will try not to hurt you. You need to take this and let it work while we have another drink."

"What is it?" asked Sarah.

"Just a muscle relaxant to stop your leg and hip muscles from spasming." he replied and offered her the tablet.

"Will it be okay with alcohol? I've had a few today and tonight." she asked.

"It should be fine Sarah. Relax." he confidently replied and handed Sarah the little pale pink pill. She necked it with a mouthful of Sauvignon Blanc and looked at me uneasily.

Nigel spent the next five minutes questioning Sarah about what makes her hip worse or better. Where exactly it hurts and what the doctors have said about it. After a fairly comprehensive interrogation he asked her to stand with her back against the wall.

"Right. I need you to lift your left leg as high as you can but you must keep it straight. I am then going to keep lifting it as high as possible. I'm trying to stretch the muscles down the back of your leg." She lifted and immediately got penned in by her skirt.

"Either lift it or lose it." Nigel said rather factually. Sarah lifted the hem of the skirt to just below her crotch and carried on lifting her leg. Nigel caught her foot and continued to lift slowly until her skirt fouled again and Sarah had to lift it higher exposing her white lace covered crotch.

Nigel continued to lift slowly until Sarah said, "No higher. It hurts."

Nigel held it there for a few seconds and then pushed a bit higher until she yelped. The pause, lift, yelp, pause, lift, yelp continued for about five times until she could bare it no more and he let her down slowly. Her skirt remained hitched well above her thong until she pulled it back down and regained her modesty.

Nigel asked her to turn around and put her hands on the wall to support herself. He then asked her to put her left foot back towards him. He caught hold and stared to lift her foot upwards stretching the muscles down the front of her thigh. He had to pause to allow her to balance while she hoisted the skirt again, this time exposing just a thin piece of white material between her bum cheeks.

The same lift, pause, yelp routine began again until she finally said "No more. Please"

By this time her torso was horizontal, she was precariously balanced with her left leg straight out behind her. Her foot was above her head. Her skirt round her bum cheeks and both myself and Nigel were enjoying a fabulous view of her thong disappearing between her bum cheeks then reappearing over her now partially exposed pussy. It was now apparent to us both that she shaved that particular area. Something I obviously already knew.

Nigel let her leg down slowly until she was stood on both feet. After a short pause he asked her over to the dining area and asked her to put her left foot on a chair and open her legs as far as possible to allow him to massage the whole of the top of her leg and thigh. She looked at me worriedly. And Nigel caught the look.

"There is no other way Sarah, I need to be able to get right into that hip socket. I'm sorry but I am likely to brush against you. Sorry".

She looked at me and I just mouthed "It'll be okay" and she reluctantly walked over to the chairs. I had thoroughly enjoyed the show so far so I wondered what was next as she placed her left foot on the pad of the chair hitching her skirt to above her crotch again and twisted her body round to open her legs.

Nigel moved to a position directly in front of her on the other side of the chair and poured a good load of massage oil into his hand. Quickly and very expertly he soon had the whole of her thigh covered in oil from knee to thong waistband including her arse cheeks. I counted he brushed against her pussy twice in the process and she flinched each time. He asked her to tense her thigh muscle. She couldn't.

"Good" said Nigel. "That means the relaxant is working. Don't fall over" he said. "Hang on to the back of the chair".

He started to rub up and down her thigh quite forcefully, really pushing deep into her soft flesh from knee to crotch and back again. Then, changing to underneath, rubbing from the back of her knee right round her arse cheek to the thong waistband and then dragging back again. He kept fouling her skirt so asked if she could pull it further up or remove it. She pulled it inside out so the bottom hem was basically sat just under her tits, the whole of the thong now completely exposed, the triangle of her remaining mousey pubes readily visible through the lace covered gauze. Nigel now had full view of this but I could not gauge any reaction. He kept rubbing hard up and down her thigh, first along the top until his forefinger rubbed her thong and then underneath, once again right over her arse cheek only stopping when he touched her thong waistband. I began to notice that he really was rubbing the front of her thong. On every back stroke his forefinger would start at the bottom of her crutch and rub up her gusset as he moved back towards her knee, slowly but surely he was pushing her thong deeper into her pussy exposing minutely more of her shaved lips.

Sarah asked me for another drink and as I was getting one I noticed that as he completed the forward stroke underneath he was pushing the waistband of her thong higher and higher thus increasing the wedgie effect. I handed Sarah the wine and she took a very large gulp. I noticed a little pinkness to her cheeks and her nipples were beginning to harden. She seemed completely unaware that the whole of her shaved left labia was now visible as Nigel had worked that side of her thong right into her. As he continued to rub up and down her thigh, he was now rubbing her bare lip and she really didn't seem to notice. After another large gulp, Nigel decided it was time to change tack.

"Right then Sarah. Rest for a minute or two and then I need you to lie on the bed."

"Hmm. What next?" I thought adjusting my bulging trousers. Nigel took a large swig of his wine and asked Sarah how her leg felt.

"Warmly numb." was her reply. She stood to get up and almost fell over. I quickly grabbed her and asked if she was okay. "Fine" she replied with a giggle and walked into the bedroom not bothering to pull her skirt down and swiftly followed by Nigel and myself.

"Right." Nigel said authoritatively. "I need you to lie on the bed on your tummy. I need to work the backs of your legs to balance them both. Legs outstretched, toes pointing in line with your legs and reasonably far apart please and I think we ought to lose that skirt. It will only get in the way and covered in oil otherwise and I need you tuck your top into your bra strap so that doesn't get all oily."

Sarah dutifully dropped the skirt and then laid on the bed. To my surprise rather than tuck the top into her bra strap she just pulled it up leaving it bunched around her shoulders at the back and snagged under her bra cups underneath her at the front and then crossed her arms and rested her head on them with her eyes closed.

Nigel lifted her right foot as far as he could until she yelped. In the process he pulled it as far apart from her left foot as he could. He rested her knee against his groin and picked up the massage oil. He rubbed up and down the back of her thigh from the back of her knee right up to her crotch and bum cheek and back again. As the rubbing continued his left hand stopped at her crotch and his right carried on until it hit the waistband of her thong. Over time this action pulled the thong further up her waist and at the same time pushed it further into her between her now very swollen lips and her bum cheeks. With each stroke of his left hand he also managed to rub from her oily bum to her clit and back. After about three minutes he changed legs, moving onto her left leg which again he pulled as wide and as high as possible. Again he pushed the thong waistband up and its gusset further into her now very moist crevice and again rubbing her slit with each stroke.

By the time this stage ended, a combination of regular rubs of her lips and hoisting of the waistband left her with the thin damp fabric well and truly disappeared between her now swollen red and brown shaved pussy lips as well as her bum. The lump caused by her hard clitoris very evident in the compressed fabric. She seemed completely unaware of this fact and showed no concern whatsoever as Nigel laid her leg flat and continued to rub up and down. She groaned occasionally as he pushed up towards her bum and then pulled her back slightly as he went back to her toe. She seemed totally relaxed and oblivious to her visibility.

Nigel said "Right Sarah, I am ready to do fronts of your legs now and then we should be about done."

"I tell you what Nigel, my legs feel great. While I'm laid on my front will you do my back and shoulders?"

"Well I will if you want me to but you'll have to lose that top and undo your bra." he said and winked at me.

She obliged pulling her top over head half taking her bra cups with it so the bottom of the cups laid just below her nipples. She undid the clasp and laid the straps either side and then settled back down on her arms. Nigel basically now had a whole naked body's back to work on all bar the thong waistband. He made the most of it with loads of oil slurping everywhere. Every opportunity he could he either pushed the waistband further up or slid his hands round to the sides of her tits massaging as far under towards her nipples as he could and pushing her bra further towards her arm pits as he did so. She seemed to be sinking further into a trance like state and certainly was not at all agitated as I would have expected.

She groaned and ooooed and aaaahhhhed in deep appreciation of his efforts and "Oh just there." was becoming rather repetitious. Whether she was unaware of her exposure or just no longer cared I didn't know but I was thoroughly enjoying the show. Nigel was a master at his trade and she was definitely completely under his spell. Judging by the tent in his trousers I think he was thoroughly enjoying it too. I desperately need to relieve myself in more ways than one so I exited just for a toilet break. I knew it would take a while because I would need to calm down a bit before I could wee. I checked with her first and she just replied "Oh I'm fine, believe me."

When I returned, wee completed and bulge lessened for the time being, Sarah was on her back. Her lace bra loosely laid over breasts and her legs spread wide. She looked very flushed and slightly fidgety. I had no idea how the manoeuvre had been achieved and I'm not that sure she had. She appeared more relaxed as Nigel filled his hands with oil and started running up and down the front of her thighs. It was not long before he was pushing the thongs waistband higher and higher and further inside her at the same time again. The brown area of her lips was now very bulbous, the bulge of her clit clearly visible and her triangle of remaining pubes starting to appear from under the fabric. I couldn't tell if she was very wet or the material very oily. It was probably a mixture of both.

Each time he pushed to the top of her thigh his forefingers rubbed the smooth lips either side of her disappeared gusset. As he occasionally trapped her clit between his fingers, she moaned and squirmed but never once asked him to stop which surprised me. I was loving every minute of seeing him feel her up so much more blatantly and spectacularly than before so unless she was unhappy I was certainly not going to intervene.

Nigel had one last trick up his sleeve. He asked her to kneel on the bed with her feet behind her which she did, holding her bra to her chest as she did so. He reached behind her and tucked her feet onto their outsides and placed three pillows on top of them. "I want you to lean back over the pillows." he said "This will really stretch your front thigh muscles and allow me a really deep penetrating massage. Paul, I want you behind her and let her put her head and shoulders on your knees for support."

I knelt on the bed behind her and she arched her back and leant into me, her legs opening wide as she did so, presenting him with her thighs as stretched as possible and, conveniently, her crotch wide open with just a dripping gusset pulled tight into her crevice.

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