tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Innocent Bystanders

No Innocent Bystanders


There were no innocent bystanders. I knew what she was when I pulled the car over. And she was on the street for one purpose.

I was in Denver on business and the weather was unusually hot, even for July. With my morning meetings out of the way, I figured I had about four hours before I had to be back to the hotel for the usual boring cocktail hour, before the mandatory boring group meal. But four hours was okay. This wasn't my first trip to Denver and I knew where to go to get what I wanted. While I am sure there are many places to go in a city like Denver, East Colfax seems to be where the majority of strip clubs and hookers are. In the city the laws are strange.

Strippers can't go totally nude if the establishment serves alcohol. So if you want total nudity, you can't have a beer to go along with it, just an expensive soft drink. But strippers weren't what I was looking for. I had cruised up and down the five or so miles of Colfax that seem to host the ladies for more than an hour, with no success. Oh, there were hookers, but I didn't want just any stinky old pussy. And believe me, there are some women walking Colfax that smell worse than the Denver stockyards. You can almost see the disease ooze from their pores. None of that bad meat for me. Usually if you just have some patience you will happen upon a younger woman, sometimes even teens, who work the streets for drug money. That's the kind of treat I was looking for that hot July afternoon.

It's strange, but of all the whores I have picked up in my life, I have only fucked two of them and they were both black women. The first called herself Eve and frequented a State Street hangout in Salt Lake City. The other was a very young woman who hung around outside the Gold Club in New Orleans. I don't know why I was prompted to fuck just these two. Maybe it was because they were the only sincere ones, I don't know. Nonetheless, I rarely had intercourse with hookers. I would usually make them pose and touch themselves or I would touch them. Usually I ended up jacking off or having them do it for me. And I always wore a rubber in any case. I didn't want my dick in even a second hand contact with those sluts. I was deathly afraid of contracting some weird shit that would make my dick explode or worse. It seemed to me to be easy money for them, but most of them protested and would rather just fuck and get it over with.

My patience was finally rewarded when I saw a cute, although a little pudgy, girl emerge from a car just across the intersection I was stopped at. She was either just finishing with a trick or starting for the day, it didn't matter to me. She wore a mid-thigh skirt that was too tight, and the buttons on sleeveless blouse strained as her youthful flesh pushed from the inside. Like I said, there were no innocents there, but the game still had to be played to protect everyone from the possibility of undercover cops. I pulled to the curb just in front of her and she came to the window.

"Wanna get out of that heat?" She smiled and got in. She really was kind of pretty, but the lifestyle had made her look older than her years. I guessed her at 18, maybe 19 years old. "Hi, where you headed," she asked, sitting very properly, knees forward. "Let's get this over with," I said. "I am not affiliated with any law enforcement agencies and I expect you to show me proof that you are not either." Glancing around like someone might care what she was doing in my car, she reached for my hand, slid toward me and spread her legs all in one fluid motion.

She pushed my hand under her skirt until it bumped against her naked hairy pussy, then, quickly repositioned herself. Even in the brief moment that the back of my hand made contact with her cunt, I felt the wetness and knew I wasn't the first today. Probably the remnants of her last trick's cum. "Okay, here's the plan. I pay you $50 and you get naked for me and get in any position I ask for. If it looks good, I might pay you a bonus to jack us both off. If that's not good enough, get out now, I'm short on time." "How am I going to get naked in the car without someone seeing? Get us a room," she said. "No room. We'll make do in the car," I said as I drove away.

Obviously, working the street was not a spur-of-the-moment decision for me. I had been picking up whores for nearly 20 years and I was always prepared. Aside from the obvious condoms, I kept cheap wine, vodka, Everclear, and my specialty, chocolate covered cherries laced with blue nitro. Sometimes the whores refused the booze, but most succumbed to the chocolates sooner or later, and just one was enough for my purposes. I rented a cheap room in a local flea bag motel, and for two nights payment plus an extra $20, I didn't even have to register, no questions asked.

From the way she fidgeted in the seat, I figured she must be in need of a fix, and I had caught her too soon after her last trick. She was quick to take a long hit off the vodka when I offered. But I didn't offer the chocolates right away. Instead I took one out of the box and popped it in my mouth, the only one on the top layer that wasn't laced with the date-rape drug. "Sorry, I have a passion for these things. Help yourself, if you want, but don't eat all of them." This pudgy little girl didn't need a second invitation. She popped the first one in her mouth and slobbered a little of the rich liquid from the candy. She wiped her mouth and grabbed for another, which she washed down with another healthy gulp of vodka.

I turned off of Colfax and headed in the direction of the nearby park, a recognized hangout for pushers and whores. I took my time and feigned being lost, as time was what I needed to waste right now. Two gulps of vodka and three chocolates later, my "date" was numb. I headed back to the Motor Lodge. The room was filthy and small but afforded easy access from the curbside parking. Leaving my lovely in the car, I opened the door and flicked on the window air conditioner.

Ironically, a worn out broom was propped in the corner behind the door and stained, yellowish towels hung in the bathroom. I half walked, half carried her into the room. Sometimes this was the best part, trying to figure out what to do with them. I laid her on the bed, feet together and arms to her sides. She just seemed to watch, expressionless. I unbuttoned her blouse and lay it open to reveal a dingy white bra. Unsnapping that in the front, her large boobs drooped to her sides. While she was not what I would call obese, there were the beginnings of what would eventually become rolls of flab on her sides. I pulled the tight skirt up and bunched it at her waste. The tender parts of her pussy were obliterated by the massive amounts of black hair. It rose up beneath the waste band of her skirt and spread like bindweed from her crotch to her upper thighs. Spreading her legs, I could see the matt extending deep into her ass crack. I am not a hair aficionado and I got an idea. It may take a Weed Whacker, but I was going to clean this pussy up!

There was a small grocery/convenience store down the street and I didn't think twice about leaving her alone in the room. She wouldn't be going anywhere on her own for several hours. Once at the store I was uncertain what to buy. I picked up a cheap comb and a pair of scissors, a three-pack of disposable razors, a small aerosol can of shaving gel, three bottles of Nair, and a small bottle of aloe lotion. At the counter I ignored the Iranian cashier when he asked if I was remodeling a bear. On the way back to the palace, I stopped at a vegetable/fruit stand and bought a small variety of goodies.

From the time I started shopping, my mind whirled as to how to proceed, and by the time I got back to the room I had a plan. With some pushing and tugging, I managed to get her completely naked, her clothes thrown in a heap in the corner. I went to the bathroom and used a worn wash cloth in lieu of the missing bathtub drain stopper and ran a tub of hot water. I should have bought some bubble bath. It was not easy lugging her into the bathroom and putting her in the tub, but I managed. I enjoyed washing her, covering her whole body with deep lather, rolling and kneading her tits, and jamming my soapy hands into her crotch and ass until not a germ dare show its face. Several times while I vigorously scrubbed her pussy and clit, using the thick hair to pull her pussy apart, she responded. Maybe just a grunt or moan, but still a response.

The Blue Nitro was obviously doing the job, making her mind unresponsive but her body aware. Getting her back to the bed was more of a chore than getting her into the tub, but once again I managed. Her whole body was pink from the hard scrubbing and her nipples were erect. When I forced my finger thru the hair to her pussy, I detected moisture from within, warm and slick, not like the tub water. I started with the scissors at her belly button and systematically cropped the hair on the horizontal surfaces, stopping where her bulging mound dropped off toward her clit. Then one at a time I put her feet up to her ass and pushed the knee aside. From that position I could take care of the hair from her thigh to the edge of her crotch and down toward her ass.

The whole process was hypnotizing. I loved the sight of her pussy slowly coming into view as I removed layers of her thick fur. Carefully I would align the scissors parallel to her slit and snip the hair away, working from the inner labia outward. It didn't take long before I was able to see her whole, bare and stubbled pussy. It was glorious and very much worth the efforts. I opened a bottle of the Nair and poured it directly on her pussy, letting run down her slit and into her ass crack. With the same washcloth I used in the bathroom, I smeared the pink fluid up over her belly and onto her thighs. Then a second bottle until she almost looked to be in some sort of pink lower body cast. I waited a few minutes, then, started wiping the chemical off with a bath towel. It was messy but after some effort her front was pale and totally hairless. I didn't even have to use the razors.

I rolled her over and put a pillow under her pussy to raise her hips off the bed. I repeated the whole process on her ample ass, until her tiny butt hole lay puckered and exposed. The bed was a terrible mess and I managed to get the top cover from under her and throw it to the side. There were still wet spots but the mess and gluey remnants of hair were gone. Before I rolled her back over, I applied a generous portion of lotion to her ass, massaging her cheeks and reaching between her legs to soothe her pussy. I put my finger to her little ass hole and pushed. With the lotion as lubrication, my finger easily penetrated her anus. With a single slow push I embedded my finger as far as it would go up her ass, then pressed my thumb to her pussy hole. The lotion helped with the initial penetration but then her pussy juices took over. She was wet beyond my hopes and I knew that as soon as I turned her over and changed the angle of her vagina, the juices had to run out of her cunt in ripples.

I continued probing her ass and pussy at the same time, enjoying the sloshing sounds and the increasing contractions from her body. Two fingers replaced the first in her ass, then a third. Occasionally I would switch and ram two fingers into her cunt while my thumb ground inside her ass. I rolled her over to once again view my work on her front. Her clit, which may have been seeing light for the first time in years, had grown and was pushing from its loose hood. Her pussy was "full bodied" and suffered none of the sag that it would eventually happen with age. Her plump outer labia pushed snugly against her inner lips. When I parted those swollen lips, her juices flooded out just like predicted. It was almost as if I had injected the fluid in, then allowed in to escape. Looking back I like to think of it as a "self douche". Whatever, it was immensely stimulating. It was time for me to have some relief, so I pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her feet were on the floor and knees widely spread.

Then I stood over her with my dick above her sloppy cunt and began jacking off. In a matter of seconds I was shooting my load up on her freshly shaven belly and pussy mound, aiming the last shot directly at her spread cunt. With my hand cupped, I scraped my cum from her belly and mons and let it slide down the slit of her spread cunt. Resting a moment, I contemplated my next move, all the while thinking that she would probably still be under the influence when I got away from the festivities tonight and I could have some more fun. I retrieved the bag I purchased at the fruit stand, and dumped it out on the bed next to her. That's when I noticed that her hips were moving ever so slightly, up and down like super slow motion fucking. Her body wanted more than her mind would allow. Among the produce items were two hard green bananas, a large green chili pepper, three cucumbers ranging from 6 to 10 inches long and from 1.5 to 3 inches in diameter, and a purple eggplant. I pushed her legs high in the air, exposing her already reamed ass hole.

With a quick, stabbing motion, I plunged one of the hard bananas into her cunt to lubricate it, then rammed it hard into her waiting ass. Her legs stiffened and pushed toward me, but relaxed again as I slowly pumped the banana in and out of her ass. Tiring of holding her legs and fucking her ass, I pushed the banana in hard until her anus closed around the green stem, then lowered her legs, leaving the banana in place. Taking the smallest of cucumbers, I rubbed up and down her slit, double stoking the tip of her clit each time. Her hip motions became more prevalent and I eased the vegetable into her wet twat. Sliding easily, I almost lost my grip and had to dig my fingernails in to pull it back out. I immediately switched to the next largest cuke. At about two inches across and 8 inches long, this one was easier to handle, but required more pressure to push in. After 9 or 10 strokes, I pulled the cucumber from her pussy with a wet pop. Her hips lunged forward in its absence, wanting to be fucked some more, and not to be disappointed.

The final cuke was a full 10 inches long and was bigger around than a beer bottle. As I eased the blunt head in, her body started a slight quiver. When I stopped, the quiver subsided. When I started again the tremors were renewed. With each stroke I pushed the green dick farther into her bald pussy and the deeper I got the more her body gyrated. When I reached the point that I couldn't hold on to the end, I stopped, leaving only a crown of green exposed from her dancing cunt. With my thumb I abused her clit, pinching and rubbing until her body went into a full spasm as the orgasm hit. It was nearly on the level of a seizure and I watched in awe as she slowly came down from the sexual high. Her legs fell limp and the huge cucumber slowly slid on its own from her pussy to the floor, brushing the stem of the banana still lodged in her ass.

It was getting late and I needed one more release before I had to go. I pulled her across to the opposite side of the bed until her head hung over the edge instead of her pussy. Her mouth hung open and her breathing was deep, following her hard cum. Within a few strokes I was ready to blow my wad again. I pointed my cock at her mouth and shot hard against the back of her throat, being careful not to touch her mouth. Involuntarily, she swallowed several times, leaving no sign of my come. I honestly didn't expect her to be there when I returned, but I put a $100 bill on the night stand, writing across it in heavy black ink, "LATER?" The rest of the evening was unbearable, as all I could think of was the sight of the banana stem peeking from her ass, as though watching the huge cucumber fuck her freshly shaven pussy.

To be continued?

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