tagGroup SexNo Kissing

No Kissing


It doesn't matter how we got here. He is nameless; faceless. All that mattered is he is here, and you are readying yourself to suck his cock.

No introductions; no kissing; no formalities. As soon as he walks into our bedroom, you approach him, drop to your knees, and run your hand over the bulge in his well-worn jeans. Without a word and with an urgency that betrays a mixture of anxiety and lust, and slightly shaky hands, you unbutton and unzip his jeans and reach into his shorts, pulling his cock out in front of you.

For a moment, you stare, about to suck another man's cock for the first time. As you eye the skin, the veins, the tip of the shaft already glistening with precum as you lightly squeeze it in your hand, you remind yourself that you want this. And I want this. And you're damned sure he wants this too.

His cock feels foreign in your hand—a little longer and thicker than mine, just different enough to notice. You take a deep breath, swallow your remaining fear and doubt, and plunge your lips right onto his cock. With the same zeal that you've sucked my cock a thousand times, you work up and down his length, sucking his balls, and grasping the base with your left hand, working it up and down as your head bobs on his cock. His moans tell you that you're doing a good job.

While you work him, you reach up and grab the top of his jeans and shorts, pulling them down to his ankles. He steps over them and kicks them to the side, while pulling his shirt over his head. He is around 6 feet—a few inches shorter than me—and his body is fit and muscular but not overdone. His is the body of someone who keeps himself in good shape but isn't a narcissistic gym rat. As you keep working on him, his cock starts glistening from the mix of your saliva and his precum. The longer you suck him off, the more the doubts melt away and the lust takes over—the excitement of giving head to another guy. You move your right hand below your waist and up your simple little summer skirt, as you slide your finger under your tanga panties and start rubbing your now very wet clit. It almost embarrasses you how wet you are—after all, you're not supposed to like it this much, are you? You give a low groan through your otherwise occupied mouth as your finger touches your clit and you feel the sensation, causing you to close your eyes and shutter ever so slightly. Then you look back over your shoulder at me, sitting on the chair, watching you work him.

I, too, feel conflicted. Of course I don't want you giving head to some other guy. But I do. In my fantasy I do. And I know you do to. And that is why we're where we are, with you deep throating this guy while I sit on the chair naked and slowly stroke my own cock and watch you work. Once my lust kicks in, I, too, forget the doubts and instead get wrapped up in the moment of the threesome, and the thought of a whole lot of sucking and fucking. I can't wait to join in, but for now I just enjoy the sight.

You can tell you've got him turned on, as he grabs your long, straight, dark brown hair and moves your head to fuck your mouth. But you have other plans. You pull off of him, stand up, and strip. In an instant, your skirt, panties, tank top, and bra are on a pile on the floor beside you. You stand there briefly, your petite naked body and C-cup breasts glistening ever so slightly from the light sweat that comes from your excitement and anticipation. You climb on the bed on all fours, lifting your ass high in the air and inviting him to fuck your pussy, slick from your hand working ever more urgently on your clit. He takes his place behind you and slowly slides his cock into your pussy.

Sucking another guy's cock? How about another guy's cock in your pussy? Sometimes when we play and I fuck you with the dildo, you imagine this—how another cock would feel. Now you are feeling it, not imagining it, and it feels fucking good. He starts pumping his cock in and out while he grabs your ass.

But something is missing. You want something that you can have now that there are two men here to please you instead of just one.

I'm still on the chair, still watching, still stroking, with a front row seat for a great show. But I'm about to become part of the action.

"Lick me," you say, with your dark brown eyes cast my way. You don't have to tell me twice. He pulls out for a moment, his dick wet from your pussy. I climb onto the bed on my back and slide underneath your stomach, pulling my head up between your legs as you drop your hips, pressing your wet lips onto my face. I've never tasted you so wet; it intoxicates me, ever the more because I know you're so wet from taking another guy's cock.

I close my eyes as I begin to lick, alternately circling your clit and flicking it with my tongue and pressing it firmly. And then, from the movement of your hips on my face and the new musky scent, I know that he has slid his cock into you again. Slowly at first, he thrusts into you. My eyes still closed, I can feel you move in rhythm with him, and I can hear his cock sliding in and out of your wetness. And over that sound, I can hear your moans, becoming increasingly urgent, as you get licked and fucked at the same time.

I open my eyes to see something I never thought I'd see before: an up-close and personal view of another man's cock fucking my wife's pussy. Another time, or another day, no way. But right here, right now, it turns me on. I reach down to grab my balls with my left hand and squeeze my throbbing dick with my right. Seeing me so turned on drives you crazy, and you can feel your body getting closer to orgasm. He starts pumping faster, harder. He reaches out and grabs your hair, slamming his cock in and out of you. And as he fucks you, and my tongue works your clit and your lips, every so often my tongue hits his soaked cock. It doesn't feel taboo. It just feels like three horny people fucking. As he slides in and out, I can feel him maneuvering his cock to hit my tongue with every entry and exit. This is probably the first time he's ever had his cock licked by another guy, and I can sense it turning him on.

And you too—you know what's going on underneath you, and the thought drives you wild. You can feel your orgasm welling up within you. You start almost screaming in pleasure as you push your pussy back against him in time. In a mass of release, you cum hard, jamming your rear against his crotch and your hips against my face as your body spasms from pleasure. Spent, you fall off of us and roll onto your back, panting and sweating and just catching up, letting the afterglow of your orgasm sweep over your body.

After taking a moment to collect yourself, you rise from the bed. "Don't move," you tell us, as you go to the dresser and pull out the bullet vibe. You're not done, and you're not done with us. You climb back on the bed, sitting against the headboard, and you spread your legs, turn the vibrator on high, and press the bullet against your clit. You look at me with a mixture of lust and pleading, and say, "I want to see you suck his cock like I suck you."

For a moment, I hesitate. I've never sucked off another guy before. But I have to admit I'm curious. What does it feel like—what does it taste like?—to give a blowjob to a guy? And more than that, I want to turn you on. You want it, and I want it. Again, right here and right now, I want to suck his cock. For you. For me.

He lies on the bed on his back. Like you have done to me so many times, I climb between his spread legs, grab his cock in my hand, and begin to lick. Unsure at first, I gingerly press my tongue on his tip, tasting your pussy on him and probing his head. I never thought I'd do this—never even thought I'd want to do this—but here I am. However unsure I might be, that uncertainty vanishes as soon as you see my tongue touch his cock. You let out a barely audible "Oh yeah..." That I know this gets you hot provides all the motivation I need. With one sure motion I open my mouth and take his cock deep into my throat, locking my lips on the shaft in a slippery embrace as I slide them all the way to the base. No turning back now—I will eagerly suck him like you suck me.

I know how good it feels when you give me head, so I know just how to work him. I run my tongue up and down his shaft. I lock my lips around his head, grasp my hand on his shaft, and bob my head up and down, wrapping my tongue on every surface as I go. I pull off and lightly stroke him while tonguing his balls. I move back onto him, suppressing a gag as I deep throat him. His "oh, fuck yeah" tells me that I am doing a good job.

And so do yours. From your heavy breathing, I can tell you are about to cum again. I don't know who is going to cum first—you or him. So I pick up the pace, feeling him begin to thrust into my mouth as he reaches down and grabs my head. I know I've got him close when I look out of the corner of my eye and see your legs clenched against the vibe, your head thrown back, and your eyes closed in your second orgasm. But before I have time to react, he joins you in orgasm. I can feel his cock pulse in my mouth, and all of a sudden my mouth is full of his warm salty sticky cum. It seems his load is huge, and I'm unprepared for it. I try to take it all, but some dribbles out of my mouth and down my chin. Spurt after spurt shoots out of his cock, either into my throat or out my mouth. I swallow everything I can, letting the rest drip off my chin. At last, he collapses, pulling his cock, still dripping in cum, out of my mouth. I don't feel ashamed, I don't feel guilty. I just feel good.

"That was so fucking hot," you whisper in my ear as you move toward us. You grab me by the shoulders and guide me down onto my back on the bed. You move your head toward his cock, and gingerly lick it, sucking up the cum that is running down its length. You swallow it, and then you move over toward my face, cleaning my chin with your tongue. Then, at last, you sink into me with a deep kiss, your tongue melting with mine. Our tongues have both sucked his cock, and now they dance with each other, our saliva and his cum mingling. You straddle me and glide your pussy down onto my cock—your second cock of the evening. As your mouth remains locked on mine, you start riding me hard.

I'm so fucking turned on that I feel ready to explode. My cock slides smoothly in and out of your wet pussy as you bounce up and down on my shaft. I can hardly even get out a moan as your lips are pressed so firmly on mine. You feel me thrust with urgency, as our bodies slap against each other. At last, I push up hard into you and release, half moaning and half whimpering as I shoot my cum deep into your pussy. It's the best fucking orgasm I've ever had: wave after wave as the orgasm envelops my whole body.

Satisfied, you climb off me as I lie there completely spent. I can see my cum dripping from your pussy as you move to lie down between him and me. You turn onto your side, face me, and rest your head on my shoulder and hand on my chest. He gets up, and in a flash is dressed and gone with no good-byes, no kissing, no formalities—out of our lives in all but memory. Together, we drift off to sleep.

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