tagSci-Fi & FantasyNo More Fairy-Tales!

No More Fairy-Tales!


Val watched the fog drift outside her window. It made her rotten day seem even worse, and it had been pretty damned rotten. First, there had been the incident with Belle. Goodness knows, it's entirely too much to ask that a day start with a nice cup of coffee and no bad news. But that's what you get in this line of work. You start with the best intentions, to intervene and give someone a better life. And a few years down the road you spend your every waking moment solving their problems.

Fairy god-mothers never get any rest. So her whole morning had been shot listening to Belle's headaches with her new in-laws. And Val had managed to hold her tongue in check; but she'd really wanted to shout, Well, when you marry a beast, you should be prepared for family issues. Hell, the girl broke the curse, no sweat, but give her a mewling mother-in-law and she crumbles under the pressure. And the fairy god-mother is supposed to wave her wand and make it all better. Well, that was pretty easy. A little "magic dust" to put in her mother-in-law's dinner would solve all her problems. And valium comes to the rescue once again.

So breakfast was ruined, but no, that wasn't enough. By noon Rapunzel starts shrieking about a runaway child and why didn't you get here sooner and what should I do..? Talk about psychological issues after being locked in a tower for a few years. After searching for the stupid kid all afternoon, he shows up for dinner. A friend had invited him out for a friendly game of baseball. He'd left a note, which apparently had gotten put in with the outgoing mail. Grrrr... If it wouldn't have ruined her image, she'd have probably have smacked Rapunzel for not checking with his friends before freaking out.

And not three hours ago she'd had to go and threaten Little Bunny Foo Foo for going out and chasing her field mice. Damn it, those field mice were imported from Transylvania, and too bloody expensive to have that stupid rabbit poaching them.

So now she stood by the window and brooded. If ever a person could brood, Val did it best. Her reflection in the window glass showed a beautiful woman, surely not older than thirty, with dark hair fluttering around her waist and large hazel eyes framed by sooty lashes. Honey toned skin and a scattering of freckles made her seem almost human. Her soft, ruddy mouth was set in a sneer as she gazed out into the night.

And suddenly her evening improved. Along the road to her cottage she could see a torch slowly edging closer. Val spun away from the window and doused the lantern in her room. Near blind in the darkness, she quickly moved to her dresser and searched by feel for her nicest nightgown. It was soft velvet with two slits up the front to showcase her legs as she walked. The spaghetti straps would be a little chilly, but that was the least of her concerns. She pulled it on and was about to close the drawer when she paused. Another quick search turned up silk panties, which she hurried to put on. At the night table her fingers found her brush and she spent a little time making sure her hair was soft and untangled.

Since she could use all the height she could get with him, she pulled on sandals that had a slight heel. Just thinking about him made her panties get a little wet. She was just telling herself to calm down, because she hated getting her hopes up when he never seemed to notice anything she did, when there was a knock at her door. It wasn't loud, but it was matter of fact, and just hearing it made her take a deep breath so she wouldn't be too flushed when she saw him.

A lighted candle in hand, she went to the door as calmly as possible and slowly opened it. She wasn't sure if it was the slightly chilled air or seeing him standing there that caused her nipples to pucker faintly. As their eyes met he slowly doused his torch in the bucket beside her door.

"Huntsman." She was proud that her voice was almost calm.

"Lady." A shiver made it's way down her spine. That answers that question, how could she doubt that her body responded to him rather than the cold?

"Please, would you like to come in?"

Rather than answer, he moved towards her until her nerve very nearly broke. But rather than throw herself at him as she wanted to, she allowed pride to rule her and she backed out of the doorway, drawing the door with her. The huntsman passed so near her that she caught the sent of him. A bit of smoke and pine. Damn, her panties were getting soaked already.

"Did I wake you?"

"Not really, no. I had yet to fall asleep. But what brings you to my door at this late hour, huntsman?" She leaned against the fireplace mantle and gestured for him to pick a seat. The remaining embers from that day's fire warmed her back. "Surely you've been awake since dawn, this is a late call..."

"And unfortunately not a pleasure call. You have mice ruining your southern fields." He sat in an overstuffed arm chair, his body dwarfing her petite furniture. He dwarfed everything in her cottage, since he hovered at nearly 6' 7". Which put him over a foot taller than Val. He relaxed into the chair with a soft sigh. His eyes closed, and Val could see how tired he looked. A tremor of guilt moved her.

Moving quietly she slipped into the kitchen area, and opened the cold storage. "Mice? Again? I'm sure you're right, but..."

"But?" He sounded drowsy.

"Not again, was what I was going to say." She piled a plate with slices of turkey and nudged the stove a little sharply until it woke up and started to heat the kettle of water she'd placed on it. A swift search of the pantry yielded a wedge of pineapple and a chocolate muffin. OK, so maybe it wasn't a gourmet selection, but at least she had something to feed him. "It's only been three or four weeks since the last time you trapped my fields."

"Apparently it's been enough time for them to regroup..." His eyes opened as she leaned over him to place the plate on the table beside him. Her breasts were showcased nicely in front of his eyes, and he felt himself stir, as he always did around Val. Unfortunately today had been a hell of a day, and he doubted he'd be able to keep up with her even if he did manage to get her into bed. Damn, but he loved theses night visits. And in the past six months he'd managed to make several night visits, mostly because he loved the way she filled out her nighties. Wasn't he too old for this, he asked his libido? The answer was a resounding 'no.'

"I thank you, lady. Today has been too long, and my last meal was many hours ago."

Val smiled sympathetically at him. And almost felt guilty about the mice. Almost. Today had sucked for her too. A gentle chirp from the tea kettle had her returning to the kitchen and pouring the boiling water over tea. She returned to his side and sat on the floor by his feet, her back against the sofa.

Hunter ate the cold repast with pleasure. It was probably the best thing he'd ever eaten. Which was partially because he was starving after spending all afternoon returning sheep that had wandered from Mary's flock and putting out snares for a rabid boar in the Enchanted Forest. The only highlight was sitting here watching Val as she relaxed, staring into the flames in the hearth. And trying to keep from staring at the edge of her nighty as it slid high on her thigh, revealing more of her shapely legs than he could comfortably deal with. Having downed all he could eat, he leaned back in his chair. Almost as if that was a signal, she turned to face him and smiled at him from her perch on the floor. "Finished?" She rose, and stretched, making his eyes widen and trace the curve of her breasts appreciatively. Hunter also rose and took the plate and cup, before she could reach them. Paralyzed, all she could do was look up at him, her body inches from touching his, her lips parted on a small exclamation.

Annoyed with herself and wondering for how long she had been frozen, she wrenched her gaze from his. And for good measure she also grabbed the dishes from his grasp. "I'll take these. You've had a long day, and need to relax." She pushed him lightly back into the chair.

"I should argue with you, since I've already inconvenienced you enough... But I am tired. I can only thank you again."

"Nonsense, it is always a pleasure to have your company." And with a quick turn she moved away from him towards the kitchen. Hunter could only sit back and admire her swaying backside.

When Val returned moments later, she found Hunter with his eyes closed and a slight snore on his lips. A smile turned the corner of her mouth up. "Well, I always knew I wanted a good reason to have him in my bed. I just never saw him asleep for the trip." She bent over him and started to pull him to his feet. Hunter started to come awake as she shouldered some of his weight with a grunt. "Come on Huntsman. You'll kill your back if you sleep the night in that chair."

Not entirely awake and aware, despite the shortness of his time in slumber, Hunter only had a vague notion to let her lead him up the narrow stairs to her bedroom. The short trip over, she let him fall unconscious onto the center of her bed. Val eyed him consideringly. The idea of undressing him had great merit, but she knew that that would be hard to explain in the morning, so she settled for pulling off his boots, socks, vest and belt. She pulled the covers over him and went to extinguish the fire downstairs.


Hunter woke quickly early the next morning, all his senses screaming at him. He was not in his bed and he had no idea where he was. And there was a warm, soft and very female body half draped over him. This wasn't so bad he decided. And when Val murmured in her sleep and shifted more completely he sucked in his breath.

A definite improvement over yesterday. And the fit of his pants was a testament to it. They were uncomfortably tight around his cock, which was straining to rub against her thigh through the rough material of his pants. "Easy boy. I'm sure she's just being neighborly, letting me share her bed after I passed out cold in her living room. Can't take advantage of her trust..." Boy was not interested in higher morals. Boy was aware that after eight months of celibacy there was a warm female stretched over him.

"Shit." Hunter tried to carefully nudge Val over, so he could leave quietly. She simply muttered again and rubbed herself against him. Her head was in the crook of his shoulder and she nuzzled him gently. Her thigh shifted and Hunter groaned.

But honor's a bitch, he told himself. No way was he going to do anything as primal as flipping her under him and thrusting himself so deep into her slit that neither of them would be able to think straight for a week. He wasn't going to pound her till she screamed and came. And he really wasn't going to rip her nighty off and touch all of the treasures he had been lusting after for weeks. Months. Years. "Sonovabitch."

Val was still drifting in sleep, but she was aware of a peculiar sensation. Someone was lying under her. Someone wonderfully big and hard and warm. She'd been plagued by vivid dreams of steamy sex all night, and she was aroused and sleepy and had a warm body under her. But there seemed to be clothing in the way. Annoyed, she shifted so her cunt was resting over Hunter's cock and wiggled, trying to will the clothing away.

Hunter was unaware that Val was starting to wake up, and simply swore viciously at her movements, since his arousal was already damned painfully uncomfortable. Her hardened nipples were a revelation, as they brushed against his chest.

In a weird twist of fate, it also turned out that while Val was not awake, and she was not entirely asleep, she could still command the powers that are innate to every fairy god-mother. Her annoyance at the clothing that were separating her from him got solved very quickly. They tore themselves free of the couple in the bed and rested in a slightly embarrassed heap on the floor beside the bed. After all, there was nothing dignified about the grinding and moaning occurring above them.

All Hunter knew was that one moment he was clothed, trying to get out from under a sleepy woman, the next he was naked with warm, aroused female flesh pressing against him. And now Boy refused to be ignored. Hunter moved swiftly, turning over and pushing Val into the bedding on her back. Still trying to keep his honor intact he kissed her hard, his hand fisted in her hair, pulling her head back. His tongue thrust hard between her lips, and he pressed his erection against her cunt lips.

Val was very awake now. Her heart was pounding, her breath was ragged as Hunter raised his head and propped himself up on his arms above her. "Tell me to leave." His eyes dared her to say any such thing. "Tell me you don't want me to fuck you blind." The pressure of his cock against her opening was irresistible, not that Val had ever planned on resisting him.

"If you're going to tell me to stop, you have to do it now." He almost seemed reluctant, with all the opportunity he was giving her to escape, she thought peevishly. To answer him, she reached up and pulled his mouth down to hers so she could ravage him with her tongue. He groaned at her nonverbal acceptance and settled himself back down over her body, which was becoming damp with sweat.

His hands moved over her shape swiftly, but thoroughly. And his tongue was wont to follow. Val though she would die when he closed his mouth over one of her nipples and sucked. Hard. Her hips gyrated in response, rubbing her cunt against his hip. Her nails dug into his back.

They both moaned. "God, Hunter, are you trying to drive me nuts?" He smiled at the husky way she gasped out his name. Glad to oblige, now that he was close to getting laid, he let his hand slip lower. And found her incredibly damp and eager pussy. He rubbed against her clit and muffled a laugh when she jerked as if hit by lightening. A few more strokes and he had the pleasure of seeing her eyes go wide.

"Oh, lord. Hunter! Ohhh..." She shudder and gasped as honey flooded her cunt. Hunter gently suckled on her breast as she came down from her first orgasm, and stroked her thighs enticingly.

Still drunk with pleasure Val dragged his mouth up to hers and gave him a sloppy kiss. But he was far from done. His cock rubbed up against her still tender clit and she moaned as she began to feel arousal growing again. The first orgasm had been a dozy, but that was nothing compared to the next one.

Finally, Hunter thought, as he began to sink his cock into her depths. As he began to slide home, Val tensed up again. The heat was incredible, but the wetness, and the strength with which she gripped him... She was headlong into her second orgasm. "Ohhh... Hunter, Hunter. Fuck! Ohhhhhhh..." It was only with by amazing feat of will power that he managed not to cum right then and there. She was quivering around him with an intensity that made the Richter scale blush.

But he still had a toe-hold on his self-control. After all, he'd promised he'd fuck her blind and he wanted to be sure she'd be welcoming him back tonight. So he held himself in her and above her, watching as her mouth went slightly slack and all the tension drained from her body. Her eyes were unseeing, but as he moved fractionally inside her they jerked to his face. She was so wet, absolutely slick, that he had no difficulty pulling out slightly before thrusting back into her heat, despite how tight her box was. He knew she would be feeling very sensitive for a while, so his movements were designed to be smooth and slow enough for her to enjoy them.

Val wasn't real thrilled with that idea. She wanted fucked, she wanted it now, and she'd gone through too much trouble to get it to worry overly about his sensibilities. Self-control's a great thing, but damned if she'd let it get in her way. She leaned up and bit Hunter. Hard enough for him to jerk harshly and growl. She glared at him, "Now. Faster. Damn you, faster." He tormented her a moment more by withdrawing almost entirely. And slammed back into her tight cunt, making her screech a little in obvious pleasure. Her hands gripped his arms, and her nails marked his skin. His pounding made her body jerk slightly with every thrust making her breasts jiggle. She arched up to meet his thrusts. Nothing had ever felt this good. He was so hard, so deep.

Both of them were breathing hard. He was thrusting more erratically now, she could tell he was close. One of her hands left his upper arm to reach down to her clit. So close... Deeper and harder and oh, there! Her cunt tightened fractionally around him, and the increase in sensation threw Val into her third orgasm. "Oh, FUCK!" More heat, more wetness, more tension. Hunter was slick with sweat and at the edge himself. He could barely concentrate enough to see, but he shifted his weight to one hand and used the other to pull her hips tight against his as he thrust one final time, deep and hard. He was pretty sure he blacked out. There was no way he had enough blood left in his head to be conscious when every bit of his being was struggling to get inside of her as he exploded.


Val was feeling smug. Three orgasms and a heavy Hunter squishing her into the mattress were enough to make any woman feel smug and wonderful. And slightly flattened, but somewhere inside there was a Halleluja chorus at the top of its lungs. She thought about moving him so she could breathe normally, but she didn't want to wake him up, because that would make it morning and he'd have to leave and she'd have to get to work. And he smelled good. Well, not GOOD, more like musky and male and exhausted. Which was her doing, and thus she was smug.

He groaned and stirred. She tightened her arms around him and buried her face more firmly against his chest. He chuckled huskily. And rolled off of her. Val pouted. Full lower lip and all. Until he dragged her on top of him. "Now be nice, you know we can't skip work. Heck, if you aren't up in about an hour, all of the royals will be banging on your door," he rubbed his hands up and down her back, making her purr slightly. "If you'd like, I can come back tonight," his fingers dipped extra low on her backside and he squeezed fondly, "And we can continue where we left off."

"I'd like to chain you to my bed and lock all the doors and never let either of us escape... But you grossly overestimated. In less than half an hour, the entire world will be barging into this room. Off with you, you're late for work." And she felt smug and happy all over again. He'd never been late for work before. Until her. She was a bad influence on him, and it was wonderful. Of course, she'd never been this late before either, and she knew her mirror was never going to let her forget it.

By the time she'd left that reverie, he was dressed and at the door. "Tonight." And he was gone.

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