tagNonHumanVelvet's Little Red Riding Hood

Velvet's Little Red Riding Hood


A twist on one of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Little Red Riding Hood checked her reflection in the mirror and smiled. I sure am one hot mama! Her full breasts were nearly spilling out of her dress but the soft red cape with the hood covered her nicely. That way, she could still be sexy without being perceived as a loose girl. She skipped down the stairs and was greeted with a smile from her mother.

"Wow! Don't you look cute!" Red twirled for her mother who gave her a hug. "You look great!"

"Thanks for the cape, Mom. It's nice and warm."

"You're welcome, honey." Her mother moved back into the kitchen. "I have an errand for you to run. Think you could do it?"

"Of course, Mom."

"Great." She lifted a basket from the side table. "I have some cakes and wine for you to take to your grandmother. You know she hasn't been feeling all that well."

"Okay. Anything else?"

"No. Just be careful."

"I will, Mom."

And so, Little Red Riding Hood set out on her trip to her Grandmother's House, leaving her tiny village and entering the woods. Most girls would have been afraid to undertake such a journey but not Red. She had grown up in these woods and she was comfortable with the strange noises that one sometimes heard. She knew that they were just created by animals. Squirrels chirping from trees, birds fluttering in the leaves, acorns that dropped onto her head, these were all familiar to her.

So when she saw the Wolf leaning against a tree, she didn't feel fear. But then, she didn't know what kind of person he was. He was much taller than she and his black fur glistened in the afternoon sunlight. His dark, hungry eyes devoured her and his long tongue licked his black lips and large white teeth.

"Hello, child."

Red stopped and glared at the wolf. "Are you speaking to me?"


"Then do you not see that I am not a child? I am nearly nineteen!"

"Yes, I do see that you are not a child. My sincerest apologies."

Red sniffed and turned her back on him, continuing her journey. The Wolf left his perch and caught up with her, his eyes drawn to the creamy tops of her breasts, bobbing just under the ties of the cape. He licked his lips again.

"Have I insulted you, my dear?"


"As I said before, you have my sincerest apologies. I should have known that you could not be a child with a magnificent body like that."

Red stopped and smiled at him. "You think it's that good?"

"Oh, yes." The Wolf licked his lips again, catching saliva. "It's fantastic."

"Would you like to see more of it?"

"Oh, yes!"

Red set the basket down on the path, not worried that anyone would see her. She tugged on the cape's ties, just under her throat and pulled it off her shoulders. The Wolf's gaze rested on the rubenesque curves of her body, from the luscious, heavy breasts to the well-rounded hips. "Well?"

"More." He rasped, his breathing heavy. She hadn't noticed that he was becoming aroused. His hidden phallus had awakened at the sight of her beauty and was thickening and lengthening the more he saw. He wanted to fuck her.

Red smiled at his complimentary leer and reached for the shoulder ties of her dress. The puffy gypsy top folded down and her pale breasts were exposed to the warm air, their huge nipples pink and swollen. "Do you like my breasts?"

"They are wonderful." He reached out to touch one and she danced out of range. Ah, she likes to play a bit!

She pushed the dress down until it dropped to the ground and watched as he surveyed her slight stomach and the blonde patch of hair that covered her cunt. She was surprised to find that she was getting wet just from his stare. Feeling a little bold, she stood with her legs a little apart and ran a finger down her slit, hissing as she grazed her clit. "You like?"

"Oh, yes." This time, a growl. He reached between his legs and brought his penis into view. Her eyes widened. "Do you like mine?"

"It's ... it's so big!"

The Wolf chuckled, stroking it gently. A large pearl of pre-cum squeezed out of his piss hole and Red licked her lips, wondering what it would taste like. "It's this way because of you, Little Red Riding Hood."

"Because of me?"

"Because of your beauty. I have never seen one as beautiful as you in my woods." He moved closer, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the rich scent of her weeping sex. His lupine cock hardened in his hand. "I would love to fuck you."

"You can't, dear wolf. I don't have the time now because I have to get to my Grandmother's because she is not well." She walked over to a huge granite boulder on the side of the path. "But I can give you a taste of what you would have gotten."

Red sat down on the boulder and spread her legs wide, giving the Wolf an unobstructed view of her wet, pink pussy. A shiver went through her body, her eyes dropping to the thick tube of flesh that he was stroking ardently. She held one of her fat pussy lips aside and ran a finger down the juicy crease and back up to her hidden nub. A hum of delight rumbled through him and she repeated the action, this time slowly pushing a finger into her grasping hole.

"Oh, yes!" The Wolf panted as he watched her finger sink into her moist depths. He wished that finger could be his aching cock and he bent to spit on his own, distributing the lubricant down its straining length. She pulled her finger out and he groaned at the glistening liquid on it. He wanted to taste her. He wanted to push her down and sink his stiff pole into her tight cunt. He wanted to lick those fat nipples and hear her groan. His strokes grew longer and his fist tightened.

Red watched his mammoth prick grow in his fist and she added another finger, thrusting deeply into the hot cave of her cunt. His proximity and the smell of his sex was turning her on and making her hotter than she'd ever been before. She wanted to taste his shiny cock. She wanted to sit on top of him and ramhis hard length into her aching pussy. She wanted to feel his finger sliding into her asshole. Her fingers moved faster, her thumb rubbing and pressing her swelling clit.

"I'm so close." The words tumbled out of her mouth as her orgasm approached. The Wolf released his cock and knelt at her feet, his shaggy face just inches from her pussy. "Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Here it comes!" Just as she crested the wave, he pulled her hand away and slid his tongue deeply into her spasming cunt. Red screamed in pleasure as he brought her to one orgasm after another. She had never cum like this, not even when she frigged herself. She had to push him away as exhaustion threatened to overtake her. "Now you."

The Wolf stood, presenting his cock to her and groaned loudly as she licked the wide head, looking up at him with a strand of cum attached to her soft lips. Just the sight of that made him nut. Ropes of thick cum jetted out of his wide slit, slamming into her throat and coating her face. She eagerly swallowed his jizz and moaned as he bent forward and licked her face, joining her in the cumfest.

Red put her dress and cape back on and gathered her basket. "I thank you for a welcome respite, Wolf. I hope that I will see you again."

The Wolf watched her walk away, the taste of her cream and his cum mingling on his tongue. "You can bet on it, Red."

* * * * *

Grandmother's House was a little cottage in a glade in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood stopped at the pond and cleaned her face and hands, then knocked lightly on the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's me, Little Red Riding Hood!"

"Come on in, honey!"

Red lifted the latch and stepped into the house. A fire roared in the small fireplace and a vase of flowers adorned the little kitchen table. She hefted the basket and went into the kitchen.

"Oh! Hello!"

The dark-haired young man turned from the sink, his large hands sudsy. "Hello."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Evan."

"Hello, Evan. I'm Little Red Riding Hood. Most people just call me Red." She set the basket on the table. "What are you doing in my Grandmother's house?"

"I'm just helping her out. She's been very kind to my father so when I heard that she was not feeling well, I came over to help."

"That's very kind of her. My mother sent these cakes and wine for her."

"Oh, good. I'm sure that she'll enjoy them. She has been feeling a lot better lately. Why don't you go on in and visit with her? I'll join you in a minute."


Evan turned back to the sink and Red just stood there for a moment, looking him over. He was well-built with broad shoulders and stocky legs and his large hands cradled her grandmother's dishes with care. That was sexy itself. Grandmother was tucked into the big bed, sleeping peacefully and seemed to awaken just as she entered.

"Hi, Grandmother." Red kissed her cheek. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine, dear. Just catching up on rest I missed."

"Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! Mom sent some cakes and wine for you."

"Ooo, good! Why don't you grab us a couple of glasses and let's break open that wine!"

Red laughed. "Grandmother, you are such a nut!" She gave her a big hug. "I'll be right back."

"And bring Evan with you!"

While she was getting the wine, Evan's father, Harl, a huntsman, came in, a covered pot in one hand and a sack in the other. After introductions had been made, Harl brought out two loaves of bread, a wheel of cheese and two more bottles of wine. Grandmother dressed and though she was still a little weak, she allowed Harl to help her to her favorite chair near the warm fire. Red smiled, wondering if there was something going on between the two.

They ate the beef stew and bread that Harl had brought and enjoyed the cheese with the wine, all sitting together in the small living room area. The hour grew late but Red didn't care. The wine had gone to her head and the smoldering glances that Evan was giving her were making her tingly. She would spend the night, she thought, and she would fuck Evan if she got the chance.

Harl helped Grandmother back to bed and departed, leaving Red and Evan alone in the living room area. Evan refilled her glass again, his eyes falling on her heaving bosom.

"You are a beautiful girl, Red."

"You are handsome as well, Evan."

Red picked up an armful of plates and headed into the kitchen, Evan on her heels. "I have to tell you a secret."

"A secret?" Red leaned back against the sink, sipping her wine. "What is it?"

As she watched, the handsome Evan transformed into the Wolf from the woods. Evan's eyes locked onto hers, afraid that she would run screaming from the cottage. She didn't.

"Oh, what large ears you have!"

"The better to hear you scream my name with."

"Oh, what big eyes you have!"

"The better to see you cum on my cock with."

"Oh, what big hands you have!"

"The better to grab your ass with."

"And oh, what a long tongue you have!"

"The better to lick your pussy clean with."

"I knew it was you."


"Oh, yeah." She whispered, rubbing her breasts against his fur. "Your eyes are the same. I could tell by the way you looked at me."

Evan changed back and violently took her mouth, shoving his tongue in and crushing her against him. She responded with the same amount of passion, pressing her hips into his. He untied her dress and pushed it off, bending to take her nipple into his mouth. "I had to have you." He sucked on her tender bud, drawing a moan from her. "After I tasted your sweet pussy, I knew you had to be mine."

"Mmm, good. Now you can fuck me."

"With pleasure!" Evan snarled, his long tongue snaking across her nipples again and again until she was delirious with the sensation. She pushed him back and unbuttoned his shirt, sliding it off of his shoulders. His chest was covered with silky black hair and she took several moments to run her fingers through it, her nails scoring his nipples and drawing a hiss from him. When she bent to give them a friendly bite, he nearly shouted with lust.

Red's hands moved down to his waist, unlacing his pants. They fell with a rustle to the floor and he quickly stepped out of them. She smiled and knelt at his feet, her hand closing around his dripping prick and giving the meat a hard squeeze. He moaned. She smiled again and pulled him into her mouth, her tongue working the fat helmet while her lips provided suction. He quivered, placing his hands on her shoulders.

"You should stop. You're going to make me ... "

She redoubled her efforts, bobbing faster, sucking and licking harder. He gave a low, guttural cry and his body stiffened as his cock leapt in her mouth, gobs of cum pounding down her throat. Red swallowed every bit, then rose to her feet. "Now that you've got the first one out, we have time for the second."

Red took his hand and led him into the living room, pulling him down on the hard wooden floor near the fire. Evan growled into her soft mouth, his tongue wrapping around hers and sucking gently. Her kisses made the fire in his stomach burn hotter and her hand on his semi-hard cock brought it flaring back to life. She broke the kiss and gave his hard cock a little more attention with her mouth, before turning her back to him.

"Change." She whispered throatily. "Change into my wolf and fuck the shit out of me!"

He moved behind her, bending to press his nose into the cleft of her ass, inhaling her scent. She was to be his mate and he wanted to always remember her smell and remember the moment that she gave herself to him. She trembled and reached back, spreading herself open for him. His heart fluttered at her gesture and he reached out with his tongue, laving her asshole and pressing in for a taste. His reward was a deep moan from her and she pushed back onto his tongue, moving on it as if it was a penis, shuddering when an orgasm moved through her.

He pulled back and mounted her back, the tip of his thick cock at the entrance of her sodden snatch. He would change, all right, and she would never forget it. He willed the change to occur, but only on the bottom part of his body. Fur erupted along his calves and thighs and his dick lengthened, growing thicker as the head pushed forward, breaching her quivering walls without a single movement from him. She groaned as his lupine cock filled her, stretching her cunt walls. She moved back, inching more and more of him into her until she could feel his fur against her ass and heard his answering groan.

"Now fuck me!"

Evan began sawing his huge cock in and out of her grasping pussy, gasping with each movement. She was so tight and so wet and the sight of her fat pink lips enveloping his hard, dark made his mouth water. He moved faster now, pulling out until he could see the crown and plunging back in, bottoming out in her delicious cunt. She moaned, urging him on with sweet, nasty words, her pussy clenching around him as she came and came again. His balls slapped her ass and the squishy sounds of their sex filled his senses, her warm body undulating with his, coating his cock with her sweet cream.

The words were in his mind but he couldn't speak as he came. She shouted, feeling him cum and came again herself. His jizz pumped into her clutching hole, sliding past her stretched pussy lips and dripping onto the floor. Exhausted, she fell forward, Evan slumping with her, his cock still twitching inside her.

"That was worth waiting for." He whispered into her ear, but she was already fast asleep. He changed the rest of his body into the wolf form and let her snuggle into his furred warmth.

They slept for a few hours that night, awaking to fuck again or to suck each other off. When the sun peeked into the tiny cottage, Red awoke alone, her dress back on her body and her cape covering her. It was the wine. She stood up, pulling her cape on while rubbing her sleepy eyes. It was just a dream. Little Red Riding Hood said goodbye to her grandmother, promising to return for a visit the next day and she took the empty basket and headed for home, her mind swirling with thoughts and her pussy swollen and wet.

"Hello, Little Red Riding Hood."

It was the Wolf, her wolf. He had been waiting for her, his prick standing proudly. "Got a few extra minutes?"

Red just smiled.

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