tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNo Ordinary Love Ch. 04

No Ordinary Love Ch. 04


Breakfast for two: eggs, coffee, bacon, pancakes, and Tera.

Around nine o'clock in the morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon frying. In the summer, the smell of bacon is so distinctive, and very pleasant. I felt very, sticky, sweaty and just all in all physically unclean, which is to be expected from the day and a half of fucking our brains out. So before I even went to give my love a good morning kiss, I had to get washed up first. I went into the bath-room, and started the water for a shower. I got in and started washing up. A few minutes later, Tera comes in with me. I give her a nice wet hug and a kiss on the cheek. She tells me that breakfast is done, and we can eat after we wash up.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up."

"I'm surprised I'm up now. God, do you realize, what we did? I have never heard anyone talk about doing anything like that."

"I have, but, I just thought they were full of it. But now, wow! I'm in just as much of a shocked state as you."

"What do you want to do today?"

"I'm still recuperating. I need to just rest up." She starts to rub against me, and grabs my cock. " And who knows, what."

"Tera…Within these last few weeks, I have had more sex to last a life time."

"So……..you don't want to have sex anymore?"

"Hell no! I'm just saying,……..you know, we can cool down with it if you want."

"Yeah right!"

"Well, we can try, anyway." She looked at me and smiled.

Now being in the shower, with this beautiful, nude, willing woman and not have sex with her, was VERY hard. But I wanted to prove to myself, that I had self-control. I wanted to show that, loving her, would mean more than just jumping on her every time I see her nude. Tera, on the other hand, wanted to see how long I could hold out.

"Wash my hair for me Jay."

I took some shampoo and lathered it up in my hands. Then I started to rub it into her hair. She closed her eyes, and wrapped her arms around me. I was extremely, excited sexually. She began to grind her body into me.

"UMMMMM! RIGHT THERE. Uh, that feels sooo good."

I wanted to. God knows, I wanted to. I had to make a point, to ME!

I moved her head under the shower, and rinsed the soap out. She opened her eye, and looked at me in that seductive, devilish grin. A look of invitation, to unleash my sexual desires. But NO! I thought. NO! I am not going to do it.

My heart raced, a million miles per second. I was like a crack fiend, that was trying to quite cold turkey, and being offered an unlimited, supply of the drug. I wasn't trying to go cold turkey all of the sudden, but just curb the thirst and lust. Tera wasn't helping.

"Let me wash you."

What the HELL was I suppose to do? She moved close to me and lathered up her hands with soap. She washed my face, covering it with soap, then my neck. She took a wash cloth, and wet it then washed my face.

"Move over to shower head." She told me.

She started to wash my chest, then went down lower. She rubbed my erect cock, with her soapy hands.

"You like that?"

Oh, Lord! I thought. She knew what made me weak. She continued to rub, until I came in her hands. When I did, I screamed her name. She washed the soap of my cock, and bent down in front of me. She looked up at me, and put my cock in her mouth. "stop." I said, but didn't really mean it. "tera, stop. I can't, I don't want to."

She moved her head fasted back and forth. I pulled her hair trying to get her head off of me. she just resisted, grabbing on to my ass, going deeper and deeper.

"Tera, Stop!"

"STOP! STOP IT!" I moved back and pushed her away. She looked at me in a shocked way.

"You did like it?" She said in a very childish voice.

"Tera, I truly LOVE YOU! You don't have to do this every time we're together. I Love you."

"I know."

She got up from the shower floor, and walked over to me. She hugged me tight. Then her hand, went down in between us, and tugged on my cock..

"Oh FUCK IT!" I said.

I grabbed her up. She wrapped her legs around me. I entered her and began to pump her.

"What made me think I could resist you."

"I don't know."

I moved in and out of her. The warm water from the shower hit the side of our neck.

"God, I love you so much! Tera."

Then I just stopped. I let her down and I pulled out of her.

"Your, finished?"


She looked at me and gave me a kiss.

"Our breakfast is getting cold. Let's eat."

We stepped out of the shower, and dried each other off. I was so weak, physically. I didn't know, by not finishing the act, you could feel this way. My desires was still raging, my cock still throbbing, I still was wanting. But I knew, I would end up having self-respect and respect from Tera, because of using self control.

Breakfast did get cold, but I don't think we cared. After we ate, we laid on the coach together and watched the TV. She laid her head on my chest, and closed her eyes. I ran my hands through her hair. Then I started to rub her bare back. She turned her head and looked up at me. I leaned down and gave her a nice long kiss.

"I think I just pick a piece of bacon out of your teeth." I said

"You are so silly."

I took a deep breath in, and kissed her forehead.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"Showing me you have self control. I like that. I like knowing, that the man I'm with, doesn’t just want me for sex. A lot of guys say that to girls, but they don’t mean it. You showed me, you mean it…………….I just have one thing to say though. Don't EVER start to make love to me. and not finish."



I know it sounds really corny, but the four months that I have been with Tera, feels like, four years. We just clique. When we go out with friends, they are just amazed that we have only known each other for that short of a time. We hardly, ever argue and when we do, it's minor stuff.

She has given me so much, I feel. She has given me a stable emotional, and physical relationship. She has given me love. She has given me confidence in life, in dealing with myself and others. She has taught me how, to deal with and accept a person who is different.

Being with her, I have learned how to control my darkest desires. She has taught me how to display those desires properly in love and lust. I know what the differences are between love and lust now.

The sun rises and sets with her. My life revolves around her, my life is for her. I live for her. I will die for her. She IS my world.

I'm sorry

I think we pretty much have a really great relationship. Living together, we are bound to get on each others nerves. But, just when we are really getting sick of each other, she has to go away to a photo shot, or some promotional tour, somewhere half way around the world. When she gets back, we want to be with each other, and we end up making love for days at a time. This day, was different. We got into an argument over something I said. I can't even remember what it was, but she said I said it. On top of that, I moved something she asked me not to move, which pissed her off even more. Then I got mad at her, and told her that this was stupid. She then thought I was calling her stupid.

So I stormed out of the bedroom, slammed the door, and sat on the coach.

I was pissed. Not at her, but just at the situation. We have built a pretty good relationship on communicating. We, here did not do that. We just got mad. I wanted to be alone. At least for the time being.

I sat there surfing 500 channels of nothing. How can you have 500 channels and not find anything to watch? I stopped at the Fox Spanish channel. The Power Rangers Movie was on. I just stared not knowing what was going on, not understanding a word.

I heard the bedroom door open, and I saw Tera's reflection moving to me in the television. She walked up behind me and kissed my neck. I acted like I didn't know she was there.

"I'm sorry. I found what I was looking for, and realized I moved it when I was cleaning up. I also apologize for blowing what you said out of proportion."

I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I SAID! I thought. I wasn't going to say that out loud.

"Jay, don't make me feel worse than I already feel."

I just shook my head and continued watching the movie. She walked around and stood in front of me. I looked around her. She then straddled me, and held my head by her hands and made me look at her.

"I'm watching a movie!"

She turned and looked at what it was.


"I understand Spanish."

She looked at me and said a long sentence in Spanish.

"I didn't know you spoke Spanish."

"Since you understand Spanish, you know what I said."

"I don't know it well."

"I said, will you accept my apology?"

"Tera, I'm angry because, I don't know what I did."

"I know, that's why I'm apologizing. So do you accept?"


She leaned down and kissed me. Her hair covered both our faces like a veil. She didn't have any clothes on, which made it harder for me to remain angry at her. I rubbed her bare back. Then I ran my hand through her hair. She kept her promise not to cut it. She would only trim it from time to time.

She started to grind into me. I leaned my head back and took a deep breath in. God! I could not stay mad at her even if I wanted to.

She kissed and sucked on my neck, then she looked at me and asked me for forgiveness. I accepted, her apology.

"Can I give you a peace offering?"



She pulled my boxers off, and sat on me. She then guided my cock in her, and she began to move slowly back and forth.

I began to think how she literally, ignites my senses. It's like, I a bucked of un-protected gasoline, and she is the flame.

Sight- You just don't know how much I have mastered self-control with her. It's hard, when your with a woman who will give you sex, anytime. If I wanted it 24-7 she would probable give it to me. Well at times we do fuck in 24hr increments. But just the mere sight gets my blood and heart pumping.

Sound- Her voice, is like the sound of angels speaking. Very comforting, very loving, and at times very, erotic. When she calls on the phone, from the first sound I hear, I know it's her. Hearing her, brings a smile to my face and heart. If she wants me to do something, I don't want to, all she has to do is say my name in a low sultry tone, and I'm done.

Smell-No matter what, she always smells so fresh, and wonderful. Almost like she just stepped out of the Bath and Body Works. At night, when she lays on top of me, the scent of her hair and the sound of her breathing lulls me to sleep.

Touch- When I run my hands through her hair, it's like I am feeling a million single threads of the finest imported silk. So soft to touch. When I caress her skin, it's as if my hands are crossing a new born babies skin. Her hands are so soft when she touches my face. For me, that is a huge turn on.

She continued to make love to me until she came. I had cum about two times, and I could feel her vagina, contract on me when she climaxed. She then leaned down and feel asleep on my shoulder. I ran my hands down her back and cupped her rear, then kissed her on the head. I was tiered at that point, but I couldn't move, so I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I woke up to the ringing of the telephone. I reached over, and answered it.


"Are you coming to my wedding?"

"Jermaine? How did you get this number?"

"You gave it to me."

I forgot, that all my calls from Newark were forwarded to this number.

"So are you coming?"

"Yeah! Of course."

"You never sent your reply back."

"Sorry, I just forgot."

"Well I need you to be a greeter, can you do that?"


"Oh, and um, Monica will be there."


"She's good friends with my fiancée."

Damn! Damn! Damn! Monica, was the first woman that I think I loved. She was funny, pretty, had a nice personality, and just wonderful. But I didn't tell her how I felt, and she eventually married some knuckle head.

"She's about to get a divorce."

"Really. What happened?"

"Her husband had another family."

"That she didn't know about?"

"That she didn't know about. She knows how you felt about her. She said if you would have just said something, she would have went out with you."

"A little to late."

"Who's fault is that? So you and that girl, serious?"


"Well, I think you might want to reconsider Monica. She has gotten more beautiful with age. She's looking forward to seeing you."

"I can't."

"Yes you can. We'll be in New York Tonight around seven. Meet us at the Dallas Barbecue on 72nd . You know were it's at?"

"I can't."

"She won't let you, see some old friends? Just tell her you've got go somewhere."

"I'm not going to lie."

"So, don't tell her."


"So just bring her along, and see how things work out."

"Who's all going?"

"Me, Joanne, John, Maurice, Monica, and about six other people. So are we going to see you?"

"I'll call your cell. I gotta go."

"Alright, later."

Oh God! These damn feelings. I did have feelings for Monica. The word being, DID. So why do I feel so doubtful. I mean Tera, is a woman that I know I will never meet again. But I just don't know. Sometimes at night I would lay there almost in tears, because I did not tell Monica how I felt about her. Damn!

"Hey! Wake up!"

"What's up?"

"Come on, were going to meet some friends for dinner."


"Your buddy from Philly."

"How did you know he was coming up?"

"He called. And invited us to dinner. So come on, we're late."

I got up and threw on a shirt and walked out with Tera. As we walked down the street, I noticed, that she was a little cold to me. But I just brushed it off. As we got closer to the restaurant, tell told me I got another phone call.

"From who?"

"Some Bitch name Monica."

"Damn! You don't have to call her that."

She looked at me with this dead serious face.

"Stop for a second Jason."

"What's up?"

"Don't FUCK with my emotions."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't fuck with me!"

Oh God, she knew. About the whole thing with me and how I felt towards Monica. Somehow she knew.

We walked in and were seated in the section, were Jermaine and the rest of the crew were. Being with Tera, I knew that she was a very beautiful woman, but I got used to her beauty. It wasn't until I saw the reaction on other men's faces that I realized once again what I had. The look on all these guys faces were of marvel and disbelief.

I introduced Tera to everyone, and we sat down. We were conveniently seated next to Monica. The air was icy, but Tera started a conversation with her and talked the whole time we were there.

The guys there just stared, at Tera with looks of lust. I could tell that they in there minds had sex with her numerous times. A few hours later, we all finished and left. I told everyone, that I would see them in a few days for the wedding, and Tera and I left.

"So what did you two talk about all night?"

"How men are fucking pigs. That they don't know what they have, so they fuck around, and fuck up the lives of the people who love them."

"Some men, not all."

"Monica knew who I was."


"Her ex-husband, watched my videos, and she found them."

"Was she mad at you?"


"Yeah but, your videos may have been the cause for him to cheat on her."

"That is the lamest fucking excuse! You all do that,…. blame women for your fuck ups. My wife didn't do this, or that. She changed on me. I fell out of love."

"Why are you so upset?"

She didn't say anything. We walked into the apartment, I sat down and turned on the TV.

"Turn the TV off."

From her tone, I knew something was wrong.

"What's up?"

"Do you love me?"

"Of course I do!"


"What do mean?"

"How do you love me?"

"I love you with my heart, soul, my life."


"I don't know where you're going."

"Remember when Chrystal and Misty was here? And you said that I was all that you wanted and some other Bullshit."


"I told you that if you to stayed faithful to me and I would give you my all. I have been giving you my all, but you haven't been giving ME your all."

"What are you talking about? I HAVE been faithful to you, I have given you my all. I'm offended that you think I haven't."

"What about your mind Jason? You have to be faithful to me in your mind. If you think of cheating on me, given the right situation, you will."

"That's not true!"

"It's says so in the Bible. So it has to be true. You've read the Bible, and you know what it says. You have given me a doubt. I am doubtful of you. I don't trust you."

"What are talking about, there is no other woman on my mind but you."

"What about your first Love, Monica? Has she been on your mind?"

I didn't say anything. "Damn! I thought. Damn! She was right, given the right situation, emotions might have gotten involved and who knows what I would have done. Damn!

Tera sat across from me, and I could see that she was crying.

"Tera, I swear that I would never, never do anything to cause you pain."

"How could you think about another woman? HOW COULD YOU?"

"Tera, she's nothing."

"Give me your keys to the house."

"Tera listen."


"Tera, your over reacting." Oh god why did I say that?

"Get out! Get the FUCK OUT!"

My soul on that day, was ripped from my body, my whole world had crashed on that day.

HUUUUHUHU! I woke up and I was still on the coach. Tera, was still laying on top of me. God! I thought, that dream was so realistic. I had to tell her what was up. When I told her, she laughed at me. which I guess was comforting. One thing she did make clear, was that she would fuck me up big time if I did cheat on her.


Our breathing was almost asthmatic, as we embarked on the fourth hour of making love. It wasn't that these marathon love episodes was new, but we just never fucked like this in one hundred and ten degree weather.

It was a record breaker, in New York City. One hundred and ten, by eleven o'clock am. Too hot to go outside, we decided to just stay in and make love. Then Con-Edison, starts random brown out in the residential areas of the city to conserve electricity. We didn't care. We got naked and just fucked and fucked.

Teras body was covered with sweat and cum. Every time I climaxed I would do so on her face and body. I think I was delirious do to the heat, and I think Tera was too, because she just let me.

I can't think of how many times I came.

We sat in the middle of the bed, in an up-right position, deeply kissing. I was in her, rocking back and forth. I felt I was going to cum again, so I pushed her down on the bed. I then pulled out of her and came on her face. She looked at me in a half sleep look. I collapsed beside her, and laid my head on her chest. She rubbed my head and told me she wanted to fuck some more.. I moved on top of her, and entered her wet pussy. I began to fuck as hard as I could. She rolled me over and started bouncing up and down on me. I looked at her pussy, and I wanted to lick it. I stopped her, threw her on the bed and spread her legs. Then I buried my head between her legs. I dug into her soaking wet vagina, licking her walls, clit, and pulling and biting on her labia. The sight of her pussy in front of me, got me aroused more. I leaned up and entered her with my cock. I was hot and tiered but I had the energy to fuck her hard. I rammed in and out of her. I pulled her wet hair tight as I reached another climax. I looked down at her and told her to open her mouth. When she did, I pulled out of her pussy quickly, and held my dick on her lips. I let the grip go, and a short stream of cum shot in her mouth. I fell beside her again. The bed room smelled of sex, and sweat. We looked as if we worked out for ten hours at the gym. Both of our hair was soaked and curly from sweating. Her body glistened, with beads of sweat.

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