tagCelebrities & Fan FictionNo Ordinary Love Ch. 10

No Ordinary Love Ch. 10


"So which do you want, a boy or a girl?"

"Girl. So I could spoil her to death."

"I could see you doing that. For me, I think I would want a boy. So if we have a girl, what are you going to do when she's old enough to date?"

"I wouldn't mind her dating, I would mind if the guy she dates does the things that I do to you… to her."

"What would you do?"

"If I found out, I would castrate him."

"How do you think my father feels?"

"Probable like I would, if my daughter fell into the life you have."

"How's that?"

"Angry, upset, I would get over it, but a parent is still a parent, a child is still going to be a child, no mater what the age."

"How are you going to do it Jay? How are you going to, put up with me being away, all the attention from other men. The sex, the magazines."

"The assured expectation of things hoped for, but not yet beheld."

"What is that?"

"The definition of FAITH. I have faith that in the near future, things will be, what I want, and what you want. With out faith, there we have no love, what would we live for? With out love, we have no future. If I had no faith that you would change, you would be a one night stand."

"So, you knew from the start? How?"

"I just did."

She moved her head on my chest, I combed her hair with my hands. I then rubbed her naked back. I took a deep breath in. She smelled wonderful, even after some hardcore sex, she still smelled like a rose garden. I kissed her forehead, and caressed her bare bottom. My hand went between her legs, and I entered her vagina. She moved her legs giving me more access. She kissed my neck, and held my penis. I have always been able to cover my feelings with clean words, words that people wanted to hear. I gave what Linda wanted to hear from me, that I had faith, that I would be able to deal with her livelihood, until the time was right. But in actuality, I couldn't. I couldn't continue to think about what she does when she leaves me. At the beginning, it was a thrill, a rush to see the woman I dated on the cover of all those magazines. I was a huge ego boost, to have guy's recognize her with me. It was such a high, doing all those nasty perverted things we did and still do when we have sex. Now, those things are so old. I really don't want men to know what my woman looks like in the nude, or how she performs in the act of love. I think I was at a point of being severely depressed. It would be different, if I could talk to a friend about EVEYTHING, but I don't want to divulge the secrets or the private going ON's of my love life. I had to talk, but who would listen?

"Hey, Crystal's dancing at local club here, you want to see her?"

"Yeah, sure."

"You want to fuck me first?"

I just closed my eyes when she said that. I didn't say anything. I almost cried, but I couldn't, I couldn't let her know how I really felt.

"You want to fuck?"


I rolled over on top of her, and entered her. I slowly moved in and out. I leaned down and kissed her neck. Then I moved to her lips. We kissed, and tongued each others mouth. God, the physical thrill of sex with her, was so wonderful. I spread her legs and leaned up and pumped harder. I looked between our thighs, and say the way her vagina looked as I fucked it. Her labia would enter and exit with my cock. The walls of her vagina wrapped around me was very intense. Her pussy was loose enough for easy penetration, but just tight enough to make me cum easy. A few minutes later, I was ready to cum. I pushed into her, and came. I held that position until I felt no more cum.

"Why didn't you cum in my mouth? I like when you do shit like that to me.?" I smiled then fell to the side of her.

"We smell like sex. We have to clean up before we leave." I said.

I got up and went into the bathroom and ran the water for a shower. Linda walked in a few seconds after. She walked over to me, and hugged me.

"I know your thinking about something, but I don't know what. I wish I did. I wish you would let me know."

"I'm ok."

We got into the shower and washed each other. I could not control myself with her, in certain situations, and this was one of them. Seeing her naked in front of me, I began to have flashbacks of when we would have sex everyday in the shower. I thought about all those things we did. I got aroused. She noticed. Linda grabbed my cock, and rubbed it with a hand full of soap. She moved in back of me, wrapped her arms around me, and began to jerk my cock. I grabbed her neck from behind, and pulled her hair. She moved her hand fast. I quickly turned around and pushed her to the floor of the shower. I continued to rub my cock, a few seconds later I came. She opened her mouth wide, and waited for my cum. When I filled her mouth up, she swallowed and the stood up. She moved close to me and looked at me in the eyes. "You like that? Being able to things like that to me. You'll never find another woman who will let you do shit like that. I could have any man I want, but for some reason, I chose you. I fell in love with you. I won't give up on us. You shouldn't either. Don't give up."

We got out and dried off. I put on some dress slacks and a Polo shirt. Linda took a very short denim mini skirt, and a black see through shirt out of her suit case, and put them on. The skirt, was too damn short, but,… I liked it. I mean, no mater how much I hated her job. No matter how much I hated when other men drooled when they saw her. I still liked it when she dressed so sexy. The skirt, was literally one inch down from her crotch, and she didn't put on any underwear. The shirt, was black, but you could see all of her chest. She then put some clogs on and we left the room. As we walked down the hallway to the elevator, another couple that was staying in the next room came out and waited with us.

The guy was a tall black man, and his girlfriend was a short blond. We said hello, and got into the elevator. I noticed the gentleman's look towards Linda. I just rolled m eyes. His girlfriend looked at Linda, and she very bubbly asked if she was Tera Patrick.

Linda smiled and told her yes.


"A friend of ours is dancing a one of the local clubs."

"Can we come. We would love to spend some time with you."

"I…I guess so. So what is your name?"

"I Jenny, and this is my boyfriend Matt."

"I'm Jason."

We stepped out of the elevator and walked to the front door and asked for a cab. The door man instead got us a Limo. We got in and told the driver what club to go to. When Linda sat down, she exposed everything, but she immediately crossed her legs. She leaned to Matt and Jenny, giving me a eye full of her ass and pussy. I leaned over and put my chin on Linda's shoulder. I rested one hand on her leg, and the other I caressed her right tit.

"So were are you guys from?" Linda asked.

"Florida, were her on a business trip."

Siting in the back of Linda like this, gave me such a hard on. I wanted to fuck her right there. It seemed I got more excited seeing her half naked than naked.

"So how long have you both been in town?" Jenny asked

"We got in today."

"So you were the two who was making all that noise, a few hours ago. That was such a turn on."

"We were that loud?"


"So Matt, what type of work are you in?"

"I own an internet company."

"What kind of company?"

"We have an internet sex site."

"Really! What is the name?"

"Black on Blonde's dot com."

"Really! I've heard about that site."

"I haven't." Linda said.

"He would make a good guest for your show. These guys have some huge cocks and they fuck these little white girls."

"Basically that's the whole scope."

"You want to see his cock? It's Huge! He has thirteen inches."

"DAMN!" "DAMN!" Linda and I said at the same time.

Jenny unzipped Matt's pants and pulled out his long thick blackish blue cock. She then pulled up her skirt and sat on his lap. She lowered herself on to him. She moaned in a pain pleasure tone. I was very amazing that something that big, could go into something that small.

"Do you wish I was that big?" I asked Linda

"Fuck no. That's scary."

A few minutes later, Jenny moved off of his, and you could see how stretched her vagina was. You could see into her. Cum dripped out and onto the leather seats. She laid her head back and smiled.

"Tera, You want to try?"

"Uh,… NO!"

"I thought you liked big cocks?"

"Yeah big, not Monstrous."

"You get used to it."

"How old are you Jenny?" I asked


I looked at Matt and he smiled in a diabolical way. I thought that this girls parents would have a heart attack if they knew.

"So when we get back to the hotel you guys want to have an orgy? We were going to pick up some girls and shoot some stuff for the site."

"No thanks." I said

"What about you Tera?"

"I can't. I'm under contract. I can only shoot stuff for my company."

"Bummer. That would have been soooo cool. Fucking Tera Patrick. So do you have any advise for a girl who wants to get into porn?"

"Yeah, Run!"

Just then the driver called out our stop. We got out and the line for the club was wrapped around the corner.

"All FUCK!" Jenny said.

"Hey, I tell you what, you guys go to the end and hold a spot and we'll see if we can get in. If so we'll get you."

"Ok." Jenny said in a squeaky voice.

I looked at Matt and smiled. He looked over at a crowed of young white girls, and said,

"I got what I came for."

Linda called me and told me that Crystal out us on the list. We bypassed the whole line and entered. The club was packed, the music was loud. We walked in. I had my hand on her ass and we walked to the VIP room. Once inside, there was a bunch of girls Fucking and giving head to guys. Crystal sat at a table with her legs spread and a young blonde in between them eater her out. Another girl sat beside her and sucked her tits. Linda and I sat at the table and ordered a drink.

"So what are you like the mother whore here?" I asked

"Just some of the privileges of being a well know porn queen."

The girls around Crystal both stood up and walked over to the bar. Linda ordered a Rum and Coke, I just had a Coke. We talked about the club and how hip it was, and extremely hard to get in.

"So, where were you guys tonight? I was looking for you. As a matter of fact, a lot of people was looking for you both."

"We, needed to talk.”

"Oh, that Boyfriend Girlfriend thing…Well, you didn't miss much. The same old sluts, same old shit. Nothing new. So what did you talk about for four hours, if I can ask?"

"Us. The future. Where we're going, how we're getting there. Stuff like that." I said

"Hum. Sounds deep. So you both are really serious about each other?" Linda looked at me.

"I am."

"I am too. Why did you look at me like that?"

"Jason doesn't think I change."

"I never said that."

"Your thinking it. You have doubts."

"How do you know? You can't read my mind."

"Your body tells me. Your not as lustful, as you once were."

"That doesn't mean anything. I could just be tiered."

" Jay, we've fucked for two and three days straight. You've fucked me when you've been tired, it's not the same."

"Can we discus this at another time?"

"If you want."

Crystal looked at us with an interesting look.

"You guys can continue, just ignore me. This is great."

"Crystal!" "Crystal!" We said at the same time.

"Well guys, I've got to go on in a few minutes, so enjoy the show."

"I'll meet you by the balcony, I have to go to the bathroom."

A few minutes after, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Linda standing by the edge of the balcony, that over looked the dance floor. In the middle of the floor was a round stage, dancing on the stage was crystal. There was a guy that stood by Linda talking to her. Being a man, territorial feelings arose in me. My first instinct was to walk over to Linda and kiss her on the neck. Another was to walk behind her and hold her tight to me. Both actions would say that I was very insecure. So I just walked beside her and held her hand. Her soft, warm hand. A rush went through my body. She tighten the grip on my hand and pulled me to her. The guy just kept talking and talking. It seemed he didn't even acknowledge I was there, witch really pissed me off. I mean if your trying to push up on a woman and that woman's man walks up and holds her hand, he's saying "FUCK off!" but this guy didn't get the point. So I made him get the point. I made his see, that she was with me, that this was my heart, my love, my future. I stood behind Linda a pulled her to me. The music in the club was loud and rhythmic, you could feel the base as it blasted out the speakers.

Linda began to grind her body into mine, moving with the beat of the music. I leaned down and kissed her neck, licking it biting on her ear. The man just stood there mesmerized at us. He would not move. I moved my hand down the front of her short skirt. From the bottom of the short denim skirt, you could see my hand between her thighs. I lifted the skirt up with my other hand, making my finger fucking her in plain sight. Linda turned her head and our lips locked. We French Kissed, with a lot of tongue. She began to moan, because the music was so loud, you couldn't hear her, but I could feel the moans on my lips. I looked down to the stage where Crystal danced, and got turned on more. Crystal looked up at us and spread her legs, and put her hand down her bikini. Linda looked up at me and told me to fuck her. I turned her around, and pulled up her skirt to her waist. She leaned back on the rail and spread her legs.

The man that was still standing there watching began to rub his budging mound in his pants. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. The lights went out, and the only lights were the one's on stage and very dim one's around the club. The music became more intense. The base heavy music along with my excitement gave me such a rush. I moved close to her and entered. She leaned forward and hugged me. I grabbed her ass and pushed her to me. We fucked to the music, she grind on me, moving side ways, forward and backward. We began to kiss, our lips locked again probing each others mouth with our tongues. I whispered in her I was about to cum. She moved back, I pulled out of her. She then squatted on the floor. She spread her legs, and began rubbing herself. She then started to suck on my cock. Her head moved back and forth, she licked the bottom of it, she sucked on my testicles then put it back in her mouth. A few minutes after, I came. I pulled her head back by her hair. She opened her mouth and I came in. The stranger was just amazed at us, he just stood there saying and doing nothing.

Linda stood up, and then she kissed me on the lips. She turned around and looked to down to the dance floor. Her skirt was still hiked up to her waist. I moved closer behind her, and spread her ass checks. I then shoved my still hard cock in her hole. Her head went down. She grabbed the rail tight. I fucked her ass hard and fast. Seconds later I came. I moved out her hole, but let my cock explode between her cheeks. When I was done, I out my cock back in my pants. I looked at her ass, and saw cum running out of ass and down her legs. She pulled her skirt to it's proper way, and pulled me to the back of the club. The Man, still stood there and looked at us while we left.

We got back stage, and a huge Black bald head man stood there. Linda looked at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Bear, this is my boyfriend Jason."

The man shook his head and let us by.

When we entered Crystals dressing room, she was wrapped in a towel and sat on a stool by a vanity mirror.

"It looked like you both had fun up there tonight." Crystal said.

"How could you tell?"

"I saw."

"Crystal, do you have any tissue's? I have cum dripping down my leg." She threw a box of cleanex over to her. Linda then wiped the back of her legs. She stood in front of me, and told me wipe between her cheeks. When I finished, she sat next to me on the couch.

"So are you done for the night?" Linda asked Crystal

"Yeah, that's it. I have to finish packing tonight, then we go back to La. So Jay, how did you like Vegas?"

"It was ok. I liked it."

"Jason, you didn't get all the cum from my ass. I can still feel some."

"Come over here and I get it for you." Crystal said.

Linda walked over and turned around. Crystal then lifted her skirt up spread her cheeks and licked between them. I instantly got a hard. I loved to see those two do stuff like that. Linda looked at me, and grinned. Crystals face was buried in Linda's ass. I pulled my cock out and began to rub it. Linda walked away from Crystal and knelled between my legs.

"I hate seeing you jerk off."

She took my cock and sucked it.

"So, what are guys doing next week?"

"I…i…i…we…are, going…Oh God Linda…We are..going, to…Ah….Ah…AH…AH…" I came in her mouth. She leaned back wiped her mouth and looked at Crystal.

"We're going to Tahiti for vacation."

"Yeah, that's what I was trying to say."

We left the club around four AM. Crystal stayed with us. These two gave me so much sexual pleasure, it was unbelievable. I fucked Linda, Linda fucked me. I fucked Crystal while she eat Linda's pussy. I came on Linda's pussy and watch Crystal lick it off. Crystal gave me head while Linda straddled my face with my tongue in her cunt. We fucked each other util we had to stop to catch the plain.

While on the plane, Linda jerked me off very discreetly. I fingered her. I don't know what got into us. I don't what got into us, we definitely had some issues. Just a few hours ago, we talked about being faithful to each other forever, then a few hours later we are a part of a hot threesome. Our life contradicted what we said we wanted. But at times, the passion, the lust blinded me from reality.

We got to Crystal's place and Linda and I ran to our room and ripped our clothes off, and began to make love. I laid her on the bed, and kissed her neck, her face her lips. My heart raced, my blood boiled. I brushed her hair back and looked at her beautiful face. I thought how much I needed her. Breathing, eating, drinking, are necessities in life. You can't live with out them. Added to those necessities for me, was Linda. I felt, I… I could not live with out her. Even though I had thoughts of…well, I don't know what the fuck I thought off. I think most of the feelings I had, was of guilt. That I found and have such a beautiful, sexual, smart, funny woman in my life. I felt that I had been blessed, for something I done. But I haven't done anything. Nothing that would merit me having this woman in my life. That's what I felt, GUILT.

I pushed all those feelings aside and just concentrated on loving this woman beneath me. I fucked her with passion and meaning. I made her feel what I felt. I pumped her slow, I savored every ounce of sexual feeling. I chewed every stroke in and out of her slowly. Tasting the love and every spice that made our sex so good.

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. We kissed exchanging fluids, playing with each others tongues. I became lost, the world around me stopped. The only two that exited at this time were she and I.

I came in her, I could feel my cum fill her vagina. As I pumped I feel the cum clinging to my cock. The room began to smell like sex. I whispered in her ear, that I loved her. She whispered back the same. I sucked on her neck, tasting her skin, I then moved down and began to suck on her tit. My lips and tongue played with her nipples. I lightly bit them. Her hands rubbed and caressed my head, silently telling me that I did and was doing a good job.

We passionately, loved each other for hours. The sheets were soaked from sweat, and body fluids. Our faces dripped with sweat. We sat connected to each other in an upright position. She moved slow on me. I felt another explosion. I pulled out and pushed her between my legs. I came on her face. She leaned back up and we connected again. She began to bounce up and down, her legs wrapped around my waist, my legs under her body. I looked to the door and saw Crystal standing there watching. She smiled and walked away. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, and kissed her throat.

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