No, Ricky!


It was a cold New England winter day when I got the call from Ricky, a friend of the family, to come over and help him watch his 3 year old daughter while his wife was out of town.

I told him I would be there within the hour. It was winter break from school and I was a freshmen in college; I could always use a few extra dollars and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Ricky was a tall Nigerian with a fun loving spirit. When I was younger it was like he was just one of the kids and would play around with us in the backyard at parties.

His skin was a rich dark brown with matching eyes. With being so tall he had big features: Big hands, long legs, broad shoulders, long arms. And for as long as I can remember, he's always had a shaved head; almost bald. I was considerably shorter than he was and almost completely opposite: I have fair complexion, long dark brown hair, emerald green eyes, and a curvy body. The women in my family were blessed with a fairly large chest and I was no exception.

I drove to Ricky's apartment, and I started to notice some gray clouds overhead. My dad's words replayed in my head telling me that there would be a snow storm coming. I shut the engine off to my car and rushed inside, away from the cold.

He opened his door with his big smile, his teeth glowing against his dark skin, and gave me one of his traditional bear hugs, lifting me off the floor.

"Put me down Ricky! Come on, put me down!" He laughed and quickly obliged, then leading me into the house. He took my coat for me and I put my purse on the kitchen table. Tina was in the living room playing with some of her toys.

As soon as she saw me her eyes lit up and she started screaming "Auntie Crystal, Auntie Crystal!" I gave her a hug and let her get back to her toys; I went out into the kitchen to talk with Ricky.

"Anything to drink Crys?" He asked me.

"No nothing right now, I'm fine. So what's going on for tonight? Going out?" I looked at him a little puzzled; I wasn't sure why he had asked me to come over and help out, it seemed like everything was fine.

He came and sat across from me with a beer and said "No, I just thought that maybe it would be good for Tina to have some female interaction seeing as to Mary has been away for a few weeks on business. There's only so much I can do and I can only play as a Princess for so long."

At this we both laughed; his wife Mary was away on business quite a lot, her job made her have to move around more than she or her family wanted her to. While we sat and chatted for a little bit I started to see something out the window. Snow.

He caught my eyes distracted and said "If you want to...You can stay here tonight so you don't have to drive out in the storm. You can even take my room and I'll take the couch."

At the end he blushed a little at the end and I couldn't understand why, but I accepted his offer.

After Tina was in bed, Ricky and I watched TV and had little conversations. We both had a few drinks even though I was underage but he was always cool about that. I had a good buzz whereas he was getting really drunk.

There were some occasions that night when I thought I saw him looking at me, even feeling him brush up against my ass, but I thought it had to have been just my imagination or coincidence.

It was close to 11:00 and I decided to call it a night. I took his room while he stayed in the living room and told him good night.

It was only a few hours later that I was woken up by the door creaking open. I jumped at first but then just laid there, still a little buzzed from the alcohol.

I felt the blanket pull up from the bed and felt the cold air hit my skin. I hadn't planned on sleeping over so I only slept in my bra and panties.

My heart was racing as I felt him climb in next to me; my back to him. His warm skin brushed against mine as he brought himself closer to me, settling in with his arm around my stomach; I could smell the alcohol on his breath. His hand just rested on my stomach for a few minutes, stroking me lightly.

His hand started to move down to my panties and he slid in side of them, his fingers finding my clit and started rubbing it a little.

"No, Ricky..." I whispered and he just went harder and pushed himself against me so I could feel his dick against my ass.

It was so hard and bigger than any dick I had ever seen before! I started to squirm a little bit, trying to get away but his hands were on me faster than I could move; holding me down.

He had me on my back and pinning me down; his legs straddling me and his hands in the night stand searching for something.

Soon he pulled out bondage straps and tied my hands to the bed posts and my feet to the ones at the end of the bed. He grabbed scissors and moved down to my pussy.

"No, Ricky! Please no, don't!"

I started to plead, tears running down my face. He placed the cold metal to my skin and cut my panties off of me; then my bra.

I was screaming for him to stop and he took my mutilated panties and shoved them in my mouth to keep me quiet. I saw him pulling on his dick, jacking off as he moved down to my pussy again and started to tease me.

His tongue flicked against my clit and his fingers ran deep into my pussy. My body was starting to defy me and my pussy got wet.

'What the hell is going on?' I thought to myself, 'How can I be enjoying this?'

I was though, no one had ever taken me like this and it felt so good. I moaned a little as he drove his fingers deep in me, still teasing my now engorged clit.

The tears dried on my cheeks and I closed my eyes, feeling all of the sensations and feeling him take control of me.

He took his fingers out, now covered in my sweet juices and probed his tongue into my little hole. I moaned louder through the fabric in my mouth and I felt his fingers move elsewhere.

His still wet fingers found my asshole and pressed against them hesitantly at first and then pushed his index finger deep into my ass. I screamed in pain and through muffled words, told him to take it out of me.

He wasn't listening and started to move it in and out of my ass as his tongue still worked on my pussy.

The pleasure and pain combination pushed me over the edge and I exploded in orgasm, my cum covering his mouth and my screams of pleasure muffled.

I layed on the bed in defeat and breathed heavily. He wasn't done yet and I knew it.

He untied my legs and brought my knees up to my chest. Since he knew I was liking it, he took my panties out from my mouth and I told him not to fuck me, I wouldn't be able to handle his huge dick in me, I was too tight.

Still as silent as he had been before, he rubbed his dick up and down my wet slit, and then pushed it into my reluctant pussy.

It took him a few pushes to get it all in, I really was very tight.

He pushed further and grunted as he started to fuck me hard, driving his dick deep into my pussy. I started to moan louder than I had been before, little screams coming out.

I couldn't take this. His dick filled me up completely and it just felt so good to be filled like that.

"Ricky, fuck me harder!"

He smiled at this, little beads of sweat rolling down his face and he pumped harder than before, tearing my pussy apart.

I felt like I was going to cum again and he could tell. He pulled out and pulled my legs up more so he could get to my ass.

I had a look of worry on my face and I tried to tell him to stay in my pussy but before I could finish, his dick was in my ass. Pumping harder than he was before, he shoved his dick in my tight little hole.

His grunting had turned me on and I could feel that he was going to cum soon and my body was getting closer for a second orgasm. My body shook and I could feel myself cumming.

"Yes Ricky oh yes!"

I was orgasming and sent over the brink. His pace quickened and drove his dick in hard one last time as his cum shot deep in my ass, filling it.

He let me down and untied my hands.

We were laying there motionless and I could feel his cum draining from my ass. I reached back and took some on my fingers to taste it.

I turned to him and told him "Next time, your cumming in my mouth." I could see his smile even in the dark.

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