tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWoman Gets Used by Son's Friend

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend


My name is Jean I am the 49 year old stay at home mother of four grown children. I have three boys ages 19, 22 and 27 and a daughter age 18.

My husband Andy has been a good provider but has traveled for business a lot in our 28 years of marriage.

With my daughter Sally and youngest son Ted starting college, I have for the first time in my marriage had some free time for myself. I have always stayed in pretty good shape just running after 4 children but over the last few years I have had to join a gym and work out at least a few times a week to keep ahead of gravity that I know will eventually cause the body to start sagging.

I keep my gray hair hidden and have been told that my long dark hair and fair complexion accentuate my perky little body and my dark eyes.

My problems began a long time ago but until recently even I didn't see them coming. Ted has had a life-long friend named John that grew up a few doors down on our quiet street almost as a member of our family. My other children always had friends, but John is the only one that consistently joined in our family outings and vacations.

I think his parents came from money but both had a bit of a drinking problem and John, as far back as I can remember always seemed to be alone.

Andy was pretty active with the kids when he wasn't traveling and both he and I used to go out of our way to make John feel like he belonged. Because of our focus on the kids, our sex life lost its passion a long time ago. Sex became more compassion than passion long before Sally was born. We just accepted it as the way it was. The one thing that Andy always reassured me was that he was serious about our wedding vows and hoped I was to.

John first started wandering into our lives when he was about seven. Because he and Ted were the same age and in the same class at school, it was not long before they were the best of friends. While my own kids treated me as mom John treated me differently. From about the time John turned 12, he started doing little things like bringing me little gifts or always sitting next to me at family outings. He would always be the first to volunteer to help me with clean up or running errands.

By the time he was fifteen, he would make up reasons to hang around the house when I was home even when Bill and the other kids were out. When he was 18 he started coming up behind me and putting his arms around me in a big hug. I just thought he was trying to find a mother figure in his life.

Slowly over the next year, his hands during one of his hugs would accidently touch my breasts. I never thought much of it until later. As he got more daring his hands would linger on my breasts or he would squeeze my bottom. I finally had to tell him that he was being inappropriate when just before his 19th birthday he came up behind me and boldly tweaked both of my nipples while standing so close that I thought I could feel his hard on against my bottom. As I spun around to express my displeasure he took my chin in his hand and kissed me on the lips until I pulled away and scolded him.

Almost 19 years old, John was not a little boy. In fact he was quite a handsome young man standing about 6'4' and what I would guess to be 220 pounds. After I scolded him he put his head down and headed for the door.

It was then that I realized that John had actually started my motor running so to speak. Here I was almost 50 years old, the mother of 4 and this good looking young man couldn't keep his hands off me. Rather than create a scene or embarrass him, I decided to keep this to myself.

For the next few weeks John seemed to disappear. I guessed it was because he was embarrassed or maybe afraid to face me.

With my kids getting older their interest in doing things as a family became less. I was taken by surprise when Andy was able to round up all the kids for a Saturday hike. I had made plans to get my hair done that afternoon and in spite of all the encouragement to join the family, I decided to take a me day and let Andy have some time with our kids. The family loaded all their gear and was on their way at the crack of dawn for a long hike up a nearby mountain.

I took a long leisurely shower and had breakfast out on the patio. My plan was to run a few errands, get my hair done and then be back in time to join the family for dinner at our favorite steak house.

As I was putting the dirty dishes in the sink dressed only in my under ware and a dark blue house coat there was a knock on the door. Thinking nothing of it I answered the door to find John standing there. Before I could ask him what he wanted he stepped in and said hi Mrs. Johnson. I know that my behavior has been a problem for you and I just wanted to find you alone to say that I am sorry.

Without thinking I stepped forward and took him in my arms. I looked up into his eyes and said no harm done let's just keep this as our little secrete Ok.

I'd like that a lot Mrs. Johnson. You see I have had a crush on you for a long time and I know that my inexperience with girls probably led me to offend you.

John, I am old enough to be your mother and I have always treated you as a son. Why don't I get some coffee for the both of us and let's sit and talk thru this.

As I joined John in the living room and set the coffee on the small table, he sat about as close to me as two people can sit. He took my hands in his and said I really like you a lot and being with you has become an obsession with me. I know you see me as a kid but I am not a kid any more.

He seemed to be pouring his heart out to me and I didn't have the heart to stop him as his hands started rubbing slowly up and down my arms. As he talked he ran his hands over my shoulders and started massaging my neck. When I told him that even though what he was doing felt good and that I was flattered by his interest in me, he was once again being inappropriate.

He must have heard only the first part of what I said because he smiled down at me and held me tight as his lips touched mine. As I struggled to get free John's hands were all over me. Covered by my thick house coat I am not quite sure what Johns hands could feel but I knew that he was looking for something and that if I didn't stop him soon, I was in real trouble.

As I opened my mouth to tell him to stop, his tongue darted between my lips and into my mouth. Determined to stop him, I tried to pry his hands from my breast but he was much too strong. He held both my arms pinned between us with one powerful hand. The other hand slipped inside my house coat as he touched my bra clad tits.

Just about the time I thought he was letting up, he found the clasp of my bra between my tits and unclipped it as I struggled to get away. No one but Andy had ever touched me and I was doing whatever I could to keep it that way but this young man was just too strong.

In one motion, he pulled my bra and my house coat open to reveal my firm breasts and dark nipples. He let go of my hands but kept me pinned to the sofa with his body. He used his hands and his mouth on every inch of my exposed breasts and upper torso. Pinching my nipples with his fingers, he used his tongue in long wet strokes across my chest.

As I begged him to stop he touched me wherever he wanted to and started giving my breasts wet little kisses all around my nipples. He would then take one nipple at a time and bite to where it was actually painful.

With my hard little nipples standing straight up and nothing to shield them from John, I was at his mercy as to what he was planning to do with me. I couldn't believe this young man that had been like a son to me was capable of what he was doing but I had no way to stop him.

I was able to grab the open ends of my house coat and just as a camera appeared out of nowhere John released me as I pulled hard on the hose coat and covered myself from John's eyes.

The bulb flashed somewhere in the process and as I pulled myself together yelling at John to get out of my house, he just sat there smiling. Not knowing what John was going to do, I tried to take the offensive and got up to open the door. Before I could get to the door, John calmly said Mrs. Johnson, you have beautiful tits. I turned to yell at him to get out but he just sat there and said come take a look at this.

As I angrily sat next to him and tried to grab the camera, he pulled back and said sure looks like you are trying to seduce an innocent young man. As I stared at his picture, it looked as if he was right and that I appeared to be opening my garment and offering my tits to the camera instead of what I was really doing in an effort to cover up.

I screamed at him to give me the picture but he pulled it back and smiled as he said that if I didn't do as he asked, Andy would be getting a copy of this. Having been part of the family I realized that he knew that seeing a picture like this Andy would probably divorce me without even listening to what I had to say. I felt like a trapped animal but I knew that I had to do something to get that picture. I flew at John with my fists aimed at his face and my feet aimed at his crotch as I fought to get the picture back.

John had little trouble subduing my 5'2 110 pound body and he held me up in front of him as he all of a sudden wasn't a little boy any more. When I stopped struggling and realized the predicament I was in he let me go. I said John what do you want from me and he said that I have to leave for a short time. When I get back, I want you to be in your husbands bed wearing one of those sexy see through negligee's you keep hidden in the back of your closet. You can call whoever you like, but if you try anything funny, this picture will ruin you.

Please John I said don't do this. You are a handsome young man with your choice of pretty girls. If you give me the picture I will forget this ever happened.

He stood up and said, I don't want a girl Mrs. Johnson, I want a woman. With that he left, fully expecting me to co-operate when he returned.

Realizing that I had a big problem I went into panic mode trying to come up with a way to stop all this. He had shown me that he could over power me any time he wished but there was no way that I would ever give him permission to take his desires any further.

I had no idea how long he would be gone but I found myself heading up the stairs to my room. I sat on the bed and cried but all I could think of was that Andy would leave me. I couldn't focus on the task at hand and there was no way that I would be able to find that picture so I had to come up with some way to remove his position of power over me or at least delay the inevitable in any way I could.

I slowly pulled out the box of night wear hidden in the back of my closet. I hadn't used the contents in 10 years and I wondered how he knew it was there. In a state of shock, I pulled out my old favorite white negligee with see thru panties and began to put it on.

Looking in the mirror, I had to admit that I probably looked more like thirty than 50 and cursed myself for trying so hard to look good for my husband. My tummy was still flat and my breasts didn't have a hint of sag. My ass was soft but firm and my pubs were covered in thick graying black hair. The gray hair covering my pelvic was the only sign of my true age. I put my discarded clothes away and put the box back in the closet. I closed the curtains and climbed under the covers hoping that I could come up with some way to stop what I was sure was about to happen.

I had never considered myself a prude, but Andy was the only man I had ever slept with and this was far beyond anything I knew how to deal with. I was absolutely certain that John was intent on raping me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door. I thought at that moment the least I should have done was lock the doors, but it was too late for that as I heard him come up the stairs. Dressed in the negligee as requested, I lay on my back with the bed cover pulled tightly to my chin. John said softly, are you ready my love as he slowly opened the door.

Appalled by the thought of this young man thinking that he could call me his. I looked at him and again asked him not to do this as he opened the curtains to let all the light in. Even though we were on the second floor and afraid someone might see I meekly asked him if it wouldn't be more romantic with the curtains blocking out the light without realizing what John was carrying. He said Mrs. Johnson, if you are a good girl, what I am going to ask you to do will not be painful and it will be over quickly. I was floored. I didn't know what to say so I sat and watched as he set up his expensive camera and the recording device. Still hiding under the covers, I asked him what it was he was planning to do to me. He just said you will see in a minute.

When he was done he turned on all the equipment and said Mrs. Johnson, next month I am going away to school. I will be gone for four years with only short visits home. I want something to remember you by so come out from under the covers and pose for my camera. Knowing he already had a damning picture hidden somewhere I still wouldn't agree to this so I held the covers to my chin and said John, please don't do this.

Taking that option away, he simple yanked the blankets off the bed and smiled at my see thru garment. He said I would like to remind you that with today's technology, I can remove any part of this that isn't perfect so you can do this the easy way and play for the camera, or I can get into bed with you and have my way with you until you are ready to play for the camera.

Knowing he had the strength to use me in any way he chose, I defiantly said that I don't want to give you more ammunition against me because what you already have is more than I can handle.

Mrs. Johnson I can see that your nipples are hard and I would be willing to bet that your pussy is wet. You have an incredible body and I want a memory for my time away. What happens after today is up to you.

Knowing he was right about my nipples and feeling my juices flowing from my pussy, given the choice between forced intercourse and a few more pictures to someone that already had one, I got on my hands and knees and crawled across the bed toward the camera forcing myself to smile. Before I could reach the camera in the hope of destroying it, John stepped in the way and told me not to do something stupid.

I need this to look like you are seducing me he said.

I looked at him and said defiantly that I haven't even done that with Andy since before you were born. I am not going to play your game.

All right Mrs. Johnson, then I will need to give you some encouragement.

With that he reached for the shoulder of my negligee and pulled it so hard that he ripped my negligee off and I was left wearing only my see thru panties and a torn negligee with my upper body and my breasts completely exposed.

I can sit here and admire your beautiful chest all day John said. But given the fact that we have a diner engagement in a few hours, I need you to start co-operating.

I tried to cover my exposed body with my hands but I knew that even at my age, I was going to have to convince this crazy kid that I wanted him or he would end up hurting me. I put my hands to my flat tummy and started running them up and down my upper body while John watched. I played with my breasts and pulled on my nipples moaning softly as the camera recorded my performance.

To my amazement, I was feeling like I hadn't felt in years. My nipples were tingling and my pussy was getting wet. I couldn't believe this was happening as I buried myself in my little show. I held my tits from underneath and offered them to John as I licked my lips and smiled as seductively as I knew how.

John just sat smiling and telling me that I was beautiful. I want this to last forever he said. You have incredible tits and a pretty face. I am really going to enjoy learning about woman from you.

After what seemed like a long time John told me to remove the panties. I knew he wasn't asking and I knew that this young man was going to see a part of me that had been the sole pleasure of one man. Reluctantly I reached for the band holding up my panties and slowly lowered them down my legs.

When I tossed them to the side, John said let me see what you have between your legs and smile for the camera.

Sitting up-right in the middle of my bed, I slowly spread my legs and revealed myself to John as I placed the fingers from both hands on either side of my cunt and spread my lips in an attempt to show John my clit and the pink skin protecting my female organ. To my surprise he started yelling this will never do. I want to see pink and your pussy is hidden under your pelvic hair. It has to go.

I looked at him and asked what do you mean to which John said maybe it isn't so bad. I just expected that you would be clean shaven between your legs but now we can shave you together.

I was dumbfounded as I said I couldn't do that. If I let you remove the hair, Andy will surely know something has happened. John said I don't care. Get in the bathroom and get started so I can watch you shave your cunt.

Not given any choice I knew that I had to do as I was told. I sat on the closed toilet seat and carefully clipped away the long graying black hair growing over my pubes. I then took a razor to the rest and as I pulled the skin tight, I shaved myself for the first time in my life as John just sat on the bathroom floor and watched.

When I was done John took a warm cloth and cleaned me up before ordering me back on the bed. That was the first time he had touched me between my legs and I started to tingle from the soft attention he was giving me.

I spent the next half hour spreading myself open in any way I could think of as John and his camera took it all in. I could feel my body betraying me as my juices ran down my legs and my dark nipples pointed straight ahead like two little pebbles seeking attention. I inserted two fingers into my pussy and brought myself to the edge of an orgasm as I moved my fingers in and out.

With me on the verge of a much needed release, John stood up and started packing up his camera and recorder. As I sat and watched John went thru my things and picked out what he said I would be wearing for my diner appointment.

Surprisingly he picked a decent length skirt and a button in the front blouse. He then went and picked a reasonable bra but the tiniest panties I owned. He told me to shower and get dressed and he would be back to pick me up in time for dinner.

As he started to leave, I got on my knees still naked and said John, I am begging you to let this end here. He just walked out the front door and left me to wonder what he had in store for me. I couldn't have imagined that he would be joining the family for the evening after what he had done. The more I thought about it the more worried I became that he would do something really stupid.

John picked me up promptly at 6:45 and was a real gentleman as he opened doors and seemed to say all the right things. As mad as I was at him, I had to be careful not to do anything to set him off. We arrived at the restaurant at about the same time as everyone else and were seated in the far corner of the restaurant. No one thought it was unusual when John slid into the booth next to me as they were all talking about their hiking trip. I was on the far inside against the wall on one side and John on the other. Ted sat on the other side of John.

All through diner John and I sat quietly and listened to the tales of the day's adventure. About half way thru the meal he calmly placed his hand on my leg and started running his fingers up and down my thigh. Fearful that someone would notice, I didn't attempt to stop his hand from roaming. I could only hope that no one saw what he was doing.

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