tagLoving WivesNo Spouses Allowed Pt. 02

No Spouses Allowed Pt. 02


Chapter 5

Sandy started giggling, "We won!" She was instantly relieved, but as she thought about the text message from our husbands, she began to have doubts. "But, what does that mean?" she asked, giving me a puzzled look.

"I'm not sure, exactly," I replied. "I think it means they're giving us a hall pass for the party."

Sandy started giggling again but suddenly stopped. "Hang on," she said, looking confused, "but, doesn't that mean that they get one too?"

I sat up, staring at my phone. "I didn't want a hall pass. I was only playing the game with Greg to prove a point, not to get permission to fuck someone else. I'm going to text them back that we were kidding, that we don't want the hall pass."

"Hold on, Angie," Sandy interrupted, reaching out to stop me from texting. "If you do that, then they win! Just because they gave us a hall pass doesn't mean we have to use it. We can just have fun and let them worry all weekend about what we're doing. We won't do anything that crosses the line, but they won't know that."

"You mean anything that crosses the same line that what you and I just crossed five minutes ago?" I asked smiling at my best friend.

"Well, yeah, we just won't cross it again, with other people, I mean," Sandy replied, pursing her lips.

"That sounds like you're saying you might cross it again with me," I responded, my smile became a wicked grin.

"It does sound like that, doesn't it?" Sandy shot back playfully, not answering my question.



Our cellphones both sounded off, indicating another text message had come in from our husbands. We were both afraid to look.

"You look," I said.

"No, you look. This is all your idea," Sandy fired back.

"No way! The licking each other's pussy was definitely your idea. You look," I retorted.

"Ok, I take credit for that, but we're here in this situation because of you, so you look," Sandy said, crossing her arms in defiance.

I sighed, then lifted the phone, "Ok, I'll look," I said, resigned to handle reading the message. Sandy immediately jumped up and sat next to me, looking over my shoulder to read it with me.

The message was from my husband Greg, and said, "That was the hottest fucking thing we've ever seen. We thought you were faking it, but you weren't. So, you girls win. We just have one condition. You have to send us pictures or videos if you fool around. Well, two conditions. Don't bring back anything we don't want."

"Oh my god!" Sandy exclaimed, "They're serious." She gave Angie a somber, almost angry look. "They're cheating on us. That's why they agreed to this. They're not ice fishing; they're up there cheating on us. How do we even know if they've ever been ice fishing? I know I never looked at any pictures. Did you? I mean, fuck, I can't believe Dan is fucking some whore! I'm going to kill him."

I stared at my friend as she was having a meltdown, "Sandy, you fucked Tony Castellucci, and you had sex with me. You are in no position to get angry at Dan for cheating. Plus, you don't know they've been cheating."

"Why else would they suddenly agree to let us fool around? Don't they love us? Don't they care if we fuck someone else? Clearly not! They agreed because it lets them off the hook. They get to fuck around all weekend too! Like they haven't already been doing it." Sandy was working herself up into a frenzy.

"You don't know that. Maybe they just said it because they don't think we'll do anything. Greg thinks I'm too prim and proper to do anything. I'm sure he thinks there is no way in hell that I would do anything with anybody," I tried to rationalize.

"You mean like eat my pussy on camera for them to watch?" Sandy shot back, "After your screaming lesbian orgasm, do you think he still thinks your too prim and proper?"

"Then, why do they want us to send pictures and videos of us fooling around," I asked, truly perplexed.

"Evidence against us for the divorce!" Sandy replied, angrily. "Fuck this. If they want to play that game, we can play it too." She picked up her phone and began feverishly pecking out a message, then sent it.

Chapter 6

"Dude," started Dan, "Are you sure about this? I don't want Sandy fucking someone else!" The naked stripper on his lap rolled her eyes, then sipped her beer as she rubbed her ass on Dan's crotch.

"Dan, I explained this already," Greg replied, frustration in his voice. "They are not going to fuck anybody. I know my wife. This was all just a game of one-upping for her. There is no way in hell she's going to fuck around. Giving her permission to do it is brilliant." He looked down at the head bobbing up and down in his lap. "Use your teeth," he demanded, then moaned as the stripper did what he ordered as she sucked on his cock.

"I still don't see the brilliance in it," Dan stated flatly.

"I told you," Greg explained, "Giving her a hall pass will only make her overthink it even more. She'll be all worried about my feelings and that I'll think she's a slut. She won't do anything, and she won't let Sandy do anything either. They will try to make up some bullshit story to tell us they did something. That's why I said they have to send pictures or videos. If they know they have to do that, it only guarantees it more. They won't do a God damned thing, but, we have free reign to do whatever the fuck we want!" Greg pulled the young blonde's head up by her hair, "Are you sucking my cock or gumming me to death?"

"Dude, you saw the video of them fucking each other! I would never have imagined the two of them doing something like that. Would your wife go that far to win your game?" he asked.

Greg nodded, "Yeah, she would. But, I think she was faking it. Maybe they got too turned on, and it just happened. But, they won now. She doesn't feel competitive any more. She has nothing to win, so she's back to being boring, prim and proper Angie."

Suddenly both of their phones dinged. There was a message from Sandy. It said, "Ok, fine! We'll meet your condition but only if you send us pics of who you're with. No pictures from you guys, no pictures from us. In fact, start now. Send us pics of you right now."

The dark-haired stripper on Dan's lap giggled when she read the message. "Busted," she said in a sing-song voice.

"Well, fuck," Dan said, "Now what?"

"Let me think!" Greg snapped back.

Chapter 6

I was in the bathroom when the message came in on my cell phone. I opened it to see a carefully staged picture of Greg, Dan and the rest of their fishing buddies all smiling at the camera, raising beers. They appeared to be in an old, run-down tavern or bar. The accompanying message said, "Grabbing dinner and a few beers at a local bar."

I came out to the living room to find Sandy staring at her phone. She glanced up at me, "Did you see this bullshit?" she asked.

"Looks like they're having a good time to me," I went to pour us more wine, but the bottle was empty.

"They're up to something," Sandy replied. "I don't trust them."

I sat down next to her on the sofa, and put my arm around her, feeling a newfound affection for my best friend. I kissed her bare shoulder, pulled her phone out of her hand and turned her pretty face to me.

"Don't worry about it," I whispered, leaning in, my mouth next to her ear. "We aren't going to do anything anyway, at least not with anybody else." I kissed her, pressing my mouth against her firmly, slipping my tongue between her lips. Sandy responded, turning to embrace me and melting into the kiss.

Our kiss grew increasingly passionate. I had never wanted to kiss another woman in this way before, but Sandy had unlocked a door inside me, and now that it was ajar, I felt it wanting to open fully. My hands explored her body as I assumed the role of aggressor.

I groped and squeezed her breasts, feeling her nipples grow hard in my fingers. I lowered my head, kissing slowly down her neck. Sandy tilted her head back, exposing her throat and making a soft sighing sound. I licked in the center, where her collarbones came together, then down, between her breasts. I opened my mouth and lightly dragged my lips over her full breast, my tongue seeking her nipple.

"Oh God," Sandy gasped out, "Oh God!" I was barely touching her, and she seemed to be enjoying it intensely. I felt a sense of pride that my touch evoked such a strong reaction in her.

"Oh GOD!" she yelled, then jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I could hear the sound of her retching as I approached. She was on her hands and knees, face over the open commode, puking. Now, I knew where all the wine had gone. I wet a washcloth and wrung it out, and knelt next to her, rubbing her back.

"I don't feel so good," she mumbled, just before she heaved dryly, failing to purge her stomach anymore. I helped her stand, guided her to the bed and washed her face with the cool cloth. "I'm sorry, Angie," she cried, then curled into the fetal position.

I covered her with the blankets and remembering stories and urban legends, put a pillow behind her back to prevent her from rolling flat. I cleaned up the toilet and took a hot, steaming shower. Twenty minutes later, I came out feeling stress-free and relaxed. I put on the complimentary white bathrobe, checked on Sandy, then sat down on the sofa, turning on the TV and wishing I had a glass of wine.

Chapter 7

I woke sometime later. The TV was playing an infomercial about some new kind of miracle face cream. I thought I'd heard some annoying tapping, but as I glanced around the room, the only sound came from the television.

"Tap-tap-tap," I heard it again and realized someone was lightly knocking on the door. Cautiously, I got up and walked to the door. There was no peephole. Who in the hell would be knocking on my door in the middle of the night? I flipped the security latch in place and opened the door a crack to peer out.

Tony Castellucci was smiling broadly, holding up a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. "Hello, pretty lady," he said softly. "You said to stop by after my date for a nightcap. It's over, and here I am, with some wine."

I shook my head, "No, you suggested it. Tony, it's really late, and this is not a good idea." I wanted to close the door, but he kept talking. It must be the salesman in him.

"Well," he began with a wink, "you did give me your room number. So, you must have wanted me to come by. Just one drink? It is late, but after all, a nightcap is a drink before bed. One drink then I'll go."

The thought of some wine before bed did sound appealing. Plus, I figured he was not likely to rape me, not with Sandy in the room. I convinced myself it was safe and opened the door, "Okay," I whispered, "Sandy is asleep, so we have to be quiet."

He smiled as he stepped inside. "Have no fear," he whispered back, "I can be very quiet when I want to be. I have a lot of experience with married women."

I closed the door behind him and led him over to the living area. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked as I sat on the sofa, and pulled one of my legs up under me. Suddenly, I was acutely aware that I was naked and only wearing a very short, terry cloth robe. I must have flashed him briefly; his eyes lit up as he stared between my legs.

"Ahem," I said to get his attention, pointing at my face, "eyes up here, Casanova."

He grinned then proceeded to open the wine and pour us each a glass. "It simply means that I have a lot of experience with being sneaky and not making too much noise. I had one married lover who snuck me into her home. She liked to fuck me in her husband's favorite recliner in his man cave while he slept down the hall."

"You're kidding, right?" I asked incredulously.

"Not at all," he said softly, handing me the glass and sitting next to me on the sofa. I took the glass but felt a bit uncomfortable with him that close, so I inched my way toward the armrest.

"It was an incredibly exciting evening. Unfortunately, she was not as skilled at remaining silent, and her cries of ecstasy woke the entire house. I have also learned to run very quickly."

He offered me a glass of the deep purple wine. I sipped, and my mouth instantly filled with hints of chocolate and tart cherries. The wine was spectacular. "Oh, this is good," I said as I took another sip.

"At five-hundred dollars a bottle it should be," he replied, holding his glass to his nose to inhale slowly.

"Do you always try to impress your dates by telling them how much money you spend on things?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Well, I'm making progress," he responded, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "I've moved up already. We went from just having a nightcap to being on a date."

I smiled and sipped more of the wine. Tony was not a bad looking man at all. He had a definite charm about him, even if it did come across as overly rehearsed. I was enjoying the looks he was giving me and the obvious hungry way he stared at my legs and breasts.

"You are a beautiful woman, Sandy," he said, pouring on the charm, "You just need to relax more and enjoy life. I would be happy to give you a massage if it would help."

I raised my eyebrows, "Oh I'm sure you would," I said, fighting the urge to giggle, "but, we're going to the spa in a few hours. I can wait until then."

"Yes, but will they give you an orgasm with the massage?" he asked, leaning closer, staring at me intently.

I had to laugh at that. "No, I seriously doubt that's on the menu at the spa. I get the feeling that you wouldn't be satisfied with just giving me a body rub and an orgasm. I think you would be looking for some reciprocation."

"Reciprocation is, of course, always welcome," he said, chuckling.

"Didn't the lady at the bar show you a good time?" I queried, leaning forward.

"Oh yes," he said with no hint of any emotional reaction, "of course she did. We had hard and passionate sex. I dare say she came several times."

I was not surprised. They looked to be getting along rather well at the bar. I was thinking she must not have done a very good job at pleasing him. If she had, he would not be here in my room, trying to get into my robe.

"Well, if you had such good sex, why are you here in my room?" I wasn't sure if I was jealous or irritated.

Tony poured me some more wine, and he used the opportunity to move closer. I was beginning to feel slightly trapped, but I was also getting excited about this new kind of game that he and I seemed to be playing. It felt like another form of the dare game that I play with my husband.

"She was great and eager to please," he answered. "I don't believe her husband takes care of her needs at all, so she responded enthusiastically to my efforts. However, she is not you. I've had my eye on you since the day you joined the company and have often thought about you and what it would be like to enjoy your exquisite body."

"Are you continuously in sales mode?" I retorted, grinning broadly, taking a sip from my wine glass.

"Do you know the A-B-C's of selling?" he asked me, his hand resting on my bare foot, which happened to be only inches away from my barely covered, naked vagina. I knew I should tell him to stop, but I was more than a little flattered and curious to see how hard he would work. I didn't stop him.

"No," I replied, leaning back a bit against the armrest, which caused the robe to creep higher up my thighs, "what is that?"

"It is a principle that all good salesmen follow religiously," he spoke softly and began to gently massage my foot, pulling it onto his lap to knead along the sole. "Always be closing."

He held my foot in both hands, using his thumbs to glide along the underside. I had to admit; his hands felt incredible. I grinned at him and raised my eyebrows again, "Are you closing the deal now?" I asked.

"This is all just the preliminary negotiations," he replied, grinning back. He lifted my foot and kissed it softly. Immediately, I was aware that my leg raised, causing the robe to part and expose my bare pussy to him. He stared directly at it but made no immediate move to touch it. He continued to massage and kiss my foot. I gasped softly and felt a tingling and a hint of dampness between my legs.

Tony slid his hand up my leg slowly. I spread my legs wider and untied my bathrobe, opening it and revealing my body to him. My nipples were hard and aching to be sucked. My pussy was practically dripping onto the sofa. He abandoned any pretense of massaging my foot, setting it down and leaning over to press his mouth against my exposed labia.

I inhaled sharply and arched my back, lifting my pussy to meet his mouth. He rubbed his mouth side-to-side, slipping his tongue between my lips to force them apart. He roughly moved his tongue up and down between them, up to where the inner labia met, pushing on my clit. I gasped and grabbed his head in my hands, pulling his face against me tighter.

I was shocked at my own behavior. Before today, I would never have considered having sex with anyone other than Greg. Somehow, having been given the hall pass had triggered something hidden inside me, a desire that had lain dormant but now demanded to be satiated. I wanted sex, and I wanted it badly.

I groaned and felt my juices flowing. Tony must have noticed a sudden increase in moisture as his eyes shot open and stared up at me. He sucked on my open vagina and shoved his tongue deep inside me. I shuddered and lifted my hips, pushing myself harder into his face. "Mmmm, eat me, Tony," I growled. "Eat my married pussy."

He responded by sliding his hands under my ass, squeezing my full cheeks and pulling my pussy harder against his attacking mouth. His tongue plunged into my wet opening over and over, fucking me and bringing me to a heightened state of pleasure. I was loving what he was doing but wanted more. I wanted his cock.

But first, I wanted him to make me cum.

I grabbed handfuls of his hair and wrapped my legs around his head, my feet digging into his back. I pumped my hungry, needy pussy rapidly against his face as the first fluttery feelings of my orgasm starting to draw near. "Oh, god damn," I groaned, "fuck my pussy with your tongue! You're going to make me cum."

He pushed his tongue as far into me as he could and held it there, wiggling inside me for several seconds. I cried out in pleasure and began to shake. Then, abruptly, he pulled his tongue out, found my clit and began licking it firmly, rapidly, making it snap up and down. The intense shock of pleasure hit me hard, and I almost screamed. I bit down on my bottom lip and grunted.

I lost control of my body. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't stop shaking. My pussy was bouncing up and down uncontrollably. Tony held on tightly to me, doing a wondrous job of keeping his tongue on my clitoris as my hips moved violently. I wasn't cumming, not yet, not really. It was more like I was floating in a rapidly flowing current, heading toward a waterfall, moving faster and faster, with the drop and crash unavoidable and imminent.

Then it hit me, the most powerful orgasm of my life. It was as if my entire body exploded with pure, raw energy. Every cell and every nerve was alive and charged with electricity. I may have screamed; I really don't remember. I know I squirted, which happens for me on rare occasions.

I felt myself go over the edge of the waterfall, hang suspended in the air for what could only have been a split second, but seemed to go on impossibly long. Then I was falling, dropping rapidly downward, speeding as the orgasm coursed through my being. I crashed to the bottom, and my body shook and convulsed as incredibly hard spasms shook me to my core, forcing loud, screams of pleasure out of me.

I felt something soft pressing against my lips. I opened my eyes and saw Tony smiling down at me, his face wet with my cum. He was still fully clothed, but had a large, gorgeous erection in his fist and was rubbing the tip on my mouth. I moaned and parted my lips to wrap around his bulbous head. Sandy had not told me that his cock was this big! I began to think she might have been holding out on me.

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