tagLesbian SexNo Trouble "Tribbing"

No Trouble "Tribbing"


(If you have never 'tribbed', you have absolutely no idea what you are missing. For those of you who have..........enjoy)

"What are you doing tomorrow?" Kelli asked.

"Nothing planned," I replied.

"Want to lay out and get a tan before we go to Vegas?"

"Sounds like a good idea. Come on out and I'll fix us lunch."

"See you tomorrow."

I had a suspicion she was interested in more than tanning. After our last little episode together, I sensed she might be hungry for more. There's something about that first great orgasm that sticks in your mind, and when you need refreshing, it's always nice to go back again.

She showed up about eleven, dressed in shorts and a bikini top. I greeted her in the drive with a big hug, and a kiss. As I held her against me, I could feel her nipples straining against the thin material and poke into my chest.

She wanted more!

We went inside and I opened a bottle of Chenin Blanc and poured us each a glass. I brought out some fruit and cheese and we ate a nice casual lunch, talking about her job, and all the happenings around town. She was up on everything.

"Grab you glass. I'll bring the wine bucket, and we'll lay out on the deck."

I brought out a couple of towels and pillows for the lounges, and positioned them for us. I placed the wine bucket on the table between us.

Kelli stripped off her shorts and was about to lay down in the chaise when I interrupted her.

"You're going to have tan lines, girl!"

"That wouldn't be good! Would it?"

I shock my head and she stood back up and took off her bottoms. Still shaved clean. I noticed her lips were a little swollen and her clit protruded between them, just begging to be sucked. I resisted as she removed her top. Her small breasts stood out from her chest with those wonderful areola and nipples pointing skyward.

"Need some lotion?"

"Oh yeah. You?"


I got out the bottle, squirted some into my hand and began lathering her arms with it. I then worked my way to her upper chest and on down to just above her breasts. I squirted a big glob of it between her breasts and began massaging it in. She closed her eyes and a small moan escaped her lips. Her hand dropped down between her slightly parted thighs and she slowly began to circle her clit with her finger. Her breasts were rock hard and now glistening in the hot afternoon sun.

I stopped massaging her and let her continue exploring her sex with her finger. It was now slowly moving in and out of her vagina, bringing moisture with it each time she withdrew. I could feel myself getting wetter just watching her. Her clit was standing proudly between her labia, and every so often she would circle it with her finger, dragging the moisture from her sopping vagina.

I could feel seepage from my own slit, as it slid down the crack of my ass. I scooped it up and smeared it all over my labia and clit.

"Wanna trib?" I asked, know she probably wouldn't have a clue what that was.

She opened her eyes and looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"What's that? Sounds kinky."

"Well.........you probably did it with your best friend when you didn't really even know what sex was, but just knew it felt good."

"Dry Humping!" she exclaimed.

"Ever do it?"

"Oh yeah! With my best friend on sleepovers sometimes, then later with boys, usually in the back seat of a car!"

"Oh God, I did have a lesbian experience before you! Of course, at the time, it didn't even seem like sex. But..........looking back on it, it was."

"Tell me about it."

"Well, it was in the summer. I was sleeping over at my friends house. They had a screened in gazebo in the back yard, and we were 'camping out'. It started out as a lot of giggling and then we took turns pretending we were boys, and began kissing each other. I remember my pussy getting tingly and my panties wet, but never considered it being sex. Well.........one thing led to another and soon she had crawled on top of me and began rubbing her panty covered mound against mine. I do remember it felt really good and by the time she 'came', and I know she did, because her breathing stopped and she shuddered on top of me. I know I didn't 'cum', but I sure got wet and it felt really good. Right after that, she rolled of me and slid her hand down my panties. I remember vividly when she ran her finger over my clit. It was like and electric shock.

She pulled her hand back out and pulled my panties down.

She had to examine my huge clit. "Goodness..........your button is a lot bigger than mine!" I didn't think anything of it at the time, but later, the boys seemed to shy away from it. We never experimented again. I think maybe it was my clit that scared her off. I always wanted to do it with her, but the sleepovers stopped and we drifted apart as friends.

I really enjoyed 'tribbing' you called it, but with the boys in the cars, it really wasn't the same. I think it's truly a 'girl thing'. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, but my fantasies always turned back to the first time. I guess girls should have been my thing. I mean, I still like a good stiff cock, but I think I like a wet pussy more, or at least as much."

She looked at me with a puzzled look as asked, "Does that make sense?"

"Perfectly! Your like me, a late blooming bi. We want it all!"

"Well, anyway, it sounds like fun. My pussy is so wet, I guess it won't be 'dry humping' will it?"

"I don't believe it ever was!"

I turned around on the chaise and slid my legs toward her waist, sliding one under her and one over until our vaginas met.

"Perfect fit!" I thought to myself.

I slowly pressed against Kelli, mashing her labia into mine, and causing her clit to try to sneak it's way between my lips. Man, did that send a charge up my vagina, causing me to lubricate copiously, all over our lips. She began to slowly grind against me, forcing her lips against mine, driving her clit deeper into my cleft. Sloppy wet sounds emanated from the gooey mess between our legs. I pushed back harder and now we were totally locked together in what seemed to be a permanent scissors, humping against each other. I pulled her leg up to my face and began licking my way down her calve. She bent her knee enough so that I could get lower to her feet. I licked my way down her little foot and began sucking and licking her toes. She went wild, bucking harder against me.

I sucked harder on her tows and she went nearly insane with pleasure.

"Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhh God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" she screamed over and over.

I pulled her tighter against me as she went over the top. I could feel the pulsing in her vagina with my own, causing me to orgasm with her. For minutes, she seemed to spasm over and over, shaking and grinding against me. We must have cum three or four times as our sloppy holes leaked all over us.

I finally released her leg and she collapsed back onto the chaise. Our pussies came apart and we both just lay back.

She got the giggles and couldn't stop from the strength of her orgasm. When I finally could move, I got up on one elbow and looked up at her.

"Look at the mess we made!"

She sat up and looked down at the chaise where we had been locked together. A sticky wet spot was very significant on the chair. She got off the chair and onto the deck. Her face went to the spot and she began to lick all the juices from the fabric. When she was satisfied it was cleaned up, she pulled me to her and kissed me.

"All clean! Next time we better use a drop cloth!"

We both laughed and I moved to the other lounge chair.

"Only one week to Vegas!" I said

"Can't wait!"

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by Anonymous05/09/18

Wet throbbing clit

All I want to do is suck her ass hole and trib I’m cumming now just thinking about it mmmmm I LOVE WET SHAVED CLEAN PUSSY

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by Anonymous07/19/17

First time tribbing

My first time tribbing with a girl was a day that I'll never forget
It was her first time to and we both learned how to do it by trial and error until we found the perfect way to rub our pussies togethermore...

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