Nora Ch. 02


Here is chapter 2 at long last. It's a little longer than chapter 1 was, but not much. I do owe some thanks to all of you out there taking the time to read my work. I must say I found the response to my first chapter (also my first submission) gratifying.

To the person who left the anonymous feedback asking if it was necessary for me to "take the lord's name in vain" I can only say that I did not take the name of any deity in vain. I did not capitalize god. I find I have my own question for that person though. If you are going to be that defensive of your deity, why are you even reading erotica? If I am correct in the presumption of which beliefs you profess to follow, thinking is the same as doing. Therefore a little reminder for you anonymous, "Before removing the mote from your neighbor's eye, be sure to remove the beam from your own." (paraphrased from my own memory of the guidelines for the beliefs in question).

Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to read, comment, and vote on my first submission. Thanks also to E. who persuaded me to write this in the first place. Without further ado, here is Nora, Chapter 2.

SL 6/27/08


Alone with her thoughts, Nora wondered, 'What is this bastard going to do to me? He has me trussed to this bed, completely at his mercy. All he's done so far is feed me and examine me.'

Meanwhile, upstairs, Stuart was dictating his findings.

"Subject is a 29 year old female. Height: 68 inches. Weight: 183 pounds. Hair: Black. Eyes: Brown. No identifying marks or tattoos. Identification found in personal effects indicates subject's name to be Nora Peterson. Personal effects and clothing placed in bin 242. Initial examination shows subject to be in good health, overall. Subject responds quickly to pain stimulus. Subject is displaying normal levels of curiosity regarding her situation."

Looking over to the monitoring station, Stuart asked himself, 'What shall it be for you, subject 242?'


Nora started awake. 'Shit, how long was I out that time? How long is this fucker going to keep me like this?'

"Good morning 242. I trust you enjoyed you little nap."

"You mother fucker! How the fuck do you expect me to enjoy anything like this?" Nora rattled her chains to emphasize her point.

"Calm yourself 242."

"Fuck you! My name is Nora you fucking bastard!"

"You are subject 242."

"Nora! My fucking name is..."

"...Subject 242. Now, are you going to calm yourself?"

"Why should I fucking calm myself? What are you going to do if I don't? Fucking kill me?"

"Subject 242, there are things far worse than death, and you will experience some of them. I know it sounds cliché, but, by the time I am through with you, you will be begging for death."

Cliché or not, the statement was effective. Nora knew that resisting her captor's plan would not be effective. She could only hope to make it out of this alive.


Nora felt the pressure change and heard the muted thud that she had come to associate with her captor entering the room. Something was different this time, though. Instead of being raised into a sitting position, the chains to her wrists were shortened very quickly.

The next thing she felt sent a shiver of fear down her spine.

A gloved hand grabbed her ankle and lifted it from the bed. Once off the bed, her foot was strapped into a stirrup and the process was repeated with the other foot.

'Oh god,' Nora thought, 'He's going to rape me!'

She shouldn't have been surprised. She had actually been expecting this since waking up chained to this bed. Now, here she was, spread open like a hooker at a bachelor party.

"Oh god, please no," she whimpered.

She was shocked when she felt him cleaning her pussy and asshole with baby wipes.

"What are you going to do to me," she cried.

As surprising as the cleaning was, she hardly felt when her catheter was removed. There was no way to miss the pain of a surgical clamp being put on her clit.

"Mother fucking son of a bitch!" Nora screamed as she tried to buck.

"Now, be still 242, you may feel a slight pinch," Stuart said.

"A slight pinch? What the fuck are you going to do to me?"

"I am going to pierce your clitoris, 242."

"The fuck you think, asshole," Nora yelled as she tried to get free.

"If you do not calm yourself, 242, you will cause yourself significantly more pain," Stuart said. "If you continue to struggle, the needle will not go through cleanly and may very well rip out. If you calm yourself, this will be over quickly with only a modicum of discomfort. If not, this will be a great deal more painful for you."

Nora continued to thrash about as much as she was able.

Seeing this, Stuart sighed to himself and picked up the taser from the tray of supplies next to him. With his left hand, he reached forward and pushed Nora's pelvis down onto the bed. With his right, he pushed the taser into her pussy. Once it was firmly seated in Nora's pussy, he lifted his left hand from her body and activated the taser.

Nora screamed as agonizing pain exploded in her pussy.

Stuart held the button down for 30 seconds. When he released the button, Nora collapsed back on the bed, unconscious. He removed the taser from her pussy and set it back on the tray. Next, he picked up an ammonia inhalant capsule and crushed it under Nora's nose.

Nora started awake and promptly wished she had remained unconscious.

"Welcome back, 242," Stuart said. "Are you ready to cooperate now?"

Nora could only whimper in response.

"I will take that as a yes. You are going to feel a little pinch now. Stay very still."

Stuart selected the 12 gauge piercing needle he had previously prepared. The barbell was already loaded into the end so that all he had to do was push the needle through. Once the barbell was through the clitoris, Stuart threaded on the ball that would make this piercing permanent.

"There we go, 242. All finished. That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

"Just rape me, kill me, and get it over with you sick fuck," Nora sobbed.

"Kill you? Dear me, why would I decorate your already lovely vagina with jewelry if I meant to just kill you? As for raping you, I will most definitely be having intercourse with you. I will certainly familiarize myself not only with your vagina, but your rectum and your mouth as well. Where would you prefer me to start?"

"I get a choice now? Somehow I find that hard to believe. You've kept me here, in the dark, for god knows how long, pierce my fucking clit, and you're going to give me a choice where I want your dick first? Why give me a choice? Is it because your fucking dick is so pathetic that I won't be able to tell where it is unless I've told you where I want you to put it?"

Stuart laughed. "That is very funny, 242. I do so enjoy you spirited ones. It is so much more satisfying when you break. Are you going to choose which orifice I use first, or shall I?"

"Put that dick in my mouth and I'll bite it off, after I make sure to chew very thoroughly, asshole," Nora growled.

"I must say that I am surprised by you, 242. Not many subjects choose anal intercourse first..."

"...Wait just a fucking minute," Nora shouted, "I did not choose anal first!"

Any further protests Nora was going to make died in her throat at the cold, slimy feeling of lubricant being liberally applied to her asshole.

"If you relax, it will be easier on you," Stuart said as he applied two alligator clips to Nora's new piercing.

"What are you doing now," Nora asked, fearing the response.

"Have you ever put a 9 volt battery to your tongue? Same thing, different location," Stuart said.

"Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to deserve this," Nora wailed.

"242, you are just attempting to delay the inevitable at this point. I will answer these last two questions. After that, however, I will proceed with my experiment. I am doing this to you because I am curious by nature. As to what you ever did to deserve this, I do not know you well enough to say that any one particular habit of yours brought you to my attention. You are merely a victim of opportunity."

Stuart couldn't remember a time that he had been this aroused. He picked up a condom and rolled it on. Stepping forward, he pressed the head of his dick to Nora's asshole.

"Remember, 242, if you relax it will be easier for you. Personally, I hope you don't."

"Nora, you bastard. My fucking name is Nora," she said through clenched teeth.

Nora's words turned into a scream as Stuart rammed his dick into her ass. He didn't stop until his thighs hit her ass with a loud slap. Once he was firmly seated, he reached over and picked up a small remote control. Pressing the button sent a small current through Nora's clit.

Stuart smiled to himself as he listened to Nora's screams. There was a distinct difference in pitch when he pressed the button as opposed to when he just drove his dick hard and deep into her ass. It really was music to his ears, a veritable symphony in scream major.

"Keep screaming, 242. I love it," Stuart said as he continued to relentlessly pound her ass.

Stuart continued to pound Nora's ass for several minutes. Eventually he tired of her screams and picked up a dildo from the tray. He then proceeded to abuse her ass with the toy until it was well coated in slime and shit.

While he abused her with the dildo, he removed the shit covered condom from his dick and picked up a fresh one.

"How's your deep-throat technique 242?"

"Put that thing in my mouth and I will bite it off," Nora yelled.

"I have no doubt that you will try, 242. However, I would not recommend attempting anything so foolish."

"Try me you fucking bast..."

As she was yelling, Stuart yanked the dildo from her ass and shoved it into her mouth.

Nora gagged at the taste of the shit-covered dildo being forced into her mouth. Try as she might, she just couldn't bite down through the gagging.

Stuart secured the dildo in her mouth with a gag he had constructed himself. This gag would allow him to vary the depth of the dildo in her mouth and lock it at any depth he desired. It also freed up his hands to continue with what he wanted to do.

He put on a fresh condom and selected another dildo from the tray. This dildo was larger than the one currently in Nora's mouth. He slammed the second dildo into her ass all the way to it's fake balls. He then rammed his own cock into Nora's bone dry pussy. As he fucked her, he would occasionally push the button to send a jolt through Nora's clit.

Eventually, the stimulation was just too much, and Stuart came with a roar. Nora had mercifully lost consciousness somewhere during the ordeal.

After he finished removing the condom, Stuart removed the dildos from Nora's ass and mouth. He also detached the leads from her clit piercing. Once everything was cleaned and put away, he left.

Nora never heard his parting comment.

"Sleep well, 242, you have had a long day."

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