tagMind ControlNormal Ch. 01-03

Normal Ch. 01-03


This story contains elements of futanari (girl with a penis) on female, and rape. All characters involved are at least 18 years old.


Chapter 1

I was balls deep in Mrs. Haywood from next door, seed churning as I got ready to bust my nut in her juicy cunt. She was bent over the kitchen table with me from behind, just how she liked it, when the garage door opened and her husband walked in. For a second I stopped and just stared at him. Despite all that's happened, a part of me still expected rage and a jealous husband ready to beat me up. But of course, that's not what happened.

Instead, he tapped his foot and stared at us. "Look, how much longer is this going to take? We're going to be late." I looked down at Mrs. Haywood, my cock still rock hard inside of her. A year ago I probably would have lost my erection if I was trying to have sex in front of someone else, but by now I had a healthy (ok, more than healthy) streak of exhibitionism in me, and my hardon didn't so much as waver. She looked up at me, panting and still moving slightly back and forth on my cock, her magnificent breasts heaving (seriously. REALLY nice tits). "How much... longer... Sally?" She let out little moans between each word. I just shrugged. "Just a couple of minutes, Mr. Haywood. I won't be long." And then I started hammering back into her, aiming for quick over quality.

He just rolled his eyes and went back out to wait again in the car. A couple of minutes later his wife came hard, vagina clamping hard down on me, and with a groan I nutted deep in her. I helped her up - she didn't bother cleaning herself, and a dark part of me loved watching her stumble unsteadily out to the car with my cum dripping down her legs. Idly, I wondered if this fuck would be the one that knocked her up.

But I guess I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let me go back to the beginning.

* * *

I've got two things special about me nowadays. One I was born with - my cock - and it's a nice solid 7 incher, with pretty good girth. Nothing too crazy like some of the girls you hear about these days, but it's a nice size and you don't need a lot of foreplay to take it, which I've come to appreciate. The other is my superpower, and it took me a long time to figure it out.

I think (it's complicated, ok?) that it started just over a year ago on That Day. I'd spent all of band class trying really hard to stare at something other than Amanda Hawkins' tits - she was wearing an especially tight and low-cut shirt that day - and failing miserably, and as a result I was so hard I could barely walk. I managed to escape early, and hiding my erection in my skirt I made my desperate way to the nearest girl's bathroom. From there it was a familiar rhythm - into the stall, skirt down, cock out and my hand working. I closed my eyes and pictured Amanda's tits in my mind, my imagination giving it to me in 4k 3D high definition. I knew I didn't have a lot of time, and thirty seconds later I was right on the edge when I heard someone else come in the bathroom, and bang open my stall. Behind me. I'd forgotten to lock it.

I desperately tried to hide my cock, lose my erection, and turn and sit like a proper girl simultaneously, and managed to fail spectacularly at all three. I gave a shriek as I toppled backwards, landing on my ass, legs spread-eagled, cock towering in my vision like the Empire State building, with Lauren Kvitchasomething's shocked face behind it. She stumbled too, hands on either side of me, her hair brushed my cock and that was it. I came all over her - face, hair, down her shirt, you name it, it looked like she was a christmas cookie and I was the overenthusiastic glazer. And as I stared at her cum-covered face, imagining her incoming reaction and how the school would react when everyone found out I had a cock, all I could think was "God. I just wish I was normal."

I can't describe what happened next. I didn't get that special feeling a lot of superheroes describe about their emergence. There was no feeling of destiny, of being unique and chosen. Just a slight pressure somewhere in my mind (I know that doesn't make sense, but it's the closest I've been able to figure) and her expression... changed. It went from "Oh my GOD" to "Sally Oh my GOD I'm so sorry let me help you up" and two minutes later I was sitting in shock and Lauren and her friend Nancy fussed over me, her apologizing over and over for barging in and knocking me down. The entire time she was still covered in my drying seed, and Nancy - who arrived after - had actually tucked my cock back into my panties like it was no big deal. I was in shock - waiting for the other shoe to drop - and they managed to get me to the nurse's office. It was totally surreal to watch people respond to Lauren - who still looked like a porn movie extra (hey, I'm a healthy girl, alright?) as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with her appearance. The nurse checked me out, and I got sent home early for shock.

I spent the rest of the day in a bit of a daze, wondering what was going on. My mom came home and fussed over me, my big sister called me a wimp, and my dad was supportive but a bit distant as usual (I know that sounds bad but he's really a good dad, just how he is). I went to bed with only one thought reverberating through my mind:

What. The. Fuck.

* * *

The second incident was quite a bit later.

I spent two weeks in mortal fear of Lauren and Nancy. Lauren had apparently taken a shower (thank god), and I kept waiting for the rumors and condemnations to appear, for parents to call for me to be kicked out of school. But nothing happened. And then Lauren wore the same blouse that she had on That Day. And the entire thing was stained - I even recognized the patterns I'd left on it.

The thing you have to know - which I didn't mention before, sorry - is that Lauren is fastidious. The girl is preppy and fanatical about her appearance, she'll constantly be making pit stops to clean up or fix her makeup. And her mom is even worse - I'd only been able to her house once (I was deathly afraid of her parents since I can't pronounce their last name), but I vaguely remembered a sparkly clean house and a woman who was constantly cleaning. The thought that they would have kept the shirt was beyond belief - the thought that they would keep it without cleaning the stains was literally insane. I lasted nearly all day before I cornered Lauren to ask her - I desperately didn't want to jog her memory or anything, but I had to know what was going on.

After I asked her about the shirt, she just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train. Her brow furrowed, and she honestly looked more confused than anyone else I've seen in my life. "I... what? Why wouldn't I wear it." I just gaped. Finally I stammered something out about the stains, and she looked down at it and shrugged. "Well, it's you Sally. So it's fine." Then she smiled at me and walked away.

I wandered around, feeling almost as lost as I had That Day. And then I spotted the other person who might be able to answer my questions - Nancy. She was chatting with her boyfriend, but I was beyond caring at this point, and I kidnapped her with a "HiDougIneedtoborrowNancybrb" and took her into the nearest empty room, shutting the door behind me. Nancy looked confused (although not yet on Lauren's level) but I gathered my courage. "Nancy, about that day a few weeks ago...". Her confusion cleared. "Oh god Sally, I kept meaning to check on you. Are you ok? Is everything fine?" I searched her face, but all I was concern, so I tried again. "There's nothing... unusual about that day you remember?" Ah. Confusion was back. Time for the big one. I took a deep breath, and fished out my cock. "Nothing? Like... this?" I pulled her hand over to it, the touch bringing back the memory of her efficiently putting it away on That Day.

And still confusion. Nancy Gibson, some girl I barely knew, but as far as I know was entirely normal. Holding my cock in my hand. Not freaking out. Not going "eww." "Um... I mean, what about it? It's your cock, right? Do you want me to do something with it?" She looked at it dubiously. I think my jaw hit the floor. I said something smooth and debonair like "Whaaa.." She shrugged, playing absentmindedly. "I mean... I can't think of any other reason you'd pull me in here and pull out your cock, right? Do you want a blowjob or something? I've done it a couple of times with Doug, it's not bad."

Like it's no big deal. Like this is fine. Like this is... normal. I'm not very proud of what I did then, but given the other shit I've done in the past year I don't think it ranks very high. Nancy hadn't starred in many of my fantasies - she doesn't have a great chest, and I'm definitely a tits girl - but she's cute and rocks this really awesome Ugly Betty type look. I felt blood roaring in my ears (and apparently down to my cock) because I got harder than I'd ever been in my life up to that point, and some part of me that felt totally separate said. "Yeah. Sure. Please."

And she got on her knees and blew me.

I have a lot more perspective now, and looking back she wasn't that great. She couldn't deep throat, used a bit too much teeth and since she really wasn't into it, was just kind of going at it like it was nothing. Just sucking on the tip and a bit of licking.

But at the time? Greatest. Fucking. Thing. In. My. Life. I hadn't dated much (because hey, secret cock?) and Nancy's mouth was the second thing other than me (after Nancy's hand) that had ever touched it. Add in the location (school) and the fact that her boyfriend was standing outside the room while we did it, and I didn't last long. As you may have noticed earlier, I tend to cum a lot - not sure if that's due to my special condition, or my youth or what - and while Nancy did her best, her attempt at swallowing ended with her coughing up my sperm while I blasted the rest of it over her face and hair.

I was sitting down, recovering from my first blowjob, and just starting to feel guilt (her boyfriend was just outside the room!) when she finished clearing her throat and clearing off her glasses. "Hey Sally, you good? Do you need anything else?" For a second my imagination put her bent over the desk with me fucking her, but the guilt helped me clamp down on that and I managed to get out, "No- no. I'm good. Thanks Nancy." And with that she skipped out, looking like christmas cookie #2.

I heard a fragment of her conversation with Doug as she left. "Hey babe, what's up?" "Oh, Sally just wanted a quick BJ." "Aww. Does that mean I'm not getting any..." and then they faded out. My mind was whirling.

I'm not proud of it. It was the start - the first test - and I failed it. All I could think of were two things. First, two girls had seen my cock and had me cum over them, and hadn't cared. One had blown me 10 feet from her boyfriend, told him about it, and neither gave a damn. Which probably meant I could do things with other girls, just by asking.

And the second thing I could think about was Amanda Hawkins in that shirt that had started it all.

Chapter 2

Amanda Hawkins... how do I begin to explain Amanda Hawkins?

Ok, sorry, no mean girls. Amanda doesn't really fit that quote anyway. If I had to choose one phrase to describe her, it would be very simple:

Epic Tits.

Amanda Hawkins has the greatest rack in the history of the universe. Now, I'm sure some of you will spew some bullshit about having not seen all the tits in the world, but that doesn't matter. I've seen a lot of tits (yay internet) and none of them - not natural, not artificial, not drawn - have ever even come close. It's not just the size - although she's extremely blessed in that area - but also the shape, the complexion of her skin, even the look of her nipples - they'e all completely, utterly perfect. The rest of her isn't perfect - she's hot, but her nose is a bit too small, lips slightly too thin, hair a muddy brown that doesn't do anything for her. But none of that matters next to her incredible, awesome breasts. If Amanda had been born 2,000 years ago, there would be greek myths about gods and countries going to war over her tits, and they would have launched a lot more than just one thousand ships. They deserve poetry - books of poetry - to be written about them, but all they have is some really bad rhyming doggerel I wrote in ninth grade. And no, you can't read it.

Anyway. I guess my point is that Amanda had been my fantasy for a long time. I'd sacrificed legions of kittens to the altar of her chest, and after catching a glimpse of them in gym one day they'd made up my entire spank bank for the rest of the year.

And now I could touch them whenever I wanted.

* * *

So of course, I chickened out for a week. Part of it is I wanted it to be perfect - the thought of messing up this fantasy made real was more than I could bear. Part of it was still being nervous about telling anyone else about my penis, and relying on everyone's strange behavior. And a small part was the remnants of my conscious, telling me this was a bad idea, that Amanda didn't deserve me using her. But none of those stood any chance over the tide of lust that came over me whenever I thought of actually touching Amanda's tits.

While I waffled over how to handle Amanda though, my libido was stronger than ever. And since I'd had a blowjob, my hand just didn't seem the same. So twice during that time I went back to Nancy and got her to blow me again.

The first time taught me something about my power. I pulled Nancy into another room after school, and asked her to blow me. And she shocked me to the core when she shrugged and said she didn't feel like it. For a minute I was terrified - had it gone away? - but when I asked her carefully about the last time and my cock, I could tell it was still active. But her phrasing struck me - she said, "Well yeah, last time you brought me to the room to blow you, right?" And when I told her that's also why she was here now, she said, "Oh!" got on her knees, and went to work. I still don't fully understand it, and I can't order people around directly. But if I tell them what I'm doing, they go along with it, no matter how strange.

I spent some more time experimenting with Nancy to see if I could improve her technique. It was incredibly awkward and unsexy since I couldn't tell her directly, but after some experimentation I figured out a way to guide her. It got a lot more pleasurable - I was able to stop her from using her teeth, and it ended with her taking all of my cock, her throat bulging and working as I unloaded everything into her stomach. I sent her back to her boyfriend with some new skills and my cum on her breath.

The high of that second blowjob lasted until I was halfway home, and then what I'd done hit me and I had to just sit down. I'm not sure why this struck me as worse as everything else, but somehow it did. Instead of just taking the BJ as-is, I'd used her like an animated doll, solely for my pleasure. I'd made her choke on my cock and swallow my cum, I'd told her exactly what to do to me, just because it turned me on more. And for a bit, I felt like I was drowning in guilt.

I'm not proud of the justifications I used to continue my actions. I told myself that it didn't matter if I was making her cheat with me - I literally couldn't make her boyfriend jealous, so it's not like I'd break them up or anything. Hell, I could have sex with her in front of him and he'd probably ignore it (I ignored the twitch of my cock at that thought). I was probably even doing him a favor, I was sure he'd get more out of her mouth after my instructions, and he might even enjoy knowing about it - didn't all guys like to think about two girls having sex? He'd maybe even thank me.

Armed with the above armor, I continued home and put my doubts out of my mind.

* * *

The second time with Nancy that week taught me something else. It didn't seem so at the time, but it was a darker thing than just using Nancy as a sex object. It taught me about possessiveness, about ownership, and that was a path that would lead me into more sin than anything else I've ever done.

I'd thought it was going to be the day I would finally get Amanda. I was going to catch her before school - I knew she always got in early - because we had practice right after. In preparation I'd refrained from masturbating at all for two days, and I felt like I was going to burst. But I wanted to save it all for her.

So of course, she was absent. Her aunt was sick or something and she had gone to help her mother.

I was desperate to cum, and after my anticipation the past few days the thought of using my hand seemed also unbearable. I was debating trying to track Amanda down - I was a bit crazy - when I saw my salvation. Nancy's mom dropped her off, and I pounced. I dragged her into the nearest closet, pushed her to her knees, and raped her mouth. There's no other word for it - I didn't tell her why she was there, or what to do. I just grabbed her head and fucked her. She didn't struggle, of course, and I didn't last long - I was on the edge, and a minute later I unloaded two days of pent up cum down her throat. It almost made her pass out with how long I took, and she spent a couple of minutes coughing up my cum after. But I wasn't paying attention to that. It might have taken the edge off, but blowing my load into Nancy's stomach had just taken the edge off. I was still hard, and I knew I could come. And checking my phone, we had time. So Nancy got to blow me again.

This time I made her do the work while I leaned back and enjoyed. I just rested my hand on her head and let her work me, only giving her occasional instructions - she'd remembered from last time, and she did a good job. Alternating sucking the head with licking up and down, deep throats with sucking my heavy balls, her other hand playing idly with my vag. I had just come though, so it was about 10 minutes before I was ready to go again. I told her to get ready, and she looked up at me. "Uh, Sally. Do you want to come down my throat again? It's just that I'm really full, I don't know how much I can keep down." I was taken aback - this was the first time she'd made any suggestions, or anything resembling a complaint - but I guess it was reasonable. And she wasn't complaining, or even saying no - just asking a question. Plus, I remembered thinking seeing her covered in my cum was kind of hot. I was impatient, of course, so I told her fine - she should just take it on her face. She beamed up at me like I'd given her the best present in the world, then went back to working my cock. A second later I unloaded - the first spurt she swallowed, but then she pulled out and I was hosing her down with my cum. After I finished I told her to clean me up - with her tongue - and she obediently started licking up all my spare spunk.

I just sat there, entranced. Sure, I'd loved it when she swallowed. There's something incredibly erotic about a girl, throat stretched by your cock, whose struggling to breath while gulping down your sperm at the same time. But in its own way this was just as good - she was absolutely covered, and her delicate cleanup job sent shivers through my cock each time she licked. I checked my phone and regretfully decided I couldn't afford to keep her here for round three - I hadn't gotten to the point yet where I realized I could use my power to get out of things like schedules and school requirements.

I helped Nancy out of the closet - the floor was a bit slippy for some reason - and went to class. But my demon - my dark path - showed up at lunch, and changed everything. It started with Nancy walking in with Doug.

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