tagNonHumanNostalgia Ch. 07

Nostalgia Ch. 07


Author's Note: I'd like to warn the reader in case this is upsetting. Eventually, one character will attempt to choke another during sexual intercourse, but it won't last long, and it will be dealt with very swiftly and justly. No death or permanent injury will come from it.


On Christmas morning, Ana woke up nude and with a vague memory of something. She assumed that something was a dream because it felt rather sexual, and her body was begging her to remember anything substantial.

Her eyes weakly scanned the white ceiling. Her toes pulled and scratched at her bedsheet. Her knees made soft hills under her blanket.

Flashing, spinning emotions, watered down images distracting her from the ceiling.

What ... what in the world ...?

Ana's nipples were tightening and aching. A hand went to soothe one of those nipples, pulling, tugging, rolling and pinching. Even though her hands were small and soft, her brain supplied a sensation like a man's hand. There seemed to be more weight, more strength, but not too much.

"Ah ... ahhhhhhhh!!"

Her eyes closed, allowing her imagination to conjure all sorts of enticing things. She thought of a kiss, a tongue, and a nibble all on her breast. Her other hand rushed down to her pubic hair, where her nails dug out lines.

Ana imagined Vlad's voice, not exactly his words, but his tone, growling, purring, emboldening her heart and more.

Two fingertips slid against her clitoris.

"Ah, yes! Yes!!"

Hot, hot, hot nudging and rubbing, making her toes spread out, making her breath loud and grainy.

Her buttocks clenched. Her cunt felt like it was stretching and folding, and it was pressing out liquid like a mangle. She felt it trickle down her flesh and dampen a few spots on the bed.

She sunk her middle finger inside herself, pressing up into her G-spot, and that was when a rainbow's worth of spots exploded in her eyelids.

"Ahh!! Damn it!!"

Her back curved. Her wrist was sore. Her brain was frying.

And then it was over.

But she was suddenly thinking about dog roses and tripe soup. Then, as she flipped her blanket away and sat up, her arousal evaporated.

Hmm. Her panties were on the floor. Did she kick them off while sleeping?

Oh well.

She thought of more things, like her maternal grandfather laughing. Then, she was thinking about her grandfather picking her up by her waist and telling her she was a good little dancer. She was definitely little at that time. She remembered her own feet in shiny black Mary Jane shoes. She had been dancing on a shiny floor in front of an audience of adults. There were other little girls too, weren't there?

Ana was washing her hands in her bathroom. Her brown eyes turned hard as she wondered why she had been thinking of silly parts of her past that didn't matter.

Then she thought about Vlad smiling at her. She hoped he was having a Merry Christmas.


Ana was drying her hands.

Mama had once told her, "You can't look to your future if you don't remember your past."

"Should I try to remember everything?" Little Ana had asked.

"You can't remember everything. That's not possible. But try to remember everything you can."

But her stupid brain was acting as if Vlad was related to all that stuff, and he clearly wasn't.

Ana wiped her thighs and backside with a towel. Then she looked at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. Her face was pink, especially her lips. She had her mother's lips. Her dad once tapped her mouth with his fingers and said, "Did you know your Mama gave you those lips?"

Little Ana lifted her arms and said, "Mama gave me kisses to!"

Japanese words from a teenage girl. "The way you speak of your father ... he seems to love you very much." Takagi.

"It's difficult to find a father that doesn't love his children." Fujioka.

Whatever happened to Takagi's father?

As far as Ana knew, while she was in school in Japan, he was alive and well, although he was in mourning over the loss of his child. Ana had wanted to ask if he had been questioned or arrested over what happened to his daughter, before the suicide, and before she got all those scars, but she didn't want the other students to know about it. So, she called the police to ask about it, even though she wasn't a family member and she had no right to know much. They wouldn't tell her much of anything, except for the fact that Takagi Senior wasn't arrested.

Once she was back in America, she lost the ability to gain any more answers. Not even Uncle Daniel knew much.

Funny thing, though. Ana never learned who cut up Takagi-san's skin and chopped off all her pretty hair. Ana had mentioned that to the police too, because no matter who did that or how the poor girl felt about it, that was just plain messed up.

She heard her cell phone buzz. She went to pick it up and sit back down on her bed. It was a text from Kennedy. She wanted to know what time Ana would be over. Ana gave an answer. Then she decided to give her paternal grandfather his yearly Christmas phone call. He was in Florida, which sometimes bothered Ana. She always thought of the infamous "Florida Man" and worried that something might happen to her grandpa.

Later, she thought hat she should probably give the Dalcas some nice texts. She sent a pleasant Craciun Fericit to both of them. She didn't get an immediate response. Ana shrugged and assumed they were busy with their own Christmas activities.

Ana bundled up and went to her parents' house for a while. They ate all the best food they had and watched the typical Christmas cartoons and movies on TV. It was a wonderful visit. She was feeling very happy and toasty on the drive back home. She ate thick, glitter covered cookies out of a bag and watched scary movies when she was back in her living room.

Around late afternoon, she received responding texts from the Dalcas. They were very friendly.

Some minutes after that, there was a phone call.


She coughed anything she didn't want out of her throat, took a sip of milk, and answered her phone. "Hello?"

"Good afternoon. How are you?" His voice had a gentle, rolling quality to it.

"I'm having a lovely Christmas. I hope you are too." Ana swallowed down the rest of her milk.

"Certainly, but I do miss seeing you."

"Oh, already?" Ana got up with her glass in her hand. "That's a problem that requires a solution as soon as possible. Maybe I could lounge around your place?" She started rinsing out her glass in her kitchen sink. "We could watch a show on Netflix? Play a board game?"

"Hm? I don't want to stay home. Would you mind meeting me at a theatre? We could have dinner afterward."

So old fashioned ... and a bit more expensive.

"It would be more practical to just stay at your place, or mine. We could stream nearly anything, and I could cook something."

She heard his exhale. Was he getting impatient? "I'd rather not. I want to eat overpriced popcorn and candy, sit in a dark room with an unpleasant carpet, and hold you close to me."

Ana tried to pretend she wasn't impressed with that statement. "Well, okay. What kind of place do you want to go to after the movie?"

"Do you like Mexican food?"

"Yeah. When do you want to meet?"

"The twenty-seventh?"

Walking back into her living room, Ana said, "That's great."

After they decided on which theatre and which restaurant to meet at, and at what times, they hung up on a positive note.

When it was nighttime, Ana got to speak to her aunt and uncle in Japan via webcam. They were very friendly and happy, as usual. Eventually, after ordinary, pleasant chatting, there was some nostalgic discussion concerning Ana's high school days.

"It was pretty sad to see an empty chair where Takagi-san should have been sitting," Ana said, referring to the graduation ceremony. "She was the only one who didn't graduate with us."

Uncle Daniel's eyes narrowed behind his glasses. "Wait, that's not right. There were three other girls who weren't at the ceremony, but that's because they transferred to different schools."

Ana stroked her chin with her fingers. "Really, wait?" She paused. Then her eyebrows rose. "Oh, I remember now! Those bitchy girls!"

Aunt Tomomi gasped and looked away while Uncle Daniel snorted.

"Are you serious?" Uncle Daniel asked.

Nodding, Ana said, "Yeah. They were nice to me for a while, but after a few weeks they turned into cunts. Remember when I got in trouble over a fight in the street?"

"Yeah." Uncle Daniel's voice wavered. "The only reason you didn't get suspended was because you weren't in your uniform."

"I was fighting one of those girls. Her name was Ueno Sachiko."

Realization loosening his face, Uncle Daniel said, "Oh yeah! That was her, wasn't it?"

The conversation ended around fifteen minutes later. It was always good to keep in touch.


Warm black leggings. Chunky high heeled black boots with little steel skulls on the toes. A tight, dark red mini skirt. A white blouse with long sleeves. And a long gray coat made of soft fabric. That was Ana's carefully put together outfit. She combed her hair into a low ponytail. Her fingernails were painted a solid blood red. Her face was bright with pink lip gloss.

Ana stared at her reflection for a long time, obsessively searching for any flaw. She wondered if she was sexy. She had to be, right?

What would Vlad think when he looked at her?

She sighed and put her lip gloss in her small purse. Then she put a small pack of wet wipes in there. She wanted kissing to happen, which meant their faces might have to be cleaned.

Ana drove on to the movie theatre and waited in the parking lot. It was a fairly tiny and old fashioned theatre, but it was still going strong. She didn't wait there for very long. That fancy taupe car drove up within a couple of minutes. It looked very shiny in the afternoon's wintry sunlight. She got out, locked her car, and went to meet the man.

Vlad was soon standing in the parking lot and grinning at her. He had on a black pea coat and a burgundy scarf around his throat. When Ana was close to him, he put his great arms around her, deeply inhaling. It was a short-lived moment, but Ana loved it. It felt like the warmest, coziest embrace in the world.

She held onto his arm and walked with him to the ticket booth. She offered to pay for her ticket, but he rolled his eyes, kissed her cheek, and said no.

They bought tickets for a horror movie. Nothing encourages cuddling more than a film that was meant to scare the piss out of you.

Vlad seemed to want the whole experience. He purchased lots of candy and popcorn. Their cups of soda pop were huge.

Inside the assigned auditorium, they chose a pair of seats that were in the very back and in a corner. There were already a few people around, but not many. The film had been out for a few days. There wasn't a crowd wanting to see it. There also weren't any kids around. The film was R-rated.

Although ... that never seemed to stop the occasional parent from thinking it was okay to bring small children and babies to violent and or sexually explicit films just because they couldn't find a babysitter.

Oh well, they lucked out today. No kids.

Ana sat in the seat against a wall. Vlad went right next to her, to her left.

For a good while, they were quiet, watching the projected images and eating salty, sugary, buttery crap. The movie was turning out to be really predictable, and the amount of bad CGI effects was bothersome to the eyes. Seriously. Why animate goo that's meant to be blood when you could just make fake yet much better looking blood with stuff you could find in a grocery store?

When all of the food, even the candy, was gone, they put their containers at their feet, planning to throw them away later. Then, Ana's wets wipes turned out to be super useful, because they were able to clean their fingers and have them smelling fresh.

Ana soon yawned into the back of her hand and leaned against her date. When his arm wrapped around her, she smiled. She was sitting on her coat. So, there was one less barrier keeping her body from his warmth.

Why in the world didn't those characters on the screen just call 911? They were trying various social media routes to get help, but they didn't think to dial for emergency services?

Ana took in Vlad's outdoorsy cologne. It was really nice.

She tugged at the coat she sat on and fingered a pocket. She pulled out a pack of mints and put one of the cold things on her tongue. Then she offered one to Vlad. He took it quietly, but she could hear both of their chewing.

Her breath was soon so cold that it stung, but that was a sign of success. Her mouth was ready. But what about him?

Someone in the film was screaming. Some people in the audience were gasping.

There was a set of lips on her forehead.

Ana couldn't be scared, couldn't be disgusted, couldn't even acknowledge the horror film. She was snuggling, peaceful, listening to Vlad's breath, feeling it on her brow and in her hair.

Her eyes closed, and then she quivered as his lips moved down to her cheek. Firm but soft, strong but smooth, and then there was the contact she wanted. She sucked her breath back for a second, and then she was like silly putty, molding to whatever shape Vlad wanted.

Behind the mint, there were lingering hints of all the unhealthy foods they had, and that was wonderful. And then she tasted more. His mouth was opening and hers was too.

Their tongues curled and slid together.

Slick and strange yet so natural and all Ana could think of was how she wanted more and more.

Ana wanted to reach up and touch him ... somewhere ... anywhere ... but when her hand rose it was gently nudged back down. Yet he laced his fingers with hers.

Odd visions ...

Flames ...

Ash ...

Rush mats ...

Tapestries ...

Wait? No, focus! Stupid brain!

Oh ...

Why ... were ... her knees parting?

Vlad had released her hand. He was ... pulling and rolling her skirt up ...

He was suckling on her tongue.

But that wasn't all.

A large hand was under her leggings, stretching the waistband. The fingers branded right through her cotton panties, stroking lines into the slit, making her want to cry out, but she was too afraid of gaining the attention of the other audience members. All she could do was squeak into Vlad's mouth.

Tapping! He was tapping her, silently, firmly, two fingers, right over her clitoris, which was surging beneath her underwear and signaling a desire for exposure.

Ana was able to grab at his clothing.

She shuddered and mewled, accidentally kicking the containers on the floor.

And she seized up in Vlad's arms.

He made an approving kind of hum in her mouth. Then he smacked his tongue and lips away, putting her leggings and skirt back in proper order.

Temporarily stunned, Ana continued to lean into him, idly watching the screen before them. Then, when the credits were rolling, she thought to reach up and touch Vlad's face. Yep. There seemed to be a little gloss on his face. She went to her purse to get a wipe for him. She'd probably need one too.

Time to go, right?

They did eventually get their food containers and stand up. They threw them out as they left. Then, Ana was under Vlad's arm again.

He sneaked a kiss on her head.

Smirking, Ana made a noise that was a mixture of a whimper and a yip.

When they were at the parking lot, she asked him, "Are you hungry? I think we ate too much." It was dark outside, but she felt very safe.

"I didn't plan this outing very well," he admitted. "But I think we should try to eat something that isn't junk food."

They were at Ana's car. She said to him, "Well, maybe we should go out to eat anyway." She reached up to squeeze his hand. "It will take a while to choose from the menus, and even longer for the food to be cooked and served."

"As you wish, Ana." He kissed her cheek and moved away so he could open her car's door for her.

The inside of her car felt so cold.

"See you in a few minutes," she said as she started the ignition.

Vlad nodded at her and went to his car.

The Mexican restaurant they met up at was large and colorful. There were murals on the walls and lamps with red shades. They asked the host for a corner booth. Luck was on their side again. One was available.

They were close again, but in a brighter world. It was sort of nice. There was always the chance that someone they knew might see them, but that was fine. It might be fun to be discovered and dragged into the light, as if they were doing something wrong. Then, they'd laugh it all away.

Light conversations renewed their appetites, and by the time their orders arrived, they were able to eat a reasonable amount of food. They didn't drink any alcohol, though. Both of them were driving. Besides, Ana didn't like being drunk. It always made her feel sad.

Some cheese stuck to the man's lip. It was ridiculous but cute. Ana offered to wipe it away for him. He blushed a little, but he also looked like he wanted to laugh. He drowned the feeling away with a swig of his beverage.

Ana found out that he didn't like Dr. Pepper for some reason, but he liked Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Ana didn't know why she thought that was interesting. Such a fact would normally bore her to tears.

She also found out that he really, really loved ice in his soda pop, but as for other drinks he usually liked them warm or room temperature. She asked him if he ever thought that drinking cold liquids was bad for his health, and he told her that he used to think that way, but when he starting visiting amazingly hot locations he figured out that there was nothing wrong with cold drinks.

"I think I've been drinking more water and soda recently," he said, "especially with my meals. I used to be able to eat two meals without a drop of water. Now I feel as though every two bites need a sip."

"By the way, I heard you like to get drunk sometimes." Ana said with no judgments.

He nodded. "Of course, but what about you?"

"I don't like it, but I don't care what other people do as long as they don't hurt anyone." She took one of his hands and smiled up at him, wanting to change the subject. "Hey, would you mind if I visited your house after dinner? I never got a real tour of the place." Not that she believed she was owed a tour. She just wanted more privacy with him.

His thumb made circles over her hand. "Hmmm ... I don't want to exhaust you. I should let you go home."

Ana shot her breath out of her nose. Then she forced her irritation away and whispered to him, "I'd love to spend more time with you."

Vlad kissed her cheek, then her ear, and then he said with a mellow tone, "Would you like to spend time with me on Saturday?"

"Saturday? Well ... " Ana pouted, but she stayed close to him, tapping her fingernails on his clothing. "Okay. We can hang out on Saturday."

They parted ways soon after that, but not before they turned to each other and kissed so hard, so intensely, that Ana couldn't breathe for a few seconds.


In a city where it typically rained a lot, this time of year was delightfully dry, and there was more sunlight. It was still cold, but at least it was a sunny type of cold.

But that didn't matter. It was nighttime.

The apartment building was small and not very noticeable, but it was there. The windows were glowing.

A man with only slightly uneven eyes and graying hair was silently following a petite young woman with natural hair, long and black, shiny and straight. It swayed and bounced as her brown platform pumps tapped on the sidewalk and into the building. There were thin little bowties on the vamps and buckle straps near the woman's white stocking covered ankles. She had on a gingham check coat that hid her calves, but underneath that there was a short pink dress with elbow-length volume sleeves.

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