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Nostalgia for White Ex-Boyfriend


So my ex-boyfriend, the man I dated when I first moved to Canada, got in touch with me again. It had been a bad break-up, quite sudden but in other ways not unexpected. i knew that I had been treating him rather poorly for the last few months before, but it was still a surprise to me that one day, before we went for dinner, he abruptly said things weren't working out and it was over.

I have to admit that I hadn't valued him very much, even though he had generously introduced me to the city and been my almost constant companion since I arrived. We would meet after I finished work each day, going out to eat at a new restaurant or otherwise exploring some part of the city that I hadn't seen yet. He was like a travel companion actually, even though he had lived in the city for many years. Perhaps I was with him mostly because he was like a live-in tour guide, able to keep me company and to provide a safe place to feel at home every night. He had his own apartment, but because he had returned to school and I was working full time, my place was much nicer and so we spent almost every night in my bed.

He was very good looking, the first white man I had ever dated (although not the first I had slept with), and I had been shocked the first time we went to bed. White cocks are so different than Asian penises--not only was this man's cock larger and thicker than any Japanese man I had known, it was soft, almost spongy to my touch. Asian cocks are rigid when erect and much smaller and compact than his almost monstrous member, but his cock was squishy and never became quite as hard as my previous Asian boyfriends. But it was probably a good thing that his cock was a little soft to the touch and not too hard because it was huge, and so I think it might have been too painful for me to take him inside if he had been absolutely rock hard. As big and thick as he was, I could still fit him all the way in because his cock conformed into every nook and cranny inside me--it also felt incredible full, like no other feeling.

I remember the first time I had slept with a white man, an American ex-pat I met one night at a dance club in tokyo. He was a friend of a co-worker, and obviously loved Japanese women. He had slept with a string of japanese girls who themselves were curious about what it was like to sleep with a gaijin, and I had told myself I would never suffer the humiliation of being just one in a line of such stupid girls. Gut after a few bottles of shochu the end of the evening brought me to a love hotel, staggering into the room with him. A voice inside my head said that this was better than taking a taxi home, and whatever happened I would just wait for the first trains to run again in the morning and go straight to work. I always had a change of clothes in my desk, and if I arrived early enough I would be refreshed and ready for the day rather than having to take a taxi for an hour and then only sleeping for an hour before waking up again right away to catch the morning commute. Having sex with him didn't seem to have entered into my decision-making, and so it was almost surreal when he stripped my dress off and began licking me. His tongue felt warm and long inside me, and by the time I had unzipped his pants to reciprocate i was crazy horny. That man's cock had been a normal size, no bigger than my Japanese boyfriend's at the time, but it had also had that slightly spongy quality. I had thought it was because he was so drunk that he couldn't get fully erect, and he wasn't very good in bed. But that first white penis had done nothing to prepare me for the man I began dating in Vancouver!

So last night, almost three years after we broke up, this ex-boyfriend sent me an email. He said he had come across my profile on plentyoffish.com. I blushed immediately when I realized he thought I was still single. I had created the profile almost two years ago, when i had been single and lonely, but had never bothered to take it down even after I had begun dating the man who I eventually married.

Knowing that my ex had seen my profile made me feel humiliated, and so i was about to delete his email and not even answer when I saw that he had attached a video file. Curious, I didn't even bother reading the rest of his rather long message, going straight to the attachment and downloading the attached file, which mysteriously was named "nostalgia.wmv."

I clicked on the file after it downloaded and saw that it was a video him masturbating!

I watched the clip mesmerized. I had forgotten how big his cock was! His body seemed a bit softer than it had been, a little bit older, but otherwise he seemed the same. He had been over 190cm, and quite well built although not muscular like a body builder. Since i am tiny, less than 45kg, we struggled at first finding a sexual position that worked. When he was on top of me, I felt almost a visceral fear that he would smother me, but I had to admit that somehow there was a thrill as he pounded into me from above, my legs spread wide or wrapped around his wide hips. When his huge cock drilled into me, it felt like i was being split open, and I had never felt so filled before in my life. He was at least 25cm long, and thick and meaty like a sausage. I always had to suck on him before we fucked, both to get him hard as possible, but also to lubricate him enough so that i could take him inside.

My favourite position was to ride on top of him so that I could control the pace and the depth of his plowing inside me. But when I think back on our nightly and sometimes two or three times a night fucking sessions, I almost always had the best orgasms when he was on top of me pounding into my open legs and almost crushing me with his huge body. When he really began to exert himself, he began to sweat and smell like an animal, a strong musky odour that I had never experienced with a Japanese or Chinese man. It was a sharp scent, almost stinging my nose, and although I would have normally found such a body odour repellent, when I was horny it somehow entered straight into some part of my brain and drove me even crazier with lust. I wanted to cover myself with his sweat, lick the hairy crotch skin that surrounded his majestic cock.

He also had gigantic balls that hung down almost 10 cm down in large fleshy sacs, and when he came he would shoot spurt after long spurt of sticky white cum. I had never seen so much sperm emerge from a cock, and coming out of such a large thick penis, it seemed like a machine pumping white goo all over my breasts and stomach. I didn't like when he came inside me because I would be leaking and sloppy wet the next day at work, and even when he wore a condom sometimes the rubber would slip off when he was fucking me really hard because his cock was so large and we had a hard time finding a condom that was large enough to stay on him.

I became used to the tingly soreness after a long session of fucking him. He took a long time to cum, sometimes over an hour of constant sex, and as long as I sucked his cock back to semi-hardness when it would become too soft, he could go on and on for the longest time. Maybe it was because he was never quite fully erect that he could avoid having an orgasm too quickly. It was very difficult for me to suck him to an orgasm, and he only ever came by fucking me. He said he was surprised that he could last so long because he would often marvel at how "tight" I felt. of course I was tight when you consider how big and thick he was! To me I wasn't tight, I was being stretched wide!

I have tasted many men's sperm, and the flavour ranges far and wide. Even the same man's sperm changes depending upon what he has eaten or drunk and whether he is dehydrated. But his cum was consistently sweet, with a slight alkaline flavour. It was probably a good thing I loved to drink his sperm because he produced so much! Enough to fill a small shot glass, and if I wasn't careful and tried to swallow it all at once, it would stick in my throat and choke me! Better that I savoured each chunk as it cooled on my breasts or my face after he had jerked out stream after stream of sperm. My protein snack each night, lying in bed catching my breath between finger scooped globs of cum fed onto my waiting tongue, my legs still open and my pussy lips sore from the pounding they had received. I have to admit that I loved being fucked by him, and that seeing the video immediately reminded me of our hundreds of nightly fucking sessions.

So it was a bit nostalgic indeed to watch the video clip he made of his beautiful cock. Watching his cock harden reminded me that his thick meaty sausage was my first real experience with a big white cock. How many incredible orgasms it had given me. So many nights I had come three or four times during the hour or so of being torn open by his monstrous tool.

After he had broken up with me, i genuinely missed his company, and I spent almost a year after that without having sex with a man other than an occasional one night stand. I didn't realize how much I had enjoyed being with him. The sex had an animal passion, even though I couldn't say in honesty that i was in love with him. Attracted to him, yes, but over time i had begun to treat him badly because somehow deep inside I didn't respect him, and eventually I could no longer hide the disdain I felt for him. I felt so sorry for him--after he broke up with me I realized how cruel I had been to him and was not surprised at all that he had become fed up and had enough.

But what a cock! and when I think about the musky smell of his sweat and the sweet taste of his sperm, it brings back fond memories. Maybe I should email him back and send a little video of myself masturbating too, thinking back nostalgically of what it felt like being fucked by him...

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by lustisfun10/18/17

white cock worship

you praise white cock so much thank you. I would treasure a video of you masturbating. I read Chinese literature that cum is good for beauty and strength like a special medicine . when you swallow it oncemore...

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