tagBDSMNot a Beautiful Woman Ch. 08

Not a Beautiful Woman Ch. 08


The next day, the Monday after Daddy had gone home to help his sister, Maggie arrived at E&M at 6 p.m., two hours earlier than the 8 o'clock start of the first of her proposed added sessions to "work through" her extensive wait list. Eli was having a cup of his excellent coffee and said, "Maggie, sugah, you early. Whazup?"

"Nothing," she responded, "other than I'm bored."

"Well, baby girl, I've got some news for you. I done made what you call an executive decision."

Wrinkling her brow, she asked, "About what."

Giving her his perpetual cocky grin, he answered, "About protectin' you, baby girl. Now, way I see, you are the most important thing around here, cuz without you functioning at 100%, there ain' no "here" here. Ya feel me?"

"Yeah, but what are you worried about?"

"You wearing yourself out, fo' one. Fo' another, you not viewing this as a thrill anymore. It feel good to scratch an itch, but if you scratch too hard, you bleed and get infected. So, working too hard at this here could make you really not want to do it anymore. That would ruin the whole operation. Now, you can quit any time you want, but I thought you wanted to go on fo' awhile. Is that right?"

She paused a moment and said, "Yes. This is a thrill. But I guess you're right. I have been having second thoughts about this new arrangement all day. I didn't call because I thought you'd already made promises to these men and I didn't want to make things bad for you."

With surprising vehemence, he exclaimed, "Fuck 'these men' and fuck me lookin' bad. If these muthafuckas want to make trouble, I got somethin' fo' they ass right now. Baby girl, don' you ever, and I mean EVER worry about anything but what be the best for YOU. Ya feel me?"

Reaching to place a calming hand on top of his, with both a soft look and a quiet steady voice she said, "Oh Eli, don't get upset. So far you've known exactly what to do and I trust you all the way."

Calming slightly at her touch, he said, "That's what I know, sugah, and THAT'S what really got me upset. You only agreed to expand yo' work hours so much cuz I made you think we needed to. That was my fuck up and I really pissed at myself. Well, ole Eli don' never fuck up twice in the same way, so don' you worry yo' fine white ass no more."

Unconscious of the fact, she smiled her special smile for him and said, "Now tell me what you've decided."

With an abrupt single nod of his head to emphasize the firmness of his decision, he said, "To follow yo' advice and raise your rates. We goin' to $120 a head up from $80. That way only the ones that want it the most will get it and the others jus' gotta look fo' somethin' else. If they starts runnin' they mouth, it won't be the first jaws I done broke. That ought to whittle down that wait list and bump some of the ones that have already booked. We jus' have to see. I don' want you workin' regular-like mo' than you already doin'; jus' the two sessions every Saturday. Though some special sessions need to be done occasional, like for our distributors of yo' movie. And, we gonna do the movie different."

That really raised her curiosity. "How so?"

"Well, we gonna put a mask on you, fo' one. That way it less likely yo' man find out, though he probably recognize you if he saw it. But it make it a whole lot less likely some mouthy muthafucka recognize you and go to the trouble of tellin' him. Probably a good idea to have men wear masks too."

"But I thought they weren't going to know they were being filmed?"

"Well that why this here new plan so much better. We gonna have a three man camera crew with real movie cameras filming so it be a much better show. And we git Jim-Buck, Junba, and Tee to be in it with you. That's the only way they can afford you now, and they jumped at the chance when I talked to 'em last night. So, you do two special sessions; first with Jim-Buck and them, and after yo' break, with the camera crew fo' free. Only one we got to pay is the nigga that take the film from the camera and do the cuttin' to make it a regular movie. They call it a 'final cut'. He think he a artist. I don' know about that, but he fo' sure a faggot and don' want no pussy, not even yo' primo white ass. He do the job fo' $300.

"Then all we got to do is make the copies so they ready when the distributors git here. They watch the movie, git all horny, you give them they session and they take back they copies right then and there. Then, all we gotta do is wait for 'em to call me with another order.

"So, even if the customers drop off cuz of the rate hike, we don' really need 'em. You can git the fun you need making the movies. Knowin' jus' how good you is, I be sure the performin' and filimin' crew be real happy to repeat the process."

Her eyes beaming confidence, she said, "That sounds, like a lot better idea, Eli."

"Yeah, sugah. It jus' like writing a book or somethin'. The first plan was jus' a rough draft. This here be a second draft. Maybe the final draft. If it work, we jus' change a few things up fo' other movies. This be a lot mo' money with a lot less work. And that's the way bidnez supposed to work. Ya feel me?"

"Oh, Eli, you're a genius."

"Not a genius, exactly, jus' real smart and God damn serious about protectin' you, baby doll."

"Well," she said with a voice grown suddenly hoarse, "looks like I'm free tonight. You want some of your favorite pussy?"

With a hungry look he said, "Baby girl, you done read my mind."

She said, "I'm full of energy, so you get the full treatment tonight. I'll go get ready."

She pranced off toward the master bedroom, entered and closed the door behind her. Once inside, she stripped naked, went into the bathroom and began running a warm bath into which she poured a generous portion of bath salts. When the tub was full enough, she put her hair up in a bun, eased herself into the water and laid back for a few minutes, adjusting to the temperature. She lay there soaking for about 8 minutes and then called out, "Eli. Come in here, please."

He entered, ran his eyes up and down her submerged body and asked, "What you need baby girl?"

Giving him her sexiest smile she asked, "Would you like to bath me, baby?"

Licking his lips involuntary, always a sign of his rising lust, he said, "Yes indeedy do. Why don' you tell ole Eli jus' exactly what you want him to do, sweet thing."

She raised her right leg, wiggled her toes at him and purred, "Start with my feet. You love my feet don't you. You think they're beautiful, don't you?"

As a matter of fact, everybody thought Maggie's feet were beautiful and she took extreme pains to keep them that way. Already perfectly formed, she soaked them every day in special salts, and massaged them with moisturizing lotion so that they were as soft as they were well proportioned. She trimed the nails every Friday and polished them with a clear, protective varnish so that they seemed to naturally gleam. She never risked danger to them by going barefoot, except in a limited fashion around the house, and always wore very comfortable soft leather high heel sandals with cushioned soles and firm straps that never formed blisters. Her feet would have been the envy of every matron of ancient Rome.

Eli, took the extended foot gently into his hands as if it were something precious, which he indeed believed it to be, lowered it back into the water and caressed every toe thoroughly with concentrated but light pressure. Maggie laid back in the warm water and closed her eyes. She sighed a breathy, "Emmm," and whispered, "oh baby, that feels sooo good."

Eli progressed in this to her other foot, and up her long shapely legs, obtaining continuous sighs of pleasure from Maggie. As he finished the underwater massage of her left thigh, he paused and looked a question to her. Lazily opening her now hazel flecked large blue eyes, she murmured, "Make sure that my pussy is sweet and clean. You want it sweet and clean, don't you baby? Do you want my pussy to be delicious?"

Because his waist was out of her line of vision, she couldn't see the bulge in his pants, but she knew that it was there. She got confirmation of this from his deeper than normal and hoarse, "Yo' pussy is always delicious, jus' like the rest of yo' body. You my food."

Smiling her approval of his reply, she purred, "Clean my asshole, too. You'll taste it for the first time tonight. Don't you want to, baby?" she asked as she raised her knees out of the water toward her chest and then spread her legs so that her feet rested on the edge of the tub.

Eli croaked, "God damn, baby girl, they ain' nobody like you in the whole damn world," as he gently massaged the outer and inner lips of her cunt for several minutes, elicited murmurs of delight from her. He then moved to her anus.

He knew that there were a myriad of nerves in this area. Some wouldn't stand for you to touch them there, and some loved it. Very few were indifferent. Maggie was a completely sexual creature, deriving pleasure from every kind of intimate touch and, judging from her sighs and whispered, "Yes, oh yes," this was no exception.

Eli then inserted his index finger, feeling her muscles contract involuntarily at first and then relax as she enjoyed the sensation. Working his finger inside her made her begin to squirm a bit. Then he removed his finger, paused, and put it back in. He did this several times, each time loosening the resistance of her asshole and increasing the rate of her breathing. "Oh, baby, I like that. It's gonna feel so good when you put your tongue in my ass."

"If my cock gets any harder, it's gonna bust outta these pants," Eli said to himself.

He then massaged the rest of her torso, giving especial attention to her breasts. No man could resist the desire to linger over those large, firm, perfectly round and natural orbs. It was impossible to tell which aspect of her body was better than the other; her breasts, her legs and feet, or her pussy. Eli thought to himself, "I guess it jus' depend on what you like. Me, I want it all." Aloud he said, "I'm jus' about done. You ready for me to eat you for supper?"

"Oh Eli," she sighed, "am I food for you? Do you wanna consume me?"

Eli responded, "You the most delicious thing I ever seen. You better believe I'm gonna eat you," as he finished his underwater massage of her hands, every bit as well kept as her feet.

She said, "Well, I shouldn't put off your meal any longer than necessary. Please get that towel over there and dry me off. Here, help me up, baby. You've got me so hot my legs are weak."

Eli helped her step out of the tub and reached for the indicated towel. He dried her with slow gentle pats all along her body from her shoulders down to her feet. When the last tender sole was dry, he stood up forced himself to look into her eyes, as if awaiting further instruction. She liked to be sexually tormented and teased by Daddy, who despite being far less physically impressive than Eli, possessed a keen intellect and was a master of abstract ideas.

Conversely, she derived immense pleasure and heightened sexual arousal from sexually controlling Eli; large, muscular, physically competent and master of the practical. Having this paragon of raw manhood stand there submissively awaiting her salacious instructions made her pussy stream the moisture of love every bit as much as Daddy forcing her to beg for permission to cum. She found the fact that she had them both in her life sufficient proof that the universe was benign, not indifferent, at least to her.

She said, "I want you to watch me prepare your meal, baby. Just sit close and observe. Getting your white pussy ready for you makes me drip juice all over. Just watch me, baby."

She sat naked on the chair of the desk in front of the mirror. Her position provided him with an excellent viewing angle. She first put her blond hair in large rollers to make it wavy. Then she cocked one leg up on another chair so that she could see her cunt. She applied a shaving oil to her pubic region and gently glided a razor over it to remove the very thin layer of stubble. When that was done, she applied a soothing, moisturizing lotion to the now-smooth area. Then she applied her makeup, doing her eyes in the slutty Egyptian style that every man seemed to find appealing.

She then removed the rollers from her hair slowly, watching each luxuriant tress drop down to her shoulders. When all the rollers were out, she brushed it, arranging her coif with a straight part on the right side. Finally, she lifted the right side of her hair up and over to the left side, securing it with bobby pins. She then placed a white camellia flower behind her right ear. She moved her head from side to side, carefully checking all the details in the mirror. Satisfied with her appearance, she raised each arm and rubbed a bit of underarm deodorant into each armpit.

As she reached for her stockings, she cast a surreptitious glance at Eli's crotch. If the prominent bulge she saw was any indication, he was really enjoying the show.

Opening the fresh pack of expensive, sheer, flesh-toned stockings, she removing one, held it by the lacy stay up top and let it straighten out, toe end down. Then, slowly, she rolled it up in the necessary side to side motion, pointed her toes, and put them into the stocking, languidly rolling it up onto her leg. Extending her leg at a sharp upward angle, she smoothed the stocking towards her thigh and pulled the lacy top a little bit further up.

After repeating the process with her other leg, she reached for her shoes. These were "Maggie Standard" strappy sandals, her black ones. Carefully, she inserted her foot, smoothed the straps, and securely fastened the buckle. When she had finished with her shoes, she stepped into the little black dress that she had worn the night she had met Eli. It was made of a thin synthetic material that clung to her body and easily revealed the fact that she wore no bra.

Lastly, she applied a dab of an expensive and subtle perfume behind each of her ears and the hollow of her throat. Looking up at Eli, she saw his burning gaze and asked, "You ready for your dance now, baby? I sooo want to dance for you."

Staring intently, Eli nodded his assent. She reached over and pressed to "on" button to the stereo system. The slow, bluzy and staccato introductory guitar solo of "Since I Been Lovin' You" poured from the speakers. She closed her eyes and swayed her shoulders from side to side. Then, as the drums joined and the quickly fingered guitar riff descended, she dropped into a squat, exposing her lacy stocking tops and naked cunt. Slowly arising, she began a slow-burning, constantly writhing series of movements that were essentially using her body as a wave machine, back and forth, while rotating via tiny minching steps, giving Eli a chance to completely examine every inch of her.

("I been workin' from 7, 7, 7 to 11 every night") She had completed her first turn and carried on into a second one that she ended with her back to Eli. Initiating a side-to-side instead of a back to front wave, she reached up and unfastened the clasp at the back of the dress's halter.

("Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose my worried mind. (Watch out!)") That done, she thrust her hands into the air, fingers outstretched and resumed her front to back wave-minching step rotation, revealing her fully exposed breasts, inch by inch, from the right side. Her orbs seemed to be white moons arising from the horizon of her body. As her rotation completed, she approached Eli with a sliding step that consisted of thrusting her breasts and right foot toward him lowly, and then sliding her left foot and hips in to catch up. Three of these steps brought her immediately before Eli. As the extended guitar solo thrummed up and down the scale, she grabbed Eli's head and rubbed her breasts in his face several times back and forth while he reached out and caressed her back and squeezed her buttocks.

As the song approached its end, Maggie turned her back to Eli ("Since I've been loving you, I'm gonna lose my worried mind") and slowly pulled the down the dress, bending as she sensually peeled it off her ass. When the dress was on the floor, she stepped out it backwards and pressed her exposed anus toward Eli. In the silence of the song's aftermath, she whispered, "Supper's ready, baby."

With that invitation, Eli grasped her hips and buried his face within the divide of the cheeks of her derriere. He swirled his tongue around the opening of her anus, moving his head in a circular motion. This was a new experience for them both. Maggie's bath had assured a high level of cleanliness and Eli spared no effort as he tasted her ass. Maggie emitted an, "Emmm, baby," indicating her pleasure at this different sensation. She began to gyrate her hips in synchronization with Eli's head, saying, "That's good, baby. Do I taste good to you?"

In response, Eli grunted hoarsely and thrust his tongue inside her as far as he could. Liking this even more, Maggie whispered, "That's it baby. I like that. It makes me hot."

After another few minutes, Maggie straightened up, breaking Eli's lock on her, and, still with her back to him, cat walked slowly to the bed. She turned and lowered herself onto the foot of the bed, laid back on her elbows, raised her knees toward her chest, spread her legs and said, "You've had your appetizer. Want more, baby?"

Eli followed, knelt before her, put his tongue into the bottom of her slit, and licked upwards slowly, then back down for several minutes. Maggie lay all the way back, breathing, "Yes. Drink my juices. Am I delicious?"

Eli only stopped long enough to murmur, "The most delicious thing in the world."

After several minutes of sampling the nectar of her lust, Eli could tell from her rapid breathing and loud moaning that she was ready for her first orgasm. He placed his mouth on her large clit, sucked it gently in, and used his tongue flick it. Maggie's moans got louder and her hips began to buck. When the pace of her bucking increased, Eli quit flicking and held his tongue still and used it to apply firm pressure while he moved his head slowly up and down.

She became a whimpering mess, thrashing around on the bed and wrapping her nylon clad legs about his head while unconsciously pulling at the bed sheets with her hands. At the onset of her orgasm, her body stiffened. She increased the grip of her legs very tightly, as if to force Eli's head into her. Then came the spasm that elevated her mortal existence to a higher plane for a brief moment. With all the foreplay and mounting passion, so intense was the result that her scream could be heard clearly across the yard in which the trailer sat, unbeknownst to the lovers startling a squirrel in a nearby tree.

Her climax seemed to last for an hour. Waves of sensation rushed through her body like the waves of a violent storm pounding a beach, battering her into a quivering surrender, incapable of any action other than to scream as another orgasmic wave hit her, and yet another, and yet again.

Finally, the storm of passion subsided, the waves gradually calmed and she was temporarily spent. She lay sonomulantly and her grip on the sheets relaxed, her breathing slowly returning to normal. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes to see Eli watching intently. He was completely naked and his 7 inch cock was as angry as a cock had ever gotten. She smiled a lazy, sexy smile and asked, "How about I give you the same treatment, baby. You've earned it."

He said, "Maggie, I wouldn't last but 2 or 3 strokes of your mouth and, baby girl, I gotta have yo' pussy."

Her smile growing ever more sultry and her gaze a now hazel colored flame, she whispered, "Come take it," as she raised her knees and spread her legs. "Please fuck me. I've never needed your cock so badly."

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