tagNonHumanNot As It Seems Ch. 01

Not As It Seems Ch. 01


This is my first entry on this site hope you enjoy xoxo Seductress ......


Rumble boom crack! The rain was pouring down heavy and Akira couldn't care less as she sat in the rain sobbing trying to figure out exactly when things went wrong in her relationship. It was exactly one hour after she walked in on her fiancée banging her maid of honor. She sobbed more thinking about the look of pure bliss on their faces before they realized she was standing there. She didn't bother to stay for excuses she just packed her bags and some things she needed and left without a word. She needed to start a new life; one without liars and back stabbers.


Kaleb watched her from his window. How long has she been sitting there crying? He asked himself. He wanted to go help her but he couldn't risk getting caught; he hated being a half breed (that's what others called him) always expected to do two men's jobs even though he was one.

He sighed listening to the woman's sobs. I can’t take it anymore! He thought. Her sobs were too much for even him to handle. Others may not have heard it but it was like she was in the room. Kaleb grabbed a jacket and umbrella and headed out...


Akira was brought out of her trance when she heard heavy footsteps approaching she looked up to see what she and her friends would describe as god material. He was saying something but she honestly didn't hear she watched his lips and tried to control herself as she watched him talk...

"Miss? Hello? Lady Did you hear anything I said?" Is she deaf? He wondered. No... She couldn't be she heard my footsteps.

"Oh I-I'm sorry." She shivered and stammered, "What did you say?"

He grinned at her obvious embarrassment and looked at her, she was fucking hot he thought long wet hair (which would be dirty blonde or brown when dry) and the sexiest pair of hazel eyes he'd ever seen... He smiled, "I said would you like to come inside I mean I know the rains nice and all but if you haven't noticed your shivering..."

She nodded and went to grab her bags but he stopped her, "NO let me... Wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I let you carry these just get the door on the way in..."


Akira couldn't believe this guy was helping her she couldn't even imagine how she looked right now. “I probably look homeless” she thought. “well technically I am.” She held the door for him as they made their way inside the building. She heard some people gasp at her soaking clothes and shivering body she wished she could just disappear, anything to stop what she was feeling at this point; pitiful. She held in a sob as they made their way toward the elevators


Kaleb could've strangled someone the way they were gasping and gawking at this woman like she was something from Ripley's Believe It or Not. Who the hell were people to judge he gripped her bags tightly holding his tongue remembering to mind his temper.

The elevator arrived and they rode up in silence. They arrived to the top floor and he heard her gasp when the door opened, "At least she liked it." he grinned "Welcome to my humble abode," he smiled. "I'm gonna put your bags down in a guest room and you can go shower and dry off if you like ok call me if you need anything," and them he headed down the hall.


Akira couldn't believe this total stranger was letting her in his home like this; a gorgeous condo at that with no questions asked. Wait... "W-why are you doing this?"

He smiled "Well I don't normally do this but I believe in what goes around comes around plus I couldn't ignore a damsel in distress," he grinned.

Akira watched him, he thought this was amusing? "What if I'm a killer or something?" She asked.

He chuckled, "Are you? No but..." He smiled, "Look I'll question you after you warm up. I'll make you tea ok? We don't want you getting sick now do we?"

She shrugged, "I wouldn't care..."

He made a face, "Yes you would."

She sighed and walked to the shower.


Kaleb sighed what the hell happened to this girl? He wondered. Maybe he'd read her mind when she's asleep. He'd get to the bottom of this and will make whoever hurt her regret it deeply...

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