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Not Daddy's Girl Anymore


The setting is in the Northeast US in the early 1990's. This story is true; however the names have been changed for obvious reasons. Please feel free to let me know your comments.

At that time I was tentatively seeing someone but actively pursuing other women. It was my final year in college and I intended to "hit" anyone even remotely attractive. I had been in exclusive relationships for the prior two years and felt I had earned the right to play around and have my fun in my final year.

I had met Lisa previously when she was dating a pseudo-friend. It was clear that she was his "trophy" and she did not have any better offers at the time. There was no true love involved and no real feelings on either side. At the time I gave her no further thought beyond the fact she had a tight body and if they ever broke up, I would have to see what the deal with her was. As it turns out they were not together at that time, he just hadn't told anyone that they were broken up (and never really gone further than just kissing). To hear him tell it, he had "hit it" but she wasn't that good… But I digress.

In the final 2 weeks of the semester, there were some serious parties as these were the final parties before everyone had to hit the books. It was winter, and everyone wanted to blow off some serious steam before hitting the books hard. I went with my roomie to a popular frat where the parties were always crazy, and we could get in for free. The rest of the crowd paid $5 a head unless they had a solid contact. As usual, we made our way in and proceeded to post up in the crowd. Being black in a nearly all white school was both easy and hard. The difficult part was dealing with overt and covert racism. The easy part was dealing with white girls who wanted to live out there fantasies, or simply covertly piss of their parents/boyfriends.

We had more ass than we knew what to do with at the time. It also helped that I was an intelligent and studious individual that ALSO played on a sports team, while the rest of the black kids were mostly there on athletic scholarships. So among the minorities, I was a minority myself.

Long story short, I end up chatting with Lisa as she is well on her way to drinking herself into a coma. Lisa was 18 ½ years old. 5'6" tall about 110 pounds. She was a small girl, small hands, short legs, etc. However, she had 32C breasts that seemed absolutely ENORMOUS on her small frame. She also had a VERY nice ass to go with her beautiful chest, as well as a very pleasant and innocent looking face. She had blonde hair and brown eyes with her hair being the texture of corn silk. She also had the required freckles that set off her "All American" look as well as being from the farmlands of New York. As she continued her drinking spree we talked and became closer than I thought possible, both physically and metaphorically.

She was weaving a little bit, but staring up at me the entire time with a drunken goofy grin on her face. While I had always hoped to get her in the sack, I had never considered it a real possibility. All of a sudden it dawned on my dumb ass that here she was throwing it at me like a Frisbee. I gave a quick look around to make sure none of my girlfriends' friends were in attendance and that I could slip off unnoticed. Sure enough, some of her friends were keeping a close watch on me and who I was talking to. So I sent Lisa outside and told her I would meet her outside in about 10 minutes (an old trick that has been used by many in the same situation).

I met Lisa outside and made it clear that we were going back to my dorm and I was planning to fuck the daylights out of her. The last thing I wanted was to get this young girl back to my room and have her flake out on me or even pass out on me. Though she was drunk, she was definitely in charge of her thoughts and actions and made it clear that I could do what I wished with her. That of course sent a charge through me as I surveyed her tight body ahead of me.

We entered my room and I immediately left a note for my roomie to sleep elsewhere (which I am sure he was doing anyway) as I was boning in the room.

We found ourselves butt naked and staring at each other waiting to see who would make the first move. Her unique ability was to look amazingly sexy without losing her innocent look. As she stared at me with her big brown eyes, I took in her entire naked body. What she had hidden with her clothes was the tightest little body I had ever witnessed. VERY large tits, juicy ass, but the most surprising aspect was her washboard abs. I had a naked, innocent beauty, with a six-pack stomach to boot. I thought my dick would tear a hole in my sheets just by looking. As we proceeded to make out it became clear that she was VERY willing but without much experience. In essence, her innocent act was not just an act! As I proceeded to devour her body, I felt her give herself to me fully.

She was VERY passionate and VERY vocal at the same time. As I sucked on her delicious nipples, she moaned out loud. As I slid my hand down her stomach she spread her tight legs as far as they could go. As my hand found her wet cunt, I played with her downy blonde hair. She was as wet as any woman I had met. I slid my body down to taste her wet pussy because I absolutely love to go down on a girl. She immediately began gasping and moaning. Later she explained that no one with any skill had ever gone down on her and made her come. I found it relatively easy, as no one had ever really put forth the effort.

We were made for each other. As I kissed my way back up, we shared a kiss, and I made sure that she tasted her own juices from my lips. She drank up everything that I gave to her and humped her pussy against my leg. I knew that I had to fuck this woman now or else risk busting a nut in my sheets. I climbed on top of her and placed my dick against the tight entrance of her pussy. My dick is not the largest by any stretch 5 ½ inches) but very thick. By now I knew she was fairly inexperienced, and hadn't fucked very often. I slowly pushed the head into her wet box, and let the head rest inside of her. Her eyes were huge and she was grasping me tightly amazed at how far her pussy had stretched. I stopped myself to kiss her and get used to the size. But as we kissed she grabbed my ass and thrust it into her.

She let out a huge gasp as I reached the back of her pussy and filled her up completely. She was as wet as a leaky faucet but the tightest pussy I had ever felt. I proceeded to slowly push in and out of her to get her used to the size and rhythm of fucking me. I wasn't one of her country hick friends that just wanted to bust a nut. I was going to devour this innocent beauty and make sure she knew that she had been violated fully. On top of that, I was going to make sure she enjoyed every second of it.

I slowly picked up the pace because no male can stand to have his dick in a wet pussy and not fuck the shit out of it. As I hit her harder and harder she started to squeal. I initially stopped as I feared she was in pain. She made it very clear that I should not stop, as this was the best fucking she had ever had. That sent me into overdrive. I pulled her into my patented move, and went crazy. With me on top, I put the backs of her knees in the crook of my elbows and tried to put her feet behind her head. That is when the final surprise hit me. She did it, and she did it easily! Not only was this girl beautiful, willing, and untapped, she was amazingly flexible.

With that final thought in my mind, my dick hit a level of sensitivity previously unknown to me. I proceeded to try to drive my dick all the way through her pussy and out of her spine. I gave the bedsprings and her pussy all that they could handle. The entire time, Lisa was unable to form a coherent word. She just squealed at the top of her lungs with every upstroke and every down stroke. I am sure everyone in that dorm knew that a woman was getting the fucking of her life and loving every second of it. This also added to my excitement and I knew I would come quickly. Since she hadn't made me put on a rubber, the issue of pregnancy floated into play. As my come started to boil, I pulled out and squirted all over her tight stomach and large tits. I never touched my dick with my hand, and it squirted a large load of come all over the beautiful girl in front of me. We both collapsed on the bed and tried to catch our breath. All I could do was smile and stare at her as we were both amazed by the intensity of our fucking. No love was made during that session, just straight hot fucking. Sweat and come was dripping off of both of us as we lay there and kissed.

I fucked that girl 3 times that night. Once doggy style (her first), and with her on top. Fucking her from behind was pure heaven. She was extremely pale skinned and it contrasted nicely with my caramel brown complexion. I also found out that her ass was absolutely perfect, and I couldn't keep from squeezing it and slapping it on every stroke. The sight of my dick disappearing between her perfect ass cheeks into that tight rarely fucked pussy will stay with me until my dying day. My dick was as sore as it has ever been, but I wanted one last go round in the morning. She was late to meet her roommate and couldn't find the time. After she left I literally rolled out of bed and onto the floor in an attempt to get up. As I did so, I noticed that even though she left quickly (probably embarrassed as hell) she had left her black bra under my bed. I knew that she would be back, and that I could convince her to fuck me again in any position I wanted. More Lisa stories to come...

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