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Not Like Us


Lord George, reputed rake, was visiting with a couple of friends at one of Lord Andrew's country estates. Michael and Andrew had been gently ribbing George about his supposed conquests.

"It seems to me, George, that where-ever you go it would be wise for the master of the house to lock us his maids until you're safely off the premises," said Michael.

"No, really," protested George. "It's not my fault. It's just that I can't resist the little dears. It's not as though I coerce them or try to force them in any way. I don't even have to try to seduce them, you know. I just ask and normally they say yes and lift their skirts for me."

There were some derisive shouts at this.

"You mean that you're so overwhelmingly attractive that they just flock to you?" asked Andrew.

"I haven't noticed you having the same success among the ladies of the ton, you know," added Michael.

"That's because they're our social equals," pointed out George. "Maids and such consider us to be higher beings. They're flattered if we show any interest in them and are only too willing to serve."

"Right," said Michael. "I wonder why I haven't noticed this? How about you, Andrew? Do you find maids slavering around your feet begging to be noticed?"

"Can't say I have, Michael," said Andrew. "I think he must tip them well."

"Of course I tip well. They expect it. But they don't go slavering after me, either. They think we're not like them, we're superior beings. They don't expect us to notice them and when we do they're flattered, and feeling grateful for the attention. So when I'm polite and ask them to bed they tend to say yes."

"Do any of them ever say no?" laughed Andrew.

"Course they do, but I can usually tell which ones will agree."

"So you're saying if you want to sleep with one of my maids all you have to do is ask and they'll hop into your bed?"

"Sure. You and Michael should try it sometime. It can be an interesting experience."

"So why don't you show us how you do it?" suggested Andrew. "Call in one of the maids and ask her."

"She's not going to agree while you're here and besides, I don't have time to bed one right now. We have to be heading out soon."

"I see. Suggest a little test and he goes to water," observed Michael.

Irritated, George got up and strolled over to the door and looked up and down the hall. Nodding to himself he turned back into the room.

"Fade out for a minute, Andrew and I'll demonstrate. And if I win you'll have to do a dare for me. If I lose I'll have to do a dare for you."

Andrew and Michael looked at each other, and nodded by mutual agreement. Andrew stepped over to the adjoining room, hovering just inside the doorway so he could see and hear what took place while remaining unobserved.

George returned to the hall and coughed, and then beckoned in both directions. Then he stepped back and stood next to Michael.

A few moments later a couple of downstairs maids appeared in the doorway.

"Yes, sir," asked one nervously. "You want to see us."

"Yes, I did," said George, smiling, "But first, your names are?"

The maid who had spoken gulped, looking even more nervous. "I'm Enid, sir, and this is Maisy."

"Ah, good. Now I hate to bother you when you're both so busy but my friend here," indicating Michael, "was telling me he would dearly like to futter one of you, but was unsure which to choose. I was wondering if you would both be so kind as to lift your dresses so that he can see your legs. This would help him choose."

"He doesn't want to futter one of us right now, does he, sir?" asked Maisy. "We've got a lot of work we have to do right now."

"No, no. He doesn't have time right now, either. I just thought that if you'd be so kind as to lift your dresses it would help him make up his mind for later."

Maisy and Enid looked at each other, and Maisy shrugged. Reaching down she pulled up the front of her dress, with Enid not far behind her.

Michael was stunned to suddenly be shown two pair of very nice legs, but George was not satisfied.

"I'm, sorry," he murmured, "but could you lift them all the way up?"

Without questioning him, both maids lifted their dresses higher, blushing a little, but permitting Michael to look over their legs, and higher.

"Well, Michael," asked George. "What do you think? Do you want to touch them to see what they feel like?"

Red-faced, Michael shook his head.

"Thank you so much, girls," said George, fishing a couple of sixpences out of his pocket. "Michael's a bit shy, you see, and he needs a helping hand occasionally. You may go now."

"Thank you sir," said Maisy, accepting the tip while letting her dress drop back into place.

The two girls exited, but Michael could hear them giggling in the hallway.

"Good god," said Andrew, strolling back into the room. "I wouldn't have believed it. Which one are you going to choose, Michael?"

Michael buried his face in his hand. "You do realise that they'll look at me and giggle every time I visit from now on, don't you?" he asked.

"Nonsense," said George. "Just tap one on the shoulder and ask her to visit you one night and there'll be no more laughter and you'll have a fun night. You could even tap them both if you think you can handle two at once."

"But why would they do that," asked Andrew. "I mean, to just casually lift their dresses waist high so you can see everything, just because you asked them too."

"I told you," said George. "They see us as superior beings and because I asked their names and was polite they did what I asked and were happy to do so."

"Now the dares. At the next two houses we visit, you each have to ask a maid to futter you. Immediately if possible or to arrange a time if they can't bend over at once. Andrew at the first house and Michael at the second."

"What if they say no?" asked Andrew.

"If you ask them politely, I'll be very surprised, but a no is acceptable as long as you ask."

"And if they say yes?" queried Michael.

George looked shocked. "Surely you don't need me to tell you what to do with a willing maid?" he said.

"I still say it's him and his blasted charm that does it," grumbled Michael. "We'll just get our faces slapped while he sits back laughing."

"Well, we're dining at the Numbrewson's tonight. It could be interesting," observed George.

Arriving at the Nunbrewson's that night they were greeted by Algernon.

"Well met," he cried, "and leave my maids alone, please, George."

George sighed, while the others laughed.

"Calumny is ever heaped upon me," he said. "It's not me you've got to worry about, but Andrew. He's going to seduce one of your maids tonight, and you're not to punish the poor girl. She'll have no chance against Andrew's devastating charm."

"Andrew?" said Algy. "You're bamming me."

"It's a bet," said Andrew, irritably.

"Oh. That's all right then. Don't know how good you'll go if you snarl at them though."

They enjoyed a pleasant dinner, with Andrew managing to avoid being alone with any maid while he worked out a plan. After dinner, the men retired to the billiard room for a while. After a few games, Algy rang for a servant, and requested that some wine and glasses be brought down. Shortly after, a buxom young lass entered the billiard room, tray in hand.

"Thank you," called Algernon. "Just put it on the table and we'll help ourselves."

The maid deposited the tray and turned to leave, and this was when Andrew proceeded with his ploy.

"Excuse me a moment, miss," he called.

"You're name is?" he inquired, when she turned to face him.

"Clothilde, sir," came the reply.

"Clothilde, I was wondering if you could help me. I've been having terrible luck on the table tonight and am feeling rather down. Would you be so kind as to lift your skirts so that I can futter you. I would really appreciate it."

The other men were silent, trying not to laugh at the stunned look on Clothilde's face and the rueful acceptance on George's.

"Sir," came the stuttered reply. "I don't, I mean, I can't, that is, now? With all them there able to see? I've never done it like that, sir."

"Oh, they won't mind," said Andrew carelessly, "But if you won't, I quite understand."

"Ooh, sir," Clothilde giggled. "I never said I wouldn't, if you're sure the Master won't mind." She glanced towards Algy, who graciously waved his permission.

Turning back to a stunned Andrew, Clothilde continued. "Do you want me naked, sir, or just with my dress pulled up?"

"You don't mind that the others can see?" asked Andrew.

"It makes it exciting knowing that some of the gentry are watching me," giggled Clothilde, leaving Andrew out of options.

George smiled and offered a suggestion.

"Clothilde, I'm sure you have a beautiful body so why don't you just get fully undressed for Lord Andrew."

Clothilde smiled and hastened to obey. She'd get a handsome tip out of this, she was sure, and she'd get to futter a noble lord.

George nodded admiringly when Clothilde had removed her dress. Like it or not, Andrew was a lucky man, because she had a lovely figure and was hot to trot, you might say. It was obvious that she enjoyed having the men look at her.

Laughing now, having been fairly caught, Andrew reached out and grasped Clothilde's breast, causing her to giggle, again. Massaging the smooth white globe he dropped his other hand to her bottom and led her to a couch at the side of the room. Bending her over the couch he undid his fly and prepared to do his duty.

Rubbing Clothilde's pussy brought forth more giggles, accompanied by squeaks and eager little squeals. It was patently obvious that not much foreplay would be required, so Andrew lined himself up and then rammed home with a single vigorous thrust.

Clothilde's bottom seemed to bounce in the air with the force of Andrew's invasion, and Clothilde gave a scream of excitement. Andrew had no intention of taking his time over this. While enjoyable and with a lovely and eager partner, he still felt slightly embarrassed, not normally an exhibitionist. To counter the embarrassment, Andrew thrust himself home hard and fast, eager in his own way to have the deed completed.

He felt a little sorry for Clothilde, as he very much doubted that she would be having her orgasm from this little show, but that did not deter him. He hammered home quickly, racing for his own climax, greatly relieved when it did come.

Breathing hard, he pulled away from the disappointed Clothilde, straightening his clothing. Clothilde lingered for a moment, looking enquiringly at the other gentlemen, but when no-one stepped forward she sighed and got dressed. She accepted the tip that Andrew pressed into her hand and left, pausing for a moment when Algy stopped her for a word.

"Well done, Andrew," drawled George. "You stepped up manfully, although I did think you looked a little startled when she accepted you."

"Startled," spluttered Andrew. "I damn near had a heart attack. I'd have wagered good money that she'd turn me down."

"I admit that asking a maid in the middle of a crowd for a quickie never occurred to me," mused George, "but it appears that you knew your target. There'll be no repercussions I trust, Algy."

"Depends on what you mean by repercussions," said Algy. "Does telling her to come to my bed later tonight count?"

There was some general laughter and the men continued their billiards.

"At least," mused Michael, "I know one way not to ask a maid for a quickie. I'll have to think of something else."

Returning to Andrew's place after their game, Michael chewed over his problem. Just go along with George's dare and see if he got lucky, or deliberately sabotage it? Andrew's sabotage had been a spectacular failure he thought, grinning. He'd have to play it by ear.

George and Michael separated from Andrew and headed towards the guest rooms.

As they approached their room, Michael noticed that they were about to pass a maid. Two things clicked in his mind. She was Enid, one of the maids from the morning who had so smilingly flashed him, but the one that had seemed slightly reluctant. And they had been at Algy's house, so that made Andrew's house the second house and his nominated house if he chose to look at that way. He decided he did.

Holding up a hand to stop Enid, Michael smiled.

"Enid, isn't it? I've decided you'll do nicely. Come along."

Enid blinked. She'd had more gracious requests for her favours, she thought, but then she remembered. He was the shy one, too nervous to ask properly. He really needed someone to show him what to do.

Enid smiled at Michael. "Certainly, sir. We'll go to your room, sir, and I'll take care of you. You needn't worry about a thing," she told the stunned Michael. "I know what you need, and I know just how to deliver it to you."

She continued to talk soothingly to Michael as she escorted him into his room, closing the door firmly behind her.

Through the door Michael could hear George, the bastard, laughing. He shrugged. So he had to take care of a pretty girl. Or in this particular instance, let her take care of him. He could handle that.

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