tagGroup SexNot So Silent Night

Not So Silent Night


It was a pretty early morning for Valerie. She hardly ever got up before 10 but today she had to report to work at the coffee shop at 9. She was pretty groggy as she clocked in and grabbed some espresso to wake herself up. "Fucking Christmas songs," she grumbled as the tape playing in the cafe started to repeat.

Things started to look up at 11, when the manager on duty left. She wasn't sure who was coming in, but she hoped it would be Jake. Jake was a little older and recently promoted to manager, and almost every girl working there had a huge crush on him. He was incredibly cute and had a great sense of humor. She was forcing a smile at yet another creepy old man customer who wouldn't stop talking to her. She was sure he was only bothering her because she'd worn her best "tip-getting" shirt, an especially low cut black button up shirt which showed off her cleavage.

As the old man finally walked away with his egg nog latte, Valerie glanced up and saw none other than Jake walking through the front door, tucking in his polo shirt as he sheepishly smiled and apologized for being ten minutes late. Valerie turned to her co-worker, Daryk, and they both made swooning motions as Jake went to the back to get his apron. Daryk also had quite the crush on Jake even though he had a boyfriend, and he always had fun giggling about it with the girls.

The cafe was busy as it usually was around the holidays, so Valerie didn't get much of a chance to talk to Jake. Still, she kept trying to flirt the day away and was pretty sure he was returning the sentiment. It started snowing like crazy and once it had accumulated to about 6 inches, Valerie ran outside to check it out while Jake was having a smoke break.

"I'm freezing my balls off," Jake griped.

"Oh don't be a baby! It feels amazing out here!" Valerie exclaimed, suddenly noticing how the cold made her nipples harder. Or maybe it was being with Jake.

Jake laughed, and Valerie swore he looked at her chest as he asked "Are you SURE you aren't cold?" She blushed and before she could say anything, Jake picked up some snow and threw it at her. It landed right in the V of her shirt.

"AHHH! That was SOOO cold!!!" she screamed, reaching into her shirt to fling out the snow. "That's it... you are going down!" She grabbed a bunch of snow and started running toward Jake. As she reached him, she slipped and fell, spilling snow all over him and pulling him down with her onto the snow. They wrestled for a bit, laughing loudly.

Just then, Daryk came out and interrupted their fun. "Hey guys, I'm so sorry to interrupt, but we're getting really busy in here... can you come back in to help out?" He smirked as he helped them off the ground and went back inside. Valerie brushed off quickly and ran inside, somewhat embarassed that Daryk had caught them.

Things slowed down again as it started to get dark. It was about time for Valerie's shift to end when they got a call from the district manager: the snow was so bad that they were actually going to close early. Valerie offered to stay around and help close up, mostly so she could spend some more time with Jake. Daryk also stayed around to close up, whispering to Valerie, "SOMEONE better keep an eye on you two." Valerie smiled, and really didn't mind that Daryk would be around.

When it was time to close, they looked outside and saw that there was more snow on the ground than they ever remembered seeing at once.

"I'm a little worried about us driving home tonight," Jake said, looking at the way the cars were buried in snow and the street was hardly visible. "I think we should stay here. Besides, I've got a bottle... we could turn this into a little party!" Daryk skipped to the back and brought out the bottle of rum with a huge smile on his face. They started out with a shot, and then Valerie decided it'd be in the Christmas spirit to break out some egg nog so they each got a mug and filled up on rum and eggnog.

"Alright guys, I know we might be staying here but we still have to have this place clean by the morning... we might as well do it before we get too wasted! But we definitely need some tunes, I'm going to put that Christmas stuff back on" Daryk said gaily. Suddenly Valerie didn't mind the music so much, and found herself shaking her ass to "Jingle Bell Rock". She caught Jake watching and shook it for him even harder until he said, "Alright, I gotta do some dishes before I get too distracted!"

Valerie was emptying out some old whipped cream containers when Jake came by with a naughty look in his eye. "Whatcha doing with that whipped cream? Give me a squirt" Jake said as he opened his mouth. Valerie went for it, shooting some of the whipped cream straight into Jake's mouth. It exploded out the sides and got all over his face. "Hey, I didn't ask for it to get all over me! I just wanted a little!" Jake protested through a mouthful of cream.

Valerie laughed at the sight and said, "Well... I could help you get it off." She surprised herself as she stepped forward, licking the whipped cream off Jake's face. "Must be the rum," she thought. She was a little worried now that she'd crossed the line, but Jake didn't pull away.

Just then, Daryk walked in from cleaning the back and saw them. Valerie quickly pulled away and Jake looked like he thought he was in real trouble. He knew he could get fired for touching a subordinate, and Daryk tended to be a gossip about these kind of things.

"Ah, Daryk, I'm sorry, I..." Jake trailed off.

"Don't be silly! It's just between us... that is... if you let me join," Daryk said.

"Seriously?" asked Valerie, kind of intrigued by the idea. She'd never had a threesome before, but she had thought about it before and the idea really turned her on. The look in Daryk's eyes told her he was dead serious. Jake looked uncomfortable. Valerie grabbed Jake, drawing him close and pressing her body on his, and said softly into his ear, "Well I think it'd be fun."

That was all the convincing Jake needed, at least for the moment. Daryk came closer and licked off the remaining glob of whipped cream from Jake's face. Jake recoiled a bit, but looked over at Valerie still holding on to him tightly and tried to be cool about the whole thing. Daryk grabbed the rum and poured them all another shot to loosen Jake up a bit, even though he didn't think Valerie really needed another one.

After more booze, Jake really seemed to be getting comfortable. Valerie brought over the whipped cream. "OK everyone... I have a fun idea... let's all take off our shirts, and put whipped cream on each other. And then we all have to lick it off each other." The guys looked a little dubious but also eager. Valerie didn't really wait for their answer and ripped off her shirt, exposing quickly the fact that she hadn't worn a bra that day. Her nipples were extremely pointy, and her large, round breasts swayed a little as she laughed at the looks on their faces. Daryk looked honestly a little appalled, and Jake looked like he was in awe. "Well come on, don't make me look like an idiot!" Valerie whined, pulling on Jake's shirt.

Still staring at her breasts, Jake started to pull of his shirt and Daryk watched, clearly far more interested in seeing Jake than Valerie. Then Daryk eagerly pulled off his own shirt.

Valerie took the whipped cream and tried to draw a santa face on Jake's chest, feeling completely filled with the holiday spirit. She drew candy canes on Daryk, figuring those were easier. Then she asked, "Who wants to draw on me?" Jake reached for the bottle immediately and gingerly squirted whipped cream onto her stomach, tracing up between her breasts. Then with a devilish look in his eyes, he touched the nozzle to a hard nipple and put a little dab right on. Valerie squealed as the cold cream stuck to her ever-harder nipple, and shuddered as Jake put some on the other one.

Without any prompting, Valerie leaned forward and started licking the cream from Jake's muscular chest. Daryk quickly joined, not wanting to miss out. Jake moaned as two tongues caressed his skin and he felt himself getting extremely aroused. He had an instinct to be embarassed or hide as his erection grew just inches from the licking faces, but he tried to relax and see where this went. Besides, he noticed that Daryk was sporting a boner, too. That kind of made him feel weird, as he'd never done anything sexual with a guy and wasn't really used to turning another guy on, but for some reason he kind of liked the idea.

As soon as the cream was licked away, Daryk and Valerie moved back a bit. Jake suddenly felt possessed to go after Daryk next, wanting to explore the curious new feelings he had about another guy. Valerie was aching for her lick-down, but went wholeheartedly with Jake to lick off Daryk. Even though she'd never seen Daryk sexually because she'd always known he was gay, she had to admit he was pretty hot. He shuddered as the two licked him off and he saw Jake checking out his erection. It throbbed harder as Jake looked and Daryk moaned with anticipation.

Soon it was Valerie's turn, and she couldn't help but think that they'd saved the best for last. The guys started to gently lick her stomach, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Then they both moved up, each one taking a nipple. She could see that Daryk wasn't as excited as he was for Jake, but still seemed to be having a good time. Jake, on the other hand, looked like he was about to explode just putting his mouth on her hard nipple. She leaned her head back and basked in the feeling of having two men, one on each nipple, suckling her. She felt the wettest she'd ever been.

Without speaking, she reached down and started to undo her pants, and both of the boys followed suit. She watched as they both let their erections break free of their pants, and flushed as she saw how well-endowed they both were. Jake looked hungrily at her tiny, soaked underwear as Daryk looked longingly at Jake's throbbing erection. Valerie just smiled and looked at both of them, wondering what would happen next.

She soon found out. Jake started nuzzling her, and Daryk fell in behind Jake, kissing Jake's neck and hugging him from behind. Jake moaned with the extra attention, realizing he was in the middle of the sandwich. They kissed each other and let their hands wander. Valerie pulled down Jake's boxers as he kissed her neck, his hands massaging her breasts. Valerie grabbed his huge cock and started to gently work it with her hands, feeling a drop of precum that told her he was close to orgasm already. She backed off because she wanted this to last. He was grinding into her, moaning and breathing heavily. Meanwhile, Daryk was behind Jake, and had removed his own underwear. He was enjoying massaging Jake's body and grinding himself into Jake's muscular ass.

The alcohol started to kick in harder for Valerie and she paused for a minute to say "Hey guys, I'm just having a little trouble standing... would you mind if we got down on the floor maybe?" She laid down on her stomach and looked up as Jake climbed right on top of her. She felt some extra weight sink onto her body as Daryk got on top of Jake.

After a bit of wriggling, she felt Jake's penis perched at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy lips. "Is.... is this Ok with you?" Jake asked gingerly. Valerie replied coarsely "Yes, I'm on the pill, now please stop talking and just DO IT." She was aching for release. She gasped as his large cock slid into her... it felt so much bigger than any other man she'd ever felt inside. Then she heard another voice somewhere above her... Daryk. "Hey..... Jake.... would it be ok with you if I...?" Jake was in such a deep state of pleasure with his cock inside Valerie and for some reason he just felt like it would be even better if Daryk went inside him, even though he'd never done that before. "Sure" he said gruffly, and Daryk responded by saying "Ok, just tell me if you need to stop." Valerie heard Jake grunt heavily as she assumed Daryk entered him.

Jake started bucking even harder into Valerie as she gasped and panted on the floor. She could tell he was getting even more turned on by the threesome situation. She also was pretty turned on by hearing two sets of moaning above her and the gasping breaths of ecstasy from two men. She suddenly realized that there was a building feeling as Jake thrust in and out. She'd never orgasmed from sex before, not from penetration, but she started to realize that's what was about to happen. She tried to hold back, but as Jake thrust his huge cock in and out faster and faster, she couldn't. Before she knew it, the deepest, most intense orgasm she'd ever felt ripped through her entire body. She cried out, feeling the pleasure so deep inside radiating everywhere for what felt like an eternity. As her vagina tightened and contracted with the orgasm, she felt Jake cumming and heard him yell out as well. A few seconds later, Daryk followed suit, yelling out as he released his cum into Jake.

Valerie lay panting on the floor, almost unable to recover. She felt the weight of two men above her, both breathing heavily and unable to move, as she heard the strains of "Silent Night" playing in the cafe. She smiled, knowing that this had been all but a silent night.

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