tagSci-Fi & FantasyNot So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 02

Not So Sleeping Beauty Ch. 02


The Princess' cheeks burned with humiliation and excitement. She knew that she was excited by danger, but had so far never been caught. That was what had brought her here to the bedchamber of her future brother-in-law tonight. Now she was caught like a rat in a trap - or a whore in a Prince's bed. She felt the slickness of Malcom's deposit mixed with her own running from her gooey cunt slit and pooling on the mattress.

She was, she knew, a bit of a screamer. Her elven tutor had had to come up with some inventive ways to keep her quiet, or at least muffle her screams. So someone hearing her rather frenzied lovemaking style did not surprise her in the least even through the thick stone of the castle walls.

HE walked into the room in quite a simple crimson robe, embroidered on the breast with the Royal Crest of the Westernmarches in golden thread. HE carried in HIS hands a simple riding crop - a mere stick with a piece of leather attached to the end. "Thou art tumbling with my brother?" HE said, a cruel smile crossing HIS handsome features.

Seeing no point in denying it Princess Joy looked at him and brazenly flashed him her most winning smile. "Yes."

"And thou hast no shame of it?" HE said, stepping to the edge of the bed. The riding crop slotted under her chin and lifted it so HE could look into her eyes as she answered HIM.

"No shame at all. We're not married yet. I can sleep with who I like." She tossed back her hair that glowed so in the low candlelight of the chamber.

"Thou hast such strength... such magnificent defiance!" HE grinned from ear to ear, his eyes roving over her like HE was inspecting a prime breeding mare. He enjoyed the curve of her hips and the big beautiful swellings of her breasts. HE could see every inch of her body, from her neatly trimmed pubic hair down to the dimple of her bellybutton to the delicious pink tips of her nipples. HIS mouth watered and Joy could see the effect of her naked body, still flushed with the pinkness of wild abandoned sex, upon HIM.

She reached out and pulled upon the sash of HIS belt, revealing HIS large naked dick underneath. It was swollen like a snake but not yet at full hardness. Her movements caused her breasts to groan as they rubbed together. Malcom, forgotten at this moment, shifted himself back up the bed and hid his nudity.

"How about we give you a preview of what you are to have when you are my Master?" She said, looking up at the older Prince through heavy lidded eyes. The heir to the throne nodded and bared his teeth. Leaning forward she licked the length of his tool. It came to swift erectness now under her tender ministrations. The young woman was a goddess with her soft lips and wet tongue. She licked and sucked at his big staff before engulfing it in her tight little mouth. "Mmmmph!" She said at it forced all of her air out of her . The bulging head filled her mouth and pressed against her teeth. She bobbed her head upon it as she snorted air through her nose. Climbing onto her hands and knees she jacked her ass in the air and took the base of HIS shaft in her hand. Her long fingers with their sharp fingernails were only just able to fit around the girth of it. The sheer big veined power of HIS mighty rod excited her. Pulling her mouth from it with an explosive pop she looked up at him. "O' my Prince, O' Master mine, you do have such a great big amazing cock!" Her eyes crossed over HIS tool as she jacked it lewdly in her smooth skinned hand.

Malcolm meanwhile had a great view of her own cum drooling from the slutty Princess' slit as she waggled her perfect fleshy young ass at him. Her butt hole, presented for his viewing pleasure, was the same soft pink as her nipples and smooth and hairless. He wet his lips at the sight of it and his meat lurched into full hardness once more. His brother looked over at him and leered. "My lovely future wife is such a slut is she not, brother?"

"Oh certainly!" He cried. Malcom's hand moved unbidden to his own cock and he began to jack on it thoughtfully. His foreskin moved back and forth over his bloated, red and used cock head that was still slick with her wetness.

Joy had meanwhile popped Prince Jack's cock back between her lips and was trying very hard to swallow as much of it as she possibly could. Jack felt it hit the back of her throat and her instant gag reaction. She struggled away from him. Raising the riding crop that he had originally brought to beat some sense into his little brother he cracked it down onto her upraised arse. "Suck it down, you fucking harlot! Show me the worship due your Master and I will be kind to you! You want to please me do you not?"

Joy looked up from beneath her heavy lashes and nodded her head. A string of drool fell from her tightly stretched lips as she managed an "Uh-huh". Princess Joy redoubled her efforts on the young Prince's big meat. Never in the two years since his majority had Jack felt so much powerful suction. The girl was trying to pull the cum straight from his balls and down her needy gullet. Even as experienced as he was he knew he could not stand to this treatment for long. Yet he did not want to shoot his semen against the back of this willing girl's throat - he wanted to deposit his seed deep within her so it would grow into a new leader.

Holding the top of her head the Prince stepped back until his dick popped from between her lips. Drool dripped from the end of it slapping onto the cold flagstones of the floor. She tried so hard to engulf it once more. She was crying and whimpering and looking up at him with big eyes that pleaded. "Let me have it Master! Please! I want your cum! Nothing but your cum!"

"No. I have far greater plans for my Royal semen. It will not be wasted." He brought down the whip upon her bottom again and the girl shuddered with pleasure. "You are to turn around and worship my brother's royal rod. You will work him until he provides the treat you so desperately seek."

The young woman nodded happily, scrabbling around on the sheet and pouncing on the younger of the two Princes. He looked shocked. He did not protest as she went to work on his dick.

Princess Joy loved the taste of his fuck meat. It had a funky mixture of her own frothy juices and his inky cum upon it and she licked all of this off as though it were a flavoured ice. Her soft lips and questing tongue drove the young man to distraction and held him there. He looked over her upraised ass to see his own brother looking on with rapt attention. Certainly his new sister-in-law would lead to some very interesting times at Castle Westernmarch. He lay back upon the feathered pillows and enjoyed her attentions, wondering what his brother had planned.

All the while Prince Jack was whipping her upraised bottom, using the whip to caress her cheeks and lips and the wetness in between. He loved everything from her tight little asshole to her open and drooling cunt. He wanted to taste it, to eat her out and sample the dusky warmth of her asshole.

Malcom was enjoying her sucking, powerful mouth entirely. Her hand played with his balls. She dragged her sharp nails across the tightly drawn up skin of his scrotum and sent shivers through his body. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and jerked it passionately into the wetness of her mouth. She scratched backwards and began to play with his royal buttocks and asshole. How he groaned at this attention, at the probing sharpness of her nails as she played with his tight rear bung. No girl had done this to him before but he found that he liked it so much he drew his legs further apart. All the while the thought going through young Malcom's head was - "What does Jack have planned?" He soon learned when Princess Joy lifted back her head. His cock dropped from her lips and she let out a cry that was as fevered as it was blasphemous. "Oh fuck yes! Gods! Fuck meeeeeeeeee!" She then went back to work on his pole, doubling her efforts. He could feel her lips moving back and forth across the meat of his pole as his brother thrust into her from behind. She took it all into her mouth and his cock head hit the back of her tight little throat. All the while she was moaning and the thrumming of her tongue and throat sent Malcolm very quickly toward the end.

Prince Jack had worried about the implications of plunging into the tight recesses of his future wife's cunt. After all what was the Royal priority about fucking a pussy that his own brother had already filled with semen? Jack normally liked his women to be bathed and cleaned before they came to his bed. He enjoyed the perfume as he tied them down and played games of pleasure and pain upon their bodies. To push into a channel already so slick with his own kin's deposit was alien to him.

He found that he need not have been concerned. Malcom's cock had done nothing more than lubricate the way. His brother did not have a bad size of meat but at the same time he was nowhere near Jack's girth nor length. His little brother had merely opened up the way for him. Jack got all the fun of screwing the slut Princess without the hassle of having to turn her on first. In fact she seemed as willing as a mare in heat to accept his dick and he could do nothing but oblige her. His first thrust buried half his sword within her scabbard. By the tenth stroke he was buried deep within in. It appeared that he need not worry about hurting this ravishing young thing as she was more than willing to take him on. He wondered momentarily whether she would be as willing to explore other avenues with him; then he forgot about all that and concentrated on pounding her with his blessedly large dick.

Dear reader, one can imagine the scene now. The younger brother laying back on the bed, his legs splayed wide, the feather pillow behind his back. He is naked as the day he was born and his smooth firm skin glows under the torches. His older brother is at the other end of the bed, whip in hand, buried balls deep within the sex of the tight young Princess between them. She appears like nothing more than a spit roast pig happily snorting between them. Her fleshy upraised buttocks are being slapped and played with by the whip of the older brother. Her lips are stretched around the cock of the younger. Her finger probes the asshole of the Prince she sucks. Her other hand rents and tears at the sheets, ripping them to shreds. She is cuming and bucking so hard that there is no way she can stand more. Her body is quickly tiring despite her youthful enthusiasm. She need not have worried. Both brothers were fine young men but could hold back no longer. Both sets of Royal bollocks pulled up into both sets of Royal groins. The Princess Joy was delivered to both ends what she had formerly only been seeking at one. Her taste buds were assaulted by a thick whiteness with a flavour of game meat. Her womb received its second dosing of Royal silver for the night. She shook and sucked and clamped down with all of her might. She wanted all that the two young men could give her. Her eyes were closed and her big breasts rubbed together so hard that they groaned. The sound was accompanied by the slickness of both of her sets of lips upon Royal dickmeat. The air was filled with heat and the scent of Royal fluids. The cum boiled out of her pussy but she wasted not a drop with her mouth. She took all that they could give and asked for more.

The three collapsed.

As morning stole through the chamber window it found Princess Joy laying between the prostrate forms of her two brother lovers. Malcolm, the youngest, lay to her left side with his lips upon her pink Royal nipple. Jack lay to her right with his lips similarly fastened. Despite their earlier belief that they would not be able to cum any further that evening both men had served her admirably twice more. The first had been as frenzied a fuck as earlier, with both brothers taking their turns within her pussy and mouth. The second had been far gentler, with Jack servicing her cunt while Malcom fucked her face. She was fully satisfied this morning.

As they sucked her boobs she lay with a hand on each of their asses, stroking the tight clinging cleft between their buttocks with her long nails. The dawn light woke her from her reverie and she sat bolt upright suddenly. "I must get back to my chambers!"

Both Princes tried to pull her back down to the bed between them. She shrugged them off. "You do not understand! If my maid comes this morning to wake me then she will find me gone. If she finds me gone then she will raise the alarm. If she raises the alarm there will be a search. If there is a search I will be found here. If I am found here my reputation will be ruined. If I am ruined then your Royal father the King of the Westernmarches will not accept me as a bride for his Prince Jack. If that happens there will be no more nights like the last ever again!"

Both of them saw the sense of her words and let her out of bed. The young woman bent over giving them both a fantastic view of her young ass and pussy (which was now quite red and sticky) as she retrieved her nightgown from the floor. She shrugged into it and found that despite a rip on the hip it was still serviceable. Doing up the ties to hide her beautiful large breasts proved to be quite difficult but she managed it nonetheless.

The Princess Joy gave both men a long tongue kiss. Prince Malcom first felt her probing oral digit upon his. HE felt it second. They both enjoyed the taste of her wet willing mouth even when they realised what that taste probably was. Skipping, her breasts creaking together in their all too brief prison, she gave them a cute little wave and left the chamber.

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