tagInterracial LoveNot That Girl, or Am I?

Not That Girl, or Am I?


Author Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and it is meant to be entertaining. All characters are 18 or over. This is an original work and may not be reprinted, copied, or distributed without the express written permission of the Author. It has been copyrighted October 10, 2013.


'Have I become one of those girls?' You know the ones I mean, the kind that every man seems to lust after even when you're not trying to attract attention. I don't want to be thought of as a sex object that men throw away after they've gotten their use out of my body. I've tried to be on the level with men and keep them at arm's length, but they continue to try to use me for their own needs. So, I changed my look and revised myself into a drab, geeky, un-sexy woman for college. I figured that if I could earn my degree in peace without the distraction of college guys always coming onto me, I'd have a chance and save my heart as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a pretty girl. My eyes are a pure chocolate color with a hint of honey. I'm about 5'3"; average weight somewhere at 130 pounds, I'm still a little toned from playing sports in high school. My hair is a dark brown almost black color and it's all natural it has been for several years now. It falls right on my shoulders in the back and can reach high when teased out. It was a choice I made some years ago when I got tired of putting chemicals on my hair. I have supple curves and a nice figure, which I have been complimented on often by guys. My cup size is about a 'C' and I like how they look in a good bra.

My last boyfriend wanted all the perks of being my boyfriend, but didn't want to commit to the job in other areas. I couldn't take it anymore so after three months I dumped his behind without looking back. I had never felt so free in my life. Well, that was the last time I'd been out on a date and in some ways I kind of miss having someone around to hold me when I need it the most. I guess that won't be happening with the drastic change in my wardrobe of late. When the right guy comes along I'll know because hopefully, he'll see my inner beauty and not focus on my outer beauty.

The First Day of College Life...

The first day on campus was really not all that exciting for me. I checked in, got my room key for the next two semesters, and then my roommate, Janna Highland, came in a little later. She was kind of chatty but seemed okay. I didn't know what to expect but hoped we would get along while we shared the space. Our room was a two bedroom suite with shared living, bathroom, and kitchen areas. It was pretty nice because I thought it was going to be a shared box. I'm so glad I was wrong and I've got room to be comfortable to do what I want to do.

"So, do you want to go check out the campus dining hall and rec room with me?" Janna asked as she stood in the doorway of my room.

"Sure, why not? I don't have anything else to do right now." I answered her quickly.

"Good, I heard they were having a Freshman Mixer in the Student Center tonight. I really didn't want to go alone so thanks." Janna explained with rapid hand movements.

"No problem, I think it'll be cool to get to know each other. We are going to be living in the same space for the next year; might as well become friends." I easily replied to Janna and we both walked out of our room to head over to the Student Center.

As we walked out and down the sidewalk towards the student recreation center we shared information about ourselves. She was a really cool girl and I knew we would get along without a doubt. It was fun finding out about her family and life back home. I told Janna about my parents and siblings, she seemed to be a really good listener just like I was. It was kind of awkward when we started talking about past boyfriends that I got quiet. I didn't want to get into that conversation too early. After several minutes, we were at the entrance to the building and I could hear loud music and people laughing and talking.

Right before we went to open the door I felt a presence come up behind me and I froze. It was as if I felt this immense power, so intense it hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to turn around to see who it was but I was terrified and embarrassed. I decided that if I was going to be a college student I might as well see what or who it was I was missing out on. I took a deep breath, brushed my curly hair out of my face, and turned toward the magnetic pull that had captured my attention. The image before me was so amazing I couldn't believe my luck. This handsome guy was right behind me and my feet were stuck in place.

"Sweetheart, are you going inside?" The mystery man queried as we stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds.

"Yeah, my friend and I were just going to see what was up with the Freshman Mixer. Are you a freshman too?" I asked with quiet subtly as I looked down at my hands and feet.

"Naw, I was just coming to check out some of the new students for this semester. I'm glad I did too." The mystery man replied in kind as he perused her small form.

"Oh, well I guess we'll be going in now, it was nice talking to you." I said as I began turning back to the entrance to step inside.

"Wait a sec, what's your name sweetie?" The mystery man stopped her as he put his hand on her arm to ask his question.

"I-I'm Gesyelle, Gesyelle Richards." I offered as he shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you Gesyelle, Jarrick Hayward Edwards 3rd. I hope I'll see you inside, save me a dance ok." He responded while exuding confidence.

"O-ok, I'll see you inside." She agreed with hesitation and quickly walked into the door along with Janna.

In all that time while talking to Jarrick, I had forgotten Janna was standing there with me. But the moment he started to speak to me I was lost in his beautiful blue eyes. He was at least 6'3", with a strong jaw line, dimples in both cheeks, beautiful sparkly white teeth, a sun-kissed tan and a body to die for. I knew that underneath the clothes I was wearing I was no slouch. But suddenly, I felt like one for dressing so drab. I don't even know what it was that he saw when he looked at me. Maybe he was just looking for a new challenge. He did tell me he wasn't a freshman, so what was he doing at a freshman mixer?

We went into the door of the area where the mixer was being held and were excited to meet some of the other new students. We both walked around for a while then picked up a cup of punch from one of the refreshment tables. I sniffed the liquid to make sure there was nothing extra mixed into it and brought it to my lips to taste. Surprisingly, the drink was pretty good. I decided to hang back for a while and just observe the scene. The other girls and guys at the party all seemed to be getting along and forming small groups around the room.

I wondered if Jarrick could see me from wherever he was right now. It didn't dawn on me that the person in question was standing just a few feet away from me watching. A sigh left my mouth and I quickly let all those thoughts leave my head and went in search of Janna. When I turned around to walk the other way Jarrick stood directly in my path. I would have bumped into him if I didn't suddenly step back quickly. He put his arm out to steady me before I fell onto the table.

"You okay?" He asked me calmly as he looked into my sweet face.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine thanks to you." I hesitantly responded trying to back out of his embrace.

"Would you like something a little stronger than punch? I brought a little extra to sweeten your taste buds. Hand me your cup and let me pour you a little of this in there." He told her taking the cup from her and adding a clear liquid from a flask he had hidden in his pocket.

"Thanks, I guess." I told him taking the cup and having a sip.

The first taste made me cough and wrack my body with fits of pain. He pats me on the back and helped to steady me on my feet, which I was eternally grateful for. My eyes watered up from the exertion of the liquid burning down my throat. I could see he was smiling and trying not to laugh at my naivety. She knew most eighteen year olds were very fluent in alcohol and other drugs, but Gesyelle wasn't one of those girls. She quietly held the cup in her hand and looked into his face to see if the laughter was still present.

"Was it too much for you Gesyelle? Maybe you should let me take that from you?" Jarrick responded reaching his hand out for the cup but she pulled it back.

"No, I'm fine. I can handle one tiny drink of liquor. I'm not a baby you have to coddle." Gesyelle informed him taking another sip from her cup.

"Okay, since you're a big girl then, drink up." He encouraged her by tipping her cup further into her mouth.

"I will, but not like that. I do want to pace myself." She said pulling the cup back a little but not completely backing off the drink.

The rest of the night she spent laughing and drinking with Jarrick in a dark corner. She was almost on her fifth drink when she started swaying from side to side on her feet unsteadily. Jarrick grabbed a hold of her and tried to help her but she kept waving him off and telling him she was fine. After the third time she said she was fine he decided to cut her off. She was a little upset, but she just pouted her lips and leaned into him. When she was touching his body with her own she knew what she thought she wanted to do. So, she reached up and pressed her lips to his as her eyes closed to relish in the feel of their suppleness.

She had no idea that her mind and body wanted her to get this friendly with this stranger she only just met. As she allowed her lips to explore his, she grew more insistent. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her closer still, but it didn't seem like enough for him. He took over the kiss and his hands started to peruse her body. The room started to spin around and she swayed to the loud bass beats coming through the speaker system. Gesyelle's body began to move to the rhythm like it was possessed or something. She was so close she could smell the cologne wafting from his neck.

"Why don't we go back to my place and get better acquainted with one another? You can sleep off the liquor and go home in the morning." Jarrick suggested to her as he played her body to the music.

"I would, but I have to go back with my roommate to our apartment. I can't just leave her by herself." She told him in response to his reply but she couldn't let him go just yet.

"Why don't we just tell her you're leaving with me and she can walk back with some of the others who are going back? Where is she now?" He quickly asked looking into her eyes as he held her head at the nape of her neck.

"She's, oh there she is, over there. Are you sure you don't mind me coming to your place tonight? Maybe you could just walk me home?" She looked to her friend and then back at him for a little assurance.

"No it's cool. You don't have a curfew or anything, do you?" He quickly joked at her uncertainty.

So, the pair walked to where Janna was and filled her in on what they were going to do. Her roommate looked a little askance at her about the choice to go home with some strange guy. She wasn't aware that she was teetering on her feet as she spoke, but at this point she really didn't care. All she knew was that she wanted to see what this guy had to offer her. She had to know. She needed to feel some kind of affection for the first time and Jarrick could provide it for her.

Jarrick and Gesyelle left together, after talking to Janna and ensuring she could get home safely. He led her outside the building to his car parked around the side. They kissed most of the way until the pair was actually at the car doors. She suddenly was unsure of what to do, but climbed in with his help when he unlocked the car. He took her hand and sat her in the seat, and then he even put the seat-belt on. In her semi-drunken state she was touched by his concern for her well being.

The drive to his place was filled with sexual energy from both of them. She may have been naïve and inexperienced, but she was completely into him. He touched her knee and in the inebriated state she moved into it giving him permission to touch more. She really had no idea what she was getting herself into with Jarrick tonight. He seemed to be interested in her, but is it just about having sex with her? She hoped not, but how could he possibly want more when he doesn't even know who she is?

"I don't normally go home with strange guys I've just met. I-I think I should just go back to my dorm. I don't want to put you through any extra trouble." She spoke up before they had gone too far in the direction of his place.

"Trust me it's not a problem. Look we don't have to do anything we can just talk and hang out. In the morning I can make sure you get back to your dorm in one piece. I just didn't want you to get hurt it's partially my fault you're a little off kilter." He smiled over at her in the dark as he explained his reasons behind her coming home with him tonight.

She was kind of touched, "okay, well if you're sure you're cool with my company. I guess it's alright." She replied back.

"I'm sure Gesyelle. Now just relax, we're almost there." He chuckled as if he knew she was nervous.

So, she let out a breath and relaxed a little as they made their way to his apartment. Gesyelle continued to enjoy the feel of his hand on her knee, making slow circles right on the kneecap. She realized too late that she was dressed somewhat like a slob and immediately wanted to ask him to take her to get a change of clothes. Suddenly, her head felt like it was moving even though she was resting it on the headrest. Jarrick looked over at her and opened the window a little and the cool air hit her face like a welcome tonic. In a few moments he pulled up to a nice building and turned off the engine.

He turned to her in his seat and found her eyes were closed. He placed a hand on her cheek and let it slide down her face to her neck. Jarrick felt her breath catch in her throat and knew she wasn't asleep. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him as he leaned into capture her lips with his. Again, there was an almost electric shock and a tingling felt as her eyes closed to relish in this intimacy. They remained in this position for several moments until he pulled away leaving her wanting. Jarrick looked into her eyes and could see there was something else underlying in their depths.

"Come on; let's go inside where we can be a little more comfortable, I can give you something to change into to sleep in as well." He calmly asserted his request as he climbed out of the car and headed around to her side.

She nodded her head in the affirmative and unbuckled her seat-belt waiting for him to come around. Her stomach began a slow flutter, her pulse sped up, and she could feel her resolve slipping as he drew closer to her door. When he opened it she had the thought to decline his offer of staying the night to sleep off the alcohol. Only, deep down inside she knew she wanted to see where the night would end for the two of them. So, instead of resisting she moved forward with their plans.

His entire body was alert to her every move. The minute she stepped into his embrace she was his for the night and he was most definitely going to take advantage of having her all to himself. Gesyelle took his hand as she stepped haphazardly out of the vehicle. If he hadn't been there to help she would have stumbled on her face immediately. She grabbed onto his forearms and looked up into his face. She could see the underlying lust hidden in his eyes and knew there was no turning back now.

"Thank you. It would be really embarrassing if I feel right now." She quickly supplied the gratitude for his aide.

"No problem. What kind of guy would I be if I let you fall flat on your face right now?" He smiled back at her and they walked into his building together.

The couple entered the building with little communication except their body language that told a secret of how they were both digging each other. The small touches between them seemed to elicit an electric current from both of them. Gesyelle knew in general what lay ahead for her with this overnight stay with Jarrick, but it wasn't something she had firsthand knowledge with, so she was a little afraid. Actually, she was downright petrified of what would take place.

After what seemed like an impossibly long walk up, they were at his door and he was pulling out his keys to let them inside. As he moved aside, she walked into a relatively clean space. Jarrick turned on the light and ushered her to the couch to sit down albeit very carefully. He closed and locked his door, but when she heard the click she knew it was too late to make an escape even if she wanted to. Her hands were sweaty by now and she tried her best to calm herself of the nerves that were running rampant through her body.

She watched as he walked to the back of his apartment and what she assumed was his bedroom and then there was some fumbling around soon he was back with clothes in his hands. He placed a shirt and shorts on the couch behind her head. She took them and held them in her lap while quietly thanking him for the clean clothes. He explained that the bathroom was just down the hall to the right, just before the bedroom. She nodded her head in understanding and slowly got up heading to change. Maybe the time alone would ease her nerves and she could relax around him a little.

Slowly, she walked down the hallway to the bathroom and those same flutters were there again. Gesyelle was worried that this would be all over campus the next day or even the next few hours while she slept. If she slept at all that is. What would she do if he was one of those kinds of guys who actually counted girls as a notch on his bedpost? There was no way she was going to be just another conquest for some guy she just met. She decided to decline his pursuit of her in sexual gratification and sleep off the alcohol.

She made her way to the bathroom and looked longingly at the shower. She quickly turned on the water, waiting for the temperature to change. When the water was just to her liking she undressed and stepped inside, under the spray. Gesyelle could feel the sudden moment of clarity as she sobered up from the streams of water raining down on her body. For a moment she almost panicked because she could hear the door handle jiggle. Now she was glad that she remembered to lock it behind her. When she climbed out she dried herself and changed into the clean clothes provided and then made her way back to the living room.

Jarrick was waiting for her on the sofa and looked like he was ready to pounce on her. Gesyelle was almost afraid to move any closer in the room, but she was going to be brave. On timid feet, she calmly and quietly sat at the other end of the sofa. Her hair was still a little damp from her shower and he thought she was gorgeous. Who would've thought she had that sexy body under all those clothes? When she turned in his direction, he could instantly tell she was guarding herself from him. He wanted to take all that fear away and make her feel comfortable, but at the same time he wanted to hear her cries of satisfaction beneath him, in bed.

He wanted her. She could see the look of lust in his gaze as he took in her profile. He had done this several times already and she was getting nervous again. She wanted to bolt out of there and head back to her dorm with her roommate. Jarrick patted the seat next to him, signifying he wanted her to sit next to him. She was hesitant, but slid down the sofa just a little. When she was on the next cushion she stopped and sat with her hands in her lap, pulling her feet up, sitting Indian style. She glanced over at him and noticed that feral look still in his eyes.

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