tagGroup SexNot The Encounter I Expected

Not The Encounter I Expected


It was years ago now when I used that phone line that used to advertise in the free paper to find and arrange sexual encounters with like minded partners. You listen to the intros then request to talk with the ones you like. Like all casual sex forums like this, it's difficult for a male to get the attention of a female, simply due to the overwhelming ratio of males to females.

But sometimes you got some interest, and that night (it was a below-zero January night) I did. She was Lebanese, and not Lebanese-American (like I am part) but Lebanese as in Born There. "Hezbollah" she told me later (this was years ago remember, before Hezbollah became such a hot current events topic). Anyway she was interested in our shared heritage and was amenable to meeting for sex. Sight unseen. Her place. But just one request: would I pleasure her "ugly friend" first. Well I have a passion for giving oral pleasure anyway, so for me this didn't seem burdensome. It sounded intriguing.

So I drove to her place (which was out near the airport, I live in town). She lets me in. She's gorgeous. SO my type, voluptuous, rubenesque, zaftig. Beautiful face. Her friend is there too, she's I guess you'd say kind of "dumpy", round figure not especially emphasizing feminine curves. But not hideous or distasteful. The TV is on (Letterman, kind of loud). The lights are dim. She hushes me immediately as her kids are in the next room, asleep (really? jeez!). Okay... weird, but I'm still intrigued.

She's Hezbollah remember, a culture with a pretty strict Muslim faith so this budding sexual situation is already noteworthy on its own. And she's in charge. The taskmistress. Okay by me, I can be in control, but I can take orders too. I'm flexible. She tells me to eat her friend's pussy. Well it's an icebreaker as her pants go down. Right there on the living room rug while she watches. I start pleasuring her and sure enough the juices start to flow and I get into that flow I love best. After 10 minutes or so she cums, and she's this inexperienced sensitive type so she doesn't want more. "Yeah, he's GOOD" she says. Too bad she doesn't want more because I was willing (did I tell you I have a passion for giving oral?). I'm also very hard in my underwear (yeah, tighty whiteys) both because I've just had face full of glistening cunt, and because I'm in total anticipation of doing the same or more with the Hezbollah Taskmistress.

She holds up her end of the bargain. Her incredibly beautiful body reveals itself as she sheds her bathrobe. Her legs point skyward and I nuzzle into her beautiful swollen womanhood. She's soaked and I'm eagerly gobbling her nectar as my tongue presses against her nice big clit (I so love big clits - who says size is just a concern for women?). It feels like it's going to push back. I love that. She cums quickly. Then again and again. My cock is throbbing and drooling with the excitement of it. She tells me to fuck her. I've brought condoms and let her put it on. She gazes at my cock with evident delight. Still on her back on the living room rug, Letterman still blaring, legs still in the air I enter. Slow thrusts for a couple-five minutes max as she's breathing hard the whole time, gazing into my eyes, and I start to c-u-u-u-m. What an orgasm. What a beautiful woman.

I want to cuddle and start all over but she's having none of it. She gets a napkin from the kitchenette and has me deposit my used condom - big glob of jism - into it. I do so and start to hand the wad back to her for disposal. Uh-uh. I gotta take it out with me,. No traces here. And right now. Goodbye.

I deposit the wad into a nearby dumpster and drive home. That's the last time I ever see her. But I still look back on that night fondly.

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