Not the Woman he Knew


"What about tomorrow, say...11:30?"

"Sound great. See you then."


"Bob, do you folks do other than commercial security know, divorce cases and such?"

"We all started in that seamy side of the business. Fortunately as our security contracts have come online, we don't really do that kind of work anymore---and none of us miss it. I thought you got divorced eight years ago?"

"It's not for me---but I intend to pay for it---out of my pocket, not company funds. It's a long story." Rick proceeded to bring Bob up to date on Kathy's situation.

"I saw the Tangini obituary in the paper. No one in my line of work is going to miss that bastard. He gave us all a bad name. I need to ask one question and it never leaves this room. Are you involved with this woman?"

"Not remotely. I hadn't seen her in ten years before a couple of days ago. Common sense says I should stay the hell out of it but after the thing with Arnie Tangini...I don't know. She seems like a decent kid and as one of the few smokers left in corporate America, I suppose she's a friend. She works for me indirectly so in a sense, I guess she's family."

"So you'd like to get her husband on tape boffing some hussy on the sly? It's not that hard. We've got the equipment; it's the same stuff we use for surveillance of corporate sites where high dollar value---or federally controlled---products are handled. The key is figuring out where they're going to do the nasty and getting in there before they do."

"I think I've got that one covered." Rick said, briefing Bob on the upcoming Hilton Head conference.

"Look, Rick, you've been good to us---and good for us. You put us on the map in the Southeast in the high-end commercial security world. I can handle a job like that on my own. I'll do it for you for expenses. I owe you at least that much."

"Well, let's see. I'm driving to Hilton Head the day before. If you don't mind bunking with me---in a five star suite, you get your own bedroom and bathroom---and drinking for free while eating top of the line food at one of the premier resorts on the east coast..."

"That should more than cover it!"

"Look, Bob, once we get the evidence---the tape---what the hell do we do with it?"

"Who's her attorney down there?"

"I don't know. I suppose I could call her with some story about a friend in Miami looking at a divorce and needing a lawyer. Yeah, that'll work. I'll leave her a voice mail right now and mark it urgent." Rick left the short message on Kathy's voicemail.

"If he's worth a salt, the best thing to do is get it to him. If it's someone we've ever worked with before we can vouch for the time frame and such over the phone. Most divorce court judges will accept a written affidavit from a reputable investigator. If it's good tape---it'll never get to that. Her attorney will call opposing council and ask for a meet. If I do my job, they'll deal."

Like many field reps, Kathy had her voicemail set up to page her beeper if a message was marked urgent. Rick had the answer Bob needed within twenty minutes.

"I'm familiar with the firm; they're very respected. I'll check with my folks in Miami and see if we have a contact there."


Almost four weeks later and less than two weeks before Kathy's day in court, Rick assisted Bob in setting up the surveillance equipment in what was to be the prominent doctor's suite.

"Well, that should cover it. It won't matter where they end up---even out on the balcony, we'll be covered. It'll be much better video if there is even a low level of artificial light, so let's hope he's one of those guys who likes the lights on. This is extremely high tech equipment---state of the art. If the lights are on bright it'll be right up there with the best high quality HD porn."

"Feel like going with me out to the airstrip to meet him?"

"That might not be a bad idea. Tell him who I am---your security guy, here to assure that your guests are safe and...private. Any decent security guy could find this stuff but to the novice it's not easily detectable."

The good doctor was every bit as arrogant and impressed with himself as advertised. The blond nurse with him---easily twenty years his junior---could have made a lot more money taking her clothes off than being a surgical nurse. While the doctor attempted to maintain an air of professionalism, it was obvious that the nubile young lady had visions of being the next Mrs. Doctor Davidson. Rick introduced the doctor to Bob as planned.

"Security?" Davidson inquired.

"Our senior executives often use this location for senior level, ah, conferences. Industrial espionage is a growing concern particularly in our business. Bob is here to ensure that none of our senior people are eves dropped on or disturbed in any way while they are here."

The good doctor bought it hook, line and sinker.

The cameras were all tied in via a wireless feed to a console in the living room of the suite that Rick and Bob shared. The equipment required no attendant; occasionally during the night Bob got up to inspect the video. Some time after three in the morning, Rick awoke and joined Bob in the living room.

"How's it look, Bob?"

"Prime, USDA inspected High Def porn. The friggin' guy never turns the lights off! Kinky bastard, too. Tied her up for a while, definite anal fetish---both of them---and other nasty stuff you really don't want to hear about. The doctor seems to like being both the spanker and the spankee. I'm glad I brought a shit load of DVDs. I've downloaded a stack of 'em. When we're done I'll edit a highlight reel which will be sure to get attention."

"No problem identifying the players?"

"Not remotely. They also call each other by name repeatedly. He's here for two nights? I don't see any reason to record a second night. I don't want someone from housekeeping finding some of my stuff and asking questions. What time is he speaking?"

"Nine o'clock."

"Great! I can get in and out before the maids show up."


As promised the highlight video had the desired impact. Dr. Davidson's attorney quickly advised his client that he would lose half of all his assets and pay significant alimony under the state's strict formula if it got in front of a judge. Absent any information of misbehavior by Kathy, Davidson was fucked.

Additionally, with the demise of Arnie Tangini, the other witness to his blatant indiscretion in his own marital bed found her conscience and agreed to testify in detail. The ultimate deal did not involve alimony or anything else that would tie Kathy to her former husband. It involved a substantial transfer of assets and cash which would ensure that Kathy wouldn't ever have to work for a living again. To add insult to injury, Kathy was granted a restraining order. Her attorney had made it clear that a single phone call would be construed as intimidation and the video would go public.

Rick was not surprised a few weeks later when Kathy submitted her resignation. Why work if you don't have to? He was pleasantly surprised when she took the time to stop off in Atlanta to say goodbye.

"So, Kath, according to the grapevine, everything turned out okay for you. What's next on your agenda? A life of leisure in Malibu?"

"I guess I should have my feelings hurt that you have such a low opinion of me but I'm not surprised. You've always been one of the good guys, haven't you, Rick? Rescuer of damsels in distress...savior of a foolish young college girl's virtue. God I had a crush on you ten yeas ago! You could have gotten in my pants without a hell of a lot of effort...still could if you were so inclined."

"Kathy, I..."

"Look, Rick. The details are a little sketchy but I know enough to surmise that you had something to do with the outcome. You're still looking out for me...taking care of me after all these years. Why?"

"Us fellow nicotine fiends need to stick together."

"Whatever. I'm moving north. I grew up in one of the seedier suburbs of Chicago---blue collar, union, not remotely on the lake. I've accepted a job with another company up there---one of this company's suppliers---as a marketing manager. And yes, I'll probably use my new found affluence to buy a house on the lake. Maybe we'll bump into each other next time you're up that way. Any chance a girl could get a hug...for old times sake?"

"Of course." Rick said.

In ten years they'd never exchanged even a business hug. This one was something more but not remotely erotic. Friends? Just good friends? Why not.

"Rick, in spite of the way I came across, I wasn't some poor little rich girl. I got a full scholarship to a top school---and waited tables forty hours a week all four years. I suppose if I'd grown up in the South, I'd be little more than white trash. As far as the money goes, it means my mother doesn't have to work a shift in a canning factory anymore. It means my brother who has severe special needs can get the kind of professional care he deserves. It means my parents can get a new furnace and replace the leaking roof over the heads---or move to someplace better. They won't, of course. That's where all their friend are."

"Kathy, don't sell yourself short. You're a good person."

"Just not quite good enough? The story of my life! You're the really good person Rick. I'm proud to have known you...wish I could have gotten to know you better." And then she was gone.


Rick was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing three months later. He moved quickly, purchasing his own home in an upscale suburb on the lake. He thought about Kathy often but wasn't even sure why. She was a dozen years his junior. He doubted that they really had that much in common other than cigarettes and both having grown up poor albeit in different parts of the country. She was a strikingly beautiful woman and he had a soft spot in his heart for her that he couldn't explain.

Three months after taking on his new responsibilities his admin stuck her head in his office to tell him that a Kathy Banner wanted to say hello even though she didn't have an appointment. She'd taken her maiden name again. He walked out to meet her in the reception area. Free of the travails of her previous divorce she appeared even more lovely than memory served him. She was smiling; she had an air of peace and contentment about her and she wore it well. They greeted with a hug.

"I was over here attending to some of my marketing responsibilities and..."

"I'm glad to see you, Kath. You look great! More relaxed than I remember."

" I love my job. Good folks to work with...making new friends...rediscovering old ones."

"Have you got time to chat? I don't have anything on the agenda for at least thirty minutes."

"No, not really. I've got to get back. Rick...I don't know exactly how to kick this here goes:

"There is a side of me that is still as obstinate, arrogant and know-it-all as when you first met me right out of college. I'm tenacious...I have my family to thank for that. I can't seem to let go of the idea that you and I could be...Rick, I'm asking you out on a date. Tomorrow night? If not---you tell me when you are free. Anything you want to do...I'm..."

"Tomorrow night would be just fine. What time are you going to pick me up?"

"Where do you live?" He told her.

"Amusing...we're almost neighbors give or take a block."

"We both have good taste. Let's go into the city for dinner. I'll make a reservation; it's a little place in the old book binding district. Six-thirty? We can have a drink before dinner. On second thought, let's not drive. Let's take a limo...parking is a real pain and outrageously expensive."

"Sounds good. I can take care of that aspect. Oh my God! You said yes! I was so afraid that you'd..."

"Hurt you? When was the last time that happened?"

"'re one man who has never hurt me."

"What would make you think I'd start now?"

"Insecurity? Rick...I know you've never had the slightest interest in me as a..."

"A beautiful women who's company I might enjoy?"


"Kath, I guess you're sort of like a persistent itch that just won't go've grown on me."

"Sort of like a fungus?"


"Well at least it's a start."

"It's one of the few restaurants left that still has a smoking section."

"Thank God! Okay, I've got to run. Tomorrow at six-thirty?"

"I'll be waiting with bells on." A quick hug...a soft kiss...their very first.


A man really doesn't have much of a chance if a woman really wants him as her mate. Men are such pitiful amateurs when it comes to seduction. When a flawlessly beautiful size two with just the right amount of curve dresses for an evening with the man she desires, he would have to be a complete fool to get in the same car with her if he really expects to retain his freedom. Assume perfectly applied minimalist makeup, soft animated hair, a hint of French perfume, long well turned legs, huge bright blue eyes and a killer smile, and his goose is cooked. He knew it the second he saw her. She was not the awkward girl he had hardly known a decade earlier. She was the stunning young woman he wanted to know much better.

Nothing about Kathy's seduction of Rick seemed forced, contrived or rehearsed. She was charming and to be with. There was so much more inside her than he could ever have imagined...substance. So much more commonality between them then he could have anticipated. As the drove back from the city his brain was completely addled. They were in each other's arms effortlessly. There were in his bed not long after.

And as one might expect, sharing the same house on the lake and last name a few months later.

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