tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNow What the Hell? Ch. 03

Now What the Hell? Ch. 03


The insistant voice brought me out of the haze my mind was in. "Ted? Are you all right?"

I looked up, there stood Shannon. She runs the supply department, it would surprise most to see just how many items are required to keep a Massage Therapy College in business. Shannon is a nice normal looking woman, she has a huge mass of hair, so long that it really is a bit out of style. She normally dresses in jeans and a scrubs top, but today she had on a knee length dress, in a soft blue color that contrasted her skin color nicely.

I had been sitting at my desk, thinking about the lady that was bugging me in my home computer. It is a bit unnerving to have someone just take over your system, and not be able to do anything about it but shut it off!

Then when she peeled off her clothes, that was too much! She got inside my head, and I am sure she knew it.

So I was sitting there thinking about her, sporting a solid hardon as a result when Shannon walked in, I didn't even notice her coming.

"...Uhh, yes," I managed to stammer, pulling some paper towards my lap to block her view. Too late, I realized, as I caught the slight arch of her eyebrows.

"I brought in the fresh linens for the 2 o'clock class," she said. I thanked her, and she gave me another quizzical look, then turned and walked away.

I went back to my thoughts, glancing idly at her as she walked away. She was cute, about 35 or so, and always polite. There seemed to be a mixture of some other race there, I couldn't really put my finger on it, maybe a trace of Indian or something like that.

I really had never paid much attention to her, she worked as support staff, and I always had an abundance of bodies in various stages of undress around to keep me distracted.

The vision of the lady in the computer popped back in my mind. I was horny as possible, Lee and I weren't really sharing much lately. All of my recent massage clients were just that, clients.

So letting the idea of sliding inside that body I saw on my screen was easy to get into, I wanted to get my mouth on those fat nipples!

All this is a bit out of the ordinary for me, and I wasn't handling it well. I was reasonably sure that Dale down in accounting wasn't her, for one thing, she is at least 5'10", and around 50 or so. The other suspect, Denise, happened to be married with 4 kids, the body I saw on my screen didn't have 4 kids!

With a sigh, I got up to go set up for my classes, and I made it to the stack of drapes when I looked down and saw the note. Hi, Teacher Ted! it read.

I picked it up, then it hit me! My mind flashed back to Shannon walking away from me, soft curve of her hips, about the right size and shape! It was the long flowing hair that fell past her shoulders that threw me, I could see none of that on my computer screen.

I finished up in the class, and went back to my desk. I pulled up the employee files, and clicked on her name. Scanning down the list of credits, I spotted the certified Microsoft programmer rating! Now I knew.

Glancing at my watch, I knew I had 30 minutes, so I walked down the stairs to the supply room. Shannon looked up as I walked in.

"I have a little computer problem at home!" I told her. "I thought if you had time you could drop by and help me?"

"What kind of problem?" she asked.

I explained what had been happening, watching her expression. She did nothing to betray herself, then asked me, "So what will you do if this lady shows up?"

"I think I will try to give her the time of her life!" I said.

"8 o'clock?" she said with a smile.

I just nodded, and went back to my class.

Somehow I made it through the day, then the 30 minute drive to my house. It seemed to take forever for the clock to reach 8, but a soft knock came at the door almost exactly on time.

I opened the door, Shannon stood there with that soft smile. "Hi, Teacher Ted!" she said.

She walked by me into the living room, shrugged the full length coat off her shoulders, and said "surprise!" She was wearing the same dark bra and panties she had worn on the screen. I just reached for her.

In short order it was dreams come true time as I had my face buried in her breasts, those huge puffy nipples felt perfect as a ran my lips and tongue around them.

She pushed me back onto the couch, freeing my belt and zipper in one smooth practiced motion. Reaching down, she grasped me as I sprang free, then with both hands she rolled my foreskin back. "There it is!" she said with almost a sigh. Then she leaned forward and engulfed me.

She started bobbing, her lips and tongue rolling all around me. I could not be harder, she slipped off, slid up and down on me, that fast, that easy!

The first orgasm hit her on the first downstroke, she settled down and pushed, breasts plastered against my chest.

We thrashed at each other for several minutes, she had one orgasm after another!

I have seen many women reach orgasm, this lady was beyond anything I ever imagined.

Her chest took on the mottled red flush, she was hot!

I went from the first orgasm to the 2nd one without going soft, rare for me.

Finally we lay together, both of us soaked in sweat. I just held her, feeling the touch of those soft breasts against the side of my chest.

"Yum!" I wisecracked, she giggled.

"That was fun, but why did you pick me?" I asked her.

She told me she had overheard Lisa and Kathy talking, and they were pretty explicit.

So she had watched and waited, but I had never shown any interest, so she took matters into her own hands.

"Well, it sure worked!" I said. She rolled over, slipping up over my fast growing erection, then down on me again.

"Yep, sure worked!".....

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