Nrlynkdbabes BBQ Adventure 2


" I see a flower on the left tit and a star on the right. I see peace signs and the words attention whore."

That had to be Tian because she was the only one that knew I called myself that.

Jesse went on for five minutes as I made the slow turn describing all that was drawn and written on my body. I was still on a high as everyone within viewing distance was examining me. Jesse came down for a closer inspection and put her hands on me to move me around. I told her she could use her hands to check certain areas, which brought a grin to her face. She spread my ass cheeks a little and saw I had some color from markers there as well. When she got around to my front I was sure I would explode if she touched my pussy. I felt something like an electric shock when her hands touched each side of my damp cunt and opened me up just enough to see I did indeed have coloring from the markers there, including on my love button. Tian had been especially thorough on her side and I was sure her team would be declared the winners.

After Jesse made sure to touch me just about everywhere she was about ready to declare a winner. She said she needed to go into the trailer first and then she would announce the winning team. Once again I was told to stay put while we waited for Jesse to make the announcement. I heard the music start, it was "Darling Nikki" by Prince a song I love for a number of reasons. As I stood on the picnic table naked, covered in marker I began to realize just how much the temperature had dropped. I noticed by the patio there was one of those big outdoor thermometers and it read 63 degrees but being on the water and with a rather strong breeze it had to feel like the upper fifties. Now I do venture out naked in cool and cold weather but only for short periods. I had been outside completely naked for a couple of hours now and it was still relatively early.

Finally the music was lowered and Jesse's voice could be heard through the speakers.

"After close inspection I have to say that both teams did a great job but the winning team is Dave, Cindy, Lisa. Sarah and Vince. You five will have the pleasure of cleaning Nikki off."

Tian was pissed off; I could see it in her face. I knew she wanted to be on the winning team, she wanted a chance to have her hands on my body as she did at the Memorial Day BBQ where I first met her. The realization of what was going to happen next had not yet hit me. It was decided that first we should have a little to eat before the cleanup began. I was quite surprised I didn't feel the need to pee but I hadn't really had all that much to drink, but I was definitely feeling the chill in the air. My nipples were rock hard and I had goose bumps all over my body. I had a burger and a beer along with everyone else, soon it was time for the cleanup to begin.

I was fine with it except I wasn't so keen on Vince being one of the winners. He just wasn't my type of guy; he had cockiness about him that you find in a few Jersey guys. I had no problem with the others I wasn't sure if our host Dave would really get hands on with Cindy right there but they seemed to be cool and I expected if Cindy had any objections she would have said something when they selected the teams.

I was looking forward to having Cindy, Sarah and Kelly cleaning me off. Just so you have a mental picture of the ladies Cindy is about 30, 5'6" and about 120 pounds with a small but cute bust and blonde hair cut short and sassy. Kelly is 28, 5'5" and about 110 pounds maybe 34-23-34 with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Sarah is about 28, 5'8" with more curves. She's about 130 pounds, 36-23-35 chestnut hair and brown eyes. All are very pretty but I was most interested in Kelly and of course cute petite Jesse who was not going to be participating in the cleanup. All the excitement thinking about the many hands on me was enough to sidetrack me clouding my thinking. I clearly didn't think this through which I soon realized.

Cindy and Tian had gone in to get a couple of containers filled with warm soapy water and a towel or two. They came out with two small buckets filled with warm water, one with soap and one without. I went over near the picnic table and they followed with the buckets.

I stood there naked as they all got their hands wet with some soap suds and began working to get the marker ink off of my face and neck. Dave worked on my back from my neck down to just above my ass. Both Dave and Cindy seemed to be staying away from my intimate parts; I forced Vince to my backside as Kelly and Sarah were working on my front, which was fine. I really didn't want his hands on my boobs or pussy. I was wishing Jesse would join in the cleanup but she didn't. I did notice Tian was looking very unhappy watching them with their hands all over my naked body and her not able to join them.

There was a sponge, which they got wet with soapy water and squeezed it out over my body, getting me good and wet. Then they washed me off with their hands. I was so excited having all the hands on me, I had forgotten about the temperature dropping and the breeze that had picked up. When Kelly's hand got down near my inner thighs, just brushing my labia I began to actually feel warm. This was all new to me, having hands, strangers hands on my naked body. I've had the occasional grab or smack on the ass at times when naked but never anything quite like this. I was going out of my comfort zone and I was going to be even further out soon.

I was so worked up especially when Kelly got some soap in her hands and began to wash the marker off my inner thighs and my mound. I really had to fight to keep myself from having an orgasm in front of the crowd. I had done this with Tian and was going to realize it wasn't the smartest of moves. I can fully trust Jenna or Ed to take control and not put me in a very uncomfortable position. Thinking I could do that with Tian was my error and I can only blame myself for it.

Now it seemed as though I was all cleaned off and I had no more hands on me. I began to feel the cold as I stood there naked and wet. I looked over at the big outdoor thermometer once again and saw the temperature was down to 65 but feeling much colder with the strong breeze. I was beginning to look around to see where the towel was so I could dry off and maybe wrap another towel around me for a bit.

"Nikki, would you please sit on the picnic table with your feet on the bench." Tian seemed to be telling me not asking me.

"I'm getting a bit cold and want to dry off, if someone could give me a towel." I asked looking more at the others than Tian.

Cindy went to retrieve the towel she brought out but as she went to hand it to me Tian grabbed it and said it wasn't needed. I began to protest but soon shut my mouth.

"Nikki you gave me control for the day, didn't you?" Tian said with a seemingly wicked grin

"Yes Tian I did give you control." I said as I moved to sit on the table.

I sat on the table, my feet on the bench with everyone facing me including those on the boats sitting in the lagoon, not moving out to the bay or back to their docks. I'm not shy, I think everyone who knows me or reads my adventures knows that but I was sitting with my knees together.

"Please lay back Nikki, we need to be sure all of the marker has been cleaned off. Dave and Vince would you please each hold onto one of Nikki's ankles."

I then felt hands on both my ankles as I lay on my back on the table.

"Ok guys, pull her legs apart and lift them back towards the table." Tian said with a slight quiver in her voice.

I could tell she was enjoying this, having the power to expose me more than I have ever really been exposed before to strangers. Soon my legs were open wide and my knees pushed back toward my head leaving me wide open as if I were waiting for the gynecologist's speculum. Despite the fact that I had more than a dozen people at the BBQ looking at me I had many more in boats and some with binoculars across the lagoon. I was really excited now and I was sure that all this exposure was going to push me over the edge.

Then I felt two fingers lightly brushing against my wide-open cunt and that was it. I couldn't fight it and I came right then and there in front of everyone. Before I could recover someone poured some soapy water on me from my chest down to my legs to be sure I was clean. Now I was wet in a different way again and as I came back to reality I realized it was damn chilly out and the breeze hadn't subsided at all. It was after 7:30 now and the temperature was still dropping. I regained my composure and asked for the towel that I had seen earlier.

"No towel, you are to remain naked until you get home." Tian said reminding me of what I had made her promise.

I had told her that once I was naked I was not to be allowed anything to wear until I got home. When I had her promise I hadn't checked the weather ( fucking stupid ass lol). Now I was wet, naked and had no chance of covering up. My body was covered in goose bumps. It was not yet 8:00 and I knew we were going to be there for a while yet. I hoped maybe 9:30 or so we would get going. We all went over to sit down and have a drink but I didn't last long, I was really feeling the cool air especially since I was air-drying lol. I thought maybe I should get up and move around and Kelly offered to take a little walk with me. Tian glared at her and Jesse seemed disappointed. I was really feeling the cold and hoped to get close with Kelly for some much needed body heat. We walked around to the side of the house not visible from where everyone was sitting.

I really needed some warmth and that made me a bit more aggressive than I would be otherwise. I took Kelly's hand and pulled her toward me then I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her body close to mine. I enjoyed the warmth of her body then leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Her hands began to roam over my naked back and ass, as we kissed. I wanted to just stay there wrapped in her arms but after a few minutes I knew we needed to get back before Tian would come looking for me.

I held on to Kelly as long as I could and really just wanted to get her naked and laying down on the ground with me, cuddling and kissing but that would have to come later in the evening or another time, when the very possessive Tian was not around. We reluctantly stopped kissing and holding hands and walked back to the others. The wind was no longer blocked by the house and I began to feel cold right away, as we walked back to the others.

"Nikki let me get you something to put on for a little while." Cindy said obviously concerned about me in the unseasonably cool air.

" She doesn't need anything, she likes going out in the cold naked." Tian chimed in before I had a chance to say anything.

I was thinking how proud Sassy Susan would be of this bitch lol.

" She made me promise I wouldn't allow her any type of cover-up until she was back home and I will keep that promise no matter how hard it is to keep." Tian said with an evil little laugh

I sat down in hopes of blocking the wind but it didn't help much, so I needed to do something else. I waited about fifteen minutes and saw that now it was nearly 8:30 in the evening and the sun was setting. The wind had not subsided at all and the temperature continued to drop. Looking at the big thermometer I saw it was at 60 degrees but with the wind it felt much colder. I tried to just block out the cold like I do when I go out naked in the snow. Usually though I am only out for maybe ten minutes, I had been completely naked for almost two and a half hours now and wasn't sure when the night would end. I did my best to enjoy the attention and forget about the wind, and cold but it wasn't going well. I needed some more warmth and got an idea. I said I wanted to go take another walk and asked Tian to go with me this time, once again disappointment showed in Jesse's face.

I was really attracted to Jesse, but I was hoping despite my orders to Tian to make sure I remained naked that I would be able to convince her to let me put something on for a little while anyway. It was my own damn fault I was in this situation, I have weather bug on my computer now lol. Tian was wearing shorts and a pullover top with a bra and sandals. She was thrilled that I asked her to go for a walk and was on her feet right away. I stood, took her hand and we walked off to the spot I had been before, where the wind was not as strong and we were out of view from the others. I needed warmth fast so I wasted no time and quickly pulled Tian close to me and kissed her hard on the mouth. Tian kissed back and began running her hands over my cold naked body. Her hands weren't the warmest but it was better than nothing. I began to caress Tian's back running my hands up under her top and back down to the waistband of her shorts.

I was feeling warmer already and Tian's hands were warming me up in other ways also. Tian was obviously worked up and I slipped one hand back under her top and unhooked her bra. I moved my hand around in front and up under her bra feeling her stiff nipple. I cupped her breast in my hand and felt the rock hard nipple on my palm. I pulled my hand down caressing her stomach then I began to raise the hem of her top to expose more of her belly. She didn't try and stop me, so I pushed her top up to just under her breasts without resistance. I moved my hand up and caressed both of her breasts under her bra and the kissed her hard once again. I grabbed hold of her top and moved it up above her breasts, pushing the bra up with it. Her nipples responded to the cold but she didn't move to stop me.

I broke our kiss and lifted her Tian's top and bra off and hung it on the fence right near me. I moved right back in and kissed Tian again, I wanted to keep her occupied for a few minutes. We kissed and moved our hands over each other's bodies, I reached down and opened the button on Tian's shorts and with little effort was able to push them down enough for them to fall to her ankles leaving her in a very small black lace thong. I had hoped to get her naked but we heard someone calling our names. Tian bent down and pulled her shorts up but while she did I grabbed her bra and top and began walking back to the group.

"Nikki, give me my clothes back please, I'm cold." Tian said with a shiver in her voice.

"Ah now you can imagine how I feel, being naked for so long."

"Let me cover up for a little while and I'll give you your bra and top back before we get back to the others."

"No way, you said you didn't want any way to cover up and I'm going to make sure

You don't no matter what happens."

"Fine then you can stay topless." I said as I rounded the corner toward the others.

Tian followed her small but perfect boobs bouncing a bit as she walked toward the group. Tian is not shy and has no problem walking around topless, but because of the cool temperature she was very uncomfortable. She was obviously attracting some attention, as she is a gorgeous Asian with almond shaped eyes, long blue-black hair, 5'3" and maybe 100 pounds with a 32c-22-34 figure.

No comments were made about the length of time we had been gone but someone did ask why Tian was now topless. I told them I wanted her to feel what it was like being naked or half naked in the breezy cool night air. After a few minutes Tian looked like she was going to cry and I can't be mean, I just don't have it in me. Reluctantly I tossed her bra and top back to her and decided I would get through this night without whining anymore. Tian hurriedly put her bra and top on and sat with a towel covering her legs for a bit. I sat back down determined to show I wasn't a whiny wimpy bitch and could handle any situation.

So as not to bore everyone, not much happened for a while. I spent about an hour freezing as I sat and talked to everyone about my earlier adventures, which kept me a bit excited and helped to block out the cold. I love reliving my naked adventures and that is one reason I began to write them out and post them. Jesse the very sexy DJ had been busy setting up for karaoke, something I feared. How's that old saying go, "You couldn't carry a tune in a bucket" well that describes me. So since I wanted to get some alone time with Jesse and it seemed she had wanted the same earlier, I got up and walked over to her DJ trailer and asked if she had time for a walk. I could see her face brighten or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. Either way she readily agreed to take a walk with me. This is the girl I have been eyeing all afternoon. I am 5'6" and although I find women taller or shorter than me attractive I seem to be drawn more to the cute petite ones that are 5'1" to 5'3" or so. Jesse was about 5'2" and petite with nice full breasts, the pink tips

In her brunette hair was something else I really liked.

Now I know Tian and Kelly knew what was going to happen when Jesse and I moved to my favorite spot on the side of the house. Jesse was wearing t-shirt and cut off denim shorts with sandals. The shirt was stretched tight over her breasts and with her shorts riding low on her hips there was a few inches of bare skin between the top of her shorts and the bottom of her shirt. Very sexy in my eyes, and although I love to be naked I find little peeks of skin like on Jesse to be very hot. We reached the somewhat secluded area I had been to before.

"God you look so amazing naked." Jesse said looking up and smiling at me.

" Thank you sweetie, I think you are gorgeous and I was hoping to get alone with you but Tian is possessive."

'Are you two together as a couple?"

"No we aren't I just met her a few months ago, she's a bit too possessive for me." I said looking at the obvious smile on Jesse's face.

As I said I am usually not so forward with women but I was freezing but more so I really was attracted to this girl. I moved into her and she tilted her head up as I leaned down to kiss her. No tentative kissing now, it was hard and passionate with tongues entwined. Jesse was rubbing her hands all over my body and I was caressing her back and ass over her clothes. I moved my hands up under her shirt. I wanted to pull her shirt off but she stopped me.

"Not here Nikki, I don't want to be interrupted when I'm with you." She said and I understood.

I gave up trying to remove her shirt and just enjoyed her hands on my body as we kissed. Her hands roamed down over my naked ass, she glided her hand over my breasts and nipples and lightly touched my labia, making my knees nearly buckle. If she had touched my clit I would have cum again, Despite the cold, I was hot and felt like I needed to cool off. I pulled back taking her hand and I pulled her toward the front of the house away from the others. We were now in the front yard and near the mostly deserted street and I was mildly disappointed.

Jesse looked a bit nervous as she spoke, "Nikki, we better go back your naked and we're by the road, someone may come."

I didn't reply, still holding her hand I moved toward the sidewalk and turned to walk up the road. Before long the house was out of sight, I was cold but happy as we walked through the neighborhood. An occasional car passed and honked but no one bothered us. I love seeing pictures of a naked female walking with a clothed male or better yet a clothed female, I think it is so hot and never fails to make me horny. We had walked quite a ways from the house and decided we should head back. We didn't need to rush,

I blocked out the cold and enjoyed the walk.

Too soon we were back at the house and in the backyard. There was maybe another 30 minutes or so of light left and that meant that it would be cooler yet. Tian was the first to acknowledge our return and was definitely miffed.

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