tagErotic CouplingsNubile Heera's Dalliance with Men

Nubile Heera's Dalliance with Men


Beginning of a new series – HEERA and her ways with MEN- chapter 01.

Rajesh Nambiar was a real woman monger. In his life of around 45 years, he had fucked more women than one can imagine and his days were so busy and sedate that nights had to be lively and full of booze accompanied with woman flesh. He never gave up on a good fuck and one could not forget that time- when he paid Rs 1.5 crores to Sonali Bendre for a weekend with her at his summer house in Mauritius.

Sonali personally flew down to Mauritius at his cost and lay nude in his arms all three nights and two days having all her possible holes reamed sucked and of course fucked during the weekend. It is rumored that she was forced to go without a bath all the 3 days and by the time she returned to Mumbai - she smelled worse then a pig in muck.

Shiela was his wife- a vixen of sorts and was very influential in high society. If Rs 1.5 crores to Sonali was big money- Shiela was good enough to make the local Indian IT company Sales Directors' flip their entire favors on to Rajesh's company- shamelessly, making other partners grimace, only and just because of Shiela, who would hold the reins- zip of their pants and purse strings for Rajesh.

Samir Mittal was a senior VP in Krypton Technologies and was a favorite of Shiela, he used to spend lot of his time with Shiela and her babes.

Shiela was a real woman - in the true sense was very influential and really had the turn on effect, not only on men but also on women. She had a bevy of starlets with her, whose sole job was to handle clientele.

Shiela gave little time to people in the lower ranks at these IT Companies- her focus was always VPs and above, this was no different while managing the Krypton account.

Samir was in town today and Rajesh had clearly told Shiela in the morning while getting ready for the office " He is acting smart - I want Krypton to advance me 20 crores of credit and leave the goods in our warehouse, I can't have him acting foolish at this time, tell him we will clear it soon'.

'How soon Raj, as you know we are holding 5 crores of inventory still with us and are not being charged interest since Samir is on our side'.

' He sleeps with my wife and my wife can count hair on his ass hole more clearly than she can do on my beard, so let us not get fooled by all that Shiela- do whatever is possible but I want the credit" saying he stormed to his office.

Raj was extremely confident that the act was only to be performed and rest will follow suit.

Samir was not to be fooled easily, he had come to the town on a private visit and definitely did not want to get entangled. Shiela was no more the 'enchantress' and this was not 'news' to Shiela. She knew from her latest 'acquisition' Ananth that the Chennai circle was full of sluts who would do the needful for Samir but she was unmindful of the game plan that Hema was already enacting on the other side of the city at this point of time.

Hema was targeting Rajesh with Shiela targeting Samir through Ananth - and neither knew of each other.

Shiela called up Ananth and told him to meet her at 'the Breeze' on Poonamalee in another hour or so, by that time she wanted to get hold of Samir's itinerary also, so that there was no loss of contact.

Samir was attending a wedding at Padi and was to be there the whole night.

Heera was a good friend of Shiela, just turned 21 years then, her sister Dharini and Shiela were friends, and Heera's journey to the world of sexual odyssey began through Shiela's lover Farid who in fact fucked Shiela at the party couple of years ago hosted by Firdus - an Iranian painter who had set up a part-time shop in Chennai.

That was a night not all wanted to remember- Shiela already 35+ did a strip tease for Firdus who painted her in the naked glory, right in front of the private audience of around 20 people, and all through the painting schedule, audience just sat and watched the perspiring Shiela naked like a new born sweating through all pores of her body getting painted on the fabric by Firdus.

That night Farid played his flute on Shiela and while he was fucking Shiela - Firdus was being rewarded for his works by Shiela with the nubile 21 year old body of Heera who was waiting for him in the room 1405 at the Chola decked in a bridal costume.

Firdus, an Iranian with a circumcised dick had only one ambition - fuck a Hindu South Indian bride.

Shiela took very little time in convincing and persuading Heera to play the sexy role that she did to the hilt.

Heera was the younger of two sisters - elder being Dharini who in fact was Shiela's class mate at college where they mated Rajesh together and just for convenience sake allowed one of them to get married to him whereas the other took to 'modeling' and 'fucking' which is a 'by-product' of the former.

Shiela waited for Ananth at Breeze and gave up very fast. She knew the answer to Samir and Rajesh's issue. She called Heera and explained the whole situation in detail.

The night of Firdus and Heera needs to be gone though before we descend on Samir and how he got manhandled or woman-handled.

Firdus reached Chola and before he could reach the reception the driver of his car - Manjunath asked him if he was staying at the Hotel.' No Manju, I have come to enjoy the loving care of a Hindu Brahmin bride waiting for me upstairs'. " Congratulations Sir, so you have married one of our girls", Manjunath was ecstatic.

" No, she is somebody else's wife and is my escort for tonight- hired to suck my dirty dick " and before Manju could respond Firdus was breezed through to his room by the Hotel attendees in no time, where lying on the bed in a south Indian kanjeeveram silk attire flooded with jasmine and rose flowers on the bed and of course in her hair was Heera.

She was waiting for him, knew him to be a Muslim and of around 47 years of age.

At that time she was just 21 and very fresh for a fuck with a gigantic cock which Firdus was supposed to be possessing.

Firdus switched the lights on and kept staring at the nuptial bed, she was radiating - her forehead was shining, what with the bridal makeup all over and was wearing jewelry which in the morning was going to be carried back by Firdus to Iran.

The jewelry was around Rs. 45 lakhs.

Firdus kept the lights on and removed his shoes and reached the bed, gently lying down he took Heera in her arms and pulled the sexy body over himself, she melted in his arms and while doing so made him get a feel of her awesome boobs which were tightly clasped within the silk bra and the burgundy blouse covering the same.

Firdus deftly uncovered the top of her body and as the saree slowly got unwound, he had a glimmer of the blouse and the shiny crevice with the fleshy valley within, her boobs looked really big and inviting.

He picked up the rose flowers and the jasmine - mashed them and slowly teased her with them on her lips before inserting them into the crevice between her boobs inside the garment, she grimaced at the act but went along with it. This was going to be a new event and different night for her, slowly Firdus lifted his mouth onto her forehead and started licking the vermilion between the hair braid and the jasmine flowers along the hair around.

He slowly ate the whole makeup on the forehead skin, descended on to her eyes and nose, messed around with her nose-ring before finally descending on to the lips which were well beautified with the vermilion lipstick and were looking blood red.

Heera was a fair lower middle class Iyengar damsel - exceedingly exotic and very pretty.

Firdus snaked his tongue into her mouth and in no time removed her blouse and bra, which he coolly tucked under the pillow besides his head. Heera was nude from the top and he started licking her insides of the mouth, while continuing to have an eyeful of her 37" boobs which were dangling in front of him like two watermelons.

He lifted her over him and her boobs came right in front of his face and now started the long 30-minute drinking on one of the mammary. Heera went berserk, with the saree nearly off- one could get a glimpse of the red petticoat inside the Kanjeeveram saree. She was about to have the fuck of her lifetime.

The saree was removed in a typical Iranian style- Firdus used the painting brush to break the 'petticoat nada' and slowly eased the saree and the petticoat off her luxurious sexy body. " All your clothes are mine and will be with me at Iran-" saying he plunged his mouth on to her lovely boobs again and started rotating his tongue from one to the other nipple very deftly.

In no time Heera's boobs and the entire chest area was a mingle of saliva juices and her own sweat, in the cool confines of the AC room Heera was 'hot', she was sweating and one can imagine how she must have been between the legs.

Suddenly Firdus lifted her over his chest and she was in the air for a while and in no time landed with her freshly shaven pussy of half an hour ago - mashing against his face. Firdus felt the bald pussy on his lips and was amazed at the exotic perfume and the passion the cunt was oozing, it was wet but before going forward with any more ministrations on the sexy cunt, Firdus took a split second glance at the owner of the pussy- lo behold.

Heera was in a state of ecstasy. Her face bore the entire womanhood's sex in it, with eyes closed and mouth partly open, Heera was par -excellence. She looked nothing more or even nothing less than a well carved beauty who was at this point of time serving the interest of her master - the circumcised dick of Firdus. .

Firdus used his tongue like a cock and drilled her pussy till eternity.

Heera was berserk and kept shouting 'AAAAAKKKHHHHH........l eavemeeeee..... Ohhhhhhhhhhh...... no....... pluck my clit........ oh...... noooo......... suck suck suck suck.... Firdus........ suck .......", if one was outside the room at that time- it could have been a real show.

Firdus was having a whale of a lifetime. He was enjoying one of the best pussies in Chennai and a real fresh pussy at that.

Firdus pulled her ass toward his face and opened his mouth and pressed his lips to her dark puckered hole. He held his open mouth against her closed anus. He licked it lovingly and tickled the very center of her ass with the tip of his tongue and Firdus loved the Hindu anus taste, it was much better than the dirty holes he had tasted in his native "Iran".

Suddenly he felt Heera playing with it and rubbing it with her own pussy-juice, her fingers had loosened her tight sphincter and his tongue slid easily into the hot passage. He fucked his tongue in and out of the squeezing hole, enjoying the little moans and gasps his actions caused. He kept his lips pressed around the murky opening and continued to manipulate her anus with his tongue, just like he was kissing her mouth.

Heera let a long, lusty sigh as she felt him remove one of his hands from her buttocks while his experienced fingers take hold of her swollen clit. , while he was squeezing pressure on her protruding clit, she let out a cry of the wild. "Aaaaahhhhh ... squeeze my clit ... squeeze it, baby!" she screamed. "Ooooohhhhh, that's sooooo goooood ...suck my ass, Firdus darling!”

Firdus knew this to be the sound of her sexual excitement and he continued squeezing harder on her throbbing clit, sticking his tongue as deep into her shit-hole as it would go and finally removed his tongue from her hole and shoved her to his sherwani pajama.

"Okay, my baby. now show me how you taste a man's cock- a Muslim cock from Iran, measure it and let me know what is the length," he said lustily.

Heera got off the bed and removed the hair clip from the head and moved around lustily- Firdus was excited to see the lissome body of this Hindu 'bride'.

His cock was straining against the cloth inside and was wanting to come out as he pulled her over and kissed her on the boobs and settled for the lips one more time before they were to descend on to his dirty cock.

She got properly eaten this time and there was blood on her lips- he had chewed in to the flesh.

She managed to wriggle and reach the pajama and quickly removed the garment from his body, Firdus was wearing a tight 'local' made underwear and from the outside itself, one could smell the dirty aroma of the cock, it was not cleaned for days and the murky smell was evident of the shape of things to come as Heera removed the undergarment and lo- behold, the cock stood in front of her in all its might.

It was nearly 8" long and 2" wide at the base, Heera gasped at the size and wondered what it would do to her pussy, till now she had been used to the Indian cocks which were nearly half this size.

Heera was lying on his body with her cunt on his chest and legs near to his face.

She coolly encircled her lovely hands around the base of the dirty dick and used one of them to manually masturbate the dick, to accentuate pleasure she held the balls in her left hand and using her right hand's forefinger and thumb formed a nice ring which she conveniently presented to the cock head and at the circle of the cock head- properly torsion the skin with the 'ring' of her finger and thumb.

Firdus shuddered at the display of the lewd but a perfect erotic act and kept squirming - gasping for breath and normalcy watching her continue to run the ' finger ring' up and down the cock and in no time - Firdus became hyper excited.

With one hand massaging and fingering the bald flesh of his balls and the other performing such lovely ministrations on his dick- Firdus was in the 'seventh heaven'- in utmost desperation and to somehow continue enjoying the lovely act down below in an offline mode, Firdus dragged the cunt on his chest to his mouth - that was a mighty stretch for the bitch, she was pretty short in height and could not be stretched that far, so Firdus lunged forward and could manage to reach the voluptuous pussy.

AAHHHHHH, he started to gurgle on the pussy juice but he was in for a surprise- it was not juice but her piss- Heera was not able to hold on to her bladder bursting below- she was pissing all over his face- and Firdus did what any man would do in that position, just gave in and drank from the ' human faucet' like a cat would, from a milk pail. .

Heera was not concerned- she had the Persian in her control, the cock was properly circumcised and absolutely bald- well shaven all over and she bent her head to lick away a cum-drop from the cock head which had just formed, it tasted real pungent but for Heera it was routine, she just went along with it.

She was used to fucking servants and truck drivers in her neighborhood during her college days, they had dicks dirtier than the one she was currently holding. She licked at the dick head couple of times and in no time had the pungent liquid wanting to gush out- but Firdus was an experienced hat, he knew how to hold on to the 'booty', he also knew 'age' was not on his side and if he ejaculated early- it is going to be sometime before he got another hardon.

The time was 11:00 pm and he had to leave for the airport in another hour's time- he was catching the 2 am flight to Frankfurt and was to travel back to Tehran from there.

Heera licked his cock while at the same tormenting him with her nice scratches using the fingernails on the cock and the luscious balls below - all over. Firdus was mighty pleased with the sex kitten and at last asked her, " Why don't you marry me - I will treat you like a queen".

" Will you allow me to fuck your teenage sons- I understand you have 4 mighty sons, going by the size here in my hand, they must be double this -----" and she brushed the entire cock against her left cheek, brought the cock head to the dishelved hair and wrapped the member well within the tresses.

Firdus felt extremely excited and was amazed at the sluttish behavior.

"You have not answered my question "?

" I am married my friend, my husband is a driver with a Car hire company and he is a very loving husband".

" Does he know about your extra skills- do you perform on him similarly”?

: No, he thinks I am a pretty plain woman, I am yet to see his cock- and really do not know how it looks like- in our 3 years of marriage he has fucked me only 12 times and always with his clothes on. He does not allow me to touch his prick even".

" That is amazing- how do you pick up your skills then- where do you get all your practice".

" I do not need any practice - I learnt all during my college days from a sexy neighbor who used to fuck with her car driver. He used to fuck like a cool cucumber and taught me all these skills, later presented me to his friends - equally ferocious guys, drivers, plumbers - what not'.

Firdus was now enticed to a no- return position.

His cock was in her control, a vice like grip. She was licking his cock and at the same time licking her fingers too, to nice saliva and rubbing the same on his balls. His balls were frothed with the fingered saliva and finally she bent to the inevitable act- got between his legs and went down on his bung hole and slowly rose to the nice erotic skin stretch just below the 'jewels'. As soon as she put her mouth on the skin, Firdus jumped with a cry. She was touching him at places with her mouth- which in fact no woman had touched him even with their hands till now.

Firdus knew this would be the ultimate and quickly pulled away from her.

He lay her on the bed flat on her back and got between her legs with his cock now positioned right in front of her cuntal lips.

He looked at the body in front of him- knew he will miss her once he left her this night.

She was really sexy.

She was looking the dream cunt, which he had wanted to fuck from his early teen days.

She was irresistible.

Slowly the cock entered her pussy lips and she 'gasped'. It was big, the cock was a monster, she could not resist the pain and pleasure coming with it at the same time- " Oh no ...............please remove it , AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck .................Abbababbaguuuiiiiuuuuuu uuumaaaaaaaaaananananauuuuiiiiiiiiiiii",she was beyond control.

"Shhhhhhh" he whispered in her ear, soothingly, "relax... release the tension in your mind....let it go... just relax..my darling, you are real good, don't spoil it now."

And then she felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers and thumbs were now lightly stroking the nipples, causing her to shake and shudder with the waves of pleasure, easing it and helping her to release the tight ache and pain between her cunt lips and inside the vortex...

"Are you all right, my love” and she nodded quietly, content and satisfied with the piston effect his cock was having now - well lubricated and oiled.

She felt loosened up and the sensations of the pain and pleasure rocked her back into the controlling position. His cock in no time became the 'banana' it was from 'the elephantine monster' it felt like a little while ago. She was enjoying his cock - unsheathed and unprotected- there was no condom and she was on no pill.

Firdus fucked Heera for nearly 35 minutes and Heera climaxed at least 5 times in this period. She was in a delirious mood and was having a real time with this cock reaming her in and out.

Firdus cam inside her and delivered his entire load in her cunt. After the monumental fucking- they just lay in each other's arms for a while and before getting into the 'powder room' for a quick shower, Firdus kissed the cunt for the last and final time. Standing next to her while she was on the bed- he gave her the last chance to pay obeisance to the massive 'instrument'.

Shameless to the core- Heera took the cock and wrapped her hair around it and cleaned the prick with the tresses and finally took it in her mouth for a final final lick.

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