tagGroup SexNude Beach Adventure

Nude Beach Adventure


My wife and I went camping last weekend, near a nude beach. We had been there before, but what happened this time, made it especially fun.

We are in our early 30's. Marie, my wife, is of medium height with shoulder length red hair. She also has a body to die for, topped of with a set of 38DD breasts. I try to keep fit, my self, though it is getting harder.

When we arrived we set up our tent in the campgrounds nearby. My wife decided to be coy and wore a skimpy thong bathing suit down to the beach. The top just barely covers her sliver dollar sized areolas and allows her jugs to bounce and sway freely as she walks. I threw a pair of shorts on and we walked hand in hand down the trail to the sand.

Being out in the warm summer air turns both of us on and we usually end up screwing every chance we get. We teased and played with each other while walking, then found our favorite spot. Marie spread out a blanket, and stretched out on it.

She tossed me the sunscreen and I put it on her in the places she can't reach. When I was done she did me. After that we got up and walked along the shoreline. I was nude by then, but she still kept her suit on. She likes the attention she receives when she wears it and she was getting plenty that day.

When we got back to our blanket we noticed another couple had set up very near us. We said hello, but thought little about them. Marie finally peeled out of the swimsuit and said, "I need some sun screen on my boobs. Do you want to do it?"

What a silly question. I love handling those big beauties. I squirted cream into my hand and began to rub the left one, then the right. "Oh, that feels good," Marie, said. I had not noticed, but our neighbors were watching with a smile, but Marie noticed it.

When finished, I laid down on my back to soak up the rays. The neighbors began stirring and I turned to see what was going on. The male, whom I later learned, was named Fred, seemed to be near my age. His wife Claire was a little younger than Marie.

Claire was short and petite, except for a nice set of D-cup boobs, with short blonde hair. Fred was built like me except for one difference. He had huge dick. It must have been 12 inches long and really thick. I'm no slouch at 7 inches, but mine is slim.

I lightly nudged Marie, but she had already had her eyes fixed on Fred's manhood. We watched as Claire began to pour suntan oil on Fred's chest. Then we watched her do his legs, then his back. When he rolled back over, the show really began.

Claire filled her hand with more oil and began slowly stroking Fred's dick, while looking directly at me. Fred had his eyes closed while his wife continued to apply the oil. His rod grew in size and girth, yet Claire never took her eyes off of me, and my now hardening prick.

Then, when she was done, it was Claire's turn. Fred poured oil on his wife's back and worked down to her feet. He told her to roll over and started with her shoulders. Next he worked her boobs and moved on to her nether region. He coated his fingers, and then slid them into her sex. Claire let out a groan, turned her head and looked at me again.

Fred, however, was paying close attention to my wife's reactions. She was beginning to breathe very heavily. His fingers kept sliding in and out of Claire's pussy until she came with low, contented sigh.

Finally, they introduced themselves and asked if we'd like to join them for the day. We said that we were camping there and if they wanted too, they could join us instead. They looked at each other and quickly nodded yes.

The girls paired off and decided to go for a swim, while Fred and I stayed behind to get more sun. While they were gone we got to know each other through common interests. When the girls finally came back, we all decided to go up to the campground for a bite to eat.

After putting on cover ups, Marie and I led the way. Marie whispered that she really liked Claire and Fred and hoped it was OK with me for them to stay with us. I told her I liked them, too and that it was all right. "It'll be fun," she said.

We arrived at our tent and right away Marie asked Fred if he would help her with something inside. While they were in the tent, Claire and I busily set up the picnic table and put out two more chairs. Marie and Fred finally came out and Marie had broad, satisfied smile on her face. She suggested that I show Claire the tent and winked to Claire. I didn't know what they were up to, but in we went.

Inside, Claire moved next to me and whispered in my ear, "I want your big dick in my mouth, right now." Dropping to her knees, she pulled down my trunks and put my dong to her lips. Soon I was pumping my rod in and out of her mouth, puffing her cheeks to the max. She pumped my dick quickly, then said, "Cum in my mouth."

She put her mouth back on my rod, pumped a few times and was rewarded with a white-hot load of spunk. "Oh, thank you," she said. "Marie said you tasted good and she was right."

"You're welcome," I said.

We went back outside and Marie asked Claire if everything in the tent was as she had said it was. Claire smiled and nodded yes.

We ate a light dinner, and then decided to go back to the beach, as the sun was just setting. This time Claire and I paired off for a swim while Fred and Marie stayed behind, nearly alone on the beach. Claire and I played, caressed and fondled each other in the water. Then I slipped my log into Claire's fireplace for a quick surf rider's fuck.

I knew that Marie and Fred would be getting it on, too. Fred said that he liked big boobs and Marie's are really fine. When Claire and I returned to the blanket, we saw Marie going down on Fred while he mauled her mammoth mounds. When he came, he shot cum all over Marie's tits.

Marie said that it was time to go back to the tent, wash up and get ready for bed. Boy was she ever right. All four of us hit the showers. We washed and soaped up each other and got squeaky clean. Then we headed for the tent.

Marie and I started off first while Fred and Claire watched. I began kissing my wife's lips, then working my way down to her massive breasts. She loves it when I lick and suck her nipples, which I did with vigor. Marie reached down and began stroking my cock that was rising to the occasion.

Fred and Claire began fondling each other in rhythm to our lovemaking. Claire then began to rub her fingers over my butt and motioned for me to come to her. Marie did likewise to Fred, who took my place.

Fred placed his massive tool in Marie's hand and she stroked it to its full 12 inches. Then, she told him to move up and mount her torso. Fred placed his hard on between her two giant mounds and began to thrust. Marie squeezed her breasts together and formed a warm fold for Fred. She licked his purple knob each time it slid out the top of the deep crevice.

While Fred and Marie were happily engaged, Claire spread her legs for me and guided my head to her fresh pussy. I licked and nuzzled her cunt lips and sucked on her tasty clit. Claire began to writhe with passion and started moaning loudly. Marie looked over and said; "I told you he was good with his tongue, didn't I?"

Claire could only nod as she was now in the throws of her first orgasm. She flooded my mouth with her sweet juices. Then, she said, "Put that sweet dick into my pussy, lover."

Needing no further encouragement, I propped up her legs and entered her with one thrust. I began to fuck Claire like no tomorrow and she kept up with me. I looked over towards Fred, who was getting the fuck of a lifetime.

Marie was impaled on his foot long rod, as he lay on his back. My wife was in heaven as she bounced up and down, with her big hooters flopping from side to side. She would rise up slowly, and then quickly drop to the hilt of his dick. I didn't think she could take that much meat inside her sweet pussy, but she could. And, she was enjoying it.

I rolled Claire over and began to fuck her doggie style. She swung her tits back and forth to the rhythm of our motions. I reached around and grabbed one tit, squeezing the nipple hard. She bucked faster after that. I felt a bubbling deep inside my dick and told her I was going to shoot.

"Cum on my face," she shouted. So I put my cock into her mouth and pumped. Moments later, I pulled out and sprayed her face and mouth with my cream.

"Well, done," said Fred, while Marie was still riding his massive log. "I'm almost ready, too."

"I want your load deep inside my pussy," moaned Marie. She climbed off and lay on her back. Fred reentered her carefully and began drilling for oil. "Oh, oh, oh," cried out Marie. "I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Don't ever stop."

That sent Fred over the top and soon sticky white jism was foaming out between Marie's legs. Fred withdrew his prick and more white foam gurgled out my wife's well-used pussy. Marie lifted her head up and began to lick off her juices from Fred's cock, then gave him a quick kiss.

We were all too spent to do any more fucking that night, but the rest of the weekend was yet to come. Early the next morning, I awoke to find Marie and Claire gone from the tent. I looked and noticed that Fred was also missing.

I decided to walk down to the beach and there I found my wife and our new friends. They were all splashing around in the surf, nude. I pealed off my shorts and shirt and ran in, to join them. My wife swam over to me and kissed me. She told me that she was having the time of her life and wanted Fred and Claire to stay with us for another evening.

I had no problem with that, as I was enjoying their company and the great sex. After swimming for a while we all went back to our campsite and the girls fixed breakfast. My wife and I went into the tent for a quickie, and then Fred and his wife did the same after we came out.

Most of the day was spent laying out in the warm sunshine. We talked and played card games, occasionally stopping for a cooling dip in the ocean. Fred and I were becoming fast friends and the girls were getting along famously.

When the sun went down, we decided to pack it in for the day. Back at our tent we ate hot dogs and beer, then the girls began to vie for our attention. Each tried to show the most skin without getting us kicked out of the campgrounds.

Claire was wearing a see through blouse, completely open. Her firm mounds were displayed proudly in the glow of our fire. My wife wore a crop top, which did not cover the bottom of her boobs. In fact, it just barely covered the bottom of her nipples. Both Fred and I were at full extension rapidly.

I suggested that we move the show into the tent, so that we could get going in earnest. The girls beat us into the tent. Inside, my wife suggested that we play strip poker, but with a twist. She wanted the winner of each hand be granted a wish. It seemed like a good idea and we began.

I won the first hand and told Claire to take off her blouse. Fred won the next and requested that my wife do the same. Claire won the next hand and wanted to see my cock, so I took off my shorts. Claire won again and told Fred to pull out his dick, too.

My wife won the next hand and told me to eat her for a minute. I moved over to her succulent pussy and down I went. She moaned loudly as I ate her out and actually climaxed. Fred was next and wanted to eat my wife, also. She moved over to him and he went down on her and she came again.

When Claire won the last hand we decided to just start fucking. She asked me to put my cock in her pussy and cum, there. She also had another request. She wanted a fuck sandwich. She wanted Fred to fuck her ass while I did her pussy.

My wife's eyes grew to twice their size, but Claire said that it was a fantasy of hers being fucked by two men at once. She also asked my wife to help out, too, by sucking on her boobs.

I lay out on my back and Claire climbed on. She lowered her pussy onto my dong and slid down to the hilt. I began to fuck her slowly, and then she asked Fred to put his cock in her ass. Fred's dick was harder than we'd seen before and he moved it to his wife's up turned ass.

He positioned his rod at the entrance and slowly pushed. Inch by inch, his massive dick was gaining entry to her tightest hole. I tried to remain still while he was going in. When he had most of his 12 inches in his wife, she started to wiggle. Fred and I tried to coordinate our strokes as we began to fuck her in tandem.

I could feel his hardness, just above my cock, separated by thin skin. His balls brushed against mine as we pumped in and out Claire's holes. My wife was suckling on Claire's boobs and kissing her lips, while Claire was going wild. She was moaning and crying loudly that she loved us.

Her ass was so tight that Fred came quickly, then pulled out. With his cum spilling out of her ass onto my dick I began to pump Claire quickly. She came loudly when Fred had pulled out and was on the verge again. Fred moved up to suck on her tits with my wife, while I was pounding my cock in and out of Claire's pussy.

She screamed that she was cumming again when I let go of my load. I fired it deep into her pussy and she collapsed on top of me. My wife moved her hand down to Claire's pussy, after I pulled out, and massaged our co-mingled cum into her fiery hot box.

Then, my wife announced that it was her turn. She said that she wanted Fred's dong in her pussy and my rod in her ass. Fred said that he needed her to suck his dick back to life and she sucked it into her mouth. Claire lowered her head to my cock and slurped me in, also.

When our cocks were good and hard again, my wife pushed Fred down on his back and lowered her self onto his massive log of flesh. Slowly and gently, she eased her pussy around and down his foot long meat. When she reached the hilt, she let out a guttural moan and began to rock back and forth on it.

Fred motioned for Claire to suck on my wife's jugs and instantly her lips latched onto the hardened nipples. Claire's hands mauled the flesh out of shape and elicited loud cries from my wife.

My wife began to move up and down the pole that filled her cunt. She was going on pure lust and her eyes glazed over. She cried out for me to enter her ass, so I moved to her tight hole and rubbed it with my dong.

Amazingly fast, her ass opened up to the invading force of my lance. She was really hot and was getting the fucking of her life and she knew it. I pressed hard and finally was all the way inside her. Fred had kept still while I was entering her, but once I was in, he began to thrust upwards.

Again, we tried to keep an even tempo with our fucking. My wife was incredibly tight and she was trying to fuck back. Like Fred had before me, the tightness of the ass was great and I let fly with a hot scalding load deep into my wife's tightest hole.

When I pulled out, my cum dribbled out of her ass, and down onto Fred's cock. Using it as a lubricant, they began to fuck in earnest. Claire moved to fondle my dick and we watched my wife bounce on Fred's manhood.

My wife's jugs were flopping from side to side as she rode Fred like a horse. Then, she moved around and faced his feet. She fingered her clit while she was bouncing up and down and exploded with a loud outburst. Fred let out a groan and said that he was cumming. His spunk traveled deep into my wife's pussy and totally coated the walls.

My wife collapsed and rolled off Fred's dick, which was covered with cum and pussy juice. Cum was flowing like a river out her gash and Claire moved between her legs and began to lick off the substance. My wife gasped in surprise as she exploded again due to Claire's deft tongue. She cried out that she could take no more and Claire moved up and kissed my wife's lips softly.

We were all so worn out that we collapsed where we were, and slept the rest of the night away. It was mid morning before we all woke up. After a quick session, we ate breakfast, packed up our stuff. We exchanged contact info, before piling to our separate cars, and heading home. It was an adventure we repeated several times that summer.

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