tagGroup SexTwo Couples, One Cabin: A Seduction

Two Couples, One Cabin: A Seduction


A gradually evolving tale of trading lovers, submitted for your pleasure as part of the Literotica Valentine's Day 2018 contest. Enjoy!


The first time I saw Selena I found myself totally, helplessly, unable to look away. It was a snowy January morning. My girlfriend, Rachel, wanted to take advantage of the weather for a quiet weekend brunch at a restaurant that would normally be packed. We strolled in and made our way to the hostess station, but no one was there.

"Sorry! Hi!" said a young woman, rushing back to her station.

She quickly grabbed some menus and then looked up at me. When our eyes met, I was hooked instantaneously. Selena was a gorgeous, young Latina, with a lithe body and bright, expressive eyes. She had long, dark brown, curly hair. Her face lit up upon seeing me, as if she was recognizing an old friend, despite the fact that we'd never met. I almost expected her to throw her arms around me and squeeze me with excitement.

"Two for brunch?" she asked, cheerfully.

"Yes," said Rachel, who fidgeted with the buttons on her coat while I tried to recover from my stupor. She was oblivious to my instant attraction. Selena showed us to a table, but it was crammed between two other couples so Rachel asked for a different one. Like a dancer, Selena waltzed us away to another table in a more private setting.

"Have a great brunch!" Selena said, turning to face me with a beaming smile.

While Rachel mumbled about the snow on her boots and continued to fumble with her coat, I quickly sat down and started observing Selena. She did everything with the greatest possible enthusiasm. Every server that passed by she greeted with a wide smile and her equally smiling eyes. When patrons arrived, she greeted them with a cheerful welcome and ushered them to their seat as if she'd been waiting all morning for that single opportunity. I was fascinated.

I glanced over at Rachel. She was already on her phone, silently scanning Twitter, so I resumed watching Selena. I could tell that she knew she was beautiful. Her arms were always finding their way into the air for a cat-like stretch, or to run her fingers through her dark, kinky curls. She wore a long, sleeveless, white lacy top over tight black jeans, which only accentuated her slim and toned arms. From the look of her chest, I imagined her breasts were larger than one would expect from her thin frame, and nicely shaped. I examined her from every angle, in every sort of light, until she finally caught me sneaking peeks.

My heart was racing, I hadn't looked at the menu yet, and Rachel was already asking me which drink I wanted. I made a quick decision, and began to curse the fact that my seat wasn't facing away from the hostess station. On the one hand, I badly wanted to watch Selena all morning long. On the other hand, I didn't know how I was going to get through the meal.

Granted, Selena wasn't the kind of woman you'd see on a runway or in a fashion magazine. She had a more natural, girl-next-door beauty. But I found myself obsessed with her every movement, from the theatrical way she rolled her hands over one another to present an empty table to a hungry family, to the way she occasionally added a skip to her steps as she returned to her station.

Perhaps it was just where I was with Rachel, someone who, to my disappointment, had long since lost her zest for life. I found watching Selena refreshing and uplifting; a beautiful young woman with a life full of possibilities and excitement stretched out before her. I found myself craving a return to such a feeling. I wanted to share it with her.

I got through the meal and waited for the mysterious hostess to return from someplace beyond the bar that she had briefly drifted off to. I knew where the bathroom was, but it didn't matter. I wanted her to tell me. When she appeared, I quickly excused myself. Rachel never looked up from her phone.

"Excuse me, where's the restroom?" I asked, as I quickly approached Selena.

Her eyes lit up again as she saw me approach. "Come, I'll show you!" she exclaimed, leading me back in the direction she had just come from. We reached a set of large, iron doors. Selena threw her arms up into the air again, showing the door to me as if she were presenting a prize package on the Price Is Right.

"Right through here!" she explained, cheerfully. "Just take a right and go to the end of the hall."

"Thanks!" I said.

"You're welcome!"

I savored every bit of enthusiasm she offered in this brief exchange. It was like a warm hug. All the way to the bathroom and all the way back I couldn't get her out of my head. I badly wanted to believe she thought I was as good looking as I thought she was, but who could tell, given the positive energy she offered everyone.

When I returned to my seat, I was already trying to convince myself that it was just her style as a host; that every guy that came in for a meal looked at her the same way. That she liked the attention, but saw it as an opportunity to be picky with her suitors, and ultimately would only express interest in taller, richer, handsomer guys than me.

"Have a wonderful day!" she said, as we passed each other on my way to my seat.

However, her smile lasted a good while, turning her head as she passed, as if observing me curiously. I shook it off, but she smiled and emphatically wished me well a second time as Rachel and I left the restaurant. She hesitated, her eyes intently searching mine, but I just couldn't read her, and anyway, there I was stuck with Rachel.

I let it go, only briefly recalling the encounter now and then. More than a month passed, and I moved on from Rachel to April, who wasn't lacking in her sense of joy or adventure. Little things constantly reminded me of how much more exciting our relationship was. For example, if I walked in on Rachel when she was in the shower, she shrieked and told me to get out, despite the fact that we'd previously been intimate. April, on the other hand, would peek around the corner of the curtain and ask if I wanted to join her.

Before long, I'd be climbing into the steam-filled shower, aroused by the sight of her glistening wet body. She'd make room for me, and begin to lather her hands with soap while I relaxed under the warm flow of water. Then we'd take turns soaping each other's bodies. Her eyes would light up upon witnessing my enjoyment while soaping her breasts. She'd excitedly reach down and wrap her slippery fingers around my shaft, then move them back and forth with the smooth lubrication of the suds enhancing my enjoyment. We'd gaze at each other, amused by the thrill we both received from wanting to pleasure each other. Nothing could make me more satisfied, or at least I thought.

"Oh, hey, Alex!" April said, before running out the door, one morning. "I forgot to mention-- I'm meeting up with a new coworker and her boyfriend after work. Do you want to join us for drinks, and possibly dinner?"

"Sure," I said.

"Great! I'll text you," replied April, and she was out the door before I could get any more details.

I forgot all about the matter until I received a text late that afternoon with a time and location, so I made my way there. I wouldn't have thought much of the matter -- I often hung out with April's coworkers, and she with mine -- but this time I was caught off guard with a welcome surprise. No sooner had I entered the bar, did I spot April in a nearby booth, sitting next to a man I didn't know, and a woman who's back was facing me. My heart stopped. Somehow, I instantly recognized her long, curly hair. She turned and our eyes met. It was the beautiful hostess from the restaurant.

Her eyes lit up upon seeing me, but I knew from experience that she welcomed everyone this way. April waved at me as I approached, but all I could do was stare at the mysterious hostess I had obsessively watched some time ago.

"Hi!" Selena exclaimed as I reached the booth.

"Hi," I replied, bewildered.

"This is Matt, and my coworker Selena," April said. I could finally put a name to the enchantment that had me so shaken up.

"Hi there," said Matt, briefly standing to shake my hand. I shook it and turned my attention to Selena.

"Nice to meet you!" she said, with great enthusiasm.

"Hi, I'm Alex." I felt myself staring for a moment, and something seemed to register with her.

She cocked her head. "You've been to Osteria Luca a couple times, haven't you?"

"Oh! Y-yeah, I have," I said, surprised she recognized me after all this time. In truth, I had only seen her there once, and couldn't bring myself to go back again after that.

"Cool. Yeah, I used to be the hostess there!"

"Yeah... I remember!" I said, smiling. There was a brief moment of awkward silence, and I worried that I was revealing my feelings to her.

"Here's the menu," said April, interrupting.

I ordered a beer and settled into the flow of conversation, leaving the awkward moment behind me. Still, I struggled to avoid taking constant looks at Selena next to me, just as I had done at the restaurant. As the conversion ensued, I clung to Selena's every word. Her boyfriend was a somewhat muscular guy, with a full beard and a plaid shirt. He looked like he'd be the mascot for something. I dismissively pegged him as the type of guy who brewed his own beer in a shed he custom built himself, but he seemed perfectly cool as I got to know him... even if I was a little jealous.

I leaned that Selena had left the restaurant a while ago, and started working with April a week earlier. While we talked, I couldn't help but notice that April seemed as absorbed in her conversation with Matt as I was with Selena.

It remained this way over the weeks ahead, as we quickly became fast friends; meeting for drinks or dinner, and going out together on the weekends a couple times. Neither April nor I seemed to mind how much enthusiasm we each had toward seeing them both.


April and I finally had the conversation, soon thereafter.

She'd just returned from the bathroom, after we'd shared an enthusiastic quickie before bed. She'd somehow seemed both absent and kinky at the same time; as if she was enjoying the fuck, but only because something else was on her mind. April's pale, nude form moved smoothly through the room toward the bed, like a ghost. She reached up and removed the tie in her hair, letting it fall down over her shoulders. I watched her soft breasts gently sway back and forth as she climbed back under the covers with me to snuggle.

I'd had the conversion sooner or later with every single girlfriend I'd ever had. It always started innocently, with her asking out of the blue, "Which friend of mine do you find most attractive?" Sometimes it was further qualified, with a "you know, if you weren't with me" or some other simple extension. That never made it less daunting. I knew the trick. I was being tested and had to give the right answer so as to not trigger the jealous response that no boyfriend ever wanted to face.

Each and every time the question came up, I responded in clever ways that impressed even myself. Despite that, this time was different. For some reason, everything I'd ever learned went straight out of the window.

"Oh, that's an easy one!" I blurted out, before realizing what I'd done. I immediately feared that it couldn't possibly end well for me. I worried that if I was forced to elaborate, it would be the end of hanging out with Selena.

Strangely, April just laughed at my response. "Who?" she asked, full of curiosity.

I tried to think of some clever way to get out of what I'd done. Maybe I could frame it as just a joke? Maybe I could reply, "You! Silly!" But I knew April. She'd never buy that. I sucked it up and prepared to take the punishment.

"Who?" she repeated, propping herself up on her side and smirking at me.

"Um... Selena," I said quietly.

"Mmm hmm," she said, nodding knowingly. "That's funny."


"Because I'd choose Matt."

"Wow, really?" I couldn't believe she was so eager to give her answer. But, also, I felt that I knew what her answer would be, just as she seemed to know what I'd say. "I guess that's not surprising," I said, trying to steal her thunder.

April laughed again. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I basically knew who you'd pick already, too. How funny is that, that we picked the same couple?"

"Yeah." I couldn't believe what was happening. There wasn't a shred of anger or jealousy in April's responses, or her body language. In fact, she seemed excited. "Do you think they'd choose us?" I found myself saying in jest.

"Oh man, if they did, we might have to become swingers!" she said, chuckling.

I laughed. April lay back down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. I started to wonder if she was serious. Was she thinking about Matt earlier, when we were going at it? There was a long bout of awkward silence. I wondered if she was daydreaming about such an idea, as if it could really happen.

Finally, April said, "Anyway..." and changed the subject. The topic didn't come up again until the following week.

"Do you want to go up to the cabin for Valentine's Day?" she had asked.

"Oh, sure. That'd be fun," I said. We sometimes rented a small Airbnb cabin by a lake in the Catskills for romantic getaways.

"We can take the Friday off and make a long weekend out of it."

"Okay!" I said, enthusiastic about her idea. I didn't realize more was coming, but a few moments later, she proposed a modification to the plan.

"Do you think we should invite them?" she asked, hesitantly.


"Sorry, Matt and Selena, I mean," she explained, "There's more than one bedroom..."

"Oh. Sure, why not?" I was suddenly excited at the idea of sharing a cabin in the woods with Selena, but surprised that April had suggested it, given the recent conversation we had about them.

April laughed, "Maybe we can finally get moving on that swinger business!" She gave me a gentle jab with her elbow, to emphasize that it was a joke, but I wondered...

"Yeah right..." I said, smirking and rolling my eyes. She gave me a twisted smile.

"I see the way you look at her. Don't tell me you wouldn't go for it if I gave you the chance." I snickered. "Tell me," she added. I still couldn't make sense of her attempt to press me on it.

"Are you saying that to test me, or gauging my interest so you can see if there's a chance you can get with Matt?" I teased.

She laughed and shrugged innocently. "Ohhh, I dunno..."

We both laughed. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. I couldn't believe we were both being so open about sexual tension we felt toward our friends.

After a few minutes she added, "In all seriousness though-- if I asked you, and you had to tell me the absolute truth... and don't think I can't tell if you're lying or not... would you have meaningless sex with Selena if you could, and she was into it? And if I wouldn't hold it against you?" I detected a note of seriousness in her voice.

Not knowing how to react, I sputtered, "I-- um..."

She laughed. "Okay! If you don't have an immediate 'no' then I know what that means..."

"Wait, I mean..."

"Save it. I got my answer. It's fine!"

"You didn't let me finish."

She crossed her arms and said, "Okay. Finish. Tell me the truth. But I already know the answer now, and if you lie to me..."

I sighed. Was this all a very elaborate ploy in the end to trap me? It didn't matter anymore. She was right. She knew the answer. "Fine, I guess... if you really, truly didn't care, then yes, I could have meaningless sex with her." She smirked at me. I quickly added, "Obviously you know I'm attracted to Selena. But I also would never risk ruining anything with us."

April grinned. "There we go. The truth comes out."

"And what about you? Are you telling me you wouldn't also take that opportunity to get with Matt?" I asked, defensively.


I was startled by her quick, brief, and unexpected response. "No?" I asked.

"Nope," she said confidently. "Given the chance, I'd fuck him so fast he wouldn't be able to get himself out of bed for a week."

I stared at her blankly. "Seriously? Are you shitting me... or?"

"No, I'm serious," she laughed.

"So you put me through all that guilt, only to tell me point blank that of course you'd fuck Matt?"

"Gosh. When you put it that way, it almost sounds like you should have just been as straight with me from the get-go!"

"Okay, I deserved that," I groaned.

"So... now what do we do?" she asked, exhibiting mild nervousness for the first time.

"I dunno. What do you think?" I said, turning it back on her.

She thought for a moment. "Well, we could make a plan to find out what their deal is, at the cabin. Like, should we... um... try to seduce them individually?"

My mind was now fully blown. "Yeah, let's compare notes and coordinate," I said, half-joking.

"Haha, are we swingers or spies?" she laughed.

All of a sudden, there was an unmistakable giddiness visible in each of us, as it began to fully register that we not only had granted each other permission to attempt a fling with one of our friends, but we were actively planning and supporting each other in the process. I didn't know how to cope with either the sudden freedom that came with the prospect of a more open relationship, nor did I know how to cope with the immense possibility that I might be able to fool around with Selena, for whom I held such a strange fascination.


I heard through April that Selena and Matt were excited about the idea. Soon, I found myself in a rental car sitting next to Selena as April drove the four of us up to the Catskills. We stopped at a farm-to-table restaurant, tried some craft beer at a local brewery, and then made our way far into the woods to the cabin by the lake. Along the way, I found myself still pondering how on Earth I'd try to seduce Selena. I could tell the same sort of questions were on April's mind.

After arriving, April began to give Matt and Selena a tour.

"Wow, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this place is the real deal!" Matt exclaimed, upon seeing how nice it was.

"Yeah, now I feel stupid for wondering if there'd be hot water," added Selena.

April showed them the lodge style main room, with the kitchen area set off to one side. Then she presented the two bedrooms, across the hall from each other, along with a full bathroom.

"Just be warned that if things get a little steamy with your valentine; we all might end up treating each other to some interesting sound effects," April laughed, knocking on the wall to demonstrate the lack of sound proofing.

Selena and Matt both gave an embarrassed laugh. It occurred to me that April was already starting to test the waters with them. April finished the tour by pointing out the small hallway off the living room, leading to a half bath, and the sauna.

"Wow, a sauna, too!" exclaimed Matt, who was thoroughly impressed by the cabin.

Soon we'd all settled into the comforts of our cozy cabin in the woods and April made her next move.

"Matt, do you think you can help me run to the market in town quickly? We can load up on some groceries to carry back for the weekend." As I watched Selena, I wondered if she would be suspicious that April asked Matt and not me. Cleverly, April added, "I trust your beer selection. You're the expect, after all." It was true. He was.

Matt quickly agreed and they hopped into the rental car, so I took the opportunity to spend some time with Selena alone, for the first time.

"Wanna check out the lake?" I asked, casually.

"Yes!" she said, leaping excitedly off the couch.

We threw our jackets on and headed outside, walking onto a small wooden pier to look out across the water. I stood there watching the air blowing her hair about, as she smiled and took in the surroundings.

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