Nude Dancing # 02: Mom


And being away from home somehow the sex was even better if that was possible. We had time to explore every inch of the others body, to lick and suck and kiss and touch and...

To simply revel in the feel of Natalie's moist cunt all around my penis as I left it buried deep and motionless inside her for minute after minute.

To taste her. Lick her little pink erection until her thrashing center spewed out her female orgasm onto my lapping tongue...

To feel her moist tongue run moistly up and down my length until she took my spouting cockhead deep into her mouth and swallowed my seed...

To slide my penis repeatedly through the channel I'd formed between her breasts...

To force my bulb through her tight but lubricated anus...

And finally to push my sperm deep into her depths as her insides spasmed around my cock.

When we finally kissed goodbye at the airport gate Sunday afternoon we were more in love than ever. She didn't have to ask me what school I was going to attend the next fall. Or who I was going to live with. She knew.

But she didn't now that there would be three of us living together...I hadn't told Natalie before I left that I was going to sleep with her mother. That our future was three people, not just the two of us.

***Saturday, September 30th --Third date with mom***

We stayed home for our third 'date', mom having insisted that she'd BBQ some steaks, that I shouldn't waste all my money when we could stay home. I also knew she was eager to grill me on where I was getting my money.

"So talk young man," mom ordered as we sat sipping our wine after we'd finished eating. It was almost ten but the tropical heat still lingered in the night air.

"Promise you won't get mad," I demanded as I stood and walked towards the hot tub that sat at the edge of the patio, a tub situated so that it was protected from prying neighborly eyes by a thick hedge.

"Why? What have you been up to Bobby?" mom asked suspiciously as she stood.

"C'mon, get your suit on...I'll tell you the whole story in the tub."

"But," she started, then stopped when I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then slipped my shorts down my legs, leaving me only in a pair of boxers.

"I could tell you some other time," I said casually as I stepped down into the swirling water.

"Don't you go anywhere," she ordered in her most authoritative voice, "I'll be right back."

And she was, carrying a couple of towels and dressed in a slinky black bikini that accentuated every one of her curves. She couldn't help but notice that my wet boxers were lying in a heap at the edge of the patio.

"Its dark ma, no one can see," I said when I saw her quizzical look. Except maybe you mom, I thought to myself.

"Still, you shouldn't be naked in front of your mother," she answered dubiously as she put the towels on the table and picked up her glass and started towards the tub. "Is your story going to make me mad Bobby?"

"You better bring the bottle mom," I warned.

"You remember how I was supposed to work at the club this summer," I finally started after she'd lowered herself into the warm, swirling waters. She sat directly across from me in the six foot diameter tub.

"What do you mean supposed to? You did work there...didn't you?"

"Do you remember the night of my birthday?" I asked.

"Your birthday? What does that have to do with where you worked this summer?" mom asked as she slid around the tub towards me, all her motherly suspicions now raised.

"It's sorta complicated mom," I said, a dubious tone in my voice.

"We have all night young man," mom insisted.


"No buts Bobby," mom ordered as she grabbed my arm as I started to slide away from her.

So, with yours truly sitting naked in a hot tub, with my penis (a soon hard penis by the way) floating in the water, with my bikini clad mom sitting so close to me that our bodies almost seemed connected from hip to ankle, I started to tell mom the story of where I'd worked all summer and how I'd got the job in the first place.

"You went to a strip club on your eighteenth birthday?" mom demanded when I'd told her how I and my two buddies had snuck into the club. "That's disgusting," she said when I told her I'd had a girl dance naked for me.

"She took you home to her apartment?" mom screeched when I told her the next part of the story. Then she really exploded when I explained who the girl was and what happened.

"A whore? A Cuban whore? Twenty how old? Seducing my baby? Is she one of those illegal's?" mom spat out at the top of her voice.

"Ma...the neighbors...they'll hear."

"Fuck the neighbors," ma answered loudly, then swallowed her full glass of wine in one gulp. I was stunned. I'd never heard mom swear in my life, let alone use the 'F' word.

I waited until she finally mumbled out an, "I'm sorry."

"It's OK mom," I said as I put my arm around her shoulder.

"It is not OK Robert, in fact it's very much not OK. Now I wonder son if you could tell your mother how your sleeping with a diseased, immigrant prostitute has anything to do with where you worked this summer?"

"Maybe we should discuss that tomorrow," I delayed.


"No more shouting?"

"Tell me," she ordered quietly but with steel in her voice.

It was weird. I was sitting naked in a hot tub, with my arm around mom, and with a hard-on throbbing painfully against my stomach, and I was about to tell my mother I'd been working as a male stripper for the last four months. I realized I wanted to tell her, wanted her to see my cock.

It didn't go that well!

The story took a while to tell. It was interrupted numerous times by angry comments and by demands for clarification. Mom finished the bottle of wine.

I at last came to the end of the story, the final confession being that since school started I had still been working Wednesday and Friday nights at the club.

"So, let me just see if I've got this straight," mom finally started, her eyes boring into mine. "My eighteen year old son, who I believed was an honest, loving child, has for months been lying to his poor mother. His mother who's been working sixty and seventy hours every week so he won't have to." Getting no immediate response from me she demanded, "Is that right?"

"Yes ma," I admitted.

"Sleeping with foreign prostitutes?"

"She wasn't exactly a prostitute ma."

"And spending his nights in some dive taking his clothes off for a bunch of sick, perverted women?"

"Yes ma," I agreed, knowing there was no point in arguing.

"Get out...go to bed."


"Bobby if you don't immediately get out of my sight I may just drown you."

My, "But ma," was simply met by a stony glare and her arm pointing towards the backdoor, a place she obviously expected me to disappear through ASAP.

In spite of my trying to cover myself with my hands, she couldn't miss the hard-on I was sporting as I hopped out of the tub and scrambled towards the door. Her ominous words, "We will be talking about this again young man," were directed at my back as I disappeared through the door.


The next day, Sunday, was difficult for both of us. We both stayed in bed til almost noon, our plans to not see each other foiled by bad timing when we both arrived in the kitchen at the same time.

Mother made breakfast. Silently.

I told her about the money later in the afternoon.

"How much," she demanded when I'd told her how much I'd made over four months.

"Over forty thou ma," I answered softly.

"You gave some to Natalie didn't you?" Seeing my nod she went on, "And she knew where it came from?"

"She wasn't much happier than you...about my dancing I mean," I added. "I had to convince her to take it. I told her you wouldn't have to work so hard...that maybe you'd finally get some able to go out..."

"You used me as an excuse? God Bobby, I want you to, I'm ordering you to quit."

"No...I won't," I refused as I stood and then left the room.

We started in again at dinner. "Why not?" she asked after she'd banged down my plate in front of me.

"It's not just the money...I mean sure that's the most important thing," I tried to explain. "I like it," I finally admitted quietly.

"You like dancing naked?" she asked incredulously. "Why?"

"I like performng...I like it when they look at me...touch me...I like it that they want me..."

"Its just sex! That's not what I taught's not love," she cried.

"It makes me feel like you felt the other night at the club...when you were dancing...flaunting your body...showing them all your-"

"I wasn't naked! Men weren't touching me," she yelled back.

"I was. They all wanted to. I wanted you, I love you!" I yelled, then stormed away.


"I know you do," mom said an hour later. She was standing in the doorway of my room.

"How many men have you slept with anyway...since dad died I mean?" I asked. I could see the anger flash across her face, then a wry smile appeared as she walked across the room and sat next to me on the bed.

"I've maybe had sex ten times in nine years...with three men," she finally admitted.

"Do you like it? I mean did you and dad-"

"Yes, we loved it," she said as she put her arm around me. "I miss him so much honey," she added as we hugged.

We rested in each others arms silently for a good ten minutes before mom finally broke the silence by asking, "So, are you going to stop dancing?"

I countered with, "Are you going to start having a little more of a sex life?"

As she wiped a tear from her cheek she answered, "Yes, I think I just might. Especially if I can get you out of the house once in a while."

"Well, I'll be dancing some nights, maybe you could-"

"Bobby," she warned.

"Well, come and watch then. Wednesday. You can see what it's really like."

"I certainly have no plans to go to any club where men take off their clothes," mom promised.

I fell asleep imagining what it would be like to slide the stool between mom's knees, to mount it naked, to let her see what her son had become...

***Wednesday, September 20th -- The 'Cock Pit' Club***

She had disguised herself but there was no way I wouldn't recognize mom, black wig and dark framed glasses notwithstanding. She had slipped into the club just after eleven-thirty and chosen a small table in the back up against the wall. She had arrived just in time to see me go up for my turn on the stage. I'd known she'd come.

I pretended I didn't notice her as I went through my routine; instead I concentrated on the screaming women who surrounded the stage. But I was surreptitiously watching every move she made as I danced around the stage... as I slowly let my Batman costume cape fall off my shoulders and fall to the I peeled the red, silk cock sheathe tantalizingly down my penis while the women chanted, "ROBIN... ROBIN... ROBIN...," until my cock was swinging free in the humid, smoke filled air.

When the second song of my set ended, after pulling on my immodest penile covering, I descended the two steps from the stage to the club floor where I was met by a throng of excited, giggling women, who as they stuffed dollar bills under the elasticized cord, didn't hesitate touching my muscular, sweat covered body.

Anonymous hands and fingers that shamelessly ran over my groin and butt. Married thirty year olds who fought to squeeze and caress my naked teenage flesh. I finally broke away and headed for the area where mom sat, but stopped on my way and grabbed a dancing stool before continuing towards her table.

"Don't Bobby, go away," she hissed when I slipped the stool between her knees, her eyes darting everywhere to check who was watching.

"They'll call me to another table if I don't pretend I'm dancing for you," I explained as I hopped up onto the stool and knelt in front of her.

"I didn't know...didn't know they'd be so wild...crazy," mom stammered, struggling to keep her eyes on mine and not letting them drift lower.

"They're just having a girls night out...just having a little fun," I said as I pulled the bills from my where the women had stuffed them.

"Its disgusting...they shouldn't be allowed to touch you," mom said but now her eyes were avidly following my fingers as they pushed aside the thong and released a cascade of dollar bills. "Is it like this every night?" she asked.

"Pretty much."

"And that's why the girls were asking about you Robin at the wedding?" she asked as she nodded her head at the letters that spelled R...O...B...I...N the length of the material.

"Un huh. I told you that you might not want to meet him," I said with a smile. I could feel my cock starting to grow.

"You and the girls making me think it was your girlfriend," she complained.

"They were more surprised than you ma. When I took off my mask and let them see my face I thought they were going to have heart attacks."

"Does it ever get," mom started, then stopped.


"Get hard...I mean erect...when you're dancing?" mom asked as her face reddened. I was already stretching, lengthening as she asked the question, a process that only sped up at her words.

"Not often...the boss doesn't like it. I did when the girls were here though."

"The girls saw it? Natalie?" she asked as she stared at my thickening snake.

"Yeah. It was weird, I wanted them to see it," I answered as my cock bobbed upward against my stomach, now fully erect. "I want you to see it," I added, then moved even closer to her.

"You're like your daddy," she finally said after seconds of silence.

"Am I?"

"Yes honey," she whispered, seemingly mesmerized by my penis which was bobbing just inches from her stomach as I knelt on the stool between her legs.

"I love you mom," I whispered back as a drop of precum dripped from the tip of my cock and fell stickily onto her hand which rested in her lap.

She left a minute later, blushing as she nervously escaped, her final words a stammered, "We'll talk later...not tonight...I don't...oh, you can't keep doing..." Her last words drowned out by the relentless noise of the club.

She was lying on her back on the top of her sheets when I entered her room just after two in the morning. She was naked, her legs spread wide, and even in the dim light I could easily see the pink opening of her sex through the thin blond curls that did little to mask it.

Though she didn't move and though she was trying to control her breathing, I knew she was awake. I watched her silently for minutes before I finally tip-toed away but I heard a low moan escape from mom's lips as I left.


I woke before mom the next morning -- quickly showered and then filled the bath tub with water and bubble bath.

"What?" mom squealed when she came awake as I lifted her out of her bed and started to carry her across the room.

"BOBBY!!!!" my naked mother shrieked as I carried her into the bathroom and stepped into the tub.

"Don't," she tried to order as I lowered her slowly into the warm water.

"You're terrible," she accused as she looked up at me standing above her.

"Am I? I asked.

"No honey," she finally whispered as she reached up and circled my straining penis with her hands, pulling me down to join her in the soapy water.

"Oh mommy," I moaned as I slowly slid down to my knees and then kissed my mother's lips. It was the hungriest kiss I'd ever tasted, mother's almost desperate need clear as her lips crashed against mine, as she pushed and forced her wet tongue deep into my mouth.

Her fingers were still clasping my penis tightly as our bodies came together in a wet and soapy embrace that sent a flood of sudsy water cascading over the side of the tub. I grabbed her still firm bum in both my hands, lifting her upwards as I spread her wider. Her hand desperately guided my penis until my bulbous cockhead was perfectly placed to split her. I pushed upward as I forced her hips down over me.

"Oh Gawd...Bobby...I've been waiting so long baby...soooo long honey," mom gasped as my penis slid smoothly inside of her tight but lubricated channel.

We were oblivious to our surroundings, the water, the bubbling suds, the hard surface of the tub, as we coupled urgently. Mom's cries of passion echoed between the tiled walls as we both rushed towards orgasm, an orgasm soon arrived at by both of us. It had hardly taken a minute inside mom before I was uncontrollably spurting my sperm into the woman who'd borne me.

But I knew I had no reason to apologize for my premature ejaculation, knew her orgasm was unlike any she'd had in ten years.

"Leave it in," she cried as our bodies separated.

Laughing I drew her up with me as I stood, kissed her even as her hand captured my still rock hard manhood.

Guided back inside her I stood, holding her against me, then stepped out of the bath tub and started to carry her towards her bed. Her legs locked around my back as her tongue slid in my ear.

"It's beautiful," she whispered. "Your's so beautiful."

"You're the beauty," I insisted as I set her down on the bed on her back with me on top of her.

"Fuck me...fuck mommy...fill mommy up," she demanded as her nails penetrated my back.

I did, but this time I didn't hurry. Slowly pushed my full, thick length to the bottom of her depths, then slowly retreated, making her feel every fat inch of my manhood. "Nooooo," she moaned as my cockhead popped out of her, leaving her empty. Then took first one, then her other nipple in my mouth and stretched them with my teeth.

Then I slowly penetrated her again as my fingers found her pink, clitoric erection. Again and again I slowly filled her, accompanying each slow thrust with kisses and caresses. Finding her clitoris and rubbing it with the lubricated head of my cock each time I pulled completely out of her.

"Please...please baby...leave it...faster...yes honey," mom demanded when I started to thrust in hard, short, deep strokes. Then I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, opening her completely, as my cock started its bucking ejaculation inside of her.

Then she licked me from head to toe. "Aren't you going to cook me breakfast?" I teased as her tongue inched towards my erection.

"Eat me," she ordered, then swung her hips so that her engorged, oozing gash was above my mouth. Then she slowly lowered her mouth over my straining shaft, swallowing me as her fingers found my testicles....

An hour later she was sitting impaled in my lap at the kitchen table, naked, spooning the omelet she'd just cooked for me into my mouth while she slowly raised and lowered herself on my cock.

Then, replenished by the food, we got serious about the lovemaking. For like twenty-four hours straight.

"You're bigger," mom groaned as I rode her doggy style on the living room floor sometime in the afternoon. I pulled her back into me by her breasts each time I thrust my hips forward, grinding every inch of my thick sex into her depths. Her sounds muffled somewhat by the fact her mouth was buried in the thick pile of the rug, she was squealing in pleasure when my hose splashed out its thick load of cream...

In the late afternoon, as a rain cloud poured down a teeming shower upon us, we sat entwined in the hot tub, making love slowly as the sounds of thunder roared in the distance...

Later, as I lay on my back in our bed, mom spent an hour eating me. Licking me, sucking me, then stopping each time she sensed I was close...then slowly starting again. Then finally bringing me to orgasm, she held her mouth open, welcoming the strand after strand that spurted from my cockhead....

"I love you, I want your baby inside me," were mom's last words to me that night as we lay panting after one final coupling.

"You're my wife now," I whispered.


It was easy after that first day and night. It had simply been so good that neither of us even questioned what we were doing. There was no moral dilemma that faced us. There was no chest beating or recriminations. Any hesitation mom had previously had was washed away by the lovemaking -- lovemaking she'd gone without for close to ten years.

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