tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude Housework Challenge

Nude Housework Challenge


Working nights and being at home alone during day can have its perks. My wife works part-time during the week and kids are in school. That leaves me some freedom around the house. I have both and exhibitionist and voyeuristic side but need to stay out of jail, so I don't often indulge in my deepest fantasies. What I can do is be as naked and free as I want around the house - usually with the curtains and door open. I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood with a few older couples around and a few stay at home moms in the vicinity that may drive up or down the street. Otherwise the street in front of our house is quiet.

I lost a bet to my wife about something pretty minute, but I had to pay up. Dinner was to be cooked every night for a week, bathrooms cleaned, and floors cleaned or vacuumed. Ok, no biggie I thought. The first day I realized this would take time away from my nakedness spree experienced daily. Then I thought, just do it all nude. But then the cooking and sanitary and safety aspect kicked in. I remembered I had a cooking apron that I could use. So for a couple days I did all my "chores" completely naked aside from the apron. I spent enough time in it that I almost forgot I was nude. I would do most of my work then hop on the couch and masturbate for my reward. The couch is in the living room in front of a large window facing the street, but despite that you still couldn't see very well into the house from the sidewalk due to glare. I rarely saw anybody outside and really didn't get enough arousal from exposing myself to nobody to be able to get a good session in. Typically I used porn or erotic posts or stories to help my fantasy world cum alive. But still the orgasms were relaxing and pretty decent.

On Thursday I was doing my deed on the couch after mopping the kitchen floor. I had opened the windows for a cross breeze to help dry the floor faster. There was porn going on the flat screen, and the phone rang. Ahh. I hate being disturbed when pleasuring myself but was waiting for a possible important call that day. I paused the TV and ran upstairs to grab the closest phone. My very hard cock was standing straight up at its full 7 inches plus and bouncing under my apron. I grabbed the phone not recognizing the number and hoping it was the bank. It wasn't. More people trying to get donations. I politely hung up and dashed back down the stairs to the living room, hard-on leading the way.

That's when my heart must have stopped. My neighbor Tasha was at the door waving and smiling. It was a typical pretty smile of hers on that cute face with dimples. Her short, blonde hair was pulled back into her usual short-pony tail style. Her piercing blue eyes were glowing. She was not thin by any measure but was built more like an average woman with very nice curves. She knew how to dress to make herself look hot even when she wasn't trying. She had a tight, stretchy black skirt that she wore as casually as most women wear shorts, and she had a tight, black shirt on as well. Her feet were adorned in little sandals and her toe nails were painted as perfectly as always with a very feminine pink color. So yes, she was a MILF with 4 little kids. I looked and saw that none of them were with her. Must have been nap time.

I wasn't sure what to do. I smiled back at her. In what seemed like forever but was probably a millisecond, I had to decide whether to dart around the corner and throw on some shorts and keep my secret a secret or to continue down the steps and take the chance of letting this situation play out and hopefully not cause any problems with our friendship.

I let my lust and and libido take over with my brain struggling to moderate the situation. I continued down the steps slowly while smiling. I did a quick check without being obvious to make sure I was still covered and tied in the back. The apron went down to my mid-thigh and wrapped partially around the sides, but the back was completely open. My erection was subsiding a bit but still pushing out the apron. I opened the door and held it open and said, "Hey, Tasha. How are you?"

"Good," she kept smiling and making eye contact, so I was pretty sure she didn't realize yet I was naked underneath. It was summer and not unusual for me to be shirtless in or around the house. "The boys are in preschool today and the little ones are napping, so since I saw your front door was open I thought I'd run over here real quick and borrow that pop up playpen that Dana (my wife) said I could use tonight for my sister's little girl."

"Sure," I replied, "I need to think where it is." I paused knowing exactly where it was but trying to figure out how to get downstairs without turning around and exposing my ass. I was now not comfortable with exposing myself to her because although she was always very friendly and seemed to have that sexy way about her that I always thought could mean something - I was not getting any signals from her.

Obviously I paused for too long because she interrupted my stall and said, "I can come back later if you are busy or need to look for it." She almost sounded disappointed.

"No, I think I know where it is. Come on in and I'll get it." I waited for her to step inside and then I blurted it out,"I just have a little confession to make."

"Really? What?" she asked with complete intrigue in her face.

This is where my balls took over and said, "Okay, I am completely naked under this apron and if I turn around and get it you will see my butt. Now I'm okay with you seeing me but don't want to offend you or upset you in any way." Then I let out a huge sigh like I hadn't breathed in 10 minutes.

Her response, "Really? You're naked?" as she looked down to get some sign of proof. She smiled wide as if she thought it was a joke but then it seemed as if she was slightly excited and added, "Well I've seen guys' butts before. But why are you naked in an apron?"

I explained to her how I had to do the meals and some cleaning and I liked to be naked when nobody was home, etc. She replied, "Oh my god." and then laughed nervously. She then said, "Well I won't tell anybody and if you are okay with it I'll take the play pen and leave you to your work."

I confirmed with her that she was sure and not upset and she reassured me she was not offended. So I turned and walked down the steps and retrieved the play pen. I could feel her gaze on my ass. When I came back up the steps I saw her facing the TV with the paused porn. Amazingly my erection had started returning when I knew she knew I was naked 2 feet from her. She looked at me as I set the play pen down and said, "Are you cleaning the TV too?" and laughed. This time it was less nervously.

"Um, no. I think we both know why that's on. I tend to reward myself for work well done." I replied more brazingly than expected.

She didn't seem in any hurry to leave considering the circumstances. She then blurted out, "So do you do this a lot when you're alone?"

"Well, to be honest," and I was feeling very open, honest, and blunt, "I love being naked. I like people seeing me naked and even watching me masturbate, and Dana knows I fantasize about us being watched having sex. It's difficult to do this with kids and in this area without offending somebody or getting in trouble, so this is my little release."

"I see." she said and then added, "So when I leave what are you going to do?"

"What do you think? I'm going to un-pause the DVD and finish what I started." My erection was almost full up again, and I knew it was starting to leak.

"How long will that take? Do you spend a lot of time or just get it done? Do you really get excited with porn?" she inquired.

She seemed to be getting flushed and her breathing seemed to be a bit restrained. "I don't know. The porn is just something to look at while I fantasize. It enhances the arousal instead of diminishing. I'd say I take as long as most guys." I felt like saying today - oh about 30 seconds since you know what I'm doing.

"I see." she said just standing there staring at the TV.

I then walked over an pressed play on the DVD. The gal on the screen was moaning and getting it doggie-style by a well hung and fit looking guy. I then sat back down on the couch. "Have a seat and watch it if you like." Now I knew they were a pretty religious couple, and her husband was moreso but a really nice guy, but I think he neglected her physically or at least didn't have much experience in the bedroom.

She declined to sit but stood there by the door with eyes glued to the action on screen. She looked over at me and confessed, "You know I've seen like one porno in my life and it was cheesy, and I only asked all the personal questions because I've never actually seen a guy masturbate. Sorry I was so personal. I'll let you go and finish up your thing."

That was the moment, "You are more than welcome to stay and watch me do 'my thing.' There's nothing wrong with watching and to be quite honest it wouldn't be the first time I jerked off looking at you. But I don't want you to stay if you think you will feel bad about it"

"Really??" was all she could say.

At that I didn't wait for any response. I slipped my hand under the apron and pulled out the throbbing cock that was dripping with pre-cum. The strokes were a mere formality for my guest. I was ready to cum. She moved into the room and leaned against the chair about 10 feet away.

I kept stroking.

She admitted, "I never even see Jeff's penis anymore. When we do it, it's at night with the lights off. He puts it in, does his thing, then pulls it out and gets dressed. I asked him once a while back to do what you're doing for me, but he said it was too weird and wouldn't work for him. I was kind of embarrassed I asked and never brought it up again. And now here we are."

"Yeah," I repeated while trying to converse,"Here we are."

I could see she was aroused but starting to feel like she needed to leave, so I asked,"Do you masturbate for him?"

"Oh no. It doesn't work out right while we're having sex and afterward I don't want him to feel like I didn't enjoy him because I do. I do it by myself when I'm in the bath or sleeping alone sometimes."

"That skirt you have on, your painted nails, and your smile while you are watching me are a little too much for me. I think I'm going to cum any second."

She blushed and said,"ok" while continuing to watch.

I pulled up the apron and stroked a few more times then let loose. The first stream shot all the way up to my upper chest and neck. The second and third coated my stomach and the rest just dribbled out.

"Wow!" I let out. Now reality was setting in.

Tasha offered, "Hang on I'll get you a napkin." She darted up the kitchen and grabbed 3 napkins and brought them over to me. Her hand touched my cum sprinkled hand. "Here you go."

I thanked her and started cleaning up. "You sure you are okay with this?"

"Yeah, I just need to go process this. I will probably have to go take care of myself as well. We CANNOT tell anybody about this please." she sounded like she had instigated it.

"Absolutely. And let's not act weird about it. It was what it was. It's not leading to anything else at all."

"I agree," she added but then said,"As long as we don't touch and still love our spouses we didn't do anything worse than watch a live porno. It's not cheating, but we can't make this a regular thing."

"Agreed." is all I said while I was finishing cleaning up the cum I spilled in front of her.

Then she shocked me by saying, "So can I bring this back Monday around the same time?"

"Sure." is all I got out as she headed out the door with what she came for.

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