tagMatureNumber Eight

Number Eight


I was at Steve's place having a beer and a chat; I heard the front door open, and the voices of Steve's wife Judy and daughter Becky came in. They had been out to measure up some things in a flat that Becky had bought.

Both came in and I stood up to say hi, I receive the usual kiss on the cheek, and hug from Judy and then from Becky as well, as she said, jumping up and down, "Hi Bob, nice to see you, it's been a while, how you doin?"

Judy is a pretty looking lady, medium build, forty eight years old. Becky, is twenty two, had just found a good professional job, so was able to afford to move out and into her own place, which she has wanted for some time.

Well anyway, Steve, Judy and I have been good friends for over twenty years; I've known Becky ever since she was around two years old. She had gone to boarding school, then university, so was not around most of the time when I was at Steve and Judy's place.

Becky, as I mentioned, is twenty two, much prettier than Judy, pale skin tone, around five and a half foot tall, very shapely body, what you might call an athletic build, she always wore tight figure hugging clothes. Shoulder length blond hair, which was dyed red for the last four inches or so. Does not have big boobs, but, again from her tight clothing suggests they are firm and shapely.

O, and ever so attractive, and absolutely OUT of my league. With a body like hers she could have any one she wanted. And as for me, well, I don't think she even knows I'm alive.

But, apart from her body, the most striking feature about Becky is her personality. She always seems bubbly, full of life, and has a positive attitude in general.

Both ladies joined Steve and me in the lounge with a cup of tea. We all chatted, mostly about Becky's new place and what she wanted to do in there. Steve is not the most practical person in the world; he usually has tradesmen come in to do what he wanted. I helped him out with what I could to cut costs.

Becky mentioned she was going to get someone in to fix the cabinets in the kitchen of her new flat. When Judy said, "I'm sure Bob would be willing to do that for you, if you ask him!"

Becky said, "Oh no, its okay I'll get someone in, I don't want to bother Bob, I'm sure he's busy."

Steve looked at me, "Well, what do you think Bob, are you busy?"

Becky butted in before I could answer, "You don't have to answer that, they're just embarrassing you into saying something you may not want to."

"No, not at all, let me bring a few tools along and see what I can do for you."

Judy asked me, "When do you think you can fit this in?"

I looked at Becky, "Well, I'm not doing anything in particular this Saturday, Steve and I can pop round then."

Judy said, looking at Steve, "We're away from this Friday till Sunday, remember, Peters wedding anniversary."

Peter was a work colleague of Steve's, who after retiring moved to the coast. So Steve and Judy would have to stay overnight. Also the fact that Judy does not drive and Steve would obviously be drinking.

Steve said to me, "Looks like it's just you then?"

I looked at Judy, "Oh...well if it's not a rush for Becky, we could leave it till next weekend?"

Judy remarked, "I'm sure you don't need Steve, he's useless, as you know at that sort of thing."

Becky, with a cheerful voice said, "Okay, then, I'll give you the address, when can you come round?"

"As I said, I'm not busy, but I need to run a few chores in the morning, so, could be round to you about one o'clock or so."

"Yes, okay, that's great, gives me a bit of a sleep in." she said as she jumped up and took the empty cups into the kitchen.


Saturday morning, I got some tools ready, what I thought I might need, and put them in the car.

I went and did the things I wanted to do in the morning, a bit of grocery shopping and paying a couple of bills at the bank.

I arrived at Becky's, just after one o'clock. She's in a block containing six flats, she was on the third floor. I rang the bell, a voice on the intercom, instantly recognisable, "Hello."

"O...Hi Becky, it's me... Bob."

"Hi Bob, come on up," the buzzer sounded to let me know I could go in.

I grabbed my tools and bits, and used the lift to her flat. The door to her flat was slightly open; she must have opened it so I could go in. But I didn't, I put down my tool box, and knocked on the door.

"Is that you Bob? Come on in...come in... I've left the door open for you."

I picked up the tool box and went in, closing the door behind me. I couldn't see her, so I shouted as I entered, "Hello, Becky!"

"Hi Bob, I'll be just there," the usual hi pitch tone was still in her cheery voice.

She came out, through a door which I suspected was her bedroom, almost like she was still putting on some clothes. She came up to me and hugged me giving me a kiss on the cheek, "Hi Bob, did you find it okay?"

"Yes, no problems, it was easy."

"Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?"

"No, I'm fine thanks; looks like you've just got up. You carry on."

I looked around the place to see where the kitchen was, I spotted it, and looked towards it, I asked Becky, "So show me what you want done?"

I walked, but she always has a skip to her stride, over to the kitchen, she showed me the cupboards and doors that were loose, and the worktop was sagging at one end, and a few other little things.

Then she asked, "If you don't mind there is another thing I'd like fixing?"

"No not at all, what is it?"

She again skipped over to her bedroom and went in, I followed her. She jumped up onto the bed, pointing to a shelf, she grabbed it and it almost falls off.

"Can you fix this?"

"Yes, I'm sure I can, leave it with me."

I walked out and back to the kitchen. Becky followed me through, "Well what do you think, can you fix these things?" Becky asked me smiling.

"Yes, but it will take some time."

"I'll pay you whatever you want, if that's..."

I stopped her, "No, I don't need paying, don't be silly, you're my best friend's daughter, and, well, that almost makes you my daughter."

I looked around again in the kitchen, and said to her, "Be at least a couple of hours."

"Do you need a hand?" Becky asked.

"No, I can manage by myself."

Grabbing hold of my hand in both of hers, she asked, "In that case, do you mind if I leave you alone and go to the gym for my session?"

"No, I don't mind, I'll be fine, you run along." She raised my hand to her lips and kissed it, saying, "Thank you, thank you, I won't be long."

I set out my tools, laying a dust sheet out and a workbench in the middle.

As I did this, Becky came out in tight pink top and blue leggings, carrying a small bag, skipping along towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, "I'll see you later Bob, I'll be just an hour or so."

I looked up at her, mesmerised, forgetting what I was going to say, when she repeated, "An hour or so!"

"O, yes, that's fine, take your time, don't rush."

Becky went off, and I started to carry out the repairs in the kitchen. I got things done in the kitchen and went to her bedroom to take a look at the shelf. I had to move her bedside cabinet to get to the shelf from one side. As I lifted it up, it tipped forward and a drawer opened and fell to the floor. I could not help but notice amongst the items in the draw was a dildo, I think it's called a rabbit vibrator, pink.

I quickly put it back and all the other items as well. I finished fixing the shelf and was tiding up. I put all my tools away and folded up the dust sheet. I felt I needed a pee so went into the bathroom, I finished peeing, and washed my hands, I could not see a towel. So I looked through a cabinet to see if Becky had any put away. As I opened one of the cabinets, I saw another dildo quite large, skin coloured, and this one had a suction cup on it, I think it's one you can stick to a wall or something.

I heard the front door open, "Hi Bob, I'm back," said Becky's distinctive, high pitched jolly voice.

"I'm in the bathroom; I've just finished and am washing up." I shouted out to Becky.

I quickly put the dildo back and pretend to wash up again as Becky popped her head round the door, "Hi Bob, you finished then, did you get it all done?" she asked in her chirpy voice!

"Yes, all done, unless you have anything else? And O, have you got a towel to wipe my hands?"

"Yeh, sure they're in this cupboard outside," she threw me one.

"Okay, I've finished now, I'll be off!"

As I looked up I saw Becky walking in small steps coming towards me; she came up close and looked to the floor. Then in a soft, squeaky voice, "Bob, if you don't, mind, my tyres need some air in them, please can, you, please, I don't have a clue..."

I stopped her pleading, "Yes okay, I have a foot pump in my car."

"Thank you, thank you, Bob!" she jumping up and down, in her usual chirpy voice again, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I grabbed my tools and walked to the door, Becky called out, "Come back up, don't just go, I've brought some lunch for us, a pizza, you like pizza?"

"It's okay, thanks, but, I'll just head off."

"No, you have to eat something I've brought enough for two, please, please, just as a thank you for helping me out today."

"Okay, I'll come back up, just for a quick bite though!" I called back to her.

"O, take the key, you can let yourself in, I'll just take a quick shower while you return."

I took my tools back to my car and got the foot pump out. I saw Becky's car just a couple of cars further along the street. I checked all her tyres. The keys Becky gave to me had her car keys on the ring as well; I thought I'd check her oil and other fluid levels. I knew she would not know how to carry out any of these checks herself. This all takes me around fifteen minutes or so. I returned the foot pump to my car and went back to Becky's flat.

As I entered, I called out to Becky, "Hi Becky, I'm back!"

Becky called back, "Hi Bob, I've just finished, I'll be right out," her voice came from the bathroom; I could hear her clearly as she hadn't fully closed the door. I was looking in that direction as Becky appeared through the door, her hair was done up with a towel, as women do, and she had another towel covering her.

She looked up and saw me there, shyly giggled and jogged to her bedroom saying, "You were quick; I thought I'd be ready before you came back up."

As she jogged along, the towel caught a corner of a cabinet that was against a wall, and pulled it off. She looked at me, looking at her. It was hard to look away, a young woman, who has an absolutely fit and beautiful body, I saw her tits, but not her pussy as she was slightly side on. Her legs were very shapely, thighs just amazing; her skin was creamy white and silky smooth all over. It's amazing how much an eye can pick up in a matter of two seconds.

Becky giggled, covering her tits with one arm, and picked up the towel with the other hand. She did this in a fairly slow manner, as if she was in no hurry to cover up herself.

She looked over to me, "Ooop's, sorry, old man," she said giggling again, then slowly strolled to her bedroom, not bothering to put the towel back on.

She left the door slightly open, and talked through, saying, "I'll be right there, and we'll have lunch, just take a seat."

I walked over to the table where she had put the pizza, I then walked over to the kitchen and went through draws and cupboards looking for plates and cutlery, some of which I already knew having worked on them earlier.

Becky came out, again skipping through, "Did you find everything? Good, what would you like to drink, I hope soda is okay?" She walked over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of cans.

She was wearing a very tight, very short blue pants and a pink tee-shirt, and I was pretty sure they were the only two items of clothing she had on.

We sat at a table besides each other; the table was into a corner. Becky passed me a can of soda, it was very difficult to look away for any length of time from Becky's body, especially her thighs which were on display and just inches away from me.

We started chatting, while we ate the pizza. Mainly about Becky and how she got on at university. The friends she made, and the ones she still keeps in touch with.

I asked her, "Well Becky, is there any one special in your life, from uni or anywhere else?"

"No, oh no, not that I haven't been with boys!" said Becky who was talking in a very mature manner.

In the limited time I had seen Becky, and talked to her, it was usually always in a jovial way, but now we seemed to be having a much more, still relaxed, but, adult conversation, the tone of her voice was much more serious, none of that giggling between sentences.

"You must have had boy's come onto you, wanting to take you out, cinema, dinner or just for a drink?" I asked.

"O yes, all the time and I have been, out, with a few. I'm not a virgin! Don't tell my dad, or mum for that matter. They'd kill me!"

I said without looking at her, "I didn't think you were, and I'm sure, Steve and Judy have a fair idea about that too."

Becky said, "Well, you know these places, uni and all, full of testosterone fuelled boys who think they know what a woman wants, and it's the only thing on they're minds."

I asked her in a coy manner, "So you admit to having been, well, to bed with, two, three?"

She shook her head, and said, "I'm not a slut Bob, first tell me how many women you've, fucked?"

I coughed, "Excuse me young lady that's no way to talk to your elders!"

"Well if you want to know a number from me, then I think it's only fair that I know a number from you. And since you want to know so, desperately, you can go first," Becky looked very stern and forceful.

"Okay, what sort of number would impress you?" I looked at her to see if I could make her blush.

"Bob, just the truth, I'm serious, I'm not looking at numbers in the hundred's, just a true number, come on?"

I think I was the one who had a red-face at that point, "Okay, five, your turn!" I said quickly and looked away.

Becky smiled, "You fucking liar Bob, I can see it in your eyes, you're a fuckin liar!"

I waited a few seconds to mull over in my head, what was going on here; Becky encouraged me, "Come on... come on."

I turned my head very quickly towards her, and shouted out, "Seven, okay, seven, that's the truth." I put my pizza down and stood up.

Becky looked up, "Oh dear, Bob's getting angry, why so angry Bob? Seven, it's a good number, fairly impressive. How many of them were one-nighters?"

Amazingly Becky was now really getting me worked up, and I said, "I, I, don't recall, three, maybe four!" in a raised heart thumping tone!

I made a move as if to walk away, Becky stood up in front of me, placed a hand on my chest, and lightly pushed me back down to the chair. We both sat back down.

"Relax old man, we're just talking."

"I think I should go?" I said in a demur voice.

"No, not yet, we're still talking and having lunch." Becky's voice was very calm and controlled.

"I haven't told you my number yet," says Becky.

"It's okay, I don't want to know, and you're a very naughty girl."

Becky replied wagging her head from side to side, "Naughty now is it? a moment a go it was Becky the slut!"

I think I had a very red face now and said, "I never said that, or even implied that at all, you're just making that up in your head."

Silence fell into the room for a couple of minutes.

I got a bit calmer, deep breaths and all that, and talked in a calmer tone again.

I said, "I think I should be going before this gets out of hand, and we both say something we'll regret later, Steve and Judy are my friends, and I want to keep it that way."

Becky, just as calmly said, "We're all friends here, just talking."

I looked at her and tried to think of something to say, but Becky beat me to it. "Well? Old man, do you want to know my number?"

Shaking my head, "I, I don't know, No!"

"Well, I'll tell you anyhow," as Becky leant towards me, moving her face to just inches from mine, looked me in the eyes, without any expression on her face, and spells out, "S e v e n."

And as she slowly moved away she said, "Snap."

I shook my head, and asked, "Did you actually do any learning at uni?"

Becky replied with a grin on her face, "I did a lot of learning; let me tell you, a lot of learning."

She went on, "Not everything is in books, I may be young, but at uni, you learn things that are not in print."

I could only reply with, "As I said Becky, you're a naughty girl, a very naughty girl!"

She put her pizza down and wiped her hands with a paper towel and said, "I may be naughty." Then placed a hand on the side of my face, gently patting, "But I'm not a girl."

"Yes okay, yes, I think I 'SAW' you're not a girl anymore," pointing with my head towards the cabinet against the wall!

Becky stood up, took a step closer, and to my amazement, gave me a kiss on the lips, lasting about ten, twelve seconds, no tongues, just lips.

She stepped back, and I stood up, and said, "Becky, I think this is moving in a direction I don't feel happy with!"

She moved closer, grabbed my face in her hands, and kissed me again, this time forcing her tongue past my lips.

I gently pushed her away, "No, I'm off, thanks for lunch, but I think you need another shower."

"Old man, where have you got to rush off to? I want to see what those other seven saw, it's only fair, you've seen me, naked, now I want to, see, well, you, naked..?"

"No, as I said, this is not right, it's not fair on Steve & Judy, and I can't do this to your parents."

"Old man, you're not doing anything to my parents, you're going to do it to me, if you can?" She squeezed my cock through my jeans.

With a wicked look in her eyes she then said, "Don't think I've never seen you looking at me, eyeing me up, I've caught you several times, old man"

I looked away from her gaze, and stared blankly into the air, "No, I can't do this!"

Becky grabbed my face again, and kissed me, again forcing her tongue into me, it was very difficult to break away, half of me said no, and the other half, well maybe more, much more than half, said, go for it, just let it happen and suffer the consequences.

Okay, bloody hell I'm a man, I'm weak, in this capacity. I kissed her back, we hugged each other tightly. Start kissing more passionately, we both broke; needed to come up for air, I looked into her blue eyes and said, "You seem to have a talent, with that tongue of yours!"

Becky, without gazing away, said, "O, I've got a lot of skills, not just with my tongue, but with my, hands, my, fingers, my..." I stopped her saying, "I'm sure you have Becky, I'm sure you have."

Becky reached down to my jeans, and placed her hand on my cock, she moved to the side of my face, and whispered in my ear, "Old man, you and me are going to be each other's eighth."

"But, I'm your father's best friend!" I said to her in a stupid weak voice.

"Yes, you are my dad's best friend, but, that doesn't make you my dad!" Becky sounded quite serious, like I'd never heard her before.

"Okay, come this way!" leading me to her bedroom, she looked round her shoulder, smiled, and said, "We're going to have some fun, old man, I hope you like fun?"

We reached her bedroom and went inside.

"Becky please wait, not that I don't want to, but... this is all wrong, we shouldn't, I shouldn't."

"Are you planning to tell mummy and daddy, old man?" Becky asked, in a shy girly manner.

"No, of course not." I respond straight away.

"Well, do you think I will?" holding a finger to her lips!

"No, of course not," I again responded quickly.

"Well, where's the problem then old man? O, is it that, you, are, TOO OLD, old man?" Becky let go of my hand and patted my cock through the jeans.

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