Nurse Anna

byAnna Star©

A couple of months ago, Scott and I made a plan to get away to Las Vegas for a weekend then disaster struck - he broke his ankle in a pick-up basketball game!

We had chosen Vegas since I had become comfortable enough with "Anna" to go out in public and it would give me the chance to go a full weekend as her. A first of what I hoped would be many.

Now that Scott was laid up for the foreseeable future, I knew he would need some special care in his time of need.

For our trip I had bought this really sexy nurse outfit, a result of his fantasy to have sex with a hot nurse, I figured this was a good a time as any to put it to use. So, I called him up and told him I was coming over to "ease his pain" since he was so bummed out that we were not going.

I set about getting ready and that nurse outfit I bought was all sorts of sexy! It was a white, stretchy form fitting garter dress. I also had some hot white fishnet stockings, a cute white and red choker, finishing it off with some super sexy white sling-back sandals with a 6" heel.

If you read my previous story you know I am sucker for the Bettie Page style, so I put on my best Bettie wig and some bright red lipstick to top off my makeup (if you want a visual idea, see the Olivia painting of Bettie as a nurse), I was looking too hot!

Needless to say this got me real horny. So in order to burn off some of this energy so I didn't explode before I got to Scott's, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I sat on the edge of my bed in front of my full length mirror, spreading my legs and rubbing myself all over. I took out some lube, my favorite red devil butt plug and started to get my ass ready for the cock I love!

Once I had that bad boy in I started stroking my now throbbing cock. Masturbating myself while wiggling on my butt plug was awesome! Forgive my ego boys but I love watching myself in the mirror because it gets me so turned on and in no time flat I was pumping streams of my own cum into the air and my hand. Not wanting to be wasteful, I licked up all I could off of my fingers.

I re-lubed my plug, fixed myself, threw on an overcoat, and off I went.

Since it was dark I felt okay with driving to Scott's house. The really cool part was the looks I was getting along the way from guys in passing cars! I managed to get one poor soul slapped by his wife when I blew him a kiss at a stop light! I felt 10 times sexier than ever after that drive and way too hot to handle when I got there.

I pulled into Scott's garage and made my way into the house, calling out for him as I entered.

"I am up here on the couch", he replied. "Can you please grab me a beer on the way in?" is what followed and I gladly obliged.

I seductively said "Is a beer all you want?" as I turned the corner into the living room giving him a first glimpse of me.

His jaw dropped and his eyes practically popped out of his head. "Oh my god" is all he could muster and he kept repeating it over and over like a kid on Christmas.

"I knew you needed some at home care, so I thought no one better than me to provide it" I purred at him as walked towards him.

"Anna, I cannot believe this. I have always wanted this and you went way beyond my expectations" he continued "I am so sorry about messing up the Vegas plans".

I hushed him by putting my finger to his lips as I set the beer down. "I bought this for our trip as a surprise and you ended up giving me a reason to use it anyway", "Do you like it?"

He replied, "Baby you look so damn hot, I don't know if I can handle you this way!"

"Good" I said "I guess I'll just have to nurse you back to health so you can".

With that I straddled him and we started kissing deeply, our tongues eagerly running into each other's mouths. He stopped and remarked how bad a girl I was for not having any panties on all the while I could feel that 8 inch toy growing hard against my thigh.

"Yeah, but you like bad girls like me" I said as I thrust my tongue back into his mouth. Then stopping myself to say "Let me show you how bad I am!"

With that I got up off of him, careful to avoid his now cast covered lower right leg, and knelt in front of him. I had him sit up while I lifted off his shirt and I planted another deep one on him only pausing to tell him how sexy I thought he was with his day old stubble.

Then I had him lift his hips to get him out of those shorts. His cock jumped up into my face at full attention and I kissed the tip then gave it a quick lick as I pulled the shorts the rest of the way off; telling him that as his nurse I felt he needed a tongue bath.

I started to lick him all over starting with his ears, to his neck, chest, and down to his legs. I lovingly washed my tongue over him and lost myself in his moans as I worked my way back up to his cock. Once there, I took it into my hand and starting licking it all over like you do when you are trying to catch ice cream running down your hand. Savoring every lick as I gave my man pleasure all while working down to his balls giving them the tongue bath I promised. I sucked each one into my mouth and hummed as I did, again basking in the moment as I gave Scott so much pleasure with my mouth and tongue.

I licked and sucked my way back up the shaft and took him into my mouth as I felt his hand slide across my face. I looked into his eyes and started to suck him for all I was worth. I kept my eyes focused on him as I watched his eyes roll into his head, moaning all the while as I deep throated him over and over. At the same time I am furiously stroking my cock again and on the verge of having another great orgasm with my man firmly planted in my mouth.

Scott senses what is going on and makes me stop; then makes me straddle him and feed him my achingly hard cock. He takes me into his mouth and within mere moments of his magic tongue work I am shooting cum into his mouth, screaming out loud as I erupt. After that we share a warm, deep kiss as I taste my juice on my lovers tongue enjoying every twist and turn of it.

I look down and see that he has the most raging hard on I have ever seen him with. I breathlessly ask "It seems you have something you want your nurse to feel?" "Do you want your nurse to help you with that?"

He looks at my devilishly and hisses "Yes". "I want you to heal me Nurse Anna".

"Then you need to help me with something first", he looks at me confused as I stand up. "You need to take something out for me so we can get started" I say as I turn around and bend over revealing the end of my red devil butt plug. "Take it out dear so there is room for you" I tell him as I wiggle my ass for him.

He laughs and tells me how naughty I am as I feel his fingers grab the edges. Instead of pulling it out right away, he starts to fuck me with it all the while licking and kissing my ass all over. You can imagine that I was getting weak in the knees as he pushed all my buttons sliding that plug in and out of me, and then teasing my bud with his tongue, then again with the tip of the plug making me even more aroused than I thought I could be.

Finally I stood back up and turned around, pushed him back on the couch and lubed up his cock. "Nurse Anna wants what is hers" I told him as I straddled him again taking that massive 8 inch prick in my hand to guide it to my hole. With that I easily lower myself on to that delicious cock and started riding him.

I rode him like never before bucking and grinding, moving my hips all around as I massaged his cock with my ass. I braced myself against his chest as I slammed my ass into him over and over yelling at him to "fuck me hard" and the air filled with our moans as he grabbed my hips, driving up into me.

We slowed for a moment, both out of breath, and I asked him "Can you still get on top of Nurse Anna?"

He replied, "Even if my leg was cutoff I still would find a way to". With that I got up off him and laid back on his couch, spreading my legs for him.

He worked his way around and positioned his leg to be comfortable as possible and lined that sweet, throbbing cock up with my waiting ass.

"Slide that back into me baby, I got the cure for that inside me" as I winked at him.

With that he dropped it back into me and it was incredible. I felt the awesome weight of my man on top of me as he thrust in and out giving us both such great pleasure. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him close to me as we kissed passionately then filling the room again with the sounds of our hottest sex ever; louder and more vocal than we could have ever imagined.

He continued to pump into me, rubbing my legs, squeezing my ass, and just fucking me into the couch. I could tell by the manic thrusting and grunting that he was close to orgasm. Normally, I like him to cum in my mouth or on my face but since this sex was so animalistic I said to him "Cum in me baby, fill me up Scott".

No sooner said than done. He pumped his dick into me so hard I thought I was going to go through the couch! Believe me it was amazing to feel that cock of his swell even larger and explode deep inside me - It was like fireworks going off as I could feel pulse after pulse as he came!

We laid there and over and over he kept saying "Thank you" in between our kisses. I was glowing with the feeling of my man still inside of me, exhausted from the passion of our loving making, and that I made one of his fantasies come true.



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