tagErotic CouplingsNurse Caitlin Gives a Physical

Nurse Caitlin Gives a Physical


"Mr. Parker?" I called, looking over the patients sitting in the waiting room. I looked down at the chart again, for a first name.

"Ryan Parker?" I asked, waiting for one of the patients to get up. I looked over them. There were a couple older gentlemen, a middle-aged woman, and, finally, a patient that looked like he could match the birth date on the chart. Sure enough, he began to get up.

My patient was about my age, a cute, dark-haired boy with a short, tightly-trimmed goatee. He looked somewhat muscular, but had a smaller frame. He wore a short-sleeved brown t-shirt and some nice dark jeans. I smiled as he walked across the waiting room.

I looked back down at the chart again. The note at the top read very clearly "Full physical examination: don't leave anything out, Caitlin." "Full" was even underlined twice. Apparently, I had a habit of skimping on some of the exams, especially the more invasive or time-consuming procedures. I couldn't get around it this time. I would have to be thorough.

I looked back up at my patient, Ryan. He smiled at me, giving me a look as if to wonder if we were actually going back or if I'm doing the exam in the waiting room. I watched his eyes quickly glance over my body, and then quickly back to my face to avoid me noticing.

I began to walk back through the door, and gestured for him to follow.

"I'm Caitlin, I'll be your nurse for today, and I'll be doing your exam. Are you just here for the physical?" I asked, as I walked down the hall in front of him. While I couldn't see my patient, I could sort of feel his eyes examining the back of my legs and my ass, covered in my tight, short, white uniform skirt to only about my mid-thigh. My panties were usually visible through it, in the right light, especially today as I wore some that didn't match the skirt: a light pink pair of bikini-cut cotton ones. Nothing too fancy.

"Yes," he mumbled a little. "My doctor said I needed a full exam, I guess. Are you doing my physical?"

"If it's alright, I will be, yes. Step up on the scale." I turned toward him and he stepped on the scale in the hallway. I read his weight from the digital display on the wall and took note of it. I caught him stealing a glance at my cleavage, revealed in my close-fitting, short-sleeved, white snap-button uniform top. I had the top two snaps undone, so some cleavage was very clearly showing as it barely contained my breasts.

"Oh, it's quite alright." He said, giving me a quick grin.

"Thanks. You can step down." I told him, returning his smile. I led him to the door of the next exam room and opened it, letting him walk in.

"I'll be back in just a second." I said, closing the door after him. I grabbed a stethoscope, thermometer and blood pressure cuff from the box in the nurses' station. I put them around my neck, and tucked the thermometer into my front breast pocket. I returned to the room, changing the sign on the door to read: "Exam in progress."

I came in to find my patient standing in the middle of the room, looking at one of the posters on the wall explaining the body's sexual organs. It was very anatomical and scientific, and frankly, I always thought the poster didn't quite do them justice. But I was the youngest nurse on staff, and I think they always thought me kind of a trouble-maker, so I never said anything. I took the stethoscope and cuff from my neck and threw back my dark blonde, curly hair. I set them on the exam table.

"So you've been sick lately?" I said, breaking the silence. I was a little nervous; it'd been a while since I had performed a "full" examination.

"Yes, I think it's just a cold, but I thought I might get it checked. I have good insurance, so why not?" He chuckled, returning to his study of the female pussy, diagrammed on the wall.

"Haha, alright. Well, I like to get my patients relaxed, so hopefully that'll at least make you feel a little better." I smiled again at my patient. He didn't look particularly sick, but his nose was red and he had let out the occasional cough in the waiting room.

"Sounds good. Where do you want to examine me?" He asked, looking back down at me.

"Oh, on this exam table. Here, hop up." I gestured, pointing to the table next to me.

He looked over at the table and then back at me. He began to walk over.

"I meant, where on my body?" He asked.

"Oh, well, I'd like to do a full examination... very thorough." I said, with a slight chuckle, remembering the note on the chart. His body perked up, tensing a little.

"I must closely examine every part of your body, making sure everything is in working order." I finished, looking over him from head to toe with my eyes.

"Um, do I have to get naked?" He asked, a little nervous.

"Yes, I'm afraid you do." I answered, gesturing again to the table.

"Just be gentle." He said, trying to assess my tendency toward pain with my patients.

"I'll try. But for some of the tests I might need to be a little rough." I teased, secretly enjoying my patient's moment of tension.

"How so?"

"Well, it'll probably get your heart rate up." I hinted, playfully.

"Hmmmm. Will I get to check your heartbeat too?" He said, checking me out again.

"Hmmm. Well, part of the procedure will require me to get my heart rate up too, so yeah, you could check if you want." I'd never quite had a patient ask me that before.

"What if I said you'd have to at least remove your outfit?" He asked, suggestively. I thought of the chart, "don't leave anything out, Caitlin."

"I have to test some of your bodily functions, and it will require me to remove some of my clothes as well. I hope you don't mind..." I said, trying to comfort him.

"No no, it's quite alright. All of your clothes?" He asked, leading.

"Some patients prefer if I remove all of my clothes..." I answered, as he let out an anticipatory sigh. "But that part of the procedure only requires the removal of a couple items." I explained, as professionally as I could muster.

"Which ones?"

"It's up to you." I smiled again.

"Well, I mean, which 'bodily function' are you testing?" He said, with patronizing "air-quotes." I began to blush a little.

"Well, I'm going to have to at least remove my panties and lift my skirt during the procedure," "Ohhh okay..." "but that's all that's really required. However, I can remove other items at the patient's request." He nodded while I explained it to him.

"What if I said that wasn't acceptable?" He asked.

"Well, I'm afraid I need to do it to be able to do part of the examination. Just relax, I think you'll find it's one of the easier procedures..." I answered, watching his tension subside. "Some patients even find it enjoyable." He smiled again, happy to see I would be taking care of him.

"Now hop up on the table, we need to start the process." I said, gesturing yet again to the exam table. He jumped up and looked back at me, his feet dangling off the edge of the table.

"I need you to take off your shirt, sir, so I can check your heartbeat." I asked.

"Will you do it for me, please?" He responded, raising his arms. I slowly and carefully slid his shirt up his chest with my fingers, running them gently against his sides and arms. Finally, the shirt came off, and I tossed it to the side on the table. "There we go."

"Thank you so much." He replied, looking up at me.

I first took his temperature and asked about drugs and allergies when I began the exam. We exchanged eye contact, and he stole a few glances over the curves in my uniform. I touched my fingers to his chest again as I took the stethoscope in them, pressing it against his skin. He jumped, a little startled.

"It's a little cold!" I had forgotten to warm it up. I took it back from him and brought it to my own chest, rubbing it vigorously against my soft breast, making it jiggle as I shook it with the stethoscope.

"I'm sorry. I forgot." I apologized, but his eyes were fixated on my hand rubbing my boob, and my nipples poking clearly though the tight-stretched white fabric of my uniform. My uniform was a size too small, supposedly an ordering error on the part of the male reception clerk. I didn't mind, I thought it looked kinda cute that way. But it barely fit around my torso, and the fabric stretched a little at the snap-buttons which held the front of it together. I returned the stethoscope to my patient's chest. "Better?"

"Much better, nurse, thank you."

"Good. Now breathe in." I diligently listened to his breathing and heartbeat as I examined his chest. He breathed in and out at my instruction and while his lungs sounded clear, his heart was obviously racing. Pounding in my ears.

"Your heart is pounding, is that normal?" I asked, it didn't seem too worrisome, but I thought I'd check.

"I think it may just be a little excitement." He explained. I got where he was going. I felt it a little bit too.

"Ah, okay. Well try to relax. I'm going to check your blood pressure." I replied, sliding the cuff onto his arm. I caressed his firm muscles as I did it, impressed with their definition. He noticed and looked a little puzzled.

"Very good, have you been exercising?"

"Trying to..." He answered.

"Keep that up." I said, gently squeezing his arm again. I began pumping the cuff up and touched my fingers to his arm.

"You're gonna feel a little squeeze here... the first of a few, in fact." I say, shooting him a seductive smile. He looked confused by my comment, but I continued pumping up the cuff. I read the dial as I let out the air, taking note of his blood pressure. He seemed perfectly healthy aside from the sniffles.

"Your blood pressure is near perfect, sir."

"Well, that's good to hear." He answers, feigning relief as if he had been unnecessarily worried about it. I laugh to myself a little. I check everything -- reflexes, eyes, ears, I look into his mouth. I go over everything, as thorough as possible. But there is still much, much more I have to check, and I can tell he's becoming stressed...

"Now I'm going to need you to turn over and lay on your stomach,"

"What do you check that way?" He seemed baffled.

"In order to continue, I'm going to have to relieve some of the tension in your back." He looked stressed, and I knew a quick massage would probably help make him more comfortable. He nodded and rolled over, laying his head on his hands. I climbed up on the table and knelt over him, my short skirt riding up my smooth, naked thighs as I spread my knees apart. I took my hands to his upper back and began massaging, softly, as I sat on his lower back. The skin of my inner thighs and warmth of my cotton-covered crotch pressed against his back as I slowly rocked back and forth on him, taking my hands up and down the muscles, feeling them melt under my caress. I massaged him with care, rubbing the tension from his shoulders.

"Wow, this is amazing. Is this a special examination?" He asked, clearly enjoying the feeling of my hands along his skin.

"No, I'm just relieving some tension, is it helping?" I said, continuing with my small fingers and soft palms. I felt him seem to liquefy into the table, becoming more and more relaxed.

"Very much so. I'm feeling very relaxed." He answered.

"Ah, excellent. Just relaxed?" I asked, finishing the massage, but still sitting on him.

"Is there anything else I should feel?"

"It's normal for some patients at this point to begin to experience sensations of arousal. It's perfectly normal, but I'd like to make a note of it in your chart..." I answer, with a clearly sexual tone in my voice, and climb off of the table. I readjust my skirt and blouse, having been slightly disturbed by climbing on and off the table.

"Maybe you should double check for me," he suggested, still laying on his stomach.

"Well, I can check in the next procedure. If you don't mind, I need you to stand up and remove your pants and underwear." I ask, as he begins to roll over. My patient stands up virtually right next to me, with the hard nipples of my breasts only inches from his chest, and he drops his pants and boxers to his ankles. We stood almost touching each other for a second or two, his naked cock and balls hanging very close to my stomach, covered only by the thin uniform. I look down at them, hardly able to see them over my breasts.

"Does everything look okay?" He asked, looking down at me from above.

"So far, yes," I say, looking up at him so his eyes meet mine. "But I need to examine you more closely."

"What do I need to do?" He asked.

"Just stand there, like that." I slowly brought myself down to my knees in front of him, my face only inches from his thick penis.

"What examination are you going to do?" He said, looking down at me, kneeling at his crotch.

"I need to examine your testicles and penis now, if that's okay." I looked up at him.

"I thought that happened with your hands?" He asked, looking confused. I knew what he was implying, and trust me, some part of me was tempted to try to take his dick into my mouth and suck on it. But I had to continue with the procedure.

"It does." I take his balls in my hand, rolling them between my fingers, checking carefully for any irregularities. I could see clearly as his penis began to swell, almost hitting me in the face as his erection grew.

"Then why are you knelt down there?" He asked, looking down at me, the young, blonde, cute nurse in a short skirt with her hand on his genitals.

"So I can examine them visually." I said, studying his balls as I squeezed them gently.

"Okay. You're the nurse."

"They look like they're in normal working condition," I say, with one hand closing around the girth of his hardening penis. I began to gently stroke it, feeling it harden more and throb in my grasp. "Have you had any problems lately with these? Any pain or other problems? With um, your sexual organs?"

"Not that I've felt." He tensed a little as I pulled on him.

"Have you had any trouble becoming erect?"

"I'm pretty sure that it's all normal. Are you going to test it?" He said, smiling suggestively.

"Yes, for this examination, I'm going to need to test all of your sexual functions." I replied, still working his cock.

"Okay, you're the nurse, I'll do whatever is needed."

"It appears your penis is becoming swollen from my stroking, so it seems that's working. Are you feeling aroused?" I asked, looking up again at him. His hard dick was now almost at attention, still right in front of my face, and I removed my hand from it.

"Very much so." He answered. I stood up and made some quick notes in the chart.

"Sir, when's the last time you had sex?" I asked, as straight-faced as I could manage. He dropped his head and blushed, looking a little shy. "It's okay, I just need to make a note of it."

"I think about 2 and a half years." He answered. I was stunned. I figured a guy like this would probably have a regular girlfriend, if not a few. "That's really bad, isn't it?" He finished.

"Hmmm well if that's the case, I think we're going to have to test and make sure your ejaculatory functions are still in working order." I say, looking back to him from the chart. "This next part of the examination is going to require you to, well, 'examine' part of me as well."

"Just tell me what I need to do and I'll do it, nurse Caitlin." He said, still standing naked at the edge of the exam table. His cock pointed straight up and he clearly was enjoying the suggestion.

"Well," I began, hesitating slightly. This part always made me a little nervous. "It's important during this procedure that the patient assumes a comfortable position. So I need you to think about what position you'd like to undergo the procedure in. In the mean time, I need to remove my panties for the procedure."

He smiled, still not quite sure what I was saying. "What 'procedure' is it, nurse?"

I lifted my skirt and with my hands pulled the panties slowly down my legs, bending over as I took them past my knees and off my ankles and feet. I felt very naked without them, but I couldn't imagine how he was feeling, watching me strip them off.

"Well, um, in order to properly test your sexual functions, I need you to fuck me in this procedure. Is that going to be okay with you, sir?" I answer, trying to hide my nervousness. I feel my own heart pounding and I'm clearly nipping through my tight top. He studies the curves of my body, the outlines of my nipples, my cleavage, my flat stomach and the tan skin of my legs, arms and face. He smiles, takes my hand, and pulls me toward the table.

"If you hop up on the edge of the table, you could wrap your legs around me while we do it. I think that'd be comfortable." He said, motioning me to the exam table. With my arms, I pull myself up onto the table so my feet and legs hang from it. My legs are slightly open, but as he moves closer to me, he puts his hands on my knees and spreads them wider. He's now standing right in front of me, between my legs, and he looks down as I lift my skirt for him. My slit is feeling warm and wet, and I'm dripping a little bit onto the edge of the table.

I look up at him.

"Although the removal of my panties is all that's necessary for this procedure, some patients feel more comfortable if I remove more of my clothing. Are you comfortable? Would you like me to strip?"

He grabbed my shirt by the opening and pulled it open fast, popping all but one of the snaps open. He pulls it down off my shoulders and my breasts remain covered only in my tight, white cotton bra. He looks down at them, taking one of his hands to my left tit. His thumb lightly teases my hard nipple as he begins to grope it, enjoying the feeling of my breast in his hand.

"Wow, how big are your breasts, nurse Caitlin?"

"They're 34D's, sir. If that's acceptable. I can get another nurse if they're not sufficient." I say, looking up into his eyes.

"God..." he exclaims, looking down to my breasts and pussy, then back up to meet my eyes with his, "...your body is amazing."

I smiled as he took his hand from my tit to my cheek and began to brush my silky blonde curls back. He comes in closer to me and his big, masculine hand slides down my smooth shoulder and my arm. His hard cock grazes the inside of my thigh, and I feel it wipe some precum on me. I gasp.

"Is everything okay? You seem startled, Caitlin." He whispers.

"Everything's fine. It's normal for me to feel somewhat aroused also during this part of the examination. Don't be bothered by it." And aroused I was. Here I was spread open on the edge of the table, my skirt was up around my waist and I was feeling totally revealed to him.

He presses his hard-on against my wet swollen clit and slowly begins rubbing me with it, as I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. Pulling it down, my ample tits bounce out into his view and he pulls me closer to the edge of the table, closer to him. As I completely remove the bra from my chest, I feel him push the head of his hard cock inside of me.

"Ahhh..." I let out a gentle, erotic sigh as my tits bounce free. "You're doing very well. I can tell your penis is completely erect, isn't it?" I say, feeling my pussy stretch over his tip.

"Hmmm... let's find out." He answers, and pulls me toward him to the very edge of the table, impaling me completely on his massive erection. As I'm fully penetrated, my naked tits squeeze close against his chest, and I roll my hips closer to him. He stays deep inside of me and presses his body against mine. I put my arms around his neck, and bring my face close to his.

"Um, do you need visual confirmation of my ejaculation?" He asks, still holding the dick close between my legs. I feel like I'm just almost too tight for it. My eyes drift to the poster featuring the sex organs on the wall. Just then, as I actually absorb his rigid penis, I think to myself, 'Now, THIS will do them justice...' I chuckle.

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