tagFirst TimeNurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 06

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 06


This is a fictional account.

The night shift nurses slept till only 1100 hours then got up to go see the departing patients off. As they arrived at the hospital a little after 1200, they could see waiting troop trucks and ambulances to take the sailors and marines to the seaplanes for departure. The five night nurses assisted the other nurses in evacuating the patients. Charlotte and Mary Jane were giving out orders and assigning nurses to certain patients. It was no accident that Jenny drew Jerry and Ben first.

Jenny hurried to Jerry and Ben's room and found both packed and ready to go. 'They were dressed in their uniforms and both looked dashing,' Jenny thought.

"You boys look ready to take on the world," Jenny said, joking with them.

"You want to run away with us?" Jerry asked.

"I'd like that," Jenny agreed, with a smile.

They then had sort of an awkward moment as neither knew just what to say. Finally Ben spoke up and said he needed to use the bathroom before they go. He closed the door leaving Jenny and Jerry a purposeful moment alone.

"I'll miss you terribly," Jerry said, with sadness in his still recovering eyes.

"Me too," Jenny agreed. "I'll write you if you'll write back?"

"Sure," Jerry replied.

Jenny moved to him and kissed him passionately. Jerry returned the kiss with equal ardor. The sadness of their parting was evident to both.

"God, I wish we had time to be together at least once more before you go," Jenny stated.

"Don't say that. It's already driving me crazy," Jerry agreed.

"You'll always be my first, Jerry. We'll always have that together," Jenny said, a tear now coming to her eye.

"I want to be your last. Will you come back to me in Nebraska?" Jerry asked, as they heard the toilet flush.

"Let's not talk about that now," Jenny said, caressing his cheek with her hand. "I have my nursing duties to perform until this damn war is finally over and you need to recover and get well. We can talk about our future plans more later. I just can't contemplate that right now with everything that is happening."

The door opened and Ben emerged. Jenny gave him a thank you glance with tears still in her eyes.

"I'll wait," Jerry concluded.

Neither guy needed a wheelchair but Ben was not yet allowed to carry heavy objects for fear his side wound might reopen. Jerry had one good hand so he grabbed his own duffle bag and hoisted it up on his shoulder. Jenny managed to grab Ben's, fighting off his protests that he could take it. It was heavy for her but she got it up on her shoulder too. She then took Jerry's hand and together the three walked down the hall to the waiting vehicles. Many of the other nurses were doing exactly the same thing.

Orderlies were loading the luggage into the vehicles, so Jenny assisted Jerry and Ben onto the troop truck. Most of the guys leaving were well enough to travel without needing the ambulance. Once the two were seated, Jenny looked at them both.

"Ben, keep an eye on Jerry for me, will you," Jenny asked.

"Sure, Jenny."

Jenny kissed Ben on the cheek, "Thanks. You were a great patient."

"You're the best nurse," Ben responded.

Jenny kissed Jerry passionately goodbye not caring that some of the other sailors already on the truck noticed and whooped and hollered. She just smiled at them as she said her goodbyes to Jerry. It was then that May appeared with one of her patients. She got him seated then came over to Jenny and in front of Ben.

"May, I ahh...I'm sorry...," Ben started to say.

"Ben, it's okay. I wanted to be sure and say goodbye and thanks," May interjected.

"I'm the one that should..."

May leaned in and kissed his cheek, "You're welcome and be safe."

"Thanks," Ben said, as May smiled at him then left.

Jenny said one final goodbye with one final kiss for Jerry and left too. Her eyes were cloudy with tears as she walked back into the hospital for her next patients. The evacuation took about an hour and the trucks left just after 1300 hours. The nurses waved goodbye as the trucks pulled out. The small hospital already seemed like a quieter place with half the patients discharged now.

"I'll miss Gary almost as much as you'll miss Jerry," Dorrie said to Jenny as they walked back inside.

"Gary? I don't remember Gary," Jenny said.

"Yes, you do. Remember the guy with the huge dick we showed you that day?"

"Oh, of course. Was he discharged too?"

"Yeah, I'll miss that big cock," Dorrie said, smiling at Jenny as they walked inside.

"You ever find out how big it is hard?" Jenny asked.

"About twelve inches," Dorrie said, with her eyes glowing mischievously.

"Wow," Jenny said.

"Yeah, first one I ever had I couldn't swallow completely," Dorrie claimed, as Jenny gasped at her in shocked realization of what she was admitting.

Charlotte and Mary Jane had called for a meeting of all the nurses right after the trucks pulled out. They gathered in the small lunch room and sat at the tables.

"Ladies, I have been informed by the CO that about half of us will be shipping out in the next few weeks. They don't need us all here any longer as Midway maybe spared any further direct action from the Japanese. The high command is anticipating the battle moving more on the offensive. That is all I can tell you for now," Charlotte said.

Mary Jane continued, "Future assignments will be posted tomorrow on the main bulletin board in the hospital lobby. Check that on your way into work tomorrow. Any questions?"

No one had questions but the buzz started after the meeting in hushed tones as to who would be going and who would be staying.

"I want to leave this little sandbox," Viv claimed.

"Me too," Dorrie agreed.

"Can you volunteer?" Bea asked.

"I don't know. Let's ask Charlotte," Dorrie said.

The nurses walked over to Charlotte as she finished talking with two of the other nurses and Mary Jane. Viv, Bea, and Dorrie explained to Charlotte that they would volunteer to leave and Charlotte agreed to pass it on.

The rest of the day was uneventful with everyone curious about the new assignments. When they were back on duty later that night, Jenny had gone to see her few remaining patients, saving Brad West for last.

"How you doing, Brad?" Jenny asked, as she finally got to his room.

"Bored as hell, Jenny," Brad said. "It's really quiet around here now."

"Yeah, it's a lot simpler for all the nurses too but some of us are going to leave soon we are being told."

"Will you be going?" Brad asked, acting as if he would be upset to see her leave.

"I don't know yet. We will find out tomorrow," Jenny stated.

"I see," Brad answered.

"How are your artificial limbs working out?" Jenny asked, noticing his new hardware.

"Not bad for a bunch of wood and metal," Brad agreed.

"Have you been working with them?"

"Some. Not much yet," Brad replied.

Jenny checked his chart for the new instructions for his care. He was to be exercised and made to use the artificial limbs at least once per shift. Jenny helped him up and out of bed. He was shaky standing on his one good leg and the new artificial one. Jenny got on his good side and let him lean on her. When his arm first went around her shoulders, it came to rest briefly right over her breast. She quickly looked at him as he moved it.

"Sorry," Brad said, with a big grin.

"No, you're not, Brad. Watch it," Jenny said, but didn't act too mad.

Jenny held onto his good hand to help steady him but also to prevent further cheap feels. They walked around the room a few steps. Brad was learning quickly to balance on the new leg. He would require much more rehab work but he might soon be able to walk on his own. The arm and hand were less useful. Not much more than a hook, the arm was basically just good to grab things and hold them.

Jenny walked Brad around for a while until they both tired. His weight when he lost balance was hard for Jenny to hold up. She had to stop him from further attempted grabs at her boobs too before she got him back in bed.

"I got to watch you," Jenny stated, putting his covers back in place.

"I got to get to know you better quickly if you're going to leave me," Brad replied.

"Oh, you think so, huh."

"That's right," Brad said, joking with her.

"We'll just see about that," Jenny responded, but with a smile equal to his own.

Jenny said, "Goodnight," and left Brad as the shift was ending.

As the night shift nurses were walking back to the dorm, several of them noticed Charlotte off in the distance by the doctor's parking lot talking to Doctor Sandler. Viv was walking along beside Jenny and Dorrie too.

"I bet Charlotte is disappointed," Viv said, as they watched the two conversing.

"Why?" Jenny asked.

"Her good doctor is one of the ones being reassigned," Dorrie said.

"Some of the doctors are leaving too?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah, Dorrie and I heard from some of the other nurses that several of the doctors were going too. Charlotte's boyfriend, Doctor Sandler, is one that is leaving."

"Is she really seeing him?" Jenny questioned.

"Oh, yeah," Dorrie said. "They are hot and heavy!"

"I hear she loves him," Viv added.

"Oh, I feel sorry for Charlotte then," May said, as she too listened in.

"Yeah, tough one! They had a good thing going here while it lasted," Dorrie claimed.

The nurses made it back to the dorm. Bea, May, and Jenny were tired but they stayed up a little longer discussing the potential of being transferred. Bea was all for it. She was still embarrassed by her night of drunken sex and every time she saw Harvey or Sid it made her cringe even though they were nice to her. She also had no idea who the other two were that fucked her that night so each guy that looked at her with more than a passing glance made her think he must be one. It was driving here crazy. 'A change of scenery,' she thought, 'would do me good.'

May was scared of moving further up towards the front lines. She had seen first hand what war was like and really didn't want any part of it. Jenny was mixed. With Jerry gone, there was nothing tying her here except her friends. She liked the hospital busy and feared she would be bored as it was now. On the other hand she agreed with May. The war was a terrible thing and very dangerous for all close up.

Jenny slept uneasily that morning. She got up at 1300 hours with everyone else but still felt tired. May hadn't slept well either. Over chow at the mess hall Viv, Dorrie and the three roommates talked more about who they thought would be chosen. They were all 'low men on the totem pole' as the newest arrivals and Viv thought, 'we are all going.'

They all went for a walk on the beach after eating. It was a gorgeous day on Midway. The catcalls from the sailors also on the beach playing volleyball, swimming or exercising amused them. The group passed on an invite to play some volleyball with some marines and kept walking. The discussions were all about what they had each been able to pick up on the news of the war and where the action might move next. They were sure the departing nurses would be following the forward troop movements.

May would have liked to go back and freshen up before shift, but the others were too anxious to see the posted list, so they went to the hospital right from the beach, fifteen minutes early for their shift. The list was there and they huddled around it to read. It was incredible. Viv had called it exactly. All five of them and Charlotte were on the list as the group moving on. Viv, Dorrie, and Bea cheered while May looked worried and Jenny wasn't sure how to feel. The redeployment was not for three weeks though, so they had time to get used to the idea.

The hospital had not seen a new patient in a week. The remaining patients were all in various stages of recovery and would also be released to duty or heading home soon. The activities around the hospital became mundane and routine compared to right after the Japanese attack. The only fun Jenny had was pushing Brad to work harder at adapting to his new limbs and fighting off his constantly groping good hand. She joked with him he was trouble enough with one hand. With two he would be intolerable. They laughed together about that and Jenny was glad to see him relaxed and in good spirits.

One day Doctor Sandler stopped her and thanked her for her efforts in turning around Brad West's suicidal tendencies. The doctor could see a marked improvement in his healing both mentally and physically. He gathered from Brad that Jenny was the principal reason. They talked just a brief time but Jenny learned from him that he was leaving in two days. The nurses had a week yet.

The departing nurses were not sure when they would get much rest again so they took advantage of their time off between shifts to get R & R. A few days before they were scheduled to depart, the five of them decided to go for a swim. They had done it several times before but this might be their last change at sun for a while.

Only Viv was used to the waves and knew how to body surf. The rest were heartland USA gals and knew little of the ocean. Bea being a good athlete though, took to it easily as did Jenny. Dorrie was more cautious which surprised Jenny as in everything else she was bold. Dorrie admitted to being a very poor swimmer. May was afraid of the waves and clung to the shoreline despite spirited attempts to get her to join in. Bea tried to convince her she could be a great body surfer with her height and slender build but May wanted no part of it or the occasional jellyfish.

This time quite a few sailors and marines joined them in the surf. They talked and splashed around. As playful as Bea was with the guys, she become like a ball to be tossed around. Three marines gave her rides on their shoulders and tossed her over or into waves. Viv and Dorrie had moved off down the beach with several sailors. As Jenny exited the water to join May, she spotted them and was tempted to go along. She had not done anything for weeks since Jerry left.

"There they go again," May said, noticing Jenny watching Viv and Dorrie too.

"Yeah, I bet they're going to get some loving," Jenny stated, with a laugh.

"You know they are," May agreed.

"You tempted?" Jenny asked.

"No, not like that," May said. "Are you?"

"Maybe? I mean I miss sex with Jerry. You miss Ben?"

"Yeah, I guess so," May agreed.

They went back to their towels to get some sun. The sailors wouldn't leave them alone though and they soon agreed to join them in a volleyball game. Jenny could feel every man's eyes on her swimsuit clad body as she played. She moved gracefully and with nice bounces in all the right places. May got looks too but not like Jenny. When Bea joined the game, then Jenny had some competition for stares. Bea was nearly as cute but her bouncing large breasts drew hungry male eyes like magnets.

Not to get sunburned - they had learned that lesson in the first week at Midway - they headed back to the dorm to freshen up before shift. The three roommates were pretty sure Viv and Dorrie would be late to shift but that didn't matter much with the slow down. They ran into Charlotte as they arrived at the hospital. She told them, "The official orders have arrived. We have a 0800 hours seaplane taking us to Pearl in two days. Be ready to go."

So they went through their shift that day thinking about the pending departure. Charlotte had also told them that starting the next day they would be off for the last day. The new schedule for the nurses was going into affect with the nine remaining nurses working three three-nurse shifts. That meant this was their last day working at the hospital. The night shift nurses said goodbye to their remaining patients as they made their rounds. Jenny saved Brad for last.

"Hey there, sailor," Jenny said, walking into the room.

"Hi, Jenny. I heard the news from Joan earlier. This is your last day, huh?"

"Yeah. Charlotte just told us we are leaving in two days and off tomorrow."

"Joanie's being given your third shift. She's not too pleased with it," Brad said.

"Yeah. I bet not. She liked evening shift."

"So, are you excited to be going?" Brad asked.

"I think so. To be honest I'm a little nervous following the war. Hopefully we will get another nice spot like this," Jenny related.

"Well, I hope you do."

"Thanks, Brad. Now how are you coming along today?"

"Joanie thought I was making progress."

"Well, let's see," Jenny said, getting him up and moving. His one hand immediately needed restraining. She laughed along with him at his attempt.

Jenny walked him down the hall. He could go for longer distances now and needed much less support. Really, he could walk on his own if he had to. He could even dress himself and was becoming pretty adept with the artificial arm. When they got to the back door of the hospital, Jenny went to guide him back the other way but he stopped.

She was just about to ask why when he said, "Is it a nice night out?"

"Yes, it's actually a very nice night," Jenny replied.

"Can we go outside for a short walk?" Brad asked.

"Well, I don't think we're supposed to but maybe we could for a short way. But this is the back of the building?"

"That's okay, Brad said, pushing on the door.

Jenny helped him open it and they walked outside together. Once they were a few yards away from the dim back lights of the building, you could see millions of stars in the clear warm night sky. There was little wind this night. It was isolated too and the few lights on the back of the hospital did little to illuminate the area. There was a small picnic table the orderlies used to grab a smoke and sometimes lunch. At night there wasn't a soul around and Brad headed for it with Jenny's helping. When they got to the table he leaned up against it to support his weight.

"What a nice night," Brad said.

"It is glorious," Jenny agreed.

Brad pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and to Jenny's surprise lit one. He offered her one but she declined.

"I didn't know you smoked?"

"Once in a while, not all the time. I like a cigarette at a time like this. A beautiful night and I'm with a beautiful girl," Brad said, with a big smile.

"Thanks. But, flattery isn't going to get you anywhere," Jenny replied, grinning at him.

"Shucks! I was hoping you would take pity one last time on a wounded sailor before leaving. I could use your touch," Brad stated, with a smile but also the truth in his eyes.

Jenny was about to respond, 'no way,' quickly, when she saw the feelings in his eyes. She hesitated to answer and as she did he pulled a small flask from the top pocket of his surgical clothes. He opened it and took a swig.

"Where did you get that?" Jenny asked, a little put off he was drinking.

"I have friends in high places," Brad stated, joking with a big smile and offering her the flask.

"What is it?" Jenny asked.

"Whiskey. Want some?"

"I've never tried it before," Jenny said.

"Good time to start if you're moving out closer to the front lines," Brad replied.

Jenny hesitated but took the small flask. She looked at him briefly, then put the flask to her lips and drank some. The liquid seemed to ignite going down her throat and she gasped a little.

"Wow, that is powerful stuff," Jenny said, now feeling the whiskey warming her tummy.

"It has a kick if you're not used to it, but it's actually pretty smooth stuff," Brad claimed.

He took another swig and offered her the flask back again. She took it from him and took another pull. She was better prepared for the heat this time but still gasped a little as it warmed her insides. She handed the flask back to Brad and shook her hand, no more. She didn't want to get drunk on the job her last day of duty. Brad took a swig which seemed to drain the flask anyway and put it back in his pocket.

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