Nurse Mandy

byBones Malone©

Mandy arrived as usual, right at the start of her shift. She worked as a nurse at a large hospital. She was in her thirties; attractive, and well loved by the patients she cared for. Someone had started calling her “Nurse Mandy”, and the title had stuck.

Mandy checked the board to see if there were any new arrivals in her section. She noticed one room was marked “John Doe – Transfer”. She asked a nearby doctor about it. He told her that a car had hit the man a while back. He had been in a coma for several weeks now. They had just transferred him from across town because they were running out of beds there.

Having no other pressing business that day yet, Mandy left the front desk and went to investigate her new patient. On the way she ran into Ben, an old man recovering from a stroke. He greeted her with his usual flirt, ‘Hey there Nurse Mandy, will you marry me?’ and Mandy, as usual, retorted with, ‘Ask me tomorrow, Ben.’

Still smiling from her encounter with Ben, Mandy entered the new John Doe’s room, curious to see her new charge. She pulled back the curtain and gasped. The man looked to be in his early twenties with dark blonde hair. Mandy had gasped because she found him to be incredibly handsome. He was also a mystery, Mandy marveled. No one even knew who he was. It certainly was an interesting case.

Mandy continued to stare at him for a while, and then suddenly a wild urge came over her. She felt the need to see what his genitals looked like. She knew she would find out anyway because of her sponge bath duties, but this time she felt like she couldn’t wait. Up until that moment, she had been quite professional with all of her other patients, or if anything, she would only joke around, as with Ben, but of course, none of her other patients were as young and handsome as this John Doe.

Her heart started beating a little faster as she went to the door and locked it. She came back to the bed and pulled the curtain behind them, just to be certain. Mandy pulled down the sheet that was covering her patient and started rubbing her hands together excitedly. All she would have to do was lift up the hospital gown to view the man’s penis and scrotum. Mandy’s breathing picked up and she licked her lips in anticipation. Finally, Mandy reached out and slowly lifted away the thin material. Once it was lifted and she got her first peek, she let out a small shriek of delight, for the patient appeared to be quite well endowed. The phallus wasn’t erect, but Nurse Mandy certainly knew how to remedy that. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She had thought about such things of course, but she had always managed to dismiss such urges in the past. This patient however was somehow causing her to lose control of herself.

Her lovely hand started reaching for the man’s crotch, almost without her telling it to do so. Mandy touched the penis and moved it so it pointed toward the man’s bellybutton. She then proceeded in rubbing the sensitive underside to coax an erection out of her comatose patient. Mandy couldn’t wait to see the man’s cock at its finest. And sure enough, in less than a minute, the man had a full hard on, thanks to Nurse Mandy’s loving attention.

She stared at the thick rod in awe. She estimated it to be roughly nine inches in length. Mandy didn’t think she had ever seen an erection that large, and she had treated many patients. She pulled the shaft up, stretching it to its limit, then allowed it to snap back down again, causing her to giggle at the sound the skin made. She felt like a young girl discovering some of the facts of life for the very first time.

Mandy reached out again and began to really stroke the man’s cock. She figured she had come this far, why stop now? After all, her nurse’s mind spoke up in her head, it’s healthy for a man to have frequent ejaculations. Mandy grinned; she knew that she could gladly help with that!

She reached out with the other hand so she could massage the man’s penis using both of her hands, one above it and one beneath. She slipped his engorged cockhead into her mouth briefly for some lubrication, (and because she couldn’t really resist), and continued stroking him. Mandy was sweating slightly from exertion as well as excitement. She had resisted all coma patients up to this point, but she knew that such a magnificent specimen just required attention. And she would do all her nursing duties, even if it got her fired!

Just as she was thinking this, her young patient ejaculated in her hands, spraying the gown and his abdomen with shot after shot of fresh semen, as well as dribbling some onto her own delicate fingers. She put the fingers into her mouth and hungrily sucked them clean. Her John Doe tasted rather good, she thought. She quickly removed his soiled hospital gown and used it to clean the cum off his stomach. She then tossed it into the laundry bin. Mandy figured she may as well give him that sponge bath now. After all, he had been a dirty boy. Mandy giggled again.

She began cleaning the man all over, paying special attention to the crotch area of course. When she cleaned his sphincter, his cock once more stood firmly at attention. Mandy managed to resist another round of jerking, but she kissed his cockhead, knowing she’d be back for much more later on.

The next day, Mandy was much bolder. She marched right into the patient’s room, quickly revealed his cock, and plunged it into her mouth, all the way in. She breathed loudly through her nose as she felt the massive cock grow and grow in her wet mouth. Mandy never used her hands once. She took the cock deep, then pulled back and suck hard on the head, trying to stimulate the gland as best she could. She sucked and slurped and impaled her head upon the staff, as if possessed. When his mindless body came in her mouth once again, she locked her lips around his shaft, and drank him down.

Mandy was fixated. Nothing else occupied her mind when she was away from the hospital. She got even wilder with her games. One day she would play with the cock for a whole hour, not letting it come at all. She could never grow tired of such a wonderful toy. Mandy would just watch it grow and shrink, swell and contract, while her life-size Ken doll just remained motionless. Another day she would put the cock in charge and have it fuck her throat mercilessly until it choked her with its sperm. She placed her hands behind her back when she did this, as if they were tied together there, to further her wicked fantasy.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. There was something she still hadn’t done. She hadn’t gotten into the saddle herself. Mandy knew it would be risky, but she needed the nine-incher inside of her. God knew she had done just about everything else with her patient’s member.

She approached her John Doe one morning and took his precious cock in her hand. She did so without the slightest bit of hesitation anymore. As usual, she couldn’t resist slipping it into her mouth for a quick lube job, but then, hidden safely behind the curtain, Mandy began to disrobe.

Even though the young man could only have a vague sense that she was even there, Mandy still got very excited as she was finally going to reveal her body in front of him. She left her little nurse’s cap on. Somehow she felt it should stay. But she pulled down her skirt, revealing her bare crotch. She hadn’t worn any panties that day in preparation for her upcoming ride. She quickly took off her blouse and freed her large breasts so she could play with them when she was bouncing up and down.

She climbed into her patient’s bed and straddled his comatose body. Mandy decided to ride backwards for better penetration. She wanted to be able to feel every thick inch of the young man’s large tool. Mandy turned herself around so that she was mooning the quiet stranger. She stroked his cock, bringing it to its maximum size. Then, at long last, Mandy slipped his piece into her yearning hole. She kneeled and sighed as his cock disappeared inside her. Mandy had been longing for this filled-up feeling ever since she saw the man’s handsome face for the first time, only a few days ago.

She rotated her pelvis, grinding it against the hot erection within. Mandy yanked at her nipples while she continued to bounce. She closed her eyes and raised her chin up, thoroughly enjoying her new heights of ecstasy. She moaned softly. The cock filled her wetness so well that she didn’t even notice the pair of hands at each of her sides. Mandy sat down hard one last time, thereby pushing herself over the edge. She leaned forward and would have tumbled off if she hadn’t been held. Mandy finally regained her composure and could feel the pool that had collected in her depths.

Then she finally noticed the hands gripping her hips. She didn’t remember when she first felt them there. Mandy of course knew what they meant. She slowly turned around and smiled shyly at the now conscious and open-eyed face of her John Doe. He looked as if he had just seen heaven and was finally back on Earth again. The young man simply laughed and said,

“Lady, I don’t know who the heck you are, but I am VERY pleased to meet you!” Mandy’s smile widened and she said,

“Just call me Nurse Mandy,” she answered with a laugh, “Everyone else does!”

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