Nurses Night of Hell


The shot took Fiona completely by surprise and she let out a loud scream, kicking her right leg out. This exposed her left thigh and the tawse wrapped itself around its inner aspect, leaving a broad red line. The third stroke hit the returning right thigh as Fiona desperately tried to wriggle out of the way, and the fourth seared across the meat of her backside, rippling her flesh satisfyingly. "You were right." Jones told Stevens, "She can't take it very well can she?"

He brought the next two strokes down in quick succession and laughed as Fiona tried, but failed to suppress another shriek.

After the first six strokes, Jones ran his hands down Fiona's right leg. When he reached her ankle, he grasped it and raised it level with her bottom. He quickly brought down three strokes of the tawse on the sole of her foot, holding it still as she tried to pull it free. He let go and went for the left foot, catching Fiona as she tried to climb off the post. Another three strokes brought anguished squeals and Fiona collapsed back onto the wooden bar sobbing.

Jones turned to the other nurses. "Dr Stevens tells me that you have all had to take harsher punishment because of Fiona. Now is your chance for revenge. You will each give her six hard strokes of the tawse. If any of the strokes are not hard enough, then you too will receive six extra strokes. Do you understand?" The nurses nodded meekly.

Fiona was already feeling completely desperate when she heard Stevens speech, and she only just stopped herself pleading for mercy. This was worst of all. Now she was going to be whipped by the very people she had been leading, who had looked up at her. Now they would be looking down at her raw red bottom and her spread legs, and having witnessed her humiliating beatings, they would be beating her themselves!

Fiona could feel herself trembling as Jones announced that Jeanette would be the first to go. Oh wretched body letting her down again! She heard the now familiar swish through the air and then felt the hideous impact in the middle of her bottom. Just as the pain started to ease, the second stroke arrived just above the first one, and added to the hurting. Jeanette certainly wasn't easing up and the next four strokes were measured and harsh. Fiona found herself blinking away more tears and trying vainly to control her sobbing.

Sarah was next, and she was less measured and accurate. Fiona had managed not to scream as Jeanette had beaten her, but a couple of misplaced shots onto her pussy robbed her of even that small ambition. As the last stroke seared down her right thigh she let out a piercing scream of anger and distress. Finally, Helen. Fiona looked back over her shoulder to see her looming above her, tawse raised aloft, a determined look on her face. She saw Helens arm drop and then yelped as the tawse bit into her again and then again and again, three swift hard strokes. Helen was reaping her revenge for all the humiliation heaped on her because of Fiona, but understanding was of no help to her as she writhed her bottom lewdly in response. The last three strokes were probably the hardest she had received, and her answering cries the loudest, most despairing she had howled.

Finally it was over! But the, oh God! She remembered just as Jones had reached her spread pussy. She felt him draw his finger along her labia, and then over the skin to her anus. Slowly, so that she could feel every bit if it, he pushed his finger inside her. Fiona knew it was a way of demonstrating his mastery over her, but the unpleasant sensation, adding to the humiliation, demolished all barriers she tried to put up. Every movement made her aware of where his finger was, whether it was her tensing or Jones playing. Then she heard Stevens laughingly tell Jones to let the others have a go. He slowly removed his finger and told Helen to do what he had been doing.

"No! You can't do this to me." Fiona heard herself shout, and she tried to push herself up. Heavy hands stopped her and she felt Helens hand on her bottom. Then, without lubrication, her finger entered. Oh God, that was painful. Jones made Helen keep it there for a short while and then the finger was removed. Jones called Sarah over, and the process repeated. Finally Jones said "Jeanette, you're last."

Jeanette looked down at Fiona who was weeping freely. She didn't want to put her finger up Fiona's bum, but she had no choice. She remembered how she had felt when Jones had done it to her. It had been awful, but at the same time incredibly arousing. She blushed furiously as she remembered the intensity of her orgasm.

The others hadn't wanted to touch Fiona's pussy, so their dry fingers had hurt her. Jeanette was more considerate and wet her finger with Fiona's juices before entering her. The sensation was strange - different but similar to fingering a vagina. Jeanette was ashamed to realise she was quite enjoying it, despite Fiona's obvious distress.

Finally Fiona was instructed to stand up. As she got to her feet, she kept her eyes fixed on the ground, unable to look at her colleagues. Each of the nurses stood a little away from each other, looking forlorn. Sarah and Fiona were in just their stockings, Helen was fully naked apart from her shoes and Jeanette wore her now cut tights and shoes. Stevens decided to take charge again. It was time for the cane.

He decided to cane them in pairs, Helen and Sarah first, and in two separate sessions of six strokes each. The two blondes were told to climb onto the settee, and then bend over the back, with their hands on the floor. Although this gave him rather a high target, it raised the nurses backsides perfectly, and with their legs spread, exposed them fully once more. Stevens circled the settee with Jones to see how their breasts dangled down and then took up his position. He raised the cane and brought a scything vertical shot onto Sarah's left buttock. She screamed and brought her hands up to protect her backside.

"Put those hands down!" Stevens ordered, and as she obeyed, the cane left its biting imprint on her right cheek. Helen was next and the cane bit deep into her ample bottom. "Oh, oh, ooh." Helen moaned, then "Aargh!" as it found the opposite cheek. Stevens stood back to admire the four vertical lines burning on the girls bottoms. Both were sobbing and already whimpering in anticipation of the next stroke.

Stevens did not disappoint. Each nurse received another two vertical cuts to their buttocks and both begged for him to stop, pleading that they couldn't take any more. They yelled loudly and tensed and untensed their cheeks in an attempt to dissipate the pain. Stevens wasn't going to let up. His next two strokes caused Sarah to practically jump off the settee and Helens final two brought shrill shrieks followed by hearty sobs. Stevens left them for a couple of minutes, watching the nurses naked bodies shudder and listening to their crying. Then he instructed Jeanette and Fiona to swap places.

The nurses flopped over the edge of the settee and Stevens parted their thighs until their inner legs met. He withdrew a coil of rope from his pocket and tied their ankles together. Then he pulled Jeanette's shoes off so that both nurses were in their stocking feet. He knew that Fiona was panicking from her whimpers and trembling, but he also thought he could detect similar signs in Jeanette, and exalted at the thought. Jones moved around the settee to watch the reaction on the nurses' faces, and no doubt enjoy the sight of their breasts wobbling in response to the strokes.

Stevens raised the cane, and then brought it sharply down. It sang through the air and with a loud crack embedded itself into Jeanette's soft mounds. She let out a high pitched whimper of distress and flinched in anticipation of the next stroke. That came just as she relaxed and cut high onto her right buttock. She squealed in agony and kicked her right leg, pulling Fiona's upwards. Fiona had started to cry before the cane touched her, and her first stroke brought a loud, prolonged shriek. The second, a scorching shot caused Fiona to emit inarticulate groaning sounds and try in vain to climb off the settee.

By now it was obvious that Jeanette was whimpering loudly and Stevens brought the cane down with all his strength, a diagonal cut to both buttocks. Jeanette let out a loud long yell, followed by a sob and Jones pulled her head back to reveal tears streaming down her face. Finally they had got to her. An opposing diagonal stroke brought even more distress. Fiona's next two strokes were also diagonal, and both were telling. She had lost the ability to articulate, and her whimpering sobs were punctuated with loud screams. Stevens gave each of them their last two strokes quickly and then left them miserably bending over the settee as he and Jones shared another whisky.

It was now time for the finale, and Stevens approached the end of the nurses' punishment with some regret that it would soon be over. He had enjoyed his evening of power enormously and reflected that it would probably be the only time in his life that he ever did such a thing. He had to make sure that he finished the job with panache. Stevens pondered for a while on how he could best achieve this. Then he remembered how turned on he was by the rope tying Jeanette and Fiona together. He had his answer!

Jeanette was first. Stevens pulled the still sobbing nurse over to the window. He tied a length of cord around her waist and then brought the loose end down between her bum cheeks and tightly up between her pink pussy lips. Jeanette gasped as the rope burnt into her crotch. She was then pulled over the back of a dining chair and her hands tied to one of the wooden slats below the seat. Her legs were spread and tied to the left and right chair legs respectively leaving her totally at his mercy. He gave her a quick slap to emphasise the point.

Helen was next and to her distress, she too was given an excruciatingly tight crotch rope. She was ordered to lay in front of the whipping post and grasp each end of the horizontal slat with her hands. Her wrists were then quickly tied to the vertical slats. Next Stevens and Jones raised one leg each and secured them to ledges on the upper part of the vertical posts. The apparatus was stable and therefore Helen hung with her bottom in the air and her legs spread wide. The final touch was a rope from the horizontal slat pulling tightly on the crotch rope. She groaned loudly as her body weight forced the cord further into her sore cunt.

Sarah had been watching shocked as her friends allowed themselves to be tied up. But she realised that none of them really had a choice, and acquiesced as Stevens pulled her to the table. "Is it nearly over?" she heard herself whimper, and in a rare moment of kindness Stevens nodded. Then, as her crotch rope was yanked tight, she remembered with a shock that they had once been quite friendly on the wards. Those days seemed a long time ago.

Sarah was made to lay face down on the table, the cold surface stiffening her nipples. She was tied spread-eagled, a limb to each table leg, and a couple of cushions were pushed under her hips to raise her bottom. She tested the ropes and found she could barely move an inch. Now Stevens could do exactly what he liked to her. She had begun to tremble again.

Fiona was last and Stevens dragged her roughly to her feet by her hair. "Put your hands on the back of your head." he ordered. This thrust her large breasts forwards and he gleefully entwined the rope tightly around each mound until only half of her breasts were visible, discolouring slightly. Fiona was crying yet again and then squealed as he twisted her nipples harshly. Next came the crotch rope, as tight as he could make it, and then Fiona's arms were tied behind her back, forearm to forearm. Lastly her legs were spread and tied to the foot of each side of the settee and she was pushed forward onto her front. This had two effects, first to further compress her breasts against the floor, secondly to raise her bottom to the perfect position.

As the nurses lay in their various poses Stevens threw open his curtains. He knew that in the block opposite lived "The Weasel", one of the hospital porters and a man renowned as a peeping tom. The nurses obviously knew this too, as each of them groaned. Stevens laughed. The old bugger's eyes must be popping out! He still had one final trick up his sleeve though. He proceeded to blindfold each of the nurses, so that none of them would know when their strokes were going to land.

Stevens and Jones walked among them for five minutes. Jones had picked up the tawse and both of them swished their implements from time to time, enjoying the anticipatory whimpers of the girls. They took plenty of time to fondle whoever they were nearest to and tug their crotch ropes. Helen in particular was in some distress even before the cane had fallen.

Once the two men had satisfied themselves, Jones nodded to Stevens. Stevens moved quietly towards Jeanette and brought the cane down hard. It embedded itself deep in her cheeks and then sprung free as Jeanette howled in response. She tried to pull away but found herself tightly held by the ropes. Jones was standing next to Sarah and quickly followed with a harsh stroke of the tawse to her bottom. She squealed and pulled at her bonds.

Both Fiona and Helen had started to whimper, anticipating that it was to be their turn next. Stevens made them wait, enjoying their moans and groans. He had a wonderful view of Helens spread vagina, the crotch rope parting her labia. He raised the cane and swished it down her ample bottom with a crack. Helen yelled and swung slightly from side to side, aggravating her crotch rope and eliciting a number of mewling whimpers. Jones moved to Fiona and brought down a cracking blow to the top of her waiting bottom. A harsh cry told him she had felt that one!

Stevens moved quickly over to Fiona, and giving her no time to recover, slashed the cane down onto the bright band left by the tawse. She jerked and shrieked loudly with the pain and surprise. Jones' tawse bit into Helens waiting backside moments later and then, keeping up the momentum, Stevens caned the prostrate Sarah whilst Jones tawsed Jeanette.

After the first set of strokes, the nurses were again made to wait, sobbing and whimpering whenever the men swished their implements near them. This time Stevens and Jones tried to make their strokes as simultaneous as possible, Stevens caning first Helen, then Fiona, then Sarah and finally Jeanette. He caned them hard and their answering cries told him of his success. The tawse only added to their distress.

Sevens moved back to Helen, and admired his bondage handiwork. Not bad for a beginner he told himself! Given the previous vertical strokes, Helens bottom now showed a grid-like pattern of angry marks. She was sobbing and he could see tears falling from behind her blindfold. At that moment she sensed his presence and gave a despairing whimper, tensing her bottom. He allowed her to relax a little, enjoying the way the crotch rope bisected her bushy pale pussy. Then he brought the cane down onto the junction between her bottom and thighs. CRACK! Followed by "Nooooooo!" as the pain seared into her bottom. Whilst watching its effect he heard the tawse smack down and recognised Fiona's anguished howl.

He moved to her next, sobbing and whimpering on the floor, no longer the haughty nemesis she'd been. He caned her with considerable force, watching her cheeks ripple and hearing yet another despairing squeal. He looked forward to seeing her on the ward tomorrow. Behind him he heard Sarah yelp as the tawse bit her bottom.

Sarah was next for his attentions. She lay spread-eagled on the table, and the cushions pushing her bottom up exposed her shaved pussy lips. It was these little personal details that he would remember. She had the nicest figure of the lot of them, especially her firm pert bottom, and the cane bit avidly into it, springing back to leave a white line slowly turning red. SPLAT! The sound of the tawse merged with Sarah's howl and was followed by Jeanette's plaintive cry.

She was fully broken now, sobbing as much as the others. Tears fell onto the chair she was tied to, and her legs bent and straightened as if trying to shake away the pain. Stevens waited until they were straight and then caned her across the middle of her thighs. Her whole body tensed and she emitted a piercing shriek. Helens howl joined it moments later in a duet of pain and misery.

Fiona lay with her face pressed on the carpet, painfully aware of her raised bottom. Her breasts ached from the combined pressure of the ropes and her body weight, and her bonds left her totally helpless. She could feel her tears trickling down her cheeks, and felt the cold air on her spread vagina. She heard herself whimpering and then, before she could prepare herself, the swish of the cane through the air. This was the worst of all, a biting, stinging line that slowly spread all over her bottom. She screamed again and prayed that it would be over soon.

For Stevens the opposite was true. He and Jones continued their caning and tawsing until only one stroke of each was left. The nurses had long since reached their limits of tolerance, and he knew that these would have to be the last strokes.

He chose Sarah first, lying spread-eagled on the table. He raised the cane and WHOPP! It bit into her pert bottom. Sarah jerked and squealed, pulling at her bonds before collapsing once more. Stevens turned to Jones, who stood next to Helen. He brought the tawse down hard onto her pussy and her whole face contorted with anguish. The momentum swung her slightly, pulling harder at her crotch rope, and she let out a huge sob.

Stevens chose Jeanette next. She whimpered as he approached, and tensed her bottom in anticipation of the rod. Instead he stroked her vagina, slipping his fingers into her wetness and she sobbed at the humiliation. He gave her a couple of playful slaps, and took up the cane, picking his spot with precision - the sensitive area between her bum and thighs. Jeanette jerked and let out a long low moan as the pain spread. This was followed by a gulping sob. Meanwhile Jones had positioned himself behind Fiona. Whilst Stevens had been caning Jeanette, he had been licking her private parts and taunting her about the stroke to come. It was delivered hard to her exposed pussy lips and she collapsed onto her side moaning incoherently. Jones dragged her back into position.

With Jeanette and Sarah caned, Stevens moved onto Helen. He had fancied her from the first time they'd met and exalted at the sight of her glorious naked body. Realising that time was short he bent down and fondled her breasts pulling and squeezing and tweaking her nipples. They were perfect. Then he moved down her body and, pulling the crotch rope to one side, licked her pinkness for the last time. His fingers probed her intimately and he enjoyed her corresponding moans. Only when he was satisfied did he pick up the cane and bring down a searing blow on her waiting nates. Helen screamed loudly and then swung jerkily from side to side, whimpering. She would remember this for a long time.

As Stevens enjoyed the sight of Helens distress, Jones climbed onto the table and knelt over Sarah. He brought the tawse down vertically between her parted legs and it slapped hard into her pussy, taking her breath away in a high pitched gasp. She tried desperately to move her body, in an attempt to dissipate the pain, but her bonds restricted her. She lay gulping great sobs of despair.

Now each man had reached their last stroke. Stevens indicated to Jones that he should tawse Jeanette first. He reached in his pocket and brought out a pair of scissors, and began to trim Fiona's pussy whilst he watched, despite her pleas to stop. Jones raised the tawse and brought it splatting down between Jeanette's thighs. She squealed and almost overturned herself and the chair in her desperation to avoid the pain. Once she had steadied herself she lay limply over the chair, crying her heart out.

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