tagGroup SexNursing the Patient

Nursing the Patient


I was in hospital for a minor operation, just to straighten a finger I'd smashed in an accident at work. For some strange reason, the nurse while getting me ready for the op told me I'd have to stay in overnight. I'd not planned for this so I'd brought no stay-over things. I thought little more of it as I went to sleep from the anesthetic.

When I awoke, I was in a small room with the door closed. I was dressed in one of those silly hospital gowns – and I had a huge erection! I wondered why but didn't have much time to think as one of the nurses came in right at that moment.

"It's OK, Mr. Jones," she said sweetly, "We saw you coming round from the anesthetic. Is there anything you need?"

"Can I have my cell phone. I'd like to call my wife," I replied, looking around for the first time. I noticed that the nurse was well built, with quite large breasts which were encased in a black bra visible through her almost transparent working clothes. She wasn't the sort who would usually turn me on, but my erect cock would not go down. She looked at it and grinned.

"It's an effect of that anesthetic," she giggled. "Sometimes we have to help to relieve it."

I laughed, not quite sure what she meant. I didn't want any further medical treatment.

"I'll leave a note for the night nurse to check on you later and to help you if you want her to. OK?" she smiled sweetly.

"Fine," I managed to murmur as her sexy butt swayed out of the room.

Just before she closed the door, I called out, "Could I have something to eat, please?"

She looked back in, grinning.

"Sure, anything special or just the usual hospital stuff?"

"I'm not bothered. Just something to take away the hunger pains," I replied.

"Another side effect of that anesthetic. It makes men so hungry," she grinned sexily and closed the door behind her.

While she was away, I tried everything I could to calm my erection down, but to no avail. Even talking about serious things to my wife had no effect. I didn't dare mention my predicament to her as she'd have left work immediately to come and 'help'!!

Dinner was served by a less than attractive older nurse, but even her presence did not allow me to calm down. My cock was super-erect and throbbing painfully. It was actually a delicious feeling, probably something like Viagra. I'm normally a very horny guy, but I'd never felt anything quite like this. I wondered whether to call up the nurse.

I did manage to get an hour's sleep that evening, but when I awoke, my cock was still as hard. I attempted to go to the bathroom, but failed miserably to eject and urine. This was getting serious – my bladder was quite full and I wondered w long I would have to wait before my cock went limp.

I was watching TV sometime later when the room door opened. I looked down to see that I'd uncovered my cock and my hand was grasped round the solid shaft, idly stroking it. The nurse who came into the room just grinned.

"Still there, is it, Mr. Jones?" she said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"I can't go to the toilet!" I managed to mumble as I released my cock and tried to cover up.

"It's OK. We've been watching you stroking that big cock for an hour or so. It's amazing you haven't cum yet!"

"Who is 'we' and where have you been watching me from?" I asked incredulously.

"Oh, just the nurses, from the canteen room," she smiled, looking closely at my hard shaft.

"How many of you?" I gulped.

"Four of us. Your afternoon nurse stayed on hoping she'd see you spurt. Now there's just three of us. One is not your type, but you might like the other one. Would you like me to call her?"

"It's OK," I replied, "I think."

I lie quite still while this lovely looking nurse tidied up my dinner things and placed the tray on the cabinet. She had shoulder-length quite wavy, even curly, hair, tied behind her head. She had an almost perfect figure for her height and I could just imagine the curves beneath her flimsy hospital gown. Her smile was enthralling and I could feel my heart-rate climbing.

"Now," she said excitedly, "let's see what I can do to help. Just shout if you want me to stop. OK?"

"What exactly are you going to do?" I asked, not believing that this was really happening to me.

"Well first, I'm going to give your gorgeous cock a long gentle wash in warm water, with this soft cloth. Then...." Her voice trailed off as she began to bathe my throbbing shaft.

It was like ecstasy – only my wife before had ever tenderly washed my cock, and never when it was this erect. It was an awesome feeling to have a complete stranger, beautiful though she was, doing such an intimate thing for me. I groaned deeply and she giggled.

"If that feels as good to you as it does to me, then I'm happy," she grinned.

"Oh, it feels more than good!" I murmured, watching her soft hands expertly stroking my cock shaft and washing the swollen head with that very soft cloth.

Agony and ecstasy were mingled. Agony that my cock ached in such an erect state, ecstasy because she was creating amazing feelings deep inside my always horny body.

"Do you often get this hard, Mr. Jones?" she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye.

"Sometimes, when I've not had sex for a while."

"But you had sex last night, I believe," she said, flatly.

"How did you know? But of course, you are a nurse."

"No. I just guessed, but you just confirmed it," she laughed, squeezing my hard shaft tightly.

I groaned with pleasure, as she put down the washing cloth, but still held my hard cock, gently stroking her hand up and down.

"In order to solve this problem," she looked closely at my cock, "I will have to make you cum. You may cum in any way you like and I can't guarantee that it will resolve the erect part, but I do assure you that you will enjoy it."

Was this nurse offering to make me cum, or maybe even let me cum somewhere inside her?

"You want to make me cum?" I asked simply.

"Yes, I actually do want to," she giggled, "but the doctor's always send us in to help solve this problem after this anesthetic. It's given us a lot of pleasure!"

Almost in a haze from ecstatic excitement, I wanted this to go on forever.

"Did you call your wife, Mr. Jones?" the nurse asked, pulling my cock upright and moving her face close to the weeping tip. "Oh, I've never seen so much pre-cum. May I taste it?"

"Yes...and yes!" I exclaimed as she opened her mouth wide, pushed out her tongue and erotically teased the head of my cock while removing the copious pre-cum dribbles.

"Mmmmmmm," she gurgled, "You taste good. Did you tell her you had an unbreakable erection?"

"Err, no!" I admitted.

"Good," she murmured, bending her face down over my cock.

She immediately sucked my hard cock deep inside her mouth and still managed to smile at me as I groaned again, deeply. She stroked my shaft with her hands while sucking up and down on my cock. It was so erotic and I was already at breaking point. She lifted her mouth off my cock and looked deeply into my horny eyes.

"If you want to cum, you can – in my mouth, please," she suggested.

"At this moment, there is nothing I'd like better," I murmured, groaning again as she sank her mouth down fully over my shaft, the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

She'd taken me over the edge and with a loud grunt, I exploded, my cock throbbing madly inside her mouth, spurting out huge loads of my hot cum. She swallowed hungrily, cooing with pleasure. A rim of white formed around her lips as I just kept on cumming and cumming. She gasped and let my cock out of her mouth, still spewing cum.

She swallowed hard. "Do you ever stop?" she giggled licking the cum up that had spurted across my belly.

I could not speak, being in the throes of probably the most intense orgasm of my life, until then. My cock just seemed to keep on cumming, until eventually the spurts did slow to somewhat of a dribble. It took her quite a while to lick up all my cum, but she still seemed eager for more.

"They call me a cum slut - my colleagues," she explained, with a broad grin, her mouth still showing traces of my cum. "But I think that's it for now. However..."

She looked in amazement at my cock, which was still as hard as ever, lying in her hand and throbbing gently.

"That wasn't enough?" she cried in excitement.

"I don't know," I replied. "It certainly felt wonderful!"

"Do you want me to call Hannah?" she asked with that twinkle in her eyes again.

"Who is Hannah – the ugly older one?" I laughed.

"Maybe – you have to say yes or no!"

"OK, yes," I replied, "Call Hannah. Maybe she can..."

"Hannah," she called on the room intercom. "I need some assistance with Mr. Jones."

"On my way," came the response.

There was only a few seconds delay and then this young gorgeous nurse knocked and came straight into the room.

"Yes, Maisy?" she asked brightly, here eyes immediately drawn to my hard cock lying in her colleagues hand. "Oh, I see!"

"Mr. Jones appears to have a real problem," explained the nurse Maisy, slowly stroking my cock most erotically.

"I see you have already tried," said Hannah, moving up close to Maisy and kissing her full on the lips. "And he does taste good!"

Standing beside the bed, the young nurse slowly slipped out of her white hospital gown. She was dressed in the briefest of panties and a tiny bra that only just kept her tight breasts under control. My eyes opened wide and my cock throbbed in Maisy's hand.

"He likes you!"grinned Maisy, watching the young beauty as she continued to undress further, her tiny underwear dropping to the floor with a whisper.

Totally naked, Hannah looked incredible. Her small but firm breasts were topped with hard nipples that looked instantly lickable. I wanted her on top of me immediately.

"Do I need to....?" asked Maisy with a smile.

"Nope," responded Hannah. "Watching you give him head made me so wet!"

Without another word, the young girl clambered onto the bed and sat astride my legs, my hard cock sticking obscenely upwards. She just grabbed the shaft, pulled it upright and impaled her beautiful body on it in a single downwards push. I gasped with extreme pleasure as her tight pussy encased and massaged my shaft at the same time.

"That's so hard," the girl giggled, leaning forward until her hard nipples brushed my chest.

"Awesome, isn't he?" murmured Maisy, standing close to the two of us.

Her hands had released my cock as Hannah sat down on it, and now her hands roamed over the gorgeous young girl's body. Both girls were in ecstasy, I could see that.

I reached out my good hand and pulled Maisy gently towards me. I slipped my hand round her tight butt and began to fondle her cheeks. She moaned and looked at me lustfully. Hannah was just lifting herself up on my cock for the first time, after savoring the feel of my hard shaft being so deeply embedded inside her lovely body.

My hand quickly slipped under Maisy's hospital gown, finding her legs bare, and just a sliver of material running into her ass crack. She groaned again as I explored further, teasing the material aside and pushing my fingers deep along her crack towards her pussy.

My cock deep inside one woman and my fingers about to slide deep inside another, I was in heaven and my cock could not have felt harder. Hannah gurgled and moaned as she began to ride me slowly like a real connoisseur. I slid my fingers into Maisy's soaking pussy, first one, then two as she pushed herself down onto them. Hannah's mouth was open in a big 'O' as she began to orgasm quietly at first, but then with a scream as the spasm shot through her and all along my hard cock. I'd ridden women before and had them riding me, but never with such intensity and extreme pleasure as this young girl. I wanted to fill her with my cum.

But suddenly she stopped and lifted herself from my shaft.

"Your turn, Maisy," she offered, as the somewhat older woman stripped herself quickly.

I loved the sight of her fuller breasts, with proudly hard nipples, her clean-shaven pussy and tight body. For her 10 years older, her body was just as exquisite as Hannah's. And just as ready to enjoy me, it seemed, as with Hannah now gone from me she quickly moved on top of me and slipped my rock-hard cock straight into her wet, and very hot, pussy. She gasped.

"He's gone in so deep," she groaned, riding me slowly and effectively.

The naked Hannah was fondling the delicious naked body of the woman sitting on my throbbing cock. I was even more in heaven now as I could feel an orgasm building up deep inside.

Hannah teased the junction of our bodies and pressed against my cock as it came out of Maisy's pussy. That drove me ever closer to the ecstatic edge. She pinched the older woman's nipples and I saw a burst of pain shoot across Maisy's eyes, but then she orgasmed, squirting both of us with masses of her juices and soaking the bed sheets. Her loud cry of pleasure must have been heard along the corridor.

She still sat on me, moving gently, my cock hard even inside her soaking pussy. I loved it and told her so.

The two women grinned at each other.

"Lots more to go!" cried Hannah, pushing Maisy off and replacing her on my hard shaft.

And so it went on, for at least an hour. The girls would orgasm, one after the other, grinning and giggling with pleasure, then they'd swap places. I was close to cumming, but never that close. I could tell that they'd done this before. It almost seemed that I, as a person was irrelevant. All they seemed to want was my cock – to give them as many orgasms as it could.

Almost sadly, from my point of view, I was a very willing participant, as I like nothing better than making and watching a woman cum. By the time I glanced at the clock and saw that it was midnight, the girls had almost orgasmed themselves to a standstill. The bedclothes were soaked and so was I.

Hannah finally stopped.

"Maisy, I think we need to clean Mr. Jones up a little."

Maisy and Hannah, two completely naked nurses, eased me off the bed, my cock still hard and sticking upwards. They stripped the bed, and me, pushing me into the shower alongside the door. They both joined me in the shower and, guess what? They took great pleasure in slowly and sexily washing every part of my by-now super-sensitive cock. I needed to cum so badly that, by the time they'd finished showering me, I was trembling with excitement.

"It's your turn," Hannah said to Maisy with a big smile. "How would you like her, Mr. Jones?"

"If you can support my operated hand, I'd love to have that gorgeous butt bent over against the bed," I replied, finally looking forward to getting my wish.

"Would you like me to bend over like that too?" giggled Hannah as she positioned Maisy just how I'd instructed.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," I groaned as she did exactly that. I now had two perfect tight butts looking at me, the women eager to feel my cock inside them again.

I walked over to Maisy, not worrying about my injured hand. I held her buttocks gently and pushed my hard cock inside her pussy again. In this position, she was tighter, but it was like heaven anyway.

I stroked my cock in and out of her pussy slowly for about 5 minutes, during which time she enjoyed a huge orgasm. Then I withdrew and pushed straight into her colleague's deliciously tight pussy. I guess I repeated this move about 20 times, enjoying each of them until I could feel my orgasm building further. They were both so wet and cumming so often that I was actually having problems building up enough friction to get over the edge. However, my cock was enjoying the ride and there was now way I wanted to stop.

How is this going to end? Your turn to finish the story...

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