tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie's Trip Cums to an End

NWMD!: Marnie's Trip Cums to an End


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


"Marnie, you have to promise me you will never tell George what I did today." Barbara implored.

"I won't tell yours, if you don't tell mine." She said with a smile.

"We were so bad." Barbara said. "But, it was so wonderful, wasn't it."

"Yes, this vacation is just what the doctor ordered to counterbalance the stress of our everyday lives." Marnie replied. "Let's get ourselves to dinner."

Dinner was a feast and the two ladies were hungry from the excitement of the day. As they sat back in their chairs, full and sassy, the P.A. system announced that volunteers were needed for the "Bull Milking Contest" fantasy. The announcement asked for ten female volunteers to act as "milkmaids" for the event. Staff circulated between the tables to identify the volunteers. An attractive, well toned thirty-something, woman stopped at Marnie and Barbara's table for a moment to see if their table had any volunteers. Marnie and Barbara looked at each other for a moment, shrugged their shoulders in unison and stood up to join the woman who was ready to lead them behind stage. The P.A. announcer followed shortly after with a thank you, that enough volunteers had been selected.

The ladies were oriented to the fantasy that ten men had signed up for. When the contest was to begin, the ten milkmaids were to bring the man assigned to her off and capture all of his spunk in a cigar sized test-tube with measurements etched into the side of the glass. The one with the most jizm collected in 30 minutes would be the winner. This was a Class A event, so more than hands were allowed. She walked the ladies around the stage to familiarize them with the milking stands, an upright post with a cross piece that the contestant hung his arms over and then was secured by being gently bound at the wrists. This held the "bull" upright, and the base that supported the upright was a box-like wooden form, about a foot high, that the contestant had to straddle, keeping his legs apart.

They were told, that the contestants would be positioned shortly and the ladies were to line up next to one for the event. They would have about ten minutes to familiarize themselves with them, get them preliminarily aroused if they wanted, but they were "bulls", so the milkmaids were asked not to speak them.

As the two ladies stood in line, Marnie remarked, "Gosh anybody who would sign up for this fantasy must have a pretty big opinion of themselves, don't you think?"

"It sure has me curious. I wonder how much we will be able to milk out of these guys anyway." Barbara replied.

Their conversation was cut short as the curtain to the dining room opened and lights were directed at them. Then they turned to their left as the "bulls" were marched onto the stage to the applause of the audience. They were paraded to the uprights naked except for a leather thong that formed a "figure eight" across their front running around the back of their necks and under their scrotums, crisscrossing at approximately their navels. This had the effect of uplifting their balls from their legs, especially if they reared their heads back.

They had different body types from slender to beer bellied. They ranged in age from thirty to fifty. The common feature among most of them was the prodigious genitalia that they all appeared proud of. Marnie and Barbara looked up and down the line at the other ladies who were beginning to touch and caress their bulls, as the staff began securing the wrists of the contestants to their structures. Then they joined in and touched their bulls as well.

Each started to tune out the audience, and the other contestants as they brushed, petted, rubbed, pinched, hefted and otherwise explored the equipment of their bulls. Barbara took her left hand and slid it along the upper legs and rear cheeks of her bull as if in a daze, admiring the strength their firmness beheld. Marnie, wanted to feel what her bull's genitalia felt like bundled up between her breasts, as she sidled up and stuffed it down the top of her toga to the moan of appreciation from her bull. Barbara toyed with pulling on the thong at the crisscross to make the bull's genitals flop up and down, then she grabbed the long straight penis with one hand and held his balls together with her thumb and middle finger turning them from side to side as she examined their texture, shape and volume.

Marnie held her bull's cock up to her cheek to feel its warmth and soft surface. She turned her head back and forth to move her skin against it. She and Barbara looked at each other smiling devilishly, when the announcement advised that there was one more minute before the contest was to begin. They started to stroke the cocks of their bulls in earnest, causing the others to competitively do the same to catch up with them. When the contest began with the announcement "Maintenant", the fists were flying. The bulls contorted their faces, hissed, moaned, and eked out sounds of blissful agony. Marnie's bull started to arch his back, his head pulling his genitals up and out, and she knew he was going to deliver his first installment. She quickly grabbed the tube and placed it as carefully as she could at the tip of his penis to catch all that might fly out, and gush he did. She kept up the motion while he flopped about in place, Marnie following his cock tip as he gyrated, trying to alleviate himself from her relentless motion. She momentarily noticed and admired the quantity she collected thinking, "three or four more, and he'd have this thing filled. I wonder if he has it in him?"

Barbara was so wrapped up in the moment, that she was staring at the tip of her bull's cock, like a kid looking to see why water hasn't come out the end of a hose yet, when he erupted all over her face. She opened her eyes and mouth wide, as she gasped in a breath of air, and ended up swallowing a little of the jizm that was meant for the tube. She quickly took the tube and tried her best to scrape the jizm off of her face with the edge of it, leaving her bull to wonder if she would finish the job with the little bit left in him to squirt out.

Marnie chuckled to herself, not wanting to embarrass her friend, and went on to stimulating her bull to a second cumming. With the tubes resting in holders on the uprights between the bulls' legs, everyone could see the front-runners. Barbara, determined that she was coming from behind, redoubled her effects to get her man off sooner, so she may have a chance at an extra cumming before the end compared to the others.

Some of the men wanted to communicate to their milkers what would work best for them, but they were warned that any verbal communication would be grounds for disqualification. Barbara's bull did everything he could to get her to have and maintain eye contact with him, so he could communicate facially with her. She soon picked up on his strategy and worked as attentively as she was able in consort with his directions. As a team, they became the first to have a second cumming, and Barbara was successful at collecting all that he was able to offer.

The competition heated up and the milkmaids started to get into it as if they had chosen the fantasy for themselves. Hands changed to mouths, breasts got displayed, in one case, a milkmaid backed up to her bull, standing on the box-like base to the upright and coaxed her bull to cum with her cunt muscles. As it turned out, the one who came last accumulated the most. The rest of the contestants were in some state of unfulfilled frustration at not hitting the thirty-minute mark with their last effort. When they were let down, many pleaded with their milkmaids to finish what they had started in the back after the fantasy was over. Marnie and Barbara were exhausted and decided to retire for the evening.

Back in their rooms they discussed the day. "Maybe I should have taken my guy up on his offer of a good time following the contest." Marnie was saying. "I am still pretty worked up from the day."

"Marnie, I hate to say it, but I am too. What are we going to do?" Barbara asked concerned.

"Give me a minute with the brochure and I'll see." Marnie replied. . . . "It says here that there is a Class A sexual fantasy called ‘The Courtesans of Catherine the Great'. The description reads ‘Experience the chores of a courtesan of Catherine the Great, by testing the prowess of her suitors before she does, so she doesn't waste her time with the insufficient.' I guess it is like being a royal taster, only of a different sort." Marnie said. "That sounds promising, don't you think?"

"Well, it is all play acting right? What could be wrong with that?" Barbara justified. "I'm going to have some pretty frustrating dreams, I'm sure, just thinking about it."

"I'm going to call in for reservations, if they'll take them at this hour." Marnie said. . . . "All set for two o'clock tomorrow. . ."


"Good morning." Marnie said from bed to Barbara, as she walked back into the bedroom from the shower. "You're up bright and early today."

"I couldn't sleep any longer after I first woke up. That `Catherine the Great" tasting thing was all I could think about. Are we really going to do it?"

"The fantasies come with the travel package. The last one worked out okay, didn't it?" Marnie said.

"I suppose. It's just that . . ."

"Just what?" Marnie asked.

"Oh, nothing. Let's get some breakfast."

"What should we do this morning until the fantasy at Two?" Barbara asked Marnie at breakfast.

"Why don’t we walk around and see more of the grounds." Marnie suggested.

They walked passed tennis courts, swimming pools and spas, open fields of play, and buildings with inside venues. They finally came up to a line. They decided to fall in and see what all the commotion was about. They couldn’t see past the people in front of them and the tall hedge running in either direction from the opening.

"What’s this all about?" Marnie asked the lady in front of her.

This is the roller skating rink. We’re in line for ‘Roller Flags’. It’s fun, you’ll like it." The lady informed them.

"What if you don’t skate very well?" Barbara asked.

"You’ll do just fine. Just remember to bend at your knees and forward somewhat at the waist, so you don’t end up on your butts too often. Here, what you do is stand like this making a ‘V’ with your feet. You put your weight on one foot and push the other off to the side like this. That sets you in motion; then you alternate the same thing with each foot. Besides, this is a popular event here and people do it just for the fun. Most of them don’t know how to skate either." Then she whispered, "You might find that you have more fun if you don’t skate very well." The lady said with a wink.

"Why are we waiting in a line that doesn’t seem to be moving?" Marnie asked?

"A Class B Flag game is ending. We are in line for the Class A event. We’ll be in shortly."

"Marn, do you think this is for us? I haven’t skated since high school."

"Sure, it will be good exercise." Marnie replied. "Ma’am, how do you play the Flag Game?"

"It’s simple. Roller Flags is a team sport where you’ll be individually challenged. You’ll wear two items of clothing and a belt with three flags. Each team starts out at opposite sides of the rink. You skate anti-clockwise and chase the other team. When you grab one of their flags they have to go back to their starting point and take off an item of clothing. When only one flag is left, you have to go to the ‘Pit’ when that last flag is taken. You can get that flag back to skate some more if you get an opposing player off before they can get you off. Anyone who is made to cum is out of the game. When all of the players of one team are out, the game is over. See? Simple isn’t it?"

"Marnie, I don’t know about this."

"Hey Barb, look how popular this is. It’s got to be fun, and we are here to have fun. Let’s give it a try."

"Okay, if you say so."

A little while later they were outfitted with skates and the belt which was merely a soft cord tied around the waist over which were draped two meter long strands of cloth down each cheek of their bikini covered asses and one other meter long flag draped over the belt in front. The field was filled with an equal number of men to women, who made up the opposing teams.

The rules were announced and the players oriented to the two home bases and the pit. Then with a whistle from one of the officials, they were off. All Marnie and Barbara could do was to work at getting their skating legs back from earlier days. They held each other’s hands as they lumbered along, building up momentum. Some of the men who could skate fairly well started weaving up into the women, but didn’t go for the flags right away in the interest of sportsmanship. Some of the women were a little more competitive and were racing to catch up to some of the less skilled men. Finally two guys, fairly athletic, came up behind Marnie and Barbara and paced them for a half lap them simultaneously pulled a flag from each.

Marnie and Barbara slowed and made their way to the home base and debated about which item to remove, the top or the bottom. "What are we going to do now?" Barbara asked.

"Why the tops, of course."

"I know, you’re right. It’s just that were kind of big on top to be skating without support."

"From the looks of things, we’re not long for the skating part of this game. Let’s time it so we get right back on the rink just as a couple of guys go by, so we can get even with them." Marnie said.

They noticed that the men were generally distracted by the view of the women they were following, or trying to catch up with, to pay much attention to the efforts of Marnie and Barbara taking flags. Marnie and Barbara delighted in skating around gathering flags of men who had to take off their swim trunks to skate around in only their jockstraps. They got into a rhythm in their skating. Bending over at the waist more gave them more speed, stability, and an interesting sensation of the increasing airflow encircling their hanging breasts.

The two flags draped on the back proved to be much easier for both teams to retrieve than the one draped in front. This left many people skating, even the least skilled, bareassed and cautious. A rink burn on one’s breasts, rear, or gonads could prove mighty uncomfortable. The air became sexually charged. Men’s cocks and balls stood in the way of the women grabbing for their flag from behind and the men often liked the views too much to send the woman they were following to the Pit.

As some women and some men eventually got sent there, a sense of competition filled the air, mostly from the women. They got the sense that once everyone was naked, that with the sensitive balls hanging by their flags, that the men became more vulnerable. And, that they did. Many acted fairly clumsy at trying to avoid the probing hands. Once in the Pit the momentum shifted by the numbers of players on each team there. The first women got the first men off first, and out of the game. Then the last few men had more flags to get, but it sent more of the opposing players to the pit to double-team the remaining men. The women nearly skunked the men in the Pit. By the time the last man was out of the game, only a few of the women had been eliminated. Marnie, Barbara, and a few other American women started the women high-fiving around the Pit in victory.

When they got dressed and returned the skates, they walked with the lady they had stood in line with going in. "We did it. We won." Marnie said enthusiastically.

"You could look at it that way, or, if your cunt is as horny as mine is right now, you’d be pretty envious of those "losing men" who leave this venue with satisfied smiles on their mugs." The lady revealed.

"Oh god Marnie, she’s right. Do you think we’ve been had? I’m Really horny now." Barbara said.

"Yeah, me too. Good thing we reserved space at that fantasy this afternoon. I could just go there right now and skip lunch."

"Oh Marnie, I don’t think I can last for the next couple of hours."

"Got to, Barb. Let’s go"


"Reporting for duty Ma’am." Marnie said to the staff person, trying to get into character and in the mood for the fantasy.

"That’s the spirit." A staff person named Shelly said. "Now, this is a Class A fantasy. I see you both qualify. I’m still going to have to ask you to sign these waivers."

Marnie and Barbara looked at each other puzzled.

"I see you have questions. Well, this fantasy involves anonymous relations between consenting guests and the waiver absolves us of liability. We have liability if you sign up for the full package, which involves animals, but we don’t get many takers for that."

"Oh god. No animals for me." Barbara declared.

"Nor for me." Marnie added, then under her breath, "been there, done that."

"What was that Marnie?" Barbara asked.

"Oh, nothing." Marnie assured her.

"Now, you ladies will be wearing these,” Shelly said, referring to a full-length diaphanous robe she held up, "and these blindfolds,” she handed to them. "The suitors will be wearing blindfolds as well, so it will be totally anonymous. Queen Catherine doesn’t want her suitors and courtesans to get too involved with each other. These are merely ‘trial runs’ for her to determine the quality pecking order of her stable."

Marnie and Barbara stripped down and let the waiting Shelly slide the robes up their arms into place on their shoulders. The robes had only two buttons at the top, one at the collar and the other two inches below that. They were sleeveless, with slots for their arms to go through. When all was ready, Marnie and Barbara held the robes closed with one hand and their blindfolds in their other, as they followed Shelly down a corridor to a hall of chambers. There they congregated with four other courtesans similarly dressed.

A staff member in period garb waited to give the fantasy participants instructions. "None of you signed up for animals, so we won’t go into that. Well, we have enough suitors for you each to have up to three if you choose. Queen Catherine is interested in your evaluations as to size, technique, and staying power. If you would like to compare notes afterwards, you could use a common scale of five, one being the least and five being the most. So, your subjects could be summed up somewhere between 3 and 15. Now, are there any questions?"

"What about birth control?" One participant asked.

"You are personally responsible for that. If you need them, there are skins in every drawer you find in the room." The staff lady responded.

"How does it work? I mean, how does the process start and stop?" Another asked.

"Good question. There is an embroidered sash hanging down by the bed and another by the cushions on the floor. When you pull it one time, it signals the servants to send in your steed. When you pull it two times, it signals us that it is time to escort the steed out. Pulling three times tells us that you are in need of a different kind of assistance, and someone will come in to find out what you need specifically. Does that about answer it for you?"

"Yes Ma’am."

"Any others before we begin?" No one responded after they all looked each other in the eyes. "Okay then, we’ll put each of you in a room, and let the judging begin."

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