tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNY Legal Ch. 01

NY Legal Ch. 01



It had been a long day. Donnie, his partner Jackie and their eight man back up team had been sitting in this hotel room for six hours and there was still no sign of the psycho they were hunting. And, yes. Psycho was the accurate word in this case as their prey seemed to think of himself as a 21st Century "Jack the Ripper." He had slaughtered nine prostitutes so far. Most of them street walkers but the last two were high dollar call girls. That's what led Donnie and his partner Jackie to take up residence at the Wallingford Hotel.

The team had chosen two connecting rooms. On Donnie's signal, three of the officers would go through the connecting door with Donnie while the other three would sweep out and around to the entryway. The two remaining officers were DataDicks monitoring the multiple small cameras they'd hidden on this floor. The "Dorks of Death" had four cameras in the room with Jackie, four more in the hallways and one in each of the two stairwells.

The NYPD TechnoDorks had thrown together a pretty decent webpage for Detective Jackie Esposito. Using her image to lure our slasher to the hotel. She had seven appointments this evening and all of them had turned out to be guys just wanting to get laid. They were waiting on the last one to arrive before they called it an evening.

"I think we got one." Dork 1 commented.

"What d'ya got?" Donnie asked as he and Jackie stepped to the monitor.

"Guy in a gray business suit and black wool overcoat. Coming up the west stairwell... Grabbing the door to this floor now."

They watched as he entered the hallway and headed towards room 607. Which was the room they had rented for this operation.

"He looks familiar." Jackie commented.

Donnie squinted as he tried to place the man. "Yeah... Yeah. He's a politician or something." Donnie scratched his chin while he thought. He snapped his fingers just before saying "Councilman Hoffman."

"Aw, I like him." Jackie commented. "He's the one that got the funding for the more durable cameras in the projects."

Sergeant Polson commented, "Doesn't mean he isn't slaughtering hookers to keep people from finding out he likes boinkin hookers."

"Yup." Donnie commented before turning to his partner. "Get your shoes on."

Jackie kicked off her comfy bunny slippers and slipped on the four inch black stilettos to match her short, form hugging, black cocktail dress. She smoothed out the dress before going into the "bait room" and closing the connecting door behind her. She then went to the table near the window and waited. She wanted it to sound like she was across the room when he arrived as opposed to standing next to the door like a cop waiting to pounce. The rest of the team watched as Councilman Ray Hoffman knocked on the door.

"One moment please." They heard Jackie yell from her room.

"He doesn't look crazy." Dork 2 commented.

"Yeah. He looks pretty relaxed..." He turned to his team. "Let's get ready."

The seven of them pulled their weapons and readied themselves next to their respective doors.

Jackie opened the door to her room and smiled. It wasn't hard. He was attractive. Well built. And he returned a genuine smile of his own.

"Hi. Felicity, is it?"

"That's right." She said in her best 'party girl' voice. "And you would be, Ray?"

He nodded. "I am." He smiled again. "May I...?" He motioned towards the interior of the room."

"Of course." She smiled back as she opened the door wide and let him in. He took off his coat and set it on a chair as he took a seat near the table by the window. "You found the place OK?"

"I did. Yeah. I've never actually been to this hotel but it's nice."

"Really." She smiled as she sat across from him. He nodded a too naive smile. "And what do you like about it?"

"Well..." He shook his head in thought. "The carpet for one."

She looked at the green carpet that covered the room. "Oh, of course."

"This is a verrrry high quality berber."

"Mmm. Do you even know what a berber carpet looks like?" She smiled.

"No idea."

Jackie laughed. "You seem very relaxed. You've done this before, I take it?'

He shook his head. "I haven't actually."

"THAT, I find surprising."

"I don't know what to tell you... In my job you have to be a bit of a salesman so..." He shrugged. "...maybe I hide it well?"

She nodded. "You mean your job as a City Councilman?"

He let out a sigh. "Yeah... That one." She was still nodding at him. "You recognized me, huh?"

It was her turn to shrug. "You're one of the one's I like."

"Ah. Well, thank you." He smiled.

"So, Ray. You were a little vague on what you preferred in your email. Would you like to discuss it now?"

He gave a slight shake of his head as he thought. "Umm... sex?"

She laughed. "Any particular kinks I need to know about."

"I... want you to stay the night. I'd like to know what it's like to wake up with you in the morning."

She laughed again. "You haven't seen me in the morning."

He smiled. "I suspect you're far more breathtaking than you give yourself credit for."

She smiled but watched him a moment. "So, no kinks about knives then?"

His brows furrowed. "Jesus, girl. What kind of clients do you have?"

Both doors to the room slammed open as the NYPD swept in. Councilman Hoffman picked up a pen from the dresser behind him and stepped between Felicity and the men. He held the pen sticking between his middle fingers like a punching dagger.

"Police! Drop the weapon!" Donnie stated with his gun pointed at Ray. He didn't know what Ray was going to do with that pen, but he knew he didn't want to find out.

Ray took a split second to glance over his shoulder. He saw Felicity still sitting calmly in her chair with her legs crossed, watching him. He dropped the pen and raised his hands in the air.

"My apologies officer. I didn't realize you were the police."

They cuffed and searched him. Searched his car. And did everything they could to make sure he wasn't "The Ripper." When they realized he was not...

"We gotta cut him loose, Jackie."

The Councilman had been sitting on the bed staring at the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back, but his head came up and Detective Donnie Fonta had his full attention when he overheard that last comment.

"I don't have a problem with it." She replied.

The Councilman stood and approached them. "What do you mean, you have to cut me loose?"

Donnie took out his handcuff keys and stepped behind the Councilman to remove the cuffs. "We're letting you go sir. We hope you've learned your lesson from this, and never do it again." He stepped back in front of the Councilman and smiled once he recovered the handcuffs.

"The hell you are, Detective." The Councilman stated in a very authoritarian tone.

Jackie and Donnie exchanged glances before looking back at him. "You -want- to be arrested, sir?" Donnie asked.

"I WANT to know that if one of my peers is caught committing pediphilia with a nine year old that the NYPD isn't going to give them a slap on the wrist for it."

"Oh! Uh, no sir." Donnie suddenly realized what was wrong. "We're not letting you go because of your job. We're hunting a serial killer that's murdering prostitutes." The Councilman began nodding an almost embarrassed kind of nod. "And if we arrest you then..." Donnie grimaced.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. Yeah, he'll read about the call girl sting." He shook his head. "I'm sorry Detectives. I assumed... Well, I'm sorry. You're right."

"Ah, it's OK."

"Uh, is there anything I can do to help?"

Donnie shook his head. "You know anything about psychics?"

"There's a non sequitur for you."

"It's the Departmental joke about this guy. He seems to be psychic."

"How so?" Asked Councilman Hoffman.

"Well no matter where we are. He's somewhere else. If we're Downtown, he's uptown. If we're in Harlem he's in Brooklyn. You know."

"Could he have a police band radio?"

"Nah. We switched to cell phones and he still managed to avoid us."

Hoffman nodded. "Then he's a cop." Neither Donnie nor Jackie looked happy to hear that.

"What are you saying?" Jackie asked.

Hoffman shrugged. "The only way he could have known what you were doing if your communications was across cell phones is if he already knew the plan from the station house." He watched them as the reality of it all sunk in. "Tell me about these murders. Are they neat or messy?"

"Nine cases of Jack the Ripper." Donnie stated.

"Jesus. Really?" Donnie nodded at him. "It's been awhile since my psychology classes in college BUT based on the murders your describing he probably hates women. And if he hates women and IS a cop then he would gravitate to Vice. Have you been working with them on this?"

"Oh yeah." Jackie nodded.

"He's probably been doing this for awhile. But before his numbers were so low they just looked like hookers killed by their 'John's.' Something would have set him off to escalate. His wife left him or something. Might be worth checking with IAB to see if they have anything on any of the Vice guys that may help. Get those pricks to work for you for once." Jackie laughed. "I think you're looking for an old Vice officer who just had a major crisis of some kind." They didn't look happy. "Anyway, I could be just talkin outta my rear." Hoffman said as he put on his coat.

"No. No, it's a good lead. Thank you, sir." Donnie replied.

"Anytime. You guys be safe out there. Alright?" Then he turned and walked out of the room.

He was almost to the elevators when Jackie caught up to him. "Councilman?"

He stopped, turned and smiled at her. "Yes, Detective?"

She almost took a step back. There was suddenly something predatory about him. Like when he jumped up to defend her from the men coming through the doors of the hotel room. One moment he was pleasant and funny and then he's wielding a ballpoint pen, of all things, and appears to be about to begin a murder spree.

"...I wanted to say, thank you. For what you did back there. That was really decent of you. Helping us, I mean." Ray stepped towards her and she stepped back. He kept stepping towards her until she was against the wall. Her hands came up to his chest to fend him off but she felt his right hand grip her ass through the cocktail dress while his left hand gripped her right hip. "Don't..."

He could see she was scared. It was not the emotion he had hoped for. "You didn't make a mistake, Jackie." He whispered. "I'm not the man you're looking for. I don't murder women... I just really need you." Jackie gave a few small involuntary nods. He watched her for several moments before asking. "What is your name? I know you're Jackie but I mean..."


She could feel his grip on her ass squeezing. "It truly was a pleasure to meet you, Detective Esposito." With that, he released her and stepped back. "Do be careful with this nutjob. He's a trained hand by this point and he'll be quick with his knives."

"I wi... We will." She licked her lips. "Thank you, sir."

Councilman Hoffman straightened his tie and headed on to the elevators.

A week later Sergeant Gregory Timon of the Vice Squad was arrested for the murder of elleven women and attempted murder of a one Patricia "the Librarian" Simmons. A known prostitute who Timon slashed twice before the police could apprehend him. The doctors stated that Ms. Simmons wounds were superficial and that she would make a full recovery.

Detective Jackie Esposito found herself walking down the stairs of City Hall to the basement. Hoffman's secretary said he liked to smoke there when it was cold out. The basement looked like something out of a scary movie. The lights were dim. Everything was rusted. And water seemed to be dripping from some pipe somewhere. She saw Hoffman pacing around the far end of the room. She called to him as she approached.

"Councilman Hoffman?"

He looked up and smiled at her. "Detective. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I wanted to let you know, you were right."

"I heard. It's all over the news. Congratulations, by the way." He smiled.

"Thank you." She nodded. "Your idea about going to IAB paid off. They were able to isolate that Timon's ex-wife remarried just before the murders started. Well... before his murder spree started. He's apparently been killing prostitutes for years."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that." He said as he flicked his cigarette butt into a nearby puddle.

"Well I thought you should know. Donnie thinks your idea may have saved us weeks in trying to stop this guy."

"I'm sure it was just beginners luck." He smiled as he stepped towards her. He watched as she inhaled quickly at his approach. She recognized that predator's look he had again. "It's funny, Detective. You come all the way down here, to a dark basement, to talk to a man that frightens you. Just so you can deliver some news that could have been handled over the phone."

"You don't frighten me." She smiled and shook her head.

"I don't?" He said as he stepped closer to look into her eyes. She shook her head again slightly. "No. I don't, do I? ...It's not me you're afraid of ...You're afraid you'll like it."

She shook her head once more. "Don't be stupid. That's..." She licked her lips nervously. "That's just..." She was still shaking her head.

Hoffman Grabbed her hands and took her to the ground quickly. He pinned her wrists together with his left hand above her head while he undid her pants.


She cursed and wriggled as hard as she could but he pulled her pants and panties down to her ankles before forcing her legs apart.

"NO! NO! Stop it!!"

When he forced his face between her legs to begin licking her she cursed even louder but Ray was not stopping. He licked her slit from bottom to top until it was good and moist then he latched onto her clitorus and began to suck, lick and swirl his tongue around it. Jackie's orders became less vocal but her thrashing continued until eventually her whole body arched as a powerful orgasm overtook her. Ray was already on top of her before she'd recovered from what he'd just done to her. She could feel his cock sliding up and down her slit. Rubbing against her clitorus.

"I swear to God, I'm gonna to send you to Rikers for this."

Ray was very serious when he replied. "And this'll be worth every year I spend there."

She could feel the head of him start to slip into her. "No." She whined. A little more went in. "No." She wiggled. A little more. "Don't do this." She begged. Until she felt him bump into her cervix. "Ah."

Ray began to slowly pull back and slide back in with nice long slow strokes. He stared into her eyes as if he didn't want to miss any of the emotions playing across her face. He was so massive that all Jackie could do was breath and stare back. She didn't notice as Ray slipped his right hand up to interlace his fingers with hers so he held both of her hands captive with each of his. Jackie was wound so tight that it only took a few of his long thrusts to force her to another climax.

When she finished gasping it out Ray said, "Since I am raping you I suppose I should work at making it feel like rape."

Jackie shook her head. "Please don't... Don't... ruin it..."

"As you wish." He whispered as he kissed her lightly on the lips.

She automatically returned the kiss just before his thrusting became much harder. Jackie began to moan as she felt his cock bounce soundly off her cervix.

Jackie groaned out, "Too... too big... Ray?!"

"I have to stretch you out sweetheart. Otherwise I'll never get all of him in there."

His sympathetic tone really pissed her off. Which gave her the strength to try to twist out from under him but he forced his way back on top. All of which caused their bodies to grind together and soon she was having another climax.

"Errrrrrahhhh fucking kill you... I'm... Uh..."

Ray was trying very hard not to laugh. She was beautiful, angry, her orgasms were beginning to roll one after another and she felt incredible. He never wanted this to end. He took a deep breath to calm himself and slowed his pace down as he exhaled. He worked at keeping a nice slow grind going between them. He could feel her hips moving to meet his so he knew on some level she was enjoying this. That was good, he thought. He really didn't want to rape her. He just needed her so bad that 'No' was not an option for him. Jackie was rolling her head back and forth with her eyes closed. He watched as another climax pushed through her.

"Jackie?" He whispered. "Look at me sweetheart."

She licked her lips as she opened her eyes. They watched each other as their grinding continued. He could see another orgasm building by how her head flexed up and down and small moan escaped her lips. Ray leaned in and kissed her. He felt her tongue enter his mouth as they shared the kiss a few moments before her whole body locked up when she came again. It was all too much for Ray. He slipped his hands from Jackies and placed them on the floor to lever himself above her as be bagan to fuck her with abandon.

Poor Jackie was waisted by this point. She rested her hands on Ray's chest but that was just an instinctive reaction from when he released his grip on her. She felt like she was half asleep after a marathon but when he pulled her close and growled out his orgasm into her ear... It was so bestial that she held tight as her last orgasm blew through her while her body bucked against Ray's. She could feel him kissing her neck. It was nice...

"Get - off - me."

He pulled away so he could see her face. "Jackie..."

"No!" She pushed him. "No!" She shook her head. "You haven't done one, GOD - DAMNED - THING - I've asked you to do! So, shut - up!" She rubbed her face before looking at him again. "Get off me."

He let out a sigh before he slipped out of her and stood up. Jackie had been angry but when she sat up and felt Ray's seman run out of her and pool on the bottom of her overcoat she just lost it and began to cry. She felt Ray's arms encircle her and pull her close. She thought about shooting him but instead she held him while she cried into the crook of his neck.

"OK. What is wrong with you?" Donnie asked her.

They had just pulled up to a red light.

"Nothin. What?" Jackie replied.

"Nothin? You been spaced out for days now."

"I been doin my job."

"Yeah. You have." He nodded. "But when we're not on the job..." He grimaced a smile. "Anytime we're in the car. In an elevator. Waiting for lunch. You got this dazed thousand yard stare thing goin on."

She shrugged. "It's nothin."


"It's personal... The kind of 'personal' you don't want to hear about."

"What? You're pregnant?"

"Not every 'personal' problem a woman has is about childbirth, Donnie!"

"In MY experience it IS. 'Mom, what's wrong? I'm pregnant. Bridget, what's wrong? I'm pregnant. Amy, what's wrong? I'm pregnant.' You know, I'm dreading the day I gotta ask, Sami, what's wrong?"

Jackie laughed. "You're an idiot."

"Yeah. Yeah." The light turned green and Donnie drove on. "So give. What's got you off in la la land so much?"

Jackie shook her head and sighed. "...A man attacked me."

Donnie looked at her. "Jesus, Jackie!" Donnie changed lanes and sped past a taxi and an SUV to whip into a liquor store parking lot. He slid into the first slot he came to and slapped the car into park just before turning to face her. "Who!?"

She held up her index finger on her left hand like she was telling him to sit. "No. No. That's not gonna help."

"How bout you tell me who this guy is and we'll see what will and won't help!?"

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