tagFetishNylon Lover Ch. 1

Nylon Lover Ch. 1


Note: This story is true, with very little embellishment. It starts at the beginning, and follows my life long sexual tendencies, practices, etc. I hope you find it interesting - I sure did!!

* * * * *

My earliest recollection of nylons is when I was very young (early 50's). My Aunt Helen, who lived with us, worked as a secretary at a trucking company, and as such, always wore dresses or skirts to work. I remember that when she got home from work, she'd sit on the couch and take her stockings and high heels off, and leave them there until she went to bed.

I was fascinated with her legs, and I still remember exactly what they looked (and felt)like-she had great legs! She would hike her skirt up above the tops of her stockings, and unclip the clasps on her garter belt, and then roll her sheer nylons down her legs, placing them in her shoes. Being as young as I was, it was no big deal that I'd consistently watch her, and on occasion, even catch a glimpse up her skirt or dress.

Once in awhile, I'd run up to her to greet her, and hug her around her legs. I'd rub her stocking clad thighs until she made me stop. I'm sure that this is what hooked me! I simply loved the texture of the sheer, slick nylon on her legs, and never got enough of feeling them. She always warned me not to cause a run in her nylons, and I think that was probably why I developed a dislike of runs and snags in nylons or pantyhose, which I still hate today. An ugly run is almost as bad as NO nylons at all!

One evening, Aunt Helen fell asleep on the couch, and I did what I'd planned for quite awhile. I snuck in and grabbed her shoes and stockings, and hid with them behind a big recliner chair. I took my own shoes and socks off, and slid the sheer stockings onto my feet and up my legs. WOW!! It was like an electric charge going up my legs, to my crotch! If I didn't know better, I believe that I had my first orgasm right then, it felt that good!

Well, Aunt Helen woke up and caught me playing, and very sternly told me that I shouldn't be playing with her clothes, that boys didn't wear stockings, and that they were very expensive, and I might cause a run in them, at which point she would be very mad at me!

I KNEW they must be expensive, 'cause anything that felt THAT good, MUST be! Anyway, I didn't do it again, but I did continue to watch the leg show that my Aunt Helen provided me with until she got married and moved out - a very sad day for me!

By now, I was going to Sunday School and church every Sunday, and as you all know, back then, EVERY female older than the age of twelve wore stockings to church, which made sure that I got perfect attendance pins every year! I dearly loved all of the nylon clad leg and thigh that I was able to take in each week!

Since we lived about two blocks from the church, all of my family, aunts, uncles, cousins, stopped by for a visit after church every Sunday. I had two cousins, Becca and Sherry, both about my age, who had gained my interest - both had been wearing nylons for awhile, and I was now their favorite cousin - none of the other boys would pay any attention to them, but I always did!

We'd play hide-n-seek, tag, and lots of other games, and I'd always "help" them hide. Somehow, when I'd be covering them up, or pulling things around in front of them, my hands would always come in contact with their nyloned legs. I never tired of feeling them, and they didn't seem to be catching on, so it went on for quite awhile. Many times, I managed to slide my hand up under their dress, to their stocking tops, garter straps, and once in awhile, bare skin! But, at that time, bare skin held no fascination for me, and I was content to stay on their stockings.

Awhile later, I was in my late teens, something happened that started a new ball rolling. Sherry's family moved away, and the only ones that showed up after church, were Becca's family. Her younger brother was about the same age as mine, and they always took off and played by themselves, which left me and Bec' to amuse ourselves.

Once, she asked if we could play "Doctor Is In" and I said okay. We were in my "club house," which was in the garage, and she volunteered to be the patient first. She laid down on the floor mat, and I pretended to be the Doc.

"What seems to be the problem, Becca?" I asked, very professionally. "Well Doctor, I have this pain right here..." she said, rubbing her side. Right then, I got my first really good, hard, hard on. "Well, let's take a look at it, okay?" I said, pulling her dress and slip up....up....up, until it was around her waist.

Even though the pain was in her side, I kept rubbing her legs, from ankles to stocking tops, until she finally stopped me. "What about my pain, Doctor?" she asked impatiently! "Oh, yes, let's take a look at it," I said, and ran my hand up under her dress to her ribcage. I rubbed her all over, from her waist up to her bra, and she moaned. "Does it hurt there, Becca?" I asked. "Yes, Doctor, right here," she said, and moved my hand up to the bottom of her bra.

"Well, let me move this," I said, and slipped the bra up, baring her right breast to me. It was cute, and I rubbed it. It was very soft, except for the tip, which was hard. I played with it for a few seconds, and she again got impatient with me.

'Doctor, what about my OTHER pain?" she asked. "Where does it hurt, Becca" I asked. She pointed down to her crotch, and she said "Right here between my legs!" Her panties were very visible to me, since her dress was still above her waist, and she spread her legs for me. I reached up to the waistband of her panties, and started to pull them down.....

"BECCA!! Let's go, we're leaving!" My uncle shouted from the back door! We scrambled up, and she ran out of the garage, face flushed. I stayed in the club house, rubbing my hard dick, since it felt so damned good! I pulled it out, and started stroking it. I'd heard sbout jacking off from some of the other guys, and I'd even tried it, with negative results. This time though, after just a few more seconds, I shot a stream of cum across the floor.... two, three, four spurts of juice. I was amazed at what had happened!

Man, I thought I had died and gone to Heaven - nothing I had experienced, had EVER felt that good! And, all because of 'Becca! I waited two or three days before doing it again, and then I saw up the dress of my teacher, Mrs. Pearson. Dark stocking tops, and a couple of inches of garter straps, and I got an instant hard on!

I couldn't wait to get home, at which time I grabbed the Sears catalogue, and turned to the stockings page. Plenty to look at there, and I whipped my dick out and started stroking it.

After just a few minutes, looking at the pictures, and thinking about 'Becca, and I shot my second load! Again, lightning bolts of pleasure assaulted my inexperienced body! I wiped it on my bed sheet, and realized that when I did this again, I'd have to be better prepared!

As you might guess, I couldn't wait for Becca to show up the next Sunday. I wanted to share my new found activity with her! But, for some reason, she got scared or something, she wouldn't go to the club house with me. No matter how hard I pleaded or begged, it was no dice! She's show me plenty of leg, and even let me rub her stockings when no one was around, but she would'nt go to the club house with me. I was broken hearted! I was sure that I was in love with her, and now she wouldn't even consider being alone with me!

As we grew older, the games stopped, and our relationship no longer flourished. I had plenty of other sources of nyloned leg to gawk at, so 'Becca wasn't all that important to me anymore, and besides, I was pissed at her for not coming through for me!

It soon became an obsession for HER, though, as I displayed my disinterest in her. New, shorter skirts, high heels, sheerest stockings, she knew how to get to me, that's for sure. But, I played it really cool. Oh, I'd always look at the display of nylon encased thigh she showed (I'm no dummy!), and I'd smile at her, but no overt actions on my part at all.

Becca would even on occasion, spread her legs and show me her crotch.... and I'd look, but that was it. Once, we were both in the back seat of her dad's car going somewhere, and she actually took my hand and placed it on her thigh. I stroked it (I'm no dummy!), loving the way it felt, but that was it! Man, it really pissed her off!

Finally, I'd gotten a job after school, and got my drivers license. Then, I bought a car - a '56 Ford convertable, from a relative. Paid $140.00 for it, and it ran okay. The top leaked a little, but that didn't matter - I was King Shit!

Had my own car!

By then, we were both over 18, and a few weeks later, We were all at the house after church, and my aunt asked me if I would take 'Becca home. They wanted to do something else, and she had a school thing to do with some friends, and had to get home. I hem-hawed around, and finally agreed to do it.

We got in the car, and had no sooner pulled away from the curb, when Becca turned towards me in the seat. "Why have you been avoiding me, Rick?" she asked. "It seems I remember YOU avoiding Me awhile back!" I retorted. "We were way too young back then, and you know it!" she said. "And you're STILL too young!" I spat out, reminding her that at 18, she was a year younger than me!

"Oh, yeah?" she asked. I looked over at her, and she started sliding her skirt up, until it was around her waist - just like it was when we'd played "Doctor" a few years back. There they were again. Her nylon clad legs, up to her bare thighs, garter belt, and now, 3" high heels added to the mix.

She leaned back in the seat and put her legs up on the seat, her feet in my lap. I put my hand on her nyloned ankle, and moved it up her leg..... until it was on her thigh. Stocking top, and then bare thigh, following the garter strap upward.

Then, and I will never forget the next moment in my life, my hand was on her pussy, and she had NO panties on! It was a feeling like no other, and when I looked at her, she just smiled at me! "I haven't been wearing panties for 3 or 4 months now, if you'd only noticed!" she said.

My fingers played with her, stroking, rubbing, her legs parted wider. It was a good thing the top was up! One finger in her, then two.... hot..... wet.... tight! WOW!!

Then, we were at her house. We ran inside, and as the door closed, I grabbed her. I kissed her hard - my first girl-kiss! I rubbed her back, her front, and then she pulled away. "Wait!" she ordered. She took two or three steps away from me, and stood there. First one button on her blouse, then another. Soon, the blouse dropped to the floor. Then, with her back to me, her bra joined the blouse. Then, she turned towards me, her arms over her breasts. Then, she dropped her arms. WOW! TITS!! They weren't huge, didn't have any sag at all, but they were beautiful!

Hands on skirt. Zipper down. Swish! Skirt hits floor! There she stood - naked except for high heels, sheer stockings, and a white garter belt! Nothing else! That image is still burned in my mind, and it did indeed exemplify what I have since that moment, believed to be the sexiest sight in the world!

She stood there, and I couldn't move. Finally, she took a step toward me, then another. then.... a loud knock at the front door.... HER CLASS MATES WERE HERE!! She ran for the bedroom, and I picked up her clothes and hid them. I went to the door, and told the two kids there it would be a minute. She was back out in a few minutes, in jeans and a sweater! Her face flushed red, a hot look on her face. She kissed me lightly on the lips, and said.... "Lock up when you leave..." and she was gone!

I went to her room, and dropped her clothes on her bed. Then, I went to her hamper, and looked in. A pair of nylons on top. I took one, and quickly unzipped my pants, I pulled out my dick, and started stroking it, rubbing it with the stocking. Soon, I blasted another hot load of cum, and caught it with the stocking, making sure I got it all soaked up.

I put it back in the hamper, and left the house, locking the door behind me. The trip home left me time to think about what had happened, and all I could think was..... WOW! I couldn't wait to see Becca again!

More to cum....

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