tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNylon Lover Ch. 3

Nylon Lover Ch. 3


My relationship with my cousin 'Becca went on for nearly two years, until she got married and moved to another state. The time I spent with her reinforced in my mind, what already had a foothold on me - I loved lingerie on women, especially garter belts and stockings, high heels, and more than ever, watching. I became more and more voyueristic as time went by, to the point where I'd rather watch than actually have sex!

Back then, it was easy, too. People were a lot more lax about covering their windows, making out in cars, and other things, that made watching easy. But, along with that, I was also developing a desire to watch someone I really cared about, have sex with someone else. I think that time at the drive-in movie when 'Becca sucked the movie attendant's dick is what got that started - who knows?

Anyway, I thought a lot about it, especially when I had a steady girlfriend. One girlfriend I had, Mary Pat, was a little wilder than most. She was always willing to feed my desires by wearing stockings and heels for me, and she could really give a great blow job. She sucked me off on our first date, wearing a short dress, a black garter belt, sheer RHT stockings, and 3" black patent leather stilettos.

We'd gone to an indoor movie (I still remember - Beatles - Hard Day's Night!), and as soon as the movie started, I put my hand on her nyloned thigh. She didn't seem to mind, so I started stroking her leg, moving my hand up as I went. Soon, I was under her dress at the top of her stocking, and still moving north. Luckily, we were in the rear of the balcony, so all of the screaming girls didn't bother us too much. We were making out pretty avidly, and I'd gotten the hem of her dress up to the bottom of her panties.

My dick was rock hard, and she was stroking it through my pants, and we were kissing like mad. I finally stopped it, having gone as far as I dared in the theater - too much light with that particular movie. I asked her if she wanted to leave and she just nodded.

We were out of there in a flash, and back in my '57 Pontiac. We never even started the car. She was all over me, unzipping my pants, and pulling my dick out. As soon as she had it out, she stroked it a couple of times as we kissed, and then she dove down and took it in her mouth. Man, that girl could suck! I kept trying to pull her skirt up and rub her nyloned legs, but I had a hard time getting to them .I finally had to just settle for the blow job I was getting, so I leaned back and enjoyed it.

Mary Pat was an excellent cock sucker - obviously, she'd had a lot of practice. Her mouth and tongue concentrated on the head, and her hands on the shaft and balls. That first BJ from her was the best I'd ever had, for sure. She looked up at me as she worked, and she could tell when I was getting close, which is when she really went to work. She took more and more of my cock into her mouth, until it nearly disappeared completely, and I could feel it hitting the back of her throat.

She tightened her lips up and used her fist to stroke the part of the shaft that wasn't in her mouth, and I started to moan - loudly. That just caused her to speed up, which caused an eruption within me. I shot stream after stream of hot, fresh cum directly into her mouth, since she'd pulled back so that she had her lips around just the head of it. When I was done, she came up and kissed me, letting me taste myself in her mouth.

Since then, that blow job has been the standard to which all others have been measured!

Since then, I've tried to school every woman I've been with, in duplicating her technique. Some have gotten close, but none have been quite as good! Anyway, there's no such thing as a bad blow job, right???

Back to Mary Pat. I finally fucked her on our third date. This was after she'd given me numerous blow jobs - two on our second date, and 3 or 4 sperm-of-the-moment deals when opportunity knocked. The fuck was almost as good as the head she'd given me. Nylon clad legs wrapped around me as I pounded her, with her begging "Fuck Me, Rick!!!"

We talked a lot about sex - what she liked, what I liked. She was intrigued by my admission that I liked the idea of watching her have sex with someone else (I'd told her about that night with 'Becca, without telling her who I was with!). Finally, she agreed to try to let me see her have sex with another guy, and we started planning it.

We went to a night spot where a lot of our crowd went, and she saw a guy that I knew, that she used to date. His name was Jack, and he seemed to be alone. "He's got a really nice cock!" she told me, so we decided he would be the one. The plan was that I would appear drunk, and she would need help getting me home. We danced for awhile, and I watched her dance with some other guys.

She looked great in her pleated skirt, tight sweater, sheer nylons and spiked heels. Her skirt often flared out and up, and on a few occasions, I could see the tops of her stockings, and so could a lot of other guys. Believe me, they were all looking!

Finally, she asked Jack to dance, and while they were on the dance floor, she asked him to help her get me home, since I was loaded. Of course, with her rubbing up against him, it would have been hard to say no! After the song was over, they approached me, and I pretended to be passed out. They "woke" me up, and Jack helped me to the car. Mary Pat got in the drivers seat, and Jack followed us. We got to my house (my parents were staying at our summer cabin) and they struggled to get me into the house. I made it look good by not helping much!

After flopping me into a recliner in the family room, I pretended to be out cold. They stood up in the center of the room, and Mary Pat thanked Jack for helping her. Then, Jack leaned down and kissed her - on the lips. The kiss turned into another, and then another, and her mouth opened to allow his tongue in. I could see it all in the dim light of a desk lamp. Then, his hands moved up to stroke her brests, which caused her to moan softly. Jack took a quick glance at me, only to see me still fast asleep. Little did he know...

He moved his hands down to her ass, and stroked it through her dress, his fingers inching it upward. I was soon able to see the tops of her stockings, and the straps of her garter belt. She wasn't idle, either, and her hands went to his belt, opening it and pushing his pants down. His hands went to her shoulders, and he pushed downward. She quickly went to her knees to face his cock, which slid easily into her mouth. She sucked him wildly, not six feet from me in the recliner. He worked on her dress, getting it off, which left her in just her garter belt, stockings and heels (she hadn't worn panties that night)!

After he could take no more, he pushed her back off of his dick and laid her down on her back, legs splayed out. He licked her pussy for a few seconds, and then moved up to slide his dick into her. She again moanded loudly as he fucked her, and she wrapped her stocking clad legs around his waist. After just a few minutes, he came inside her, causing her to have an orgasm as well. Shortly after that, he got up, pulled his pants up, and after one more look in my direction, left.

As soon as I heard him pull away, I slid down to the floor and kissed Mary Pat, moving downward with my mouth. Soon, I passed her garter belt, and found her pussy, which I quickly licked and sucked. She wrapped her legs around my head had held me there until she came again, very loudly. I could taste the tartness of his cum in her pussy, but I didn't care! Then, she moved down and sucked me off quickly. It took about ten seconds before I was filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed loudly, and then came up for air, and another kiss.

She asked if I liked it, and all I could do was sigh and nod my head! It was the beginning of a whole new sexual pleasure for me, one that I Mary Pat nurtured on several occasions while I was with her! More to cum.....

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