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Nymphet Goddess


As I stared down my reflection in the mirror I was neither impressed nor disappointed. I was as I had always been, large. 5'3, size 20, plush double D's, flowing vivid red hair and honey brown eyes. I had never been considered ugly, but in childhood I was cruelly taunted for my weight. I found that as I grew up I evened out more, and it worked well for me.

Dressed in my favourite black, long sleeved dress and black kitten heels, I felt sexy, confident. The olive green eyeshadow and black liner really highlighted the honey colour of my irises. And with just the right hint of perfume I knew tonight was going to go really well.


Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a large towel around my lean hips and went to find an outfit. I decided on my dark blue denims and a black, long sleeved button up shirt. It didn't lend much heat to the harsh winter but I didn't suspect I'd have it on for very long anyway.

I stalked back to the bathroom to tame my short blonde hair with some dry wax and have a really close shave, before spraying on some lynx and going to set up the lounge.

I placed and lit some candles in the hall near the entrance of the house, then around the living room, and finally my bedroom. The black duvet shimmered in the light of the flames, and the soft music was flowing through the entire house via a sound system. All in all, it was a pretty fine set up for a guy, If I did say so myself.

The last thing to be done was pour some of her favourite wine and wait for her arrival. I definitely couldn't wait.


It was just before 8 when I pulled up in his driveway. We had been seeing each other for about 3 months now but still I was shaking like a leaf, the anticipation making my heart beat like a jackhammer. I parked my blue sedan and slowly stepped out into the freezing temperatures of winter. I pulled my trench coat tighter around myself as I stared at the faint glow coming from the windows. I took a deep breath and began my walk up to his door. I stepped up the two steps, rang the bell and waited patiently, nerve wracked.


I stood in my kitchen with the wine glasses, waiting for 8, for her. I was so positively nervous, I never got nervous. But here I was, heartbeat going off the charts, a million scenarios going through my mind.

Then the bell rang.

The walk to my front door felt like it took forever. And with every step another nerve bit at me. But then I got there and saw her standing on the other side, looking just as nervous, and more beautiful than she ever had before. Her long red hair was curling like wildfire down her back, her eyes were so amazing with their honey gold glow behind her thick lashes.

She huffed out a shy "hi" and blushed a crazy pink. All my nerves melted away in that moment and I was left with nothing but an insane lust and want for her. This woman that I'd fallen for, this crazy, beautiful woman.

I reached out my hand, tangled it in her hair and pulled her over the threshold, to me, and kissed her with all the possessiveness I felt at that very moment. I felt all of her against me, every lush curve of her body. Her full heavy breasts, slightly rounded tummy, thick luscious thighs and her lips, they were gifts from the gods. All natural and plump rosy pink all the time. Brighter when I'd kissed her, just like now.

I reluctantly pulled away from my goddess and helped her out of her coat. The sites just got better and better. Her amazing dress hugged every inch of her rubenesque form. It also had a delicious v neckline. Absolute divinity.

I took her hand and led her to the kitchen. We stood and laughed for a while, drinking her favourite wine and talking about whatever came up. I tried my hardest to make her laugh, it was when I loved her most of all. She lit up an entire room when she laughed.

I polished off the rest of my wine and poured us both another glass. Another half hour of giggles and stories, we'd emptied the bottle and were both well tipsy, her slightly more than I.

We fell silent for a moment or two and then everything rushed ahead. I once again tangled my hand in her curls and nipped at her bottom lip, teasing the matching studs she had through it. She smelled insanely good and I hardened instantly, straining in my jeans. Deepening our kiss I trapped her lush body between the wall and my trim, muscled form, the contrast very erotic.

I pressed my hips against hers as a soft moan escaped her bright pink lips. Her unbridled lust shot out from her golden eyes and in that moment I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. I slid my hands down her legs and lifted her up onto my hips encouraging her to wrap her legs around my waist, she was reluctant, I knew because of her build. I reassured her she was perfect and lifted her up again, this time she didn't back down, instead wrapped her thick legs tightly around my waist and kept kissing me as I moved this show to the bedroom.

We stopped first at the start of the hall to kick off our shoes, never once breaking our embrace. Once again before my door to lose my shirt. I opened the door to my bedroom and kicked it shut with the heel of my foot. I stopped by the bed and set her down just on the edge and she stood up to kiss me again.

I stared at her beauty as I kissed her. She linked her arms around my neck and I slid my hands down her sides, over her hips, down her juicy thighs until I reached the hem of her dress just above her knees and began to slide it back up her body.

Back up over her lush thighs, sumptuous hips, and smooth waist and over her head, her hair falling back around her. I found the sexiest matching bra and lace briefs in an emerald green setting off her Bright red hair and pale white skin to absolute perfection.

I stood back for a moment in absolute awe and she blushed wildly and attempted to cover herself. I stopped her by crushing her body against mine and guiding her to the bed. I pulled back the sheets and laid her down as I shed my pants and slid in next to her. I pulled the sheet back over us and started kissing her again, then I moved down to her neck as I unclasped her bra and dropped it on the floor behind me. She had a small bar through her right nipple and she sighed a beautiful sound as I took it into my mouth, teasing and nibbling away. Then I moved to her left peak. Her full breasts were so soft I thought I was in heaven, but then, there wasn't an inch of skin on her body that was rough or calloused.

As I teased her fair skin she arched her back a little and pulled my lips up to meet hers. I was sure by now she would be able to feel my erection on her thigh but she must not have noticed in all the heat. I slid my hand down between our bodies where I stroked her through her lace briefs. She clutched harder at my shoulders as I slipped my hand down under the elastic and down to her hot centre. She was trimmed, not waxed, I always preferred women to be natural. As I ran my finger down the length of her folds and then back, I stopped kissing her.

I wanted to watch her. As I slid my finger all the way inside of her she let out a brilliant sound of pleasure. I watched her throw her head back while I massaged her gspot. I pulled my finger out and ran it up to her clit, smoothing her own juices back over her, getting her ready for me. I kissed her once more before beginning my way down her body. I kissed down her stomach, taking time to tease her hipbones and bellybutton. I got to her briefs and slid them down her thighs and all the way off.

So there she was, finally completely bared to my eyes, and just as stunning as she was with clothes on, if not more. I coaxed her to open herself to me. Massaging her lower leg and thighs until she parted her knees for me. I kissed my way up the inside of her legs until I got to her hot red centre. She quivered a little as she felt my breath on her most intimate parts and then I began to kiss her tender folds.

As I explored her with my mouth she became increasingly slick, glistening. Her breathing was uneven as I slid a finger deep inside her once again while my tongue went to work on her clit. She began to moan as I triggered her gspot again, I knew she was getting close so I stopped my assault on her body and crawled up to kiss her as I removed my underwear, springing free my monster of an erection.

Her eyes bulged as she caught a glimpse before I captured her lips again and rested my hips on hers, cradled by her soft body. I smoothed a curl back from her forehead and kissed her nose, feeling her giggle under me was bliss.

I moved my hand down between us and positioned myself to slide right in. I braced myself above her, marveling at her form as I pushed my hips forward sliding all the way inside her. We moaned in unison. She felt absolutely divine. Firm and hot. I stopped at her hilt and looked into her eyes. As she bit her lip I couldn't hold off any longer, I began to move myself inside her, meeting her eyes the entire time, watching her pleasure rise with each stroke.

When her moans got louder she began to grasp my shoulder blades tighter, and move her hips up to meet my thrusts, pulling me into her as she did. I gathered her into my big arms and rolled with her so she was on top. She looked a little unsure so I helped her along with my hands on her hips. It didn't take her long before she was grinding me for all I was worth, her head lolling back like a bobble head.

It wasn't long before she was moaning again, I pulled her down to me and kissed her, one hand at the top of her back and one on her hip, holding her there while I thrust up into her, making her wilder. Her hair fanned all around us as I hugged her to me and slid up into her warmth over and again. I felt my own release building up but I held it off, I wanted this to last.

She broke my hold on her and sat up, still, catching her breath, steadying herself with a hand on my chest. She looked so perfect there, her breasts sandwiched between her arms, cheeks flushed with colour, eyes on the ceiling, breathing heavily.

When she had calmed a little she looked down at me with those eyes of gold, and smiled a seductive smile, bit her bottom lip and told me how amazing she felt. I told her she did feel amazing as I ran my hands up her body and slid them around her back as I sat up with her in my lap. She moved her legs to wrap them around me as I kissed her and tangled myself in those curls again.

I got up on my knees so I had a little more room to move and I began to lift her a little and drop her back down. She got the rhythm soon enough and was moving herself against me once again. Moans escaped her lips all over again and I covered her mouth with mine, shielding them, muffling her sounds, drinking her in. She was working her hardest, grinding and trying to hold onto my shoulders, keeping us close, crushing her milky globes to my hard chest.

This was heaven but I wanted to see her ultimate pleasure, her climax. I reluctantly removed my hand from her silken curls and ran it down to where we were joined. I began to stroke her in time to our movements. Her breathing was once more uncontrollable, moaning louder than she had before. She began grinding even harder, and as her head fell back she called out my name as she came. It was the most incredible sight I had ever witnessed. I had seen women come before, but this was something else, it was as if it were the first time anyone had ever brought her pleasure before. Like she had just been released from a dark room into the sunshine for the first time in months. It was beautiful.

She was shaking as she came down from her high, still moaning, it seemed to go for ages. I didn't mind, even with her incredibly tight grip on my shoulders. She fell into me, snuggling in lovingly. I turned with her and laid her down. I still hadn't found my own release yet but that was okay, plenty of time yet.

She looked blissful and was glowing as I held her next to me, still running my hands around her lush body. She giggled as she turned into me, she placed her hand on my cheek, looking into my eyes. It felt right so I blurted out my feelings. I told her I had fallen for her. I listed all the reasons why she drove me crazy and all the reasons that I loved that about her. I listed everything I loved about her body, which was everything and I told her that she never looked more beautiful than right then, in that moment. She was perfect right then.

She managed to tell me she felt the same through my kissing assault on her mouth and neck. Then she pulled me atop her and welcomed me in, opening her legs and guiding my still erect cock right into her hot core. I drove myself into her relentlessly for a while and then withdrew and kissed her. As I got into the spooning position I moved her hair so I could nibble her earlobe while running my hand down the length of her body.

I bent her right leg at the knee and slide myself back inside this nymphet goddess. And she moaned low in her throat. From here I could rub her as well as driving us both wild. I stroked her once again in time to my thrusts and she turned her head to kiss me before moaning again, grabbing my arm that was rubbing her. As I felt her release coming closer I let go and went crazy, thrusting into her with all that I had. She balled the sheets up in her fist as we came together, breathless, moaning, touching everywhere.

As we came down from our high she fell asleep snuggled into my chest, her hair still spilled everywhere, and I waited anxiously for sleep, to dream of what wondrous things would follow a perfect night.

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