tagMind ControlNymphocom Ch. 02

Nymphocom Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Julie helps fixing bugs

During the next few days I did not see Julie and I did not want to go down to her apartment and check on her as I was afraid to find her boyfriend with her. I was concerned about what were her thoughts. Would she go crazy about what she had done? Had she noticed that she had been influenced by an outside force? It was my duty as a scientist to make sure the NYMPHOCOM was harmless for its subjects, except for a girl's sexuality of course. I spent my days and nights at the research center in Meudon to weed out potential problems in the control software of my device. Fortunately my colleagues were not interested at all in what I was doing and therefore I could work mostly without interruptions.

My first challenge was the orgasm triggered by the cum swallowing which was a very weird side effect. Julie had been very surprised by it and other subjects might get suspicious if this happened in the future. I needed to get rid of it but it turned out to be very difficult. This was driving me nuts since my code looked perfect, I just could not see why swallowing sperm could produce a sexual orgasm. As it was already around midnight I gave up for the day and went to my car to drive home. I stopped at Mc Donalds, ordered a meal and sat down at a table, exhausted. I took a big bite out of my double cheeseburger and I suddenly realized how hungry I was. As I swallowed my body was feeling real pleasure at the anticipation of all the good calories coming. And this is when I jumped up with a big "EUREKA!!" and stormed out of the restaurant leaving the clerks and the other clients wondering about all the crazy people out there.

The bug in my software was hidden in one of the pleasure routines and I had mixed up eating pleasure and sexual pleasure. Once found it was obvious and I felt ashamed that I read over this routine over and over again without spotting the problem. Julie did not get an orgasm from swallowing my cum but just from the act of eating something. She probably could have had an orgasm from taking a bite from a croissant. While I corrected the problem I also found a memory leak problem. The variable holding the level of pleasure just went out of bounds and this was why the orgasm triggered by the bug was so intense. I shook my head when I realized that I had done some beginner mistakes in my software.

Anyway I kept some of the pleasure levels coming specifically from eating sperm, just enough to give the girls some reward but without raising their suspicions with an enormous orgasm. I also added an "O" button on my fake remote control which I connected to a routine allowing me to deliver an orgasm on command to the subject. I though that it was just fair to give the girls some pleasure too. Obviously I needed to try out all the modifications and corrections I had made and it would be best to do it on Julie again since another girl might react differently and this would make it harder to see if the changes were successful. The next day I purchased a more recent digital camera in order to document my experiences properly and held out active watch for Julie when I was around our home building.

One morning while leaving my apartment to go to work, I took the elevator which then stopped at Julie's floor. The door opened on Julie who was waiting. When she saw me she froze, then blushed, finally came in and said hello. I was also caught by surprise and mumbled something back which meant hello as well.

Julie was wearing a white top which nicely pressed her awesome breasts and thin waist but stopped just above her navel to show off some silver piercing. She also wore a short jeans skirt which revealed her long beautiful legs, enhanced by high heel pumps. The skirt was cut just below her ass-cheeks and I was wondering if it was really a skirt or just a large belt. I grew a hardon in my pants when I remembered that this stunning girl had given me a blowjob the other day. My throat went dry and I struggled to find something to say.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, while the elevator was slowly descending, Julie said, "I am sorry for what happened the other day, you must think I am pretty strange." She looked at the floor of the elevator visibly ashamed. I was relieved that she did not suspect anything about my device.

"Don't be," I replied, " I am as strange as you, I guess." I was smiling gently. She obviously did not know what to say, she kept looking at the elevator floor.

"Actually I really enjoyed it I must admit," I added to break the silence. She gasped as if I had insulted her.

"Don't imagine that this means something between us!" she said in an exasperated tone.

"Nothing happened Julie," I replied quickly, realizing that I had made a mistake. She seemed to blush even more which was quite amazing with her dark skin.

"I feel guilty ..." she whispered. I did not know what to reply to make her feel better so I stood silently next to her. The elevator arrived at the ground floor and we left the building together.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "Maybe I can give you a ride? And we can talk if you feel like it."

She hesitated to accept my offer. She was still considering me as an uninteresting geek and was reluctant to be seen with me. She finally gave in because my offer meant that she would arrive at the University much quicker.

"That's very nice of you, thank you Francois."

At least she was now still quite friendly to me. Maybe because she was feeling guilty, or maybe because she was afraid that I would tell her boyfriend. She had still this arrogant attitude however, and I knew she was praying that nobody she knew would see her with me. She was looking incredibly hot in her short blue skirt, and on my side I was praying that the NYMPHOCOM would allow me to get into her pants. We walked to my car and drove of. We hit some traffic and this is when I asked her about her thoughts of guilt.

"I don't know," she replied. "You are a ... umm ... nice guy but you know, I love my boyfriend Eric!" The way she had said 'nice guy' she could have said 'stupid nerd' instead.

"I am a nice guy, you are a nice girl and we had some fun the other evening and it will stay our little secret. I don't see anything wrong with it."

"yes ...I guess you're right." I could feel that she wanted to deny having fun the other night but she remembered having an orgasm. She sighed heavily and her enormous tits went up and then down in the process. She did not speak for several minutes and I felt that she wanted to talk about something. She sighed heavily again.

"About the photos ...", she started hesitantly. It suddenly dawned to me that I still had the nice photos of Julie we did together. This was perfect blackmail material.

"Yes, they are great! I love them! When do you want to come and see them?" I beamed at her while her eyes went wide. This was obviously not what she wanted to hear.

She gasped. "Actually ... I would like you to destroy them ... I ... I feel ashamed of ... of what I have done."

I breathed calmly before responding. "I am sorry? Why would I ever do that? These photos are great! Well ... ok ... the quality is not that good but I still love them!"

I could feel that Julie was very worried that these photos would fall into the wrong hands or, even worse, that her boyfriend would see them.

"Please destroy them," she implored.

"I promise ... but only if you invite me for a coffee this time," I said like a joke. "Last time we forgot about it."

She had a stressed grin.The last thing she wanted was to have me in her apartment again but the threat of having these photos around was too big."Ok I will not forget this time! You can come over at around 20:00. My boyfriend Eric will come home late today, he has a football match. Please bring the photos."

She hesitated and added, "But please pay attention. If Eric sees these photos he will kill me ... and you!"

I thought that I had to implement a security into the NYMPHOCOM to keep unwanted and jealous boyfriends and husbands away. I kept driving thinking about this feature until we reached the Sorbonne where Julie thanked me and hurried away so that nobody would see her with me. Her stunning figure turned the heads of all passerbys.


I then drove to my lab at the research center. I was unable to concentrate to do any useful work so I spent the day reading papers on new research on electromagnetic waves. Ideas about a new feature protecting me from jealous boyfriends and husbands popped into my mind but I just wrote them down without starting to look at how to code them. I drove home early.

At 20:00 sharp I was knocking at Julie's door. I had my bag with me where I stored the NYMPHOCOM, my new camera and my laptop. Julie opened me immediately, eying the corridor anxiously and closing the door behind me quickly.

"Did you bring them?" she asked abruptly.

I patted my bag and walked to the couch where I sat down. Her flat was very clean as last time but I could see some men shoes near the entrance which could only mean that Julie's boyfriend had come home and left quickly to go to his football match. Julie was probably not home for a very long time as she still had her short skirt and white top on, but she had dropped her high heels to go barefoot.

"Ok, I want these photos," she demanded rudely. She had this arrogant face again and she looked at me as if I was a complete moron.

"How about a coffee first?" I said to her, smiling widely.

"Listen ..." she started. She then realized that she was not in the best position to give orders and stopped. She then rushed into her kitchen with an exasperated look on her face. I heard her slam cupboard doors and noisily preparing some cups. She was fuming because a stupid geek like myself was blackmailing her with some naughty photos. She came back with the empty cups and put them harshly onto the low table in front of the TV.

"Coffee will be ready soon," she hissed. She was standing in front of me and I was sitting on the couch. From this position I could catch glimpses of her panties underneath her skirt and also when I looked up her breasts looked like two huge melons hidden under her white top.

"Listen Francois," she said with a threatening undertone in her voice. "I don't think you know what you are risking. If Eric sees these photos you are dead! do you hear me? dead!"

She looked at me, a desperate expression on her face. "What do you want from me?" she whispered.

"Nothing," I replied. "I am not a blackmailer and I am afraid of your boyfriend. So I would not dare to ask you for something. I am just here because you invited me for a coffee."

"Oh!" She stood there for a second, completely taken by surprise. She had definitely suspected me of wanting to take advantage out of the situation."Oh well ..." she looked towards the kitchen. "Its ... not ready yet."

She sat down next to me. "So Francois, will you give me these photos?"

I nodded and reached into my bag. I activated the NYMPHOCOM and left it in the bag. I also took out an old pen and showed it to Julie.

"This, Julie, is a USB stick which is disguised as an old pen. I uploaded all our photos into it. Its a perfect hiding place."

Now Julie was beaming at me. "This is very clever Francois! I don't think anybody could tell that it was something other than an old pen!"

She took the pen into her hands and turned it around, looking as if I had given her a pearl necklace.

"Thank you so much Francois," she cried out and jumped into my arms. She gave me a big wet kiss on the lips while her airbags pressed onto my chest. I felt a hardon growing at once.

"You are really a nice guy, Francois," she continued while nesting herself into my arms. "You could have taken advantage of the situation and you could have blackmailed me into doing things ...", she added with a somewhat disappointed look. I grinned broadly at her knowing that the NYMPHOCOM was working perfectly.

"I would never do such a thing," I added, putting my left arm around her waist and looking down her immense cleavage.

"I really thought you would ask me for another blowjob or ... more," she whispered. "I am really glad that you are such an honest man."

"You know Julie, I would never ask such a thing from you," I replied, pressing her closer to me and watching the flesh of her boobs bulging out of her top.

"Maybe you don't like my blow-jobs?" she remarked sadly while shifting to position herself over my crotch. She pretended not to notice my hardon but she moved until the hard part in my pants was just between her legs.

"I loved your blowjob the other day," I managed to stutter before Julie stood and then kneeled down in front of me. She had made sure that her breasts brushed against my face while standing up and now she had lowered her top a bit to show off her impressive cleavage.

"Francois, I will give you another blowjob to thank you for your kindness," she panted before opening my fly and helping my dick out of my pants. Before taking it into her mouth she held on and admired it as if it was the most beautiful object on earth. She then engulfed it into her mouth until I felt the tip hitting the back of her throat.

I moved my hand towards my bag to take my brand new camera.

"You don't mind me taking more photos," I asked her while starting to shoot. "We are going to delete them anyway."

She moaned something which I took as an agreement and continued sucking at my cock, playing with her tongue, licking the shaft and kissing the tip of my dick. She even smiled proudly to the camera. I played naughtily with her, holding her head down on my cock, her nose in my pubic hard and the tip of my cock half-ways down her throat. She came up for air, gasping but she had a proud smile on her face too. My device had again turned her into a nymphomaniac.

"Do I look good on these photos?" she asked me, holding my dick close to her cheek and posing for a shot.

"You ... look ... awesome!" I replied, "You are a real star!"

"Let me show you something," she said and stood up. She went to one of the cupboards and foraged among papers in the back before taking something out with a triumphant smile.

"I found one of Eric's porn magazines. I did not tell him, but I had a look at it. I think he just forgot about it."

I was amazed to discover that she held a small magazine with crystal clear ultra hardcore pornographic photos on tens of pages. Julie sifted through it until she found a photo of a stunning brunette looking at the camera with an enormous dick in her mouth, deforming her right cheek.

"You see?" Julie beamed. "It looks sexy isn't it? Do I look like this?"

She sat next to me on the couch to show me the magazine. Her legs were now wide apart and the skirt was now nearly up her ankles. Her panties were visible and stained in the front. My hardon was getting painful. Julie continued showing me the next pages of the magazine. The torrid brunette was now facing the camera with an expression of intense bliss and she was impaled backwards on the monster dick. "Wow!" Julie whispered. "I would like to be in her place."

"I am sure Eric will be pleased to help you out with this wish!" I joked

"Of course he will! I love him so much! but look ... ohhh!" she pulled up her skirt completely, exposing her panties which had a big wet stain on the spot where her pussy lips were faintly visible through the cloth. "You see? I think I like those photos!"

She turned to me with her legs wide spread so I could get full view of her panties soaked with pussy juice. She touched the wet spot. "Oh my god, its sooo much. its usually not that much!" She looked pleasantly surprised and started rubbing her pussy. "Francois can you please help me with it? I don't want it to be dripping on the couch!"

I was happy to comply with her wish and kneeled in front of her between her legs. I looked at her. "You will not feel guilty afterwards? "

She thought for a moment. "No ... I won't feel guilty, I promise. This is not sex, its just a service I ask from a nice neighbor. And you know..."

"YES I KNOW! You love your boyfriend!" I yelled before going down between her legs. I pushed the bottom of her panties to the side, exposing her drenched pussy. As soon as I touched her clit with my tongue, Julie started trembling.


I started licking up her pussy juice which were tasting like honey and I could feel all her body shiver each time my tongue touched her clit.

"OOOOOOOHHHH MY GOD!" she was screaming now, unconcerned about the noise and possible neighbors listening. I concentrated on her clit and sent her over the edge into a mind shattering orgasm, where she battled and yelled until she fell back on the couch, exhausted. I removed my hand from my bag where I had just pressed the magic "O" button.

"Oh wow! " she panted. "You are very gifted! this orgasm nearly killed me!"

She rose up , smiling. " ... and thanks for cleaning me with your tongue!"

She bent towards me and gave me an intense kiss. Our tongues inter-twirled and I had the impression that she wanted to rip mine out. I wrapped my arms around her waist and grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands. She moaned and kissed me even harder. I malaxed her firm ass as hard as I could and I felt Julie's body respond to my caresses. She pushed her bottom deeper into my hands so that I could get a better grip. We kissed and played like this for a long moment then Julie broke the kiss.

"You know that I will never cheat on my boyfriend, it is just a matter of returning a favor." she whispered while bending down and taking my cock in her mouth again. Fire spread around my hard cock as Julie tried to push my meat down her throat. I remembered that I wanted to shoot some photos but I could not reach my camera. Julie understood what I wanted to do and she pushed me gently towards my bag so that I could grab it, still sucking on my dick. I fingered her pussy with my hand in her panties as she was still wearing all her clothes. This was turning her on and she sucked on my meat as if her life was depending on it. I put all my fingers into her dripping pussy except for my thumb which found her asshole. I pushed a bit to penetrate her anus and she gasped as my thumb went in. She stopped blowing me and I feared that I had penetrated some no-go zone but she just grabbed the porn magazine and showed me another photo of the hot brunette's adventures. This time she had a huge cock up her ass and seemed to be ecstatic about it.

"Good idea!" Julie just said before standing up, positioning herself backwards above my lap and taking my hard cock to point it to her anus. I still had my thumb buried in her backdoor but I quickly removed it to make room for my most important member. Julie went down and slowly impaled herself on my cock. Her ass was very narrow but she managed to get my cock halfway in and then started moving up and down. With her legs spread on each side of my lap she was pushing up and down more and more rapidly.

She looked at me proudly. "You see? In the ass its not sex!" she said between two moans. "I can't get pregnant therefore its not sex and I am still faithful to my boyfriend!" The NYMPHOCOM was apparently helping her with a weird logic which allowed her to behave like a slut while still feeling like a virgin. I was not going to contradict her.

She was moaning like crazy and I was sure she was to be heard everywhere in our building. After twenty or thirty movements she had my dick completely up her ass and her ass cheeks were slapping against my balls. I could not see it because she was still wearing her skirt but it felt incredible. I grabbed her waist to help her up and down and she slammed against my cock with all of her energy. I could not believe that I was assfucking this incredible girl. I felt that I was close to coming and I got hold of the NYMPHOCOM again and pressed "O" to trigger an intense orgasm for Julie. She jerked up and dismounted me and then fell to the floor shaking and crying.

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